Corruption, Cronyism and Cover-Up Lead to More Injustice and Tragedy in Tennessee

“I THOUGHT MY CHILDREN WERE SAFE, AND I WAS WRONG” by Sharon Rondeau (Feb. 10, 2012) — Heather Russell Wilder, a resident of Knox County, Tennessee, contacted The Post & Email following our coverage of Karen Caldwell‘s custody battle in Madison County, TN which Caldwell stated was caused by a corrupt judiciary in two separate instances. Wilder […]

Members of Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee Have Been Informed of the Corruption

NOW WHAT WILL THEY DO? From: Sharon Rondeau Sent:Wed 12/21/11 10:51 AM To: Cc:;;;; Mae Beavers (;;; Subj:  JUDICIAL CORRUPTION IN MONROE COUNTY‏ I am editor of the electronic newspaper The Post & Email ( and have been actively investigating judicial and law enforcement corruption in your […]

Contacts Made on Behalf of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

RETIRED NAVY COMMANDER AGAIN JAILED AS A RESULT OF FALSE INDICTMENTS by Sharon Rondeau Is the Monroe County courthouse running a criminal enterprise to enrich those running the shadow government there? (Sep. 29, 2011) — Several readers of The Post & Email have confirmed that Walter Fitzpatrick has been returned to the Monroe County, TN […]