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by Doretta Wildes, blogging at Doretta Wildes

(Nov. 23, 2011) — Alex Jones has been accused by The New York Times of inspiring the recent unfortunate shooting at the White House by a disturbed young man. The young man is said to have watched Jones’s “The Obama Deception,” which the Times labels “anti-government,” implying that it propelled the young man to act out his hatred of the president. Among other things, the young man was reported to have confused Obama with the “anti-Christ.”*

I have watched the film and found it to be very edifying. It establishes the fact that the Obama administration is largely cobbled together from Wall Street denizens, notably graduates of Goldman Sachs. It also cogently makes the argument that the American presidency is controlled by the cabal behind the Federal Reserve Bank, and proposes that Obama and other presidents are used as “puppets” and “shields” to carry out corporate/military-industrial/bankster agendas. The shields are cast aside once they are no longer of any use to the banksters, and a new president is installed. Jones provides evidence that the left-right paradigm is false, positing that Democrats and Republicans alike serve their corporate/military-industrial/banking masters and not the American electorate.

I see nothing in the points this film makes that clash with the reality I see around me. Nor do I perceive any attempt on the filmmaker’s part to hate-monger or advocate violence.  In fact, I commend Jones for making his points without blaming Obama personally for the travesties of justice that his administration has so far perpetrated. I give the film five stars.

View it for yourself by clicking on the link.

*I could find no reference to this term in Jones’s film.

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  1. I felt that the white house shooting event was a false flag operation, and still believe it was so. There are no reasons for a patriot to do a shooting like this, but there are many reasons why obama wants to disarm America, and he can’t do it legally. So, let’s design a false reason to take firearms from Americans.

  2. Being in this administrations back pocket, the New York Times has no credibility. We all know who lame stream media works for, and it aint us. I think Americans are starting to realize (slowly) that we have a criminal cabal running this country like an organized crime syndicate. It’s our duty to cast off this tyrannical form of government, and the NY Times duty to report this criminal activity, not cover it up.

  3. The movie is not even anti-government. It is actually pro-government because the movie exposes the fact that our government has been hijacked by criminal frauds who do not represent the government of We The People, but they just hind behind government labels that they have stolen for the benefit of themselves.