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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

(Oct. 16, 2011) — “The only safeguard to protect the American people from government’s control over the money and the guns is the U. S. Constitution.  The only protection the Constitution has from government corruption or perversion, is the people demanding that the government adhere to the principles of the constitution or face the consequences of armed revolution.”  — Ron Ewart

The thirteen colonies had devised a medium of exchange which they called script.  They only printed enough of the script to keep commerce and the exchange of goods and services within the colonies, in balance.  When King George and the Bank of England heard of this, they quickly passed legislation in the House of Commons to require that all taxes to the crown would be paid in gold and silver and then further increased the taxes on the colonies in the form of the Stamp Act and taxes on Tea.  This act by the British quickly depleted the gold and silver of the colonies and led to a virtual depression.  The only outcome of this was to force the colonials between a rock and a hard place, leading them to revolt against the King.  In response to the revolt of the British subjects in the New World, the King sent in the guns and a revolution was born.  The King controlled the money and the guns, leading to revolution.

Throughout history, governments have spent too much money on wars, lavish life styles of the elite and buying off the poor.  In almost all cases, their demands for money exceeded their revenues from taxing the people, thus forcing them to borrow money from the moneychangers, at sometimes exorbitant interest rates.

In every case of money lending, the borrower becomes subservient to the lender.  Even kings, monarchs. dictators and the people of Democracies succumb to this inviolate law.  Because of this law, moneychanger families became wealthy and powerful beyond their wildest dreams.  When they controlled the money, they controlled the government as well as government policy.  They could force government to meet their demands and their demands only enriched the moneychangers more.

One of the Rothschilds, a moneychanger, in the mid 18 hundreds said this about money:

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”

Even large corporations born in the industrial revolution were built by loans from the moneychangers.  The industrialists got rich and the moneychangers got even richer.

Nothing much has changed for over 2,000 years since the moneychangers forced the Jews in Jerusalem to only use a specific coin as minted by the moneychangers.  By controlling the amount of coin in circulation, they could control commerce and trade.  By controlling commerce and trade they could control the people and demand of them anything they desired.  The people, who needed the goods and services to survive, that commerce and trade provided, could only capitulate to the moneychangers.

With all this power and wealth made off of governments who couldn’t control their spending, the moneychangers came up with a new scheme called fractional lending.  Since no one knew just how much gold or paper money was in their bank vault from depositors or investors, the moneychangers started lending out many more times than the actual value of what they held in their vault by printing more money.  If they had $100,000 in the vault, they found they could lend out $1,000,000 or more and no one would be the wiser.  The downside of fractional lending came when a large portion of the loans went into default, there would not be enough money to pay back the depositors, if the depositors wanted to withdraw their money.  A new form of “gambling” came into existence ….. gambling with money created out of thin air.

Government’s do this all the time with other people’s money.  They buy off the poor and free loaders with money from the public treasury, money they might have had to borrow, in exchange for the poor and free loader’s votes.

Because government can’t seem to live within its means and is forced to borrow from the moneychangers, an unholy alliance was formed between all governments and the few moneychangers that controlled the money.  That unholy alliance, that conspiracy that would be called criminal racketeering if a few private individuals did it, is alive and well in all governments across the planet today.

[NOTE:  We encourage the reader to view a 3.5-hour documentary HERE http://youtu.be/JXt1cayx0hs on the alliance between governments and money changers throughout history.  It is long, but it is a wealth of information on how we got where we are today between governments and the money lenders and the tax payers that are forced to support corrupt, out-of-control governments.}

When the U. S. Government passed the 16th Amendment in 1913 to create the Federal Reserve and institute the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the story that was told at the time was that the Act was to bring stability to banking throughout the country due to multiple bank failures that had occurred in the last several decades.  You might believe that story until you dug a little deeper and found that it was the private moneychangers that led the fight for the 16th Amendment.  (read the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island“)  Private moneychangers would control the money and money supply within the private Federal Reserve.  The Government would control the means of tax revenue through the Internal Revenue Service, thus fully protecting the money changers from default on the loans they made to the government.  This gave rise to the saying: “The Full Faith and Credit” of the federal government.  A win-win for the government and the moneychangers, but a lose-lose for the people.

Why did Congress bail out the banks in 2008 with the $700 Billion TARP Act?  It wasn’t to save the banks, it was to save the moneychangers at the private Federal Reserve that are directly tied to Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson and Timothy Geitner, both Secretaries of the Treasury and both higher ups in Goldman Sachs.  Your government will protect the moneychangers (think Federal Reserve) no matter how much it costs you, the taxpayer.

And by the way, to dismantle the IRS and the industry and lobbyists that have been built up around it, is virtually impossible, which makes presidential candidate Herman Cain’s proposal of 9-9-9 nothing but campaign rhetoric and dead on arrival in Congress.

But the control of money is only one half of the two elements needed to gain absolute power.  You can rob the people of their money through taxes and they will still be alive, albeit many will be below the poverty level.  However, if they are alive, they can fight back because a hungry belly has nothing to lose by going to war.  The equation changes dramatically if the government can take the people’s lives by manufacturing and controlling the guns with the money they borrow from the moneychangers and threatening the people with not only the loss of their money through taxes, but the loss of their lives as well, should they resist.  Since the people value their lives more than their money, they have no choice but to capitulate to the power of the money and the guns ….. unless they choose the deadly course of revolution instead.

This brings us to the concentration of power.  Government, by its very nature, gets larger and more concentrated.  It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy to the centralization of power, until it totally controls the money and the guns and thereby gains absolute power.

In a previous article in May of 2009 entitled: “Bigness Means Out of Control” we wrote in part:

“How did we get here?  Bigness got us here.  Big government, big business, big banks, big unions and big special interest groups.  Although bigness gives us concentration of power and degrades individual rights and human dignity, bigness also gives us a condition of being out of control and the very real frustration of not being able to get in control.  Large entities, by their very size, lose control of processes, personnel and finances, no matter how much they tell you that they are in control.  Accounting errors and financial mismanagement emerge and management of personnel becomes diluted and ineffective.  Waste, fraud, abuse and corruption become rampant.”

“Take a look around at big cities today.  They are anything but in control and in fact are a huge drain on the entire financial structure of the nation because of that lack of control.  One of the reasons they are out of control is due in large part to their bigness and to the intolerable density of humans in close proximity to each other, requiring more rules and regulations directly related to that density.  Unfortunately, this unbalanced, out-of-control environment produces the votes necessary to keep the past and the current inmates of the insane asylum known as Washington, DC, in power.”

“So what do we do if we are big?  We write rules and policies until there is a rule and policy for every single potential action or inaction.  Pretty soon we write rules to strengthen the rules we have already written.  We write rules to comply with other rules from other “big” entities.  Then if we don’t get enough compliance for the rules, we write more rules and increase penalties and enforcement.   Eventually, as time goes by and as the rules increase, we turn more and more law abiding citizens into law breakers with the potential of a break down in civil society and the rise of the police state.”

“So here we are.  We have big government, big bureaucracies, big business, big banks, big unions and big special interest groups lobbying for, or writing, rule, after rule, after rule.  Many of those rules become draft legislation and then passed into law, at every level of government.  Bigness, concentration of power and out-of-control entities have buried WE THE PEOPLE in frustration, confusion and the feeling of utter helplessness, that is until WE THE PEOPLE have had enough and decide to draw a line in the sand.  Are we there yet?”

Even if the Republicans take back the presidency and both houses of Congress in 2012, they will still control the money and the guns.  A private bank called the Federal Reserve will still control the money and get rich off the taxpayer who is forced to pay taxes through the IRS, taxes that are the collateral to secure the loans from the moneychangers.

Republicans, now in power, will be tempted to increase their power as all individuals in power tend to do.  When the Republicans came into power in 1994, they started doing the very same things that the Democrats had done for the last 40 years.  Nothing really changed.  The only thing that will keep the Republicans from repeating 1994 is the people.  If more people continue to demand unconstitutional services from government, government will grow in response to the demand and become more corrupt.  However, if more people hold the Republican’s feet to the constitutional fire, we might just have a chance to undo one hundred years of constitutional perversion by both parties, but more pervasively by Democrats.  However, if the Republicans try to reverse course too fast, over 50% of the American population will scream bloody murder and then vote for Democrats next time around.  This is the ultimate catch 22 for Republicans.

The question is, are there enough people who will demand constitutional adherence from all politicians of any stripe, to override those that demand unconstitutional services?  Could it already be too late?

The Parallax Prophecies’ crystal ball is cloudy on this all-important question.

We will repeat this admonition one more time in the hopes that more people will finally get it:

“YOUR MONEY IS GOVERNMENT’S MAJOR POWER OVER YOU:  The first power that government has over you is YOUR perception that YOUR money is their money.  The second power that government has over you is by using the money they take from you by force of law, against you.  The third power that government has over you is that you will religiously obey all of their laws.”    (Will you?)

“Only when the people realize that their tax money is being used to environmentally enslave them; only when the people realize that their tax money is being used to “feed” a growing population of other people dipping their bills in the government “pig trough” and those “takers” voting for those very same politicians that take our tax money by force to keep the “trough” full; only when the people realize that their tax money is being spent to brainwash and indoctrinate their school and college-age children in the ways of socialism, multi-culturalism, radical environmentalism, collectivism and one-world-government; only when the people realize that their government is using their tax money to merge America into the one-world-order; only when the people realize that the only way to stop this attempted conquest of American freedom and sovereignty is to resist government, en masse, in every legal way possible.  Only then will we reclaim our freedom …. that is until all peaceful means are exhausted and we are left with only one remaining alternative.”

The only real answer is the decentralization of power at all levels of government, but especially in Washington, DC.  That is what the Founding Fathers tried to embed in the U. S. Constitution through the “Separation of Powers” doctrine.  But all three branches of government have so bastardized the constitution in the last 100 years that it is hardly recognizable any more.  We either return to its principles, or watch America and freedom die a slow, agonizing, painful death.

Is “Obama, A Pariah that has shaken America to its core?”   Find out by clicking HERE.

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  1. Does Ron Paul’s policy have anything you would consider for a candidate? It seems to me, he has more to offer than the others in the present line up.

    Could it be that the media and other candidates shun him because he actually stands for the things this country needs right now?

    Just interested in someone else’s opinion on this.

  2. Nothing will change if Patriots vote yet again for an “R” or “D” candidate. Last November we proved that by sticking together and working as a powerful force, the Tea Party was a force to be reckoned with. The “R”s were given an opportunity to make a difference and work to restore our Constitution. They did NOT do it! They do NOT intend to do it, and they think that the Tea Party cannot galvanize enough strength to oppose them this time around.
    Maybe some of you want to fall victim yet again to that belief on the part of the “R” elite, but I REFUSE!
    Think outside the box, People! We have BOTH the POWER and the NUMBERS to truly effect a change BACK to our Revered Constitution. If you do not believe that, and fall prey to the party hacks being proffered by the “R”s, America is doomed by her citizens’ own ignorance. If you don’t know yet how important 2012 is…….all is lost.
    I’ve made my preparations expecting the worst, but PRAYING for the best……..HOPE you have as well.