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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

The original movie "The Sound of Music" starred Mary Martin and Theodore Bikel

(Nov. 12, 2011) — If “The Sound of Music,” the 1959 incredibly successful musical, was released today, I can only imagine how it would be received by the critics. The von Trapp family would be portrayed as a “one-percenter,” Maria would be classified as a “terrorist” (due to her Catholic connections), the Germans as good Socialists, and the whole production derided as Islamophobia because of its obvious support for the Jews. All in all, I’d be surprised if any movie theater could withstand the threats of arson and therefore refuse to show it for “public safety” reasons with no mention of caving in to the demands of outside pressure.

The story is based on fact; this “one-percenter” gave it all up for integrity, honor, and truth. It kind-of reminds you of LTC Terry Lakin, doesn’t it? Mr. One Percent von Trapp refused to be inducted in the hate machine’s military, refused to meekly “just go along.” No, von Trapp set an example of what the definition of courage is.

So imagine if a semi truck pulled up to Wall Street tonight, and on the trailer was a big silver screen, and they ran the movie, premium sound and free popcorn.  What do you think the reaction would be? Probably to start a riot. So what the heck happened to America from 1959 until now? What transpired to discard the values once held dear only for political elitists to be given the ability to run roughshod over us? We now have integrity substituted for “They all do it,” the honesty of yesterday replaced with the repeated lies of “Yes, we can,” and speaking the truth, as MG Fuller recently discovered in Afghanistan, will get you fired.

MG Vallely writes that there’s no more than 15% of us Americans who understand that the Republic is on the verge of extinction. I’m afraid I’m forced to agree that because America has gone so far to the other side, “The Sound of Music” would be a major flop in today’s market.

The movie “The Best Years of Our Lives” would be yet another banned Hollywood gem that would not see the light of day because it doesn’t portray the man who was knocked down by the soda jerk as the hero of the story. “It’s a Wonderful Life” might be derided for showing that hard work and honesty can be the secret of a successful life.

So America has changed, and not for the better. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, you’d think the first box to be checked is “Are you an American?” It seems not, unfortunately. It seems that there are a lot of so-called Americans who don’t care about our Constitution, who don’t care, one way or another, about eligibility, and who, for some strange reason, are against the Second Amendment. And yet they can’t understand the dichotomy of their position: against the Constitution but for America is oxymoronic.

So fare thee well, Trapp family, I’m glad we saw you when we could, because if you came out today, your values, besides not being appreciated, wouldn’t even be recognized.  It just goes to show you how far removed from the values that set us apart we are, and those are the same values that will be required to put this country back together. Can the 15% do it? All we can do is try.


Editor’s Note:  The great-grandchildren of Captain Georg and Maria von Trapp have followed in their footsteps, having performed throughout the world.  Their rendition of “Edelweiss,” with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer from the 1965 “The Sound of Music” in attendance, is here.

The von Trapp family currently resides in Montana while the children attend different colleges.



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