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by Daryn J. Moran

If Obama claims a forged document as his birth certificate, is he a criminal? What would the penalty be for anyone else presenting a forged birth certificate?

(Sep. 30, 2011) — Editor’s Note:  The following email was received in the editor’s mailbox this evening from former U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Daryn J. Moran, who has made several videos and called for Obama’s arrest.  The latest video in which he stated that he would go to Washington, DC to arrest Obama has been removed.  However, Mr. Moran reports that he has traveled to Washington, DC and met with the Secret Service.

From: Daryn Moran
Subject: Secret Service
To: “Sharon”
Date: Friday, September 30, 2011, 8:19 PM

Sharon (and everyone at blind copy emails),

Please by patient with my frequent contacts at this time.  I just finished up with meeting both the Secret Service and the Capitol Police.

The first man to talk to me said I need psychiatric help.  I told him that was his opinion.  By the end, he asked me to go home.

I really wish other Americans came here with me to help articulate the desire I have to have the President tried for his crimes.  However, I believe in time God will make a way.

My finances may run out and I may have to return home.  Also, the Secret Service said something about having to come see me again if I remain in DC.

At any rate, it is the Birther community who lead me to believe in the illegality of Obama due to his forged birth certificate, fraudulent SSN, and etc.  I know many of you did not feel the need I felt to either produce videos or come to DC to proclaim, as an American, that Obama must be arrested.

At this point, I feel the Secret Service, while claiming not to be threatening me, have done their best to scare me away.  If they excuse their actions to be more aggressive with me, or something tragic happens due to corruption and sin against me, I pray I could be buried in the earth in victory not shame.

On the other hand, if God sends victory to our nation, I would be happy to celebrate with all of you and millions more.  Please come to DC and join me.  I don’t truly know how long I can stay, but will consider it each day.

May those with the power of print, like WND, and Post and Email follow my story and share publicly.  What is the Secret Service going to say?  That all Americans who seek the arrest and trial of the criminal Obama are mental patients?

The corrupted people do not follow the law.  This is why my safety could be in jeopardy.  I have said Obama is the terrorist, and so it is.   Whether you agree with my methods or not, those of us who are tired of being terrorized DO NOT have to take it anymore.  Stop taking it.  Follow my lead, and join me.

We can convince the media, Congresspersons, etc. of what is right.  But not by living in fear and intimidation.  In fact, I will not live in a dictatorship and in tyranny while I have the knowledge of it.

Thank you for your patience.  May God speak to your hearts, and may his angels be with me and my family.

I will gladly suffer and die, should the Secret Service or someone else attack or kill me for you people and for the Flag and my family.  It doesn’t have to come to that, and it won’t by my own hand.  I will stand for what’s right as long as I can reasonably be here, and God allows.

God Bless America,

Daryn Moran


Update, October 1, 2011:  Mr. Moran sent the following email:

Everyone receiving this blind copy,

I ended up resting well last night.  I renewed my hotel room for 1 day so I can go and speak to people without hauling my one piece of luggage.  However, I won’t be able to express that my sole purpose is here for me to arrest the President.  Not as a defeat, but because I really won’t see him and possibly citizen arrest in DC is against the law.  So, please don’t misunderstand, I can speak for the Lord, relate all of my story, and verbally express my impression of the criminal status of Obama due to the forged certificate.

He still should be arrested and brought to trial.  At some point, the Secret Service, the Supreme Court, the Congress, and most Americans will realize this and the appropriate person can arrest him.

Until God makes some miracle and gives me the opportunity, I can do nothing of my own.  If God allowed me, I would do it.  Again, the arrest isn’t the goal, but trial.

Also, I’m not a harm to myself or anyone else, including Obama.  The Secret Service tried to tell my Dad, and my Uncle that I have psychological problems.  So, they lie about Christians and patriots.  It’s a real shame on our country.

We are all accountable.  More to come.


Daryn Moran

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  1. I just got a text from Daryn’s wife Lupita and she said that the Secret Service “has filed his case” meaning they are going to leave Daryn alone (supposedly). It is becoming more and more clear that those in power do not want any press coverage about this issue because they do not want the American Public to be educated about the truth. (fyi, I am Daryn’s father, Retired MSgt, USAF)

    1. I am former military police and have had two encounters with the Secret Service. The agent I spoke with at the time was easy going and was interested in what I had to say about the then Sen. Sorteoro. I provided him with all the information gathered from many sources, Stephen Pigeon and other sources. The second time he said he wouldn’t be in touch with me again unless I actually said something. ( I was being reported by left wing radicals who were offended by my free speech. I never threatened the creep in the whitehouse and never would consider it.) I have called for his Arrest myself and have sat on a Grand Jury in my state which handed down indictments that were used in Rev Mannings court proceedings. I am offended by my fellow brother officers and their dismissive attitudes especially with those in the upper echelons who proclaim how smart they are. I am glad Sheriff Arpario has done something. Some people say ” it doesn’t matter, we have other things we need to focus and watch him on, its a waste of time” Yet these very same people say “we need to get him out of office”… The charge of his eligibilty goes to the core of everything he has done to our country. I am sure he is a sabatour and an agent for a foreign country. Folks we need to begin if not already our protection networks (milita’s) for the protection of our families and Constitution!!!