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by Sharon Rondeau

New Hampshire Presidential Primary Election Declaration of Candidacy signed by Obama swearing "under penalties of perjury" that he is "qualified" to be a candidate for President of the United States

(Nov. 23, 2011) — New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney has reportedly asked the State Police to investigate the “aggressive” behavior of several legislators following the November 18, 2011 decision of the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission to maintain Barack Hussein Obama’s name on the state ballot.

Obama has sworn on his Declaration of Candidacy for the 2012 presidential election that he is “qualified to be a candidate for president of the United States pursuant to article II, section 1, clause 4 of the United States Constitution…” despite evidence that he was born in a foreign country or otherwise does not meet the definition of “natural born Citizen.”  Many analysts have concluded that the documentation Obama has presented is fraudulent.

It is possible that Obama is a “natural born Citizen” but ran for all public offices he has held under an alias.

While Obama and his supporters have claimed that he was born in Hawaii, many constitutional scholars and attorneys have opined that being born on U.S. soil is not enough or even necessarily that which is required for a person to be considered “natural born.”

On April 26, 2011, CNN published an article titled “Obama was born in Hawaii. Period.”  The next day, the White House released what it claimed was proof of such:  an alleged certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate purportedly obtained from the Hawaii Department of Health.  However, the image lacked an official seal normally present on certified copies and was declared a forgery by analysts almost immediately.

Delaney has stated that a member of his staff was threatened by several New Hampshire legislators who accused him of being a traitor.

Rather than face the demands from both legislators and others for answers as to why Obama’s name would remain on the ballot, Assistant Attorney General Matt Mavrogeorge and Assistant Secretary of State Karen Ladd reportedly “locked themselves in a room” and called security  “out of fear for their safety.”

One New Hampshire lawmaker who was present on November 18 stated that “There were no threats made.”  However, Speaker of the House William O’Brien has asked at least three legislators to “cooperate” with Delaney’s investigation.

Do these public servants have no confrontational skills?  How did they obtain their positions without being able to face questions from the public, including legislators sworn to uphold the state and U. S. Constitutions?  What about the oaths they took upon assuming office?  Were they really being followed by an “angry mob?”

Was it necessary to involve the State Police, or is Delaney striking back at those questioning why his office will not launch an investigation of Obama rather than them? Isn’t the attorney general the chief law enforcement officer of the state?

Is Delaney doing his job or running for cover, as his assistant, Mavrogeorge, did?

Video reports of the Ballot Law Commission hearing reveal no apparent threats to anyone’s safety and that state officials in New Hampshire are aware of the questions surrounding Obama’s eligibility.  At the conclusion of the hearing on Obama, one observer appeared to remind the Commission members that in 2008, they had removed from the ballot the name of a presidential candidate who was born in Egypt for being constitutionally ineligible.

Atty. Orly Taitz, who had filed a complaint with the Ballot Law Commission, had flown from California to New Hampshire overnight on November 18 to present evidence that Obama is using a fraudulent social security number, as reported by Private Investigator Susan Daniels. The Post & Email had specifically asked Taitz if anyone was hurt before, during or after the hearing, and her answer was “No.”

Today on her blog, Taitz reported that she has contacted the legislators who are “being harassed” as a result of their objections to Obama’s name remaining on the New Hampshire ballot.  She has requested a rehearing of the Ballot Law Commission’s decision and stated that she plans to file a complaint against Delaney and New Hampshire Rep. and House Majority Leader David Bettencourt.

Rep. David Bettencourt is Majority Leader of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He was very rude and questionably unprofessional in an email to Atty. Orly Taitz regarding presidential eligibility

Bettencourt had written a letter to Taitz accusing her of obsessing over “President Obama’s birth certificate” and of an “outburst” at the Ballot Law Commission hearing.  In reality, Taitz gave an approximately one-hour presentation to the Commission during which she presented evidence of forgery and social security fraud committed by Obama.

Taitz has herself accused Obama of “elections fraud, forgery and treason.”  In her response to Bettencourt, she said:

Mr. Betancourt, my appearance before the committee was not an outburst, but a testimony with an undeniable proof of Barack Obama using a stolen Social Security number, forged birth certificate, committing elections fraud and treason. Your answer shows that you are another corrupt and dirty politician, who is maliciously disregarding the truth and the Constitution of this nation, who needs to be removed from the position of the Republican majority leader and who should be and will be tried for treason against this nation together with other corrupt politicians who put a complete fraud and a criminal wthout any valid US identification papers in the White House.

The Liberty Legal Foundation has filed a complaint with Delaney’s office regarding Obama’s name appearing on the New Hampshire ballot for 2012 based on the foreign citizenship of his father.

Following the hearing, Rep. Harry Accornero asked a group surrounding him, “What are we going to do?  Are we going to let this go down?”  Later, after the group walked down a hallway, Accornero can be heard stating that “not one” fellow legislator would stand with him after he sent out an email to all members of the New Hampshire House accusing Obama of treason and asking for their support.

Why are several New Hampshire representatives under investigation but not Obama?

Obama’s former fundraiser, Tony Rezko, was sentenced to more than ten years in prison on November 22 for bribery, money laundering and fraud.  The judge in the case told Rezko that he was guilty of being “selfish and corrupt.” Obama had sought out Rezko in order to buy a parcel of land to add to his property in the Hyde Park section of Chicago, where Louis Farrakhan lives and Malcolm X had visited Elijah Mohammad to learn about Islam.

Obama said he is a Christian but also stated that his faith is “Muslim,” with the interviewer running cover for Obama’s apparent slip of the tongue.

Why is Obama’s “regret” of dealing with Rezko enough?  Were the simultaneous land deals strictly coincidence?  Was Tony Rezko “just a guy in the neighborhood,” or something more to the Obamas?

As Rezko was being sentenced, Obama was visiting New Hampshire to push his purported jobs initiative.

Obama has been accused of election fraud, identity fraud, social security fraud, obfuscating his background, compromising national security, and treason, yet he remains a candidate for President of the United States.

Michael Delaney wants lawmakers from his own state’s legislature investigated.  Why not Obama?

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  1. Representative Jasper:

    I have been reading your email responses to the POTUS eligibility issue in NH. As a product of the land of “live and let live” growing up in the 30’s and 40’s I find your responses foreign. You don’t seem to be from “around there” or even share the concern of recent major transgressions against the Constitution. Perhaps you are a Romenyland transplant who has infiltrated the mountains?

    The Constitution is clear on eligibility requirements for the POTUS. The Founders were clear on the concept of a small fedgov with very specific and limited enumerated powers to be used for coordinating the activities of the various sovereign states. You, the state of NH, most certainly have the responsibility of certifying a candidate; that’s why you have a Ballot Commission, to certify candidates. And that’s why you have a SOS with an elections division. You would know all these things if you were not a product of the failed fedgov education system.

    As to your derision of Dr. Taitz’ evidence; the SCOTUS decision of Minor is quite clear on who is and who is not a natural born citizen, The experts that you discount have issued affidavits as to their findings. The issue of PBO’s S.S. is based on investigative evidence, it is what it is. The investigation was done by a licensed investigator. It is now up to your Ballot Commission to act on all this evidence. The evidence was presented to your Ballot Commission under oath with penalties of perjury for misrepresentation.

    And you are quite correct that PBO did throw a false flag. But what horrible timing on his part! The internet reformation has now focused its attention on the executive branch of government, you, the fedgov in general, and many issues of political rot that were never available for distribution in such quantity and with such rapidity. We thank him for that and congratulate him for receiving the firearms salesman of the year award three years running.

    I would also suggest that you adjust your attitude. Folks now have the concept, correctly so, that you work for them and they pay your salary. Come November 2012, your snarky demeanor will surely get you sent back to Massachusetts, where you obviously came from.

    Take note that it is because of people like you that I now live on the southern end of the Appalachians.

    Zeb Blanchard
    Ivy Log, GA

  2. FYI I wrote Mr. Jasper today but when i try to post it , i get this error message saying that it is a duplicate .. lol he must have a canned answer for everyone.

  3. FYI I wrote Mr. Jasper today and here is his reply to me:

    from Jasper, Shawn Shawn.Jasper@leg.state.nh.us
    to talitha cumi
    date Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 6:39 PM
    subject RE: Ballot Law Commission
    mailed-by leg.state.nh.us
    Important mainly because of your interaction with messages in the conversation.

    hide details 6:39 PM (28 minutes ago)

    I have searched and I have looked, but I have seen nothing that shows me any proof that President Obama was not born a Natural U. S. Citizen. All of the information that has been sent to me is just a matter of opinion; nothing more. More over, because so much of the “information” that has been sent to me is obviously just plain silly, it lessons the impact and credibility of all of it. I have looked at online copies of the certified birth certificate and can not find any of the “obvious” areas of forgery that I hear about. I would expect the date stamp and the type written certificate to be different. I am not surprised that Mrs. Obama’s first name is in parenthesis; who would name their daughter Stanley?

    I have seen nothing to suggest that the S.S. number being attributed to Obama is actually his. There is no certified source or any source at all, it is just stated as being his. That is bizarre, coming from people who doubt everything. I have seen a copy of his selective service registration, there is no S.S. number on it, yet the claim is that is where it came from. Even if it were from an on line copy what would that prove, we already told not to trust any copy of anything. I am told that Barrack Obama has used 18 different S.S numbers. Could it be that those are the numbers assigned to the 18 Barrack Obamas who can be found , by using people finder,living in the United States.

    Where are the certified copies of anything proving anything? None have been produced. All we have is” experts”, who have examined copies and given their opinion. What is that worth in proving anything? No you can’t get the originals, all you can ever get is certified copies, we have those. You expect that we will take the word of some unknown “expert” over a certified copy from the state, just because you believe in a fantastic conspiracy that goes back to the Hospital placing two notices of birth in newspapers in 1961.

    It was the job of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who administered the oath of office; who is our Ballot Law Commission to question that? The bottom line was that nothing was presented to the commission that proved anything. Questions were raised , but proof needed to be presented; none was. We can’t investigate every time some one has a theory and raises a question. The issue of his S.S. number is not even relevant to the case. We all know that Hawaii released a certified copy of his long form birth certificate. End of story for NH. The question of what is a Natural citizen is one for the courts, not the Ballot Law Commission. To me if you are born in this country you are a natural born citizen. You may disagree and frankly I wish that at least one parent had to be a citizen, but the courts have ruled that any child born in this country is a citizen, to me that makes them natural born. I have seen nothing that says otherwise, except opinions, which don’t have legal standing. I believe that Barrack Obama is worst President in the history of the Country and we must unite and defeat him, but we are defeating ourselves by keeping up this stupid fight.

    Shawn Jasper

  4. I’m sure that in 1776 there were plenty of government officials like Shawn Jasper. The Shawn Jaspers of that time supported King George and couldn’t see why anyone would question his authority. If it were up to the Shawn Jaspers of the world, we would still be a colony of Great Britain and not the United States of America. We wouldn’t have our Constitution or our Bill Of Rights. We would all be slaves to the crown. Shawn Jasper would tell those who wrote the Declaration of Independence that they “really need to get a grip on reality.” Shawn Jasper represents all that is wrong with our government.

  5. Interesting. The conspiracy to keep America under totalitarian rule seems as strong as ever. We may yet end up using tar and feathers to drive these miscreants out of town. What impresses me is that there are so many of them.

    Only 30% of our people are supposed to be inherently corrupt – are they ALL working for government?

  6. If anyone can possibly send a donation to help with legal expenses to Orly Taitz and Van Irion, esq. These lawyers are working without pay as are all of us. We all agree it is worth the costs to take back America a state at a time. Anyone living in New Hampshire, let your voices be heard.

  7. The Liberty Legal Foundation has filed a complaint with New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney’s office regarding Obama’s name appearing on the New Hampshire ballot for 2012 based on the foreign citizenship of his father.

    We just filed a complaint with the New Hampshire Department of Justice challenging Obama’s qualification to appear on that state’s ballot for President. This is not a lawsuit. This complaint is filed under New Hampshire election code and will be considered by an election commission. You may have heard recently that others have filed similar complaints in New Hampshire. As with other filings we have learned from those that went before us. Our complaint is different because it focuses entirely on the Supreme Court definition of “natural-born-citizen,” points to the fact that Obama’s father was not a citizen, and concludes that Obama can never qualify to be President. We hope this simple statement of fact will persuade the New Hampshire election commission to reconsider Obama’s application for appearing on the NH ballot.

    In Liberty,
    Van Irion

    Co-Founder, Lead Counsel


    1. I composed what I thought was a polite and civil email, (OK, I admit I accused the NH House of passing the buck on vetting candidates for their ballot)), along with a couple of links, and sent it to most of the NH State Representatives yesterday. I have received one response so far and it is from Shawn Jasper, Deputy Majority Leader of the NH House:

      Here is his reply to my email:

      You really need to get a grip on reality. Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America; he was sworn into office by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. To think that the Ballot Law Commission, the Secretary of State or the State Legislature can declare his Presidency to be illegal is to say the least delusional. To think that we can deny the President of the United States access to our ballot is beyond belief. Take your fight to the Federal Courts and leave us alone.

      I am sure that the President loves this stupid fight; it keeps his opposition fighting among ourselves, instead of focusing on his failed presidency and focusing on why it would be suicidal to re-elect him. On second thought the people who are continuing this nonsense are probably Democratic Operatives. What a brilliant strategy. Congratulations!

      Representative Shawn N. Jasper
      Deputy Majority Leader
      New Hampshire House of Representatives

      Perhaps Mr. Jasper needs anger management? Pretty good bit of name-calling in a relatively short reply.

      Here is his email address:


  8. “Michael Delaney wants lawmakers from his own state’s legislature investigated. Why not Obama?” That is the question; and in the end, when the truth comes to light and everybody understands that Barack ‘King Hussein’ Obama / Barry Soetoro is and always has been an imposter, a Muslim walking in the Islamic tactic of TAQQIYA, a fraud, a forger, a liar, an enemy of the state, nothing more than an enemy insurgent who has unbelievably usurped the office of the POTUSA and military rank of comm-in-chf. Mr. Delaney along with Speaker William “Loser” O’Brien will be recognized as an accomplice to the most horrendous crime in American history. Educate yourself on Islam’s multi-faceted strategy of dhimmitude. Read the book “Eurabia” by Bat Ye’or.

  9. I attended this meeting, got my picture in the paper and after a 15 minute interview with the reporter Maddie Hanna of me explaining what a natural born Citizen is I was simply described as a yelling self proclaimed natural born Citizen. I have written every NH legislator by email. You can read that letter here Letter to NH Legislators
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Please let us know of any responses you receive.

    1. One repsonse so far. I don’t expect any really until Monday.

      Obama is not the only President to have eligibility issues, if we accept your standard for who is a natural born citizen. To name just one, President Wilson’s mother was British and all four of his grandparents were British. He is not the only current candidate, either: Mitt Romney’s father held dual US-Mexican citizenship, and Romney still has relatives in Mexico.

      –Timothy Horrigan

    2. See how the media casts patriotic citizens who wish to stand and defend the Constitution – the same Constitution that these dirt-bag politicians took an oath before God to defend – in a false light! The hypocrisy! The double standard! Don’t give up the fight! LIVE FREE OR DIE! When Sheriff Joe and his Cold Case Posse come out with their report Obama / Soetoro / Bounel (?) shall not be permitted on ANY state ballot! But that won’t be good enough! His illegal election and illegitimate administration and all that they have accomplished must be ABROGATED NOW! Do not impeach him or permit him to resign; to do so one would first need to recognize his legal occupation of the office of the POTUSA which is NOT now and NEVER has been the case, for everything that the fraud and forger has accomplished while illegally occupying the Oval Office was accomplished while in commission of a crime. Read the book “EURABIA” by Bat Ye’or if you want to know who the criminal truly is.

  10. Kudos to Sharon for yet another excellent report as well as keeping up the pressure on the Manchurian tyrant. It just boggles the mind that anyone with a modicum of common sense would fail to see that he has conclusively proven not to be a natural-born citizen, let alone a naturalized citizen. Therefore, they are going to hard-pressed to explain why they shouldn’t be convicted of charges for being complicit should the truth about the presidency being usurped be exposed for all to see.