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(Sep. 14, 2011) — To continue the discussion of rights as endowed by God and recognized by our Founders and Framers, (begun here) we first need to understand what the Rightactually entails.

The Right to The Pursuit of Happiness is the ability to pursue the activities, occupations, thoughts and efforts that give happiness to you as an individual or in conjunction with other like-minded people.  That’s it. Not a guarantee of happiness, nor even the promise of a possibility of success.  This third enumerated Right in the Declaration of Independence completes the triumvirate of Rights enumerated therein and are the basis for all enumerated Rights in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Without these as the basis from which all others flow, the other enumerated Rights become mere legislation, pure social engineering.

One cannot experience this third enumerated Right without the existence of the previously enumerated two, Life and Liberty.  For without Life, there can be no Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness, without Liberty there cannot be a Pursuit of Happiness. Thus, the three are tied together for all eternity, recognized by man or not.

Here is where the liberal agenda (actually the progressive/socialist agenda) goes off the rails. For almost a century, the creeping incremental imposition of this agenda into our national legislation has poisoned our Republic.  Assigning the status of Rights to dubious bits of social engineering under the cover of Social Justice does not an actual Right make. To be an actual Right, it must be applicable to all and incur a matching Obligation on all, not a specified subset of the whole.

Before we proceed further, a review of the incurred Obligations is necessary. For each Right with which we are endowed by God, we also incur an Obligation to respect that Right in all others.  For example, the Right to Life incurs the Obligation to respect that Right to Life in everyone else. Now, remember, this is an absolute Right and an absolute Obligation. (I can hear the liberals already, “But, but, but, then the death penalty and war are wrong…”) If one violates the Obligation in this regard, by actions that preclude another’s Rights, they surrender their Right to Life themselves, thus, the Death Penalty and the killing of an enemy in war are not violations of this absolute Right as those individuals, by their actions, have abrogated their Right by surrendering their Obligation.

By these concepts was the Civil Rights movement of the 1950′s and 60′s a valid expression of the truth of God’s love for man and the fact that these Rights are truly Rights, not mere legislation  or social engineering and must be available to all, with all being also Obligated thereby.

When one reviews all the supposed Rights that are being legislated, from the results of Roe V. Wade to the imposition of DADT and legalization of Gay Marriage, simply take the legislation and apply the test to determine validity as a Right, namely, does this Right apply to all? Does the supposed Right also incur an Obligation equally applicable to all? If the proposed Right meets both the former and latter in all points, then it is validly deemed a Right. A failure in either case (the former or the latter are not applicable to all) then the proposed Right is actually mere legislation.