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by Sharon Rondeau

The State of Tennessee was declared independent of North Carolina in 1796

(Dec. 9, 2011) — A Tennessee television station has reported that “more people will likely be charged” in the murder case of Mr. Jim Miller, a Monroe County Republican elections official who was found dead in the trunk of his burning car on July 17, 2010.

The Post & Email has previously published reports on the Miller murder by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who was told by another inmate in the Monroe County jail that a former inmate had “bragged” about having committed the crime but was not prosecuted for it.

Fitzpatrick was re-arrested on Wednesday evening and is currently in the Monroe County detention facility for allegedly taking papers which concerned the selection of the grand juries for the coming term.  Television station WATE reported that paperwork left “in the court room” was missing following grand jury selection, but a deputy from the sheriff’s department told us that papers were taken “from the clerk’s desk.”

Were the papers left in a public place or a private place?  Why is “personal information” gathered for jury selection?

A source familiar with the reports of corruption, police brutality and slovenly jail conditions in Monroe County, TN told us, “The charges are bogus because you can’t get behind the counter to access the clerks’ desks.  Their video system is very high tech.”  The source also stated that Fitzpatrick has been obtaining the grand jury schedule from the court clerk, Martha M. Cook, on a weekly basis for many months.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department has been accused of defamation of character in regard to Fitzpatrick and others.

A report in the Knoxville News Sentinel stated that “[Darren] Huff was asked to show up in Madisonville on April 1, 2010, armed with a video camera.”  Huff has told The Post & Email that no one asked him to attend the arraignment hearing on April 20, 2010, and the unusual police presence drawing attention to it was allegedly arranged by a former lawyer, William L. Bryan.  No charges against Huff were brought until ten days later.

Corruption within grand juries has been reported and acted upon in other states.  According to the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights, a grand jury serves the function of examining evidence in “capital cases” against a defendant to decide whether or not enough exists to issue an indictment.  Some states have not convened grand juries in decades, and some have abolished them by statute, constitutionally or unconstitutionally.

Today The Post & Email contacted the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation by phone and a requested email concerning the Jim Miller murder and the greater issue of corruption within the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, judiciary and prosecutor’s office.  We have contacted the TBI previously about these matters but never received a response.

From: Sharon Rondeau
Sent: Fri 12/09/11  10:46 AM
To: tipstotbi@tn.gov

In response to a telephone conversation with one of your agents this morning, the following articles published by me deal with information which could be pertinent to the Jim Miller murder:

Have the Perpetrators of Jim Miller’s Murder Been Identified?

Is Monroe County Law Enforcement Complicit in the murder of Jim Miller?

Fitzpatrick: Someone has been arrested for the murder of Jim Miller and it hasn’t been reported

Fitzpatrick: Authorities are covering up Jim Miller’s death

Open Letter to Monroe County, TN Legislators

A more general search of the newspaper for “Monroe County Tennessee corruption” yields dozens of articles:

Homepage new

The judges and court clerks act unlawfully on a daily basis, yet nothing apparently has been done about it.  The grand juries are chosen so that the judges obtain the desired result:  the conviction of more and more people, which provides a steady stream of revenue for the sheriff’s department.  The former grand jury foreman was never even sworn in, and it is likely that the current foreman will not be sworn in, either.  Whoever it is, he or she will “preside” over a tainted, hand-selected grand jury controlled by an out-of-control judiciary.  Your law states that juries must be chosen by automated means.

There are hundreds, and possibly thousands, of people who were denied due process of law populating your state penitentiaries, sometimes sentenced to life in prison on the whim of a judge, not the law or your state constitution.

The jail inmates are sleeping on concrete floors in 55-degree temperatures in horrific conditions, which is a clear violation of your state constitution.  We have reported this numerous times to the TCI and other offices, but nothing has been done.  It is the responsibility of the grand jury to inspect the jail, but in Monroe County, that will never happen unless an outside agency becomes involved.

Judges are not above the law.  They cannot deny a defendant an attorney, yet they do it all the time in Monroe County.  The Fourth Amendment was written to protect citizens from unlawful search and seizure, yet it goes on regularly in Monroe County and possibly throughout Tennessee.  Your citizens are bludgeoned, maimed, tortured while in jail and denied their medications.

The Post & Email has reported these crimes to the FBI, members of the Tennessee legislature, Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr., Governor Bill Haslam, the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts, and to you.  Nothing has changed.

It is rumored that the TBI refuses to investigate the corruption in Monroe County because it, too, is involved in the crime that is endemic there.  We would hope that this is not the case.

Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email

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  1. The general public is unaware of the conditions in jails. The MSM makes them think the life of an inmate is a cushy number, so when funding for inmates lines corrupt pockets, no one bothers to investigate.

    Meanwhile, inmates get no heat, almost no medical care and are verbally and physically abused by guards. They are left alone in cells, receive no exercise and never see the outside, for what could be months on end. Showers and any form of hygiene are privileges that can be denied on a whim.

    This is a national issue. No wonder there are few prisoners who can be considered rehabilitated. They are treated worse than animals in shelters.

  2. So, I keep wondering where the good people of Tennessee are, and why they tolerate the ongoing, blatant, and consistent crime and corruption in their own state government.

    How can we find fault with the corruption at the federal level if the state government is as bad as, or maybe even worse than, the federal government?

    1. It is truly sad to see that elected officials and law enforcement are so corrupt. Although this subject deals strictly with corruption in TN, I know from first hand experience that corruption exists in other states as well. When will “We the People” wake up and realize that justice no longer exists? When they are being led to the gallows when it is too late?