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by Linda Jordan

Will anyone in the U.S. House of Representatives initiate an investigation into Obama's apparently fraudulent social security number? Will they be brave?

(Sep. 30, 2011) — The letter below will go out tomorrow to officials who showed a positive response response to my September 24th letter. I am including a document package and research review for them. I have the Safeway receipt mentioned but don’t know how to attach it in this email format. Do you have an email address I can have to send it to? (You will understand when you read the letter below) Linda Jordan

September 30th, 2011

Thank you for your response to my letter concerning Barack Obama’s suspected use of a fraudulent social security number and forged birth certificate. I am sending you a bare bones review of the case so you can gain a quick understanding of the credible evidence pointing to Obama’s criminal actions.

What I have referenced but not included is readily available on the Internet. You can find the request to the Social Security Administration for an investigation by Susan Daniels, along with her research about the social security number Mr. Obama is using. The evidence compiled by many forgery and document experts, concerning the forged birth certificate Mr. Obama posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011, is also easily accessible.

The cover to this report may seem odd to you. It’s a receipt from my local Safeway store. The date on it is September 11, 2011. I was in a somber mood that day as most of America was. I also had just recently made the decision to do something I thought might get me in to real trouble. I registered with E-Verify as one of Barack Obama’s employers and ran his name, SSN, birth date and citizenship status, to see if he was eligible to work in the United States. Why? Because no one else was. There was credible evidence that he was using a phony SSN and no one with the legal responsibility and authority was willing to find out the truth.

Turns out the SSN, name and/or birthdate that Obama is using, on file with the Social Security Administration, had been flagged with a Special Indicator Code most likely for fraud. Out of around 453 million SSN’s on the SSA Numident File only 46,000 of them had been flagged with a Special Indicator Code. It takes a whole lot of suspected fraud to earn one of those flags.

I do not consider myself to be a brave woman but with credible evidence of a crime, being committed right in front of me, I had reached the point where I wanted to be brave and, I say this in the most humble way I can, I felt that my country needed me to be brave.

Back to the grocery store and the receipt. The cashier hands me the receipt and tells me how much I had saved and how much change I was getting back. She said, “Here you are, Mrs. Jordan; your change is $9.11.” Then, kind of stunned, she said, “You just got back $9.11 on 9/11.” I mutely nodded, stunned myself.

I do not think of myself as superstitious but I was encouraged by, of all things, a receipt from a grocery store. A flimsy little piece of paper that reminded me, in a most powerful way, to have courage in defense of my country.

Obama fooled our nation once. Don’t let him fool us again in 2012.

Have courage, be brave, then do something.


Linda Jordan

Receipt from Safeway showing change of $9.11 on September 11, 2011