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by Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.

Dr. and Attorney Orly Taitz visited with staffers of seven representatives and senators on Capitol Hill last week

(Sep. 26, 2011) — The Post & Email previously reported on Atty. Orly Taitz’s trip by invitation to Washington, DC to speak with legal counsel, chiefs of staff and other personnel working for several U.S. Congressmen and Senators on September 22, 2011.  The following is the conclusion of Dr. Taitz’s interview with us regarding her meetings, suggested steps which Americans can take to urge that the matters of alleged Social Security fraud and judicial obstruction be heard and acted upon by a congressional committee, and how political posturing appears to be obstructing the congressmen from taking action on the evidence of crime she has presented and of which she has stated they are fully aware.

I also talked to the legal counsel for Congressman Steve King.  King was very outspoken about Obama’s uncle and aunt who have been in this country illegally and have fraudulently obtained social security numbers.  The uncle had been working using this number, and his aunt was receiving social security benefits and was residing in subsidized housing using a fraudulently-obtained social security number from Indiana, though she never resided there and she was here illegally.

The legal counsel’s name is Jonathan Nabavi, and he stated that he will review all of the information with Steve King.  He believed that Mr. King will be interested in the information and they will give me an answer within a week.  So all seven offices told me that they will have an answer for me within a week.  I’m not sure what is happening in a week or if that’s just the standard procedure, but all of them told me that within a week, they will have an answer.  So it is important that during this week, concerned U.S. citizens call those legal counsel with whom I spoke and congressmen and senators and demand that they allow me to testify.  Often, letters are found in the garbage, so that is why it is so important that people call and demand to talk to those people, the legal counsel and chiefs of staff.

I also talked to the chief of staff for Congressman Allen West.  I have to say that out of the seven legal counsel and chiefs of staff, this chief of staff for Allen West was the most unpleasant.  When I met with the others, most of them led me to a room or office where we could talk and I could show them documents.  The chief of staff for Allen West was really unpleasant.  We were sitting in the foyer; he wouldn’t even sit down.  I sat down and showed him the documents, and he just standing there.  He sounded like a typical Obot.  His name is Jonathan Blythe.  He sounded like a typical gatekeeper who was brought there to keep Congressman Allen West uninformed and docile and doing what the establishment wants him to do.  His phone number is 202-225-3026; his fax is 202-225-8398, and his email address is jonathan.blythe@mail.house.gov.

I’m going to give you the contact information on others I spoke with:

Leonard Collins, General Counsel for Sen. Rubio:
Phone:  202-224-3041;
Fax:  202-228-0285
Email:  leonard_collins@rubio.senate.gov

J.R. Sanchez, Director of Policy and Legislative Assistant:
Phone:  202-224-3041
Fax:  202-228-0285
Email:  jr_sanchez@rubio.senate.gov

Jonathan Nabavi, Legal Counsel for Congressman Steve King of Iowa:
Phone:  202-225-4426
Fax: 202-225-3193
Email: jonathan.nababi@mail.house.gov

Chief of Staff for Sen. Coburn Michael Schwartz:

Phone:  202-224-5754
Fax:  202-224-6008
Email:  michael_schwartz@coburn.senate.gov

I also forwarded information to counsel for Sen. Lautenberg, and the legislative aide is Alison Pickers.  The phone number there is 202-224-3224 alison_pickers@lautenberg.senate.gov

The legislative assistant for Sen. Inhofe is Luke Holland
Phone:  202-224-4721

Fax:  202-228-0380


Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s office
Legislative Assistant Josh Stoke
Phone:  202-224-9189
Fax:  202-224-9750
Email:  joshua_stoke@lieberman.senate.gov

I also visited Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office:
Phone:  202-224-3841

I also had the email address for the assistant for Sen. Mike Lee:

Legislative Assistant is Rob Asson

The Post & Email asked Dr. Taitz, “Based on the reception you got from six out of seven sets of staffers, would you say that the congressmen know what is going on?”

Dr. Taitz responded:

Oh, yes, they absolutely all know all the facts; they know the evidence; they understand that crimes are being committed. They’re simply scared to be the ones to start the ball rolling.  That ‘s the problem.  It could also be that they’re using an excuse.  For example, the chief of staff for Allen West was telling me, “He’s not on any committees that have anything to do with this issue,” and they’re kind-of trying to say, “Well, it’s not up to me.” The chiefs of staff and legal counsel for the senators were telling me that Harry Reid knows that 23 Democrat Senators are up for re-election and 15 Republican senators are up for re-election, and a number of Democrat senators are highly vulnerable. What he’s trying to do is not rock the boat, and he is not scheduling any significant hearings in the Senate until the next election.  It’s just a waste of time.

So for political reasons they’re not addressing this?

It seems that it’s a lame duck year, because Harry Reid is refusing to schedule any hearings that would be of any significance.  On the Senate Judiciary Committee, two people who are of the greatest importance are  Sen. Leahy, who is the chairman, and Sen. Chuck Schumer, who is the second ranking Democrat in the Senate.  They’re big supporters of Obama.  Now Schumer might be more willing to cooperate.  I actually went to his office and left the documents there as well.  Senator Schumer saw what happened in the Ninth District where after 90 years of Democrat dominance, his own former seat was taken by Anthony Weiner and later was lost to a Republican.  So he knows that New York is very vulnerable.  There is a big Jewish population – Schumer is Jewish – and he knows that they are extremely angry at the Democrat Party for throwing the State of Israel under the bus.  Even though Leahy might do nothing, there is a chance that Schumer might do something.  However, a number of people on the Hill told me that lately Schumer seems to have lost his conscience.  He used to be somebody who had some conscience, but he doesn’t seem to have one anymore. This came from people who have been on the Hill for quite some time.

Even if he doesn’t have any conscience left, he still has some brains left.  He understands that the Democrat Party is now very vulnerable in New York and in the swing state of Florida, where there is a large Jewish population, and where former mayor of New York Ed Koch is now lobbying against the Democrat Party.  So people need to be contacting Schumer.

Another issue which I did not know before is that Orrin Hatch seems to be a problem as well.  He is the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Orrin Hatch was more willing to listen to the Tea Party when there was a primary challenge and he was afraid that he would be thrown out of the Senate, just as Sen. Bennett was thrown out last year and replaced by Sen. Mike Lee.  The person who was planning to run against Hatch decided not to run, so Hatch became more arrogant, more secure in his position, and he doesn’t seem to be willing to listen to his constituency and to the Tea Party, because he feels that he has no opposition anymore.  So what we need is maybe applied pressure on the very popular congressman, Jason Chaffetz.  He’s young and very popular, and I think maybe we should apply pressure on him or someone else to run against Hatch for the Senate.  With this environment, I think that Chaffetz has a very good chance of beating Hatch and becoming the next U.S. senator.  If not, at a very minimum, Hatch will feel more insecure, more vulnerable, and he will start listening to people and allow me to testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee because the E-Verify hearings are coming.  It already already passed the House; the vote is now in the Senate.  We need Orrin Hatch to start cooperating one way or another.  We need to either bring a Tea Party candidate to run against him so that he will reconsider his security or find other ways to let him know that if he does not let me testify on the crime of the century committed by Obama, there will be a challenge.

I need someone to make a list of all of the committees in the House and Senate with the names of ranking members of Republicans in the Senate and names of the chairmen in the House with phone numbers.  This can be posted so people can start calling them.  Another thing I’m telling people:  get inventive.  Get creative.  For example, when Obama passed Obamacare, he was able to sneak in a clause dealing with student loans, even though student loans had absolutely nothing to do with this issue.  This is the Chicago mafia; they’re doing whatever they want, and we have to be creative as well.  When we’re dealing with thugs, we can’t be timid; we can’t be afraid.  We need to get creative.  If you know somebody who is a ranking member or chair of a committee who might not deal with the Social Security, say, Allen West, who is on a committee for transportation; that’s good enough, too.  Any committee can talk about the fact that all of the committees, all of the expenditures, is dependent on one person:  the president.  And we now have evidence that the president is not legitimate.  None of them have any guts.  None of them have any courage; they’re just puppets.

Do you think they know about the long-form birth certificate being a forgery?

Oh, yes, they do, they do.

Is this what a president does in the people’s house?

Aren’t they outraged that there’s someone sitting in our White House with his feet up on the furniture who is guilty of committing this fraud on the country?

They are unhappy; many of them are unhappy, but they seem to be afraid.  They seem to be looking at somebody else to do the job.  So I said, “OK, you’re afraid; I’m not afraid.  I’ll put myself on the line; let me testify.”

Another thing that I brought forward that seemed to resonate with the legal counsel for Sen. Rubio, A.J. Sanchez, who was born in Cuba and who came from a communist dictatorship – he seemed to be the one who understood better than anyone else what is going on, and he seemed to be the nicest of them all.  As a matter of fact, he called Tom Jipping, the legal counsel for Orrin Hatch, and so did Michael Schwartz, and he showed me where Schwartz has his office.  He was very supportive, very helpful, and I’m guessing that it’s  because he came from a communist country.

I told him, “Listen:  What will be important is the Hispanic community, especially in the swing state of Florida. In order to bring this forth, you’ll be able to do it by showing them that if somebody is Hispanic – and I told this in Spanish to Univision –  and is caught here without a valid social security number, this person is going to be arrested, imprisoned for 18-24 months and deported.  And here we have a person, el presidente, sitting in the White House with a forged birth certificate and stolen social security number.  Our corrupt attorney general, corrupt director of the FBI, corrupt commissioner of Social Security, and corrupt federal judges are doing nothing about it.  He really understood that.