Are Americans To Be Herded Like Cattle?


by Ron Ewart, ©2011

(Nov. 13, 2011) — “It is the American vice, the democratic disease which expresses its tyranny by reducing everything unique to the level of the herd.”   — Henry Miller

Respect for legally constituted and honorable authority is good and proper for any society to exist in peace.  Resistance to authority which abuses or exceeds its authorized powers is a virtue, patriotic and a wise course of action for free men of intellect and courage, if they have any hope of preserving and maintaining their freedom.  When authority begins to exceed and abuse its powers, as all authority is destined to do, a culture of resistance in the people must be established to set the authority back on the track from which it was empowered.  To do otherwise is to allow the authority to grow in power until it holds absolute power.

Good Lord, people, have we grown so timid and weak in mind and spirit, that we would allow the government elite and their bureaucratic minions to run us about willy-nilly, as a rancher would herd his cattle?  Are we so naive to think that government, any government, is benevolent and benign and we have nothing to fear from their everyday actions to control us, or protect us from ourselves?  Have we buried our intellect so that we cannot see that government power grows exponentially if not held in check by strong laws and the people?  Are we so blind that we would allow government to grow in power to the point at which government had all the rights and the people had none?  If you cannot see that is where we are headed as a nation and as a people, then you are not only blind to history, but blind to reality itself.

From not adequately protecting our borders; to out-of-control illegal immigration; to nationalizing health care; to radical environmental insanity taking priority over constitutional protections; to social justice that is just socialism by another name; to enforced charity that rewards failure through the abomination that is the American tax code; to an energy policy only our most feared enemy could have divined; to the loss of individual and property rights; to a legal system and courts that have corrupted their primary purpose; to a public and college education system that brainwashes and indoctrinates our children; to a foreign policy that reeks of appeasement; to entrenchment and protectionism in groups like large corporations, attorneys and unions; to waste, fraud, abuse and corruption in our government and private institutions; to the profligate spending that has sent us careening towards financial suicide; to the loss of honor and morality in our representatives and in our people; America is disintegrating before our very eyes, while we stand by and gripe, or bury our heads in the sand.  The grand experiment of freedom, created by flawed but wise men some 235 years ago at great sacrifice, is now succumbing to man’s inherent flaws, weaknesses and his herd instinct.

But free men are not cattle and they should resist with every fiber of their body against any attempts by any person, group or government, to be herded or treated like cattle.  They should vigorously challenge the bully with commitment and determination, whether the bully is an individual, a group, or a government.  If we do not mount a challenge in a culture of resistance against an abusive bully, the bully wins.

The question is, are we truly free men any more, when for the last 100 years government has been doing everything in its power to take freedom out of the individual and turn him into a mindless, obedient, compliant robot.  Our education system is designed to do just that.  Entrapment by millions of laws and then aggressive enforcement of those laws does just that.  Our entertainment through all mediums, or what passes for entertainment, does just that.   Our biased news sources do just that.

Thus, we have a system where collectivism is right and individualism and individual rights are wrong; where blind obedience to authority is right and resistance of any kind is wrong; where compliance and unswerving loyalty to authority is right and criticism is wrong; and finally where political correctness is right and truth is wrong.  We have evolved into a system that values propaganda, lies, distortions and party line and relegates intellect, intelligence, objectivity, free thought, free choice and free actions to obscurity, or against the law.

Until we understand that life is a fight, a fight to stay alive and a fight to keep others from taking our life and our freedom from us, whether those “others” are foreign or domestic, our survival as individuals and as a free nation is in grave peril.

The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that it will be only free men and women, who refuse to be herded like cattle, that will save our Republic from its ultimate demise, but the cost will be high.  Who among you are truly committed to pay the price?  When will you enter the fight and become the aggressor instead of the sheep or cattle?  When will you confront the BULLY?

To get started, if you have the courage, begin by reading the written works of patriot giants like Tom DeWeese (, Devvy Kidd (, Michael Coffman and Henry Lamb  (, Michael Shaw (, Alan Caruba (, Beverly Eakman ( and more.   Study what they have written.  Analyze their arguments and start cementing your beliefs about the sanctity of individual rights and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the land of the free, under a Constitutional Republic.  Perhaps then you will be ready to defend those treasured freedoms with your life, your fortune and your sacred honor, as did our Founding Fathers at the dawn of American liberty.

Knowledge is Power, ladies and gentlemen!  For those who do not consider themselves cattle to be pushed around by anyone, you can find the tools to take on the recalcitrant, arrogant and unapologetic “cattle” herders HERE.

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

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One Response to "Are Americans To Be Herded Like Cattle?"

  1. Georgiaboy61   Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 3:50 AM

    Re: “The question is, are we truly free men any more, when for the last 100 years government has been doing everything in its power to take freedom out of the individual and turn him into a mindless, obedient, compliant robot.”

    What compels the average person on the street to obey his obviously corrupt political leaders? The answer, in a word, is habit. We’ve been conditioned to think and act as little more than a human counterpart to sheep. There is only one herder, one sheepdog – so why does the large group of sheep simply not escape, utilizing its superior numbers? This analogy applies to the citizens of this land. We vastly outnumber our would-be overlords, and there are not enough cops and jails to hold all of us should we decide to disobey unjust laws. Those in power depend on psychological conditioning, fear or timidity, and causing the average person to feel that he is alone in his views that society needs to be reformed.

    The reflexive respect for the law is also important, for law-abiding people “respect” and follow the law often times even when it is unjust. Again, we are bound by invisible chains. The courts are composed only of people just like us, except that they have donned the trappings of pomp and circumstance as symbols of authority. The courts have power over us only to the extent we give it to them, and to the extent that they have enough police to enforce their eddicts. That’s it! One day, a sufficient number of people will discover that they can ignore the justices with impunity, and on that day, their power will be broken.

    Knowledge is power, but let us also stipulate that properly-applied knowledge is power. We cannot be free unless we break the illusory chains that bind us.

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