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submitted by a reader

Inspectors General are charged with identifying fraud and mismanagement within the agency to which they are assigned

(Nov. 17, 2011) — The following letter was sent to the Inspector General in Washington, DC, who reports to the Department of Justice.  The current Acting Inspector General is Cynthia A. Schnedar.  Inspectors General are also assigned to other government departments.  The reporting of “waste, fraud and abuse” is done through a hotline.  The Washington, DC Inspector General’s mission statement is here.


Inspector General

950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Suite 4706

Washington , DC  20530-0001


Inspector General:

I am writing to alert you to two very grievous situations that amount to “obstruction of justice” on the parts of our judiciary and the United States Congress. Following is a discussion of my findings.

In the case of Taitz v Astrue,–A FOIA case asking for Obama’s social security info because it was found he has a phony Connecticut social security number (ssn) and as many as 25 others- DC  Judge Royce Lamberth showed his complete contempt for Taitz  and the bias he had for her as shown by the enclosed attachments. In my letter(A) to the judge, I spell out what was said. The judge used language like “not your lucky day, lady”  and “no public interest.” When in fact, I presented him with a headline that showed that the people watching KHON2 TV in of Hawaii rated this story—the most popular. The Astrue case, above, carried over to Hawaii where a similar case (Fuddy) was going on.

Letter (B) is a critique of Lamberth, quotes that again show his strange feelings in this case, some of which appear to be completely wrong. This FOIA case specifically addresses just how much freedom the executive branch has and what is private or public. Exhibits (C) are copies of evidence that the judge arbitrarily won’t consider. They POSITIVELY prove that Obama is using a false social security number as stated by the Social Security Verification System and a copy of his Selective Service application, where he again uses the phony Conn. SSN. Exhibit (D) is a copy of  The Post & Email article that explains how Taitz tried to get evidence entered such as E-Verify Self-Check, investigator Linda Jordan’s sworn statement dealing with forged ssn’s, investigator Papa’s findings on the Conn. ssn and The Obama’s 2009 tax return that Lamberth arbitrarily won’t use.

The frustration of Taitz is shown in document (E). She filed an emergency Writ of Mandemus  with the US Court of Appeals in DC  just last week. The filing gives all the details of the judicial charade she has had to go through for the past three years. During this time frame, she has had at least five judges completely reverse themselves during the course of her lawsuits. Even Chief Justice Roberts promised to review her findings but did nothing. The mountain of evidence she has accumulated is irrefutable. In short, we have a problem with our judiciary. The information showing that Congress is also complicit in the crimes mentioned above is presented below.

I tried personally  to alert my congressmen of the many illegalities in Obama’s background, his phony Conn ssn, his 25 other ssn’s and his forged birth certificate that 15 experts have proclaimed. One of them, Investigator Vogt’s, findings are found in Attach. (J). Letter (F) is an open letter to Rep.. Murphy outlining my dealings with him for two years. He refuses to deal with this issue.

My letter to Senator Toomey (G) is even more frustrating. I presented his office with the same data as Murphy, even sending the findings of the above-mentioned 15 investigators.. His staff unequivocally stated that Toomey has absolutely “no interest” in the Obama issues and instructed his staff not to even discuss them.

Additionally,  three investigators of Obama’s wrongdoings have taken the time to send their findings to EVERY member of Congress in hopes of getting them involved. Not one has taken action—–THEY’RE ALL COMPLICIT. A partial list of Neil Sankey’s  Obama’s 25 ssn’s  is found in Attach, (H). Lucas Smith’s findings are found in Documents (I). He was able to procure Obama’s KENYAN birth certificate. Lastly, investigator Vogt’s research as to why Obama’s birth certificate is forged is found in Attach (J). He explains in layman’s terms how the certificate was put together.

I realize this is a complicated letter to read but contains a mountain of evidence that prove Obama is a usurper and that the judiciary and Congress are fully knowledgeable of it. I am requesting that the Inspector General  investigate my claims and take action to stop this criminal charade.

Art Olszewski   A Proud Korean Vet


Editor’s Note:  Reports issued by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) can be found here.

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  1. Mr Olszewski,
    Excellent letter. Thank you for your dedication.
    Obama must not be allowed to run in 2012 for he will steal the election again. We must keep his name off the ballot.
    Please be the leader in filing complaint to your state’s election dept demanding they require conclusive proofs from o that he is constitutionally eligible (i.e. a natural born citizen – one born on US soil to 2 US citizen parentS). If they rely solely on DNC’s nomination paper, then they must demand DNC to provide prrofs that o is a nbc and elig to be the pres.
    Thank you.