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by Dwight Kehoe, from TPath.org

Date: December 5, 2011
From: Dwight Kehoe

New Jersey Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno was elected in 2009 with Gov. Chris Christie and has worked as an assistant U.S. attorney. She also serves as New Jersey Secretary of State.

To: Secretary of State/Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno

Dear Ms. Guadagno,

Please contact me at your earliest possible convenience with either the information I may need or a website where a form can be downloaded that will enable me to file a complaint concerning the Democratic Party ballot application for the upcoming Presidential New Jersey Primary elections.

It is my intent to challenge the application and submission of Barack Obama, which the Democratic Party has filed for him, in relation to the upcoming election referenced above.

No doubt there will be sufficient area on the complaint form for a detailed challenge, but in brief, the impetus and reasons for the intended challenge are as follows:

1. The framers of our Constitution intentionally included a very high level of allegiance to our country by stipulating a difference between being just a citizen and being a natural born citizen.  The first leader of the US Supreme Court, the Honorable John Jay requested that requirement and it was then included in Article 2, after approval in  the first Constitutional Convention in which George Washington presided as President.   The Democratic Party has petitioned for a candidate, Barack Obama, who does not qualify under that Article.

2. As of this date, no original birth certificate has been provided as evidence which would prove where Obama was born and who were his parents.  The computer manipulated birth certificate released by the White House in April of this year which purported to be a scan of the original on file in Hawaii has been proven, beyond any doubt, to be a forgery.  As of this date, the Officials in Hawaii have refused court orders and continue fighting the request for the original to be inspected and compared with what was released in April.  I do not know if what they are hiding will invalidate the Democratic Party’s nominee, but the point is, the State of New Jersey does not know either. As public officials, all sworn to support and defend both the NJ Constitution and that of our great country, your duty requires proof of any applicant’s identity.

3. Much has been made of the fact that Mr. Obama may be using a Social Security number issued to someone in Connecticut and that the Federal Government program, E-Verify, has rejected the number Obama is using.  Again, as a private citizen, I do not know if this is a problem but since a very liberal Federal judge has just recently refused to allow the Social Security Administration to release information relating to the SSN in question, there seems to be sufficient reason for the New Jersey Election Commission to require some answers before the petition for Obama is accepted as legal.

It will be my intent, at my own time and expense, to challenge the application of the Democratic Party, for Barack Obama and request that New Jersey do its charge of protecting the citizens and enforcing the law and our Constitutions.  The three items I have listed here may seem to be separate issues, but in reality they are all entwined and relate.  Each of them are or could be pieces of an ongoing effort to hide and evade the origins and identity of one, Barack Obama.  Election officials, from either party should be concerned and want to clear this up before they once again accept  an incomplete application.

Mr. Dwight Kehoe

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