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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

How long have Tennessee judges been arresting people without cause and locking up people without due process?

(Aug. 31, 2011) — Editor’s Note:  The events depicted by LCDR Fitzpatrick in the following interview occurred on August 30, 2011.


I called the Tenth Judicial District office today and spoke with Assistant District Attorney Robinson.  I sent the audio to you.  He hung up on me, although he gave me a lot.

I also sent two other audios with that.  One of them is the one from the 15th of October [DS400125(2)], which is the telephone call to Special Agent Cathy Pendleton.  I called back the Tenth Judicial District to get an email address so that I could send the audio recordings to them, but they don’t give out email addresses.

This attorney, Robinson, who has been Assistant District Attorney and works out of the Cleveland office, the main office of the Tenth Judicial District, said a couple of things which will raise the hair on the back of your neck.  One of them is that he doesn’t know, in the case of a judge, which law enforcement authority can be called upon to effect an arrest [DS400330] [DS400331].

I engaged him in the point that the TBI had made with me, which was that nothing can be done unless the District Attorney General acts on this.  He said that that wasn’t his understanding.  He then said, “No, it’s not us.  You’ll have to talk to Steve Bebb about that.”  District Attorney General Bebb is one of the criminal actors that I have named before, and by this point, Richardson knew that I had come to him to effect an investigation against the criminal actors that we know about.  Robinson came back and said, “Steve Bebb is not about to begin an investigation that he’s part of.”  And I said, “Thank you for giving us that.”

Later in the day, George was contacted by an FBI agent who comes out of the northeastern part of the state, north of Knoxville.  It’s up on the Tennessee/Virginia border.  George sent me the audio and said, “What do you think about this?”

Then this afternoon, I called the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation again in the Chattanooga office, and I said, “I’m calling you to report the judge and the deputy,” and I’m pretty sure it was Cathy Pendleton who took the call.  But when I asked who I was speaking to, this woman hung up on me.

It has been a full week, seven days, since Judge Ross broke the law.  I called the FBI, and there is no indication as of this evening that Judge Ross is faced with any kind of law enforcement activity, and the people who would have that responsibility aren’t doing anything.  They’re running the clock.  We both know that Steve Bebb was in a meeting with Ross and Stutts last week in Athens, TN.  Judge Carroll Ross should tonight be the most famous judge in the country because he had George arrested on Monday of last week for the possession of a ballpoint pen.  He was arrested for “contempt.”  We know what’s happened to me.  Judge Ross is the guy who charged me with rioting, and by so doing, by coming up with that fantastic charge, he interrupted a citizen’s arrest.  Judge Carroll L. Ross interrupted a lawful citizen’s arrest of a person who had been in the grand jury illegally for two decades.  And he brought other charges against me which were his fault and then two felony charges emerged after they had been passed through this corrupt, illegal, incompetent grand jury.  Nobody stood behind the two felony charges.  Those went to trial.  Jim Stutts is a criminal; we know that Carroll Ross is at the core of this, and we saw what his cohort in crime, Amy Reedy, did back in May to Mr. Ellington and what the sheriff’s department did to Mr. Ellington.  They have Mr. Ellington locked up as an innocent man, and it’s just because the sheriff said so.

We have a sheriff’s deputy tonight who went in and knowingly perjured himself in front of the judge a week ago.  By this time, Deputy Sheriff Byrum should have been relieved of his duties, placed on unpaid suspension and should be under aggressive investigation tonight.  They threw me out of a courtroom because they didn’t want me to hear or watch what was going to happen that day, because they had seen how that went down after what Amy Reedy did back in May.

We also know that there are other cases out there that have been going on for decades which are all questionable and suspect if for no other reason that they’ve gone through these rigged grand juries.  We know that the judges are picking these jurors by hand as patronage positions.  We know that Mr. Jim Miller was murdered in July a year ago, and there was a government connection to that.  Mr. Miller was murdered through a government connection, and these things are not speculative.  We’re dealing with hard facts.  Mr. Miller was shot down on the 17th of July sometime after 1:00 p.m.  That was the last time he was seen alive.  He was found dead that night at 8:00 in the trunk of a car that was on fire.  That same day, you had people who found bloody clothing at a gas station.  I know that that gas station was not investigated.  It was a crime scene, and no one responded to it.  I know with absolute certainty that there is a government connection to the death of Mr. Miller.  The Sheriff’s Department is involved in this; the District Attorney General is involved in this; the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is involved in this.

The judges have been able to arrest people without a charge and say whatever they want, get them into a courtroom, and get a conviction.  They control the whole thing.  When you try and go in and disrupt this criminal enterprise, this criminal industry, the criminal actors act against the people who are a threat to them.  We’ve been watching this now for the better part of two years.  There have been enough people who have slipped up in their conversations to tell us that they know what’s going on.  I spoke with Special Agent Whitehouse on the 8th of April and he said, “We’re distressed.  We can claim distress.  We wouldn’t know where to start.”  They know about this.  It’s been reported to them for a long time.  Tonight, these two men, Ross and Byrum, should be under arrest, and it’s important that Ross be placed under arrest because Judge Ross is the reason for everything that has happened to a lot of people, but certainly with me, back in April 2010, and it undoes everything that Judge Ross started.  This goes to Judge Ross’s specific criminal intent.  He’s been able to do this and get away with this, bring false charges and bring people in under false arrest.  He had George Raudenbush arrested on August 22 because he had a ballpoint pen in his pocket.

[Editor’s Note:  In reporting the above crimes to the Knoxville FBI, three special agents have told Fitzpatrick, “Live with it!”]

This all began when we tried to bring Mr. Obama up on a charge of treason.  We see that this is what they do to people who try to fight against an oppressive government.  There is no more law enforcement that we can rely upon.  The people who carry guns are criminals themselves.  What we’re seeing here in Tennessee we see all over the country to one degree or another.  What Judge Ross did last Wednesday, working with a sheriff’s deputy, is the kind of thing they did in Germany under Hitler in the late ’30s and under Stalin in Russia.  This is the kind of thing that people like me were trained to fight against.  It’s here now.  There’s no more dancing around it.

Obama is part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  We’re being infiltrated by our enemies.  It’s as much in our own communities as it is out of the White House.  These law enforcement officials are modern-day storm-troopers.

There’s a video out there that talks about how the sheriff’s departments in parts of Tennessee are pulling over trucks and shaking down the drivers for money, and nothing is being done about it.  Again, you go to the District Attorney General’s office and they say, “It’s not our job.  It’s the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s job.”  Well, I’ve been to them, and I have a recording of an agent who says, “We can’t even open up a murder case unless we have the permission of the District Attorney General.”  And he said, “That’s not the way it works.”  And this afternoon, I called the TBI again and got Cathy Pendleton on the phone; I know that’s who it was, from the Criminal Investigative Division, and she hung up on me.

This is how Judge Ross is able to do what he’s doing with such arrogant confidence.  He knows that nobody is going to lay a hand on him, because if Ross goes down, everybody else does, too.  That’s what we’re dealing with here.  This is communism.  This is a dictatorship:  government by a few, an oligarchy.  We no longer need any more evidence or proof.  Everything is out there and on the table, and to one degree or another, this is exactly what’s going on in every community of the United States of America.

You have people who are being stripped of their recording devices in public meetings.  As these congressmen are coming home and having meetings, policemen are taking cameras and audio devices away from people in the audience for no reason.  This has been going on now for a while.  If you are out and videotaping a police event from across the street, the policemen approach you and arrest you for obstruction for trying to videotape what law enforcement is doing out there in plain view, in public.  This is communism, and we see it in the state of Tennessee.  Bill Haslam, the governor, is responsible for this; the lieutenant governor is responsible for this; Mae Beavers; every politician that you want to look at.

[Editor’s Note:  On August 26, 2011 by the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that a citizen has the First Amendment right to videotape the activity of police officers, who are not protected by “qualified immunity.”]

Last week, the judge broke the law brazenly because he knew that he could:  threw somebody out of his courtroom because he knew that that person in the courtroom was going to report against him and what the judge knew he was about to do to Mr. Raudenbush.  George was in there without a defense attorney, and the judge bullied him, he beat him up; he handled George as a dictator handles somebody over whom he has power.  The judge committed state and federal felony criminal acts, and they’ve been reported, and they were reported in a timely fashion.  And they’ve been reported in writing by The Post & Email.  A judge broke the law in violent fashion last Wednesday.

This community needs to be held up as the lab report.  This is World War II 1930s Germany.  We know what’s going on here.  This is what we were taught when we were kids to fight against.  This is the kind of dictatorship, tyranny and communism that the Germans saw and the Italians saw under Mussolini and that the Russians saw under Stalin and what any other nation sees under a tyrant.  We are living under a tyrant tonight, and his name is Obama.  He is illegal, he is in commission of treason; the charge has been brought, and it’s being ignored.

People can laugh off the treason charge against Obama and say, “Well, you know, you’re just some whack job.”  Well, you know what?  I’m trying tonight to bring a charge against a judge who broke the law last Wednesday.  It’s the same thing, and it’s not because the case against the judge doesn’t stick; it’s not that at all.  It’s because government will not act against itself, and the government knows it.  The government knows that they have this kind of power and that they can use it because the people in this community are scared to death.  If anybody tries to stand up in this community, and this community here in Sweetwater, TN needs to be excoriated.  They need to be held up as an example in this country of what cowards look like.


Editor’s Note:  LCDR Fitzpatrick was interviewed by Dr. James David Manning regarding the events in the Monroe County courthouse of August 24, 2011 which can be heard here:  DS400335_A   DS400335_B