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by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate

With all of the external influences on America, can she remain a strong, sovereign nation?

(Nov. 27, 2011) — It is the season to be thankful, start thinking of Christmas and to pray for our country.  However, it is also the season to fight and battle like never before if we value freedom and a nation led by our Constitution and Judeo/Christian values.  We are under attack for old, classic reasons but with face-lifted techniques that always hide behind invented crisis, needs of the poor, working-class issues, and international-environmental emergencies.  Boring already.  I’m yawning.

Nowadays the weapons of destruction come from the wonder boy in the White House, Obama, who is controlled by international powers representing the One-World Government push and radical Islam.  Yes, just as in the days of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler, who combined big Government with his love for radical Islam, creating the right ingredients for a yummy ‘Dictator soup,’ we see the same, strange bedfellows working together today.

The Caliphate push of the Muslim Brotherhood and related Islamic radicals view the UN and environmental groups as useful idiots who also want worldwide control, submission and redistribution of wealth.   ‘Arab Spring’ is one of the contemporary, regime-change techniques.  It combines the world’s confused definition and easy manipulation regarding democracy and desire to play fair ball with ‘oppressed’ Islam.  The goal is being achieved with total success so far throughout the Middle East.  Tunisia is more radical.  Egypt is controlled by the radical Muslim Brotherhood, while hundreds of Christians are being murdered.  Syria is unraveling, soldiers rebelling and citizens being murdered and Palestine is the usual ship of ‘victim’ fools who attack Israel under the leadership of Iran.  Then there is lovely Iran, bolting with all its arrogant strength to nuclear fulfillment and then ‘expression.’  The Madi can only wait so long to come out of the well, you know.

The mythology of focusing all the rage on Wall Street

Isn’t it interesting, along with the token, needy people marching with the Occupy Wall Street tantrum throwers, they have been joined by Muslims across the country. Everyone has a beef now, especially Islamic people, unemployed people who hate capitalism, and leftist mobs from the Van Jones and Soros world who simply hate America and freedom.

What do Obama, the UN and other global elites want but One-World Government, one-world currency, and an international controlling court influenced by Sharia and Anti-Semitism.   Who do you think is in the dead center of the bull’seye who must be subdued and controlled but the United States of America?

I have news for any global elite and Islamic fundamentalist group who dares to dream America will be brought down.  It won’t happen.  America will stand brighter and more powerful than before!  Americans have and continue to wake up and notice the REAL evil and threats that attack on many fronts.  Obama and progressive leftists are only the tip of the UN American iceberg.  Environmental science distortions are quickly turning into high-level fraud to crush American energy, power plants and the coal industry.  It is just a hammer to continue the destruction of business, energy and jobs. We see you and our vision is improving to 20-20 now.

I have tracked these issues and attacks on my national radio show and articles for over ten years now.  Hopefully by now, we are beginning to all understand how threatened the Marxist/Communist leftists and International crowd are by America.

How open are we?

Are you and I planning to negotiate with Sharia law, submit to an international tax via the UN, watch energy and power companies destroyed and Americans sold into slavery by this Obama regime?  Are you ready to submit to the final rape of watching our very Constitution be ripped apart by submitting to anything like a forced Obama health care bill?  NO, NO and NO!

I refuse to scream ‘Freedom or death.’  “Braveheart” was a great movie but our choice is much better.  Let’s scream together,  ‘Freedom, America and the Constitution or get out.’

Join up and speak your mind at www.rothrevolution.ning.com.  You can blog, chat, download your own page and keep updated.  Also, join me daily on my national radio show.  You can listen on line at:  www.rothshow.com   3-6pm PAC each day.

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  1. Laurie, I’m glad you have thrown your bonnet into the presidential ring because you address important issues and stand for truth and the American way. Having said that, I’m concerned that 1) you might be a tad late in arriving on scene, and 2) that the corruption of the elections will be massive, and nothing is going to change, in spite of what we do. The power elite don’t play fair, and they do play to keep control over all of us. Countering this evil influence, we seem to be waking as a people, and that’s a good thing.

    Anyway, thanks for being there for us. I wish you much success.