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by Sharon Rondeau

Eric Holder served as a U.S. attorney, judge and legal advisor to Obama prior to his appointment as putative attorney general under Obama

(Nov. 12, 2011) — Orly Taitz has reported to The Post & Email that several members of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform have called for the impeachment of Eric Holder, putative attorney general in the Obama regime, and are also reviewing the information she has presented to them on Obama’s use of a stolen social security number.

In September 2011, Taitz traveled to Washington, DC and met with congressional staffers to present her evidence that the number Obama is using was not issued to him.  Taitz asked to be allowed to testify to several House committees regarding her findings.

The congressmen’s statements on Holder are confirmed by various news reports.  One source states that 34 congressmen are now calling for Holder’s removal.

“Right now the House Oversight Committee led by Darrell Issa is dealing with Fast and Furious.  Issa has all of the information; he knows very well who I am and has all of my pleadings.  He has called for either the resignation or impeachment of Eric Holder.  Congressman Gosar of Arizona has called for Holder’s impeachment, and Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho is calling for Holder’s resignation.  On December 8, there will be a joint meeting of  the House Oversight Committee and the Judiciary Committee dealing with Holder.  This is their number 1 priority today, because Holder and the Justice Department were involved in selling assault weapons to drug cartels in Mexico which ended up killing a U.S. border patrol agent and another U.S. agent in Mexico and thousands of Mexican citizens.  So they’re seeking the removal of Holder.

“He advised me to send all of the information on Obama “Forgerygate” to the Oversight committee.  I need people to contact each and every member of the committee, send all of the information and demand a full investigation, and for the committee to invite me to testify in regard to Obama’s use of a stolen social security number and forged birth certificate.”

During congressional hearings over this past summer, Holder denied knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious until very recently.  However, memos obtained by the House Oversight Committee show that Holder knew about the operation in July 2010.

Darrell Issa has accused Ronald Weich, the Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs and working under Holder, of making a false statement to Congress.  Labrador has described Holder as “lying or grossly incompetent.”

One of blogger Ulsterman’s “White House Insider” reports had predicted that Holder would “fall” and that the purpose of Fast and Furious was to enact “sweeping gun control legislation throughout the country.”

The family of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed last December by guns originating from Fast and Furious, has demanded that Holder take responsibility for Terry’s death.  To date, Holder maintains that the tragedy is not “tied definitively to wrongdoing” by the Department of Justice, although he answered a letter from the family in which he said he was “sorry.”

In her Hawaii lawsuit, Taitz has submitted emergency petitions for a Writ of Mandamus, which she explained is “an ancient term used since the time of the Magna Carta, which a high court issues demanding compliance.”

“In the Ninth Circuit, I am seeking a Writ of Mandamus to order Judge Puglisi in the U.S. District Court in Hawaii and Loretta Fuddy, Director of Health, to comply and allow inspection of the original birth certificate in lieu of the alleged certified copy, in light of evidence of forgery, and if she does not comply, for Judge Puglisi to hold a Motion to Compel hearing to compel her to comply.”

In August 2011, Hawaii Health Director Fuddy refused to release her public work schedule to The Post & Email, despite the fact that the same information had been released to us for the previous Health Department Director, Dr. Chiyome Fukino.  The explanation we received from the Office of Information Practices, which oversees the application of Hawaii’s UIPA law, was that Fuddy combines her work and personal schedules in one place and “shares it only as needed with her personal secretary.”  In its response, The Post & Email stated, “I find it hard to believe that a state employee would never have to reveal her whereabouts in order to be accountable to the people she serves.  Frankly, I do not believe Ms. Fuddy does not have a printed work schedule to which other Department of Health employees could refer in order to coordinate meetings and public appearances.  I have attached the request which was granted in its entirety as well as the work schedule we received of former Health Department Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino which indicated any meetings, talks or conferences she was attending or giving.”

Taitz continued:

In the U.S. District court in the District of Columbia, I filed a Writ of Mandamus for them to issue an order to chief judge of the U.S. district court, Judge Lamberth, to order inspection of the original birth certificate, because in his ruling of Taitz v. Roemmler, he stated that Barack Obama already provided his long-form birth certificate on April 27; he posted it on the internet, and the source is a New York Times article about it by one Michael Shear.  I’ve written to the court that this is a degradation of U.S. jurisprudence.  Instead of inspecting the original, a highly-ranked federal judge is making a ruling in a case, and his course of evidence is a newspaper article based on an internet image!  On this basis, Judge Lamberth made his ruling and refused to allow inspection of the original.

This is an extremely dangerous precedent.  If this is allowed, it means we no longer have the rule of law in this country anymore; it means we have mob rule where any criminal can provide any forgery and the original document is never reviewed.  Since when are decisions made based on an internet image?  This is complete corruption of the U.S. judiciary.  If we don’t stand up today, we are all in danger, and anything and everything will be done to any of us.

Many analysts have denounced the image released on April 27 as a forgery.

Taitz stated on her website that Lamberth is “aiding and abetting fraud and forgery” by refusing to order the release of Obama’s original birth certificate allegedly held by the Hawaii Department of Health in Hawaii.  On August 31, Lamberth dismissed with prejudice Taitz’s case which alleged that Obama is using a social security number not assigned to him, stating that his ruling indicated that it “was not her lucky day.”

Since when does American jurisprudence have to do with “luck?”


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