The Post & Email Will Reopen Comments…One More Time!


by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 30, 2011) — Sometimes bad things are a blessing in disguise.  After the last “Malware warning” attack about three weeks ago, readers of The Post & Email were very responsive and generous in resolving the problem.  We therefore utilized the additional funds to have the Comments function revamped to provide for better screening of those making comments.

Comments have been closed since June 6, 2011 due to death threats against this writer, spammers and many other problems.

I would like to set forth the following rules on submitting comments to which I will adhere without exception:

  • No personal attacks will be allowed.  Please make a general comment about the article you’ve read or a related item, but do not address your comment back to another poster with whom you do not agree.  State your position, but please do not become contentious to other commenters.  This was a major challenge before.
  • Everyone wishing to make comments must register and provide an email address which can be confirmed.  If it cannot be confirmed, the registration will be voided.
  • Because our main focus is reporting the news, our emphasis will remain on researching, writing and publishing from the best blogs on the internet as our Blog of the Day to our hard news articles in the National and State categories to our in-depth interviews.  We will continue to present what we believe are superb white paper reports and thoughtful commentary from some of the best analysts on constitutional matters.  Therefore, moderation of comments will be done only as time permits.  Please do not send me an email asking why your comment was not approved; this is time-consuming for me and unproductive.  If the comment fits our guidelines, it will be published; if it does not, it will not.
  • Even with comments open, I would urge everyone who reads The Post & Email to be motivated to take action against the corruption around us rather than spend a great deal of time composing comments.  The purpose of The Post & Email is to inform the American people of the activities of their government such that they can make up their minds as to what, if any, action needs to be taken.  Action will accomplish change, while making comments probably will not.  However, The Post & Email respects everyone’s right and need to vent and share information regarding the situation in which we find ourselves in America today.
  • As was our policy prior to June 6, comments submitted which are in opposition to our main focus, e.g., discovering the truth about Obama’s past and uncovering corruption in government, will not be published.  Comments containing deliberate misinformation will not be published.
  • Anyone seeking to threaten or intimidate The Post & Email’s staff will be reported to the authorities and banned from making further comments.
  • Please do not leave long, rambling soliloquies, but rather, be short and to-the-point.  Limit links to other related articles to one per post.
  • The Post & Email cannot reproduce others’ work without their expressed written consent.  Therefore, please do not copy and paste text from blogs or other news sites.  Simply leave a link and state how it is related to our content.  However, do not start your comment with a link, or it will not go through.
  • No swearing or other obscenities will be permitted.  I do not have the time to edit out obscenities or other over-the-edge language, so please keep it clean.  We are a child-friendly site, so please keep in mind that this newspaper and all of its content should be readable by a 12-year-old.
  • The Post & Email does not allow anti-Semitic or any other kind of disingenuous attacks on ethnicities or nationalities.  The threat of Sharia law may be discussed.
  • Again, our main emphasis is reporting the news, so comment moderation will be considered a low priority.

Should comments become unwieldy because of readers bickering or in other ways misbehaving, they will be closed permanently.

Readers may express their appreciation for upgrading and securitizing the comments at The Post & Email to the fabulous team at WordPress Boys.