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by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 14, 2011) — Many of you have received Malware messages when trying to access The Post & Email since yesterday, September 13, 2011.

We have someone working on the problem now, but it will take many hours to repair the damage done by, most likely, Obama’s attack squad.  If the trojan or Malware was planted by one of them, it shows that we indeed living in a Soviet-style gulag, as has been contended in many of our articles.   If we cannot speak out against the corruption that we find, what do we have left?

And how could anyone want a person guilty of forgery, social security fraud, lying to the American people, who is a foreign-born domestic enemy, in the White House, particularly for another four years?

This man has bankrupted the country, used taxpayer dollars to bail out the auto and banking industries, forced socialist health care down our throats, appointed communists and socialists into his faux cabinet, and hosted Iftar dinners in the White House, our house.  He has invaded a sovereign country and deployed U.S. troops against U.S. citizens.  He has many unanswered treason complaints which render him guilty.

Given the grievous state of the U.S. economy, it is difficult for people to subscribe to the newspaper, and it is free to anyone wishing to read it.  However, The Post & Email will need your help to pay for the remediation of this latest hack attack and for the changes we may have to make from there if we are to survive.  The Post & Email is one of the few news sources reporting the deep corruption within our government which has allowed an unqualified, ineligible person to occupy the White House for almost three years.

To set up a monthly subscription, please use the “Subscribe” button on the inner pages of articles.  For a one-time donation, you may use the “Donate” button on the front page.  Even $1.00 from every reader will make a difference.

We will have a story about former Staff Sergeant Daryn Moran‘s recent activities out later this week and are waiting to hear from Orly Taitz on her most recent development.

For those of you who have tried to tweet our articles, the following came in from a reader:

Twitter, by default, uses ‘bit.ly to shorten URLs.  There are others you can use by going into settings and clicking on ‘URL Shortening’.  I did that… I switched from bit.ly to is.gd.  Then I manually posted your article, (copied & pasted the URL) and it posted with no problem.

What I believe has happened is that a bunch of Obots have reported you to bit.ly, (https://bitly.com/).  That’s the sleazy, underhanded way to get your articles blocked without Twitter actually doing it.

 We are in an all-out war which pits the truth against lies.  Who will win?