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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Is the U.S. Constitution being upheld or discarded by Obama and his assistants?

(Sep. 2, 2011) — Since the only thing transparent about the current regime is the lies that it has been spewing out, I thought someone should step forward and try to set the record straight. “Open debate” means that nothing is off the table, including the highly questionable qualifications of Obama and members of his regime, the violations of the Fourth Amendment by the TSA, and the destruction of the U.S. economy, on purpose, to usher in a socialist-type government that will, once and for all, kill the United States Constitution.

The definition of Islam may be a subject for debate, although I don’t see how anyone can defend Islam on any grounds imaginable, except maybe on the grounds of hate, destruction, and what really are the number of “honor killings” per day.  Maybe Obama can have the Ground Zero Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf coach him, as the faux Attorney General Eric Holder can offer advice on how to trash the Constitution, and Napolitano of Homeland Security can prompt Obama on why illegal immigrants are not deported..

He’ll be allowed to have Hillary by his side so when we start the discussion on foreign policy she can help him explain the billions of dollars given to our Muslim enemies (protection payoffs), and maybe he’ll be able to explain why we just sat back and let Iran run amok with its nuclear program. And maybe he’ll try and act knowledgeable about nuclear weapons, at which point I’ll state that, in one of my jobs while in the military, I worked DIRECTLY with nuclear warheads, and I can’t be any clearer than that.

If he doesn’t bring up the subject of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Vatican Slush fund, be assured that I will.  And I’ll remind everyone that the Fed’s charter expires December of next year and why we should NOT renew it, and why the National Debt isn’t anything more than a scam on the American taxpayer.  And, by abolishing the Fed, maybe our money will actually be worth something, someday, as it was in the past, backed by wealth and not some worthless promissory note.

Another subject that I’ll want to debate is the abolishing of the IRS and the implementation of a 10% Flat Tax: no write-offs, no shelters.

But health care, the economy, and the future of America won’t mean a hill of beans unless we’re alive to see it; in other words, the safety of every American will be the most important issue on the table, which means the deportation of every illegal immigrant and every Muslim. The United States Constitution is under attack, and we can’t turn to the courts, for they have turned on us; we can’t expect help from Congress because they have acted helpless; we want to hear the truth from the media but they are deaf, which leaves you and me and all the other legal citizens to set the record straight. All I want is the truth: “Mr.. Muslim Hussein Obama, where were you born?”

Schedule the debate:  OPOVV@yahoo.com