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by Sharon Rondeau

Will the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" weaken the U.S. military? What are current enlisted military members learning?

(Aug. 23, 2011) — On August 16, 2011, The Post & Email had reported on the case of SSgt Daryn Moran, a nine-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and former Marine, who had challenged the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama as well as objected to the lifting of the ban on homosexuals serving in the U.S. Armed Forces as amended by Congress in December 2010.

On August 17, 2011, Fox News reported via the Associated Press that Moran would be discharged from the military, terming him a “hero of the birther movement.” Why the unnamed reporter used that term is unknown.  He did not question why Moran had called for Obama’s arrest, nor whether or not evidence existed that “Obama’s birth certificate must be a fake.”

On August 22, 2011, we received an email from Mr. Moran which had been distributed to numerous parties, which reads:


Good day, and thank God!  This is former SSgt Daryn J. Moran.  My family and I have arrived safely in Omaha, NE.  For a few days we have been traveling and settling in a little.  Here are some details for your readers, both those who believe me because I know what I’m talking about and those mockers who place their trust in the AF Times, other reports, and the Obama administration.  If you and WND are unable to report this update, it will be extremely disappointing.  That is as much as I would beg.

Now, last week, I remained in my home on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday was when the AF found out I did not report to base as I was supposed to the previous Thursday and Friday and that Monday.  I also did not go in on Tuesday when asked to do so.  In fact, Monday they made the leave arrangements, so why did they need me on Tuesday?  When they found out I would no longer report under their conditions or follow orders they decided to put me back into a leave, or vacation, status.  By Wednesday, they had orders for me and I went in and in a matter of hours was done outprocessing.  We flew out early Thursday from Frankfurt.

What this means is that the entire process of my awaiting discharge was going on for months, since March.  On two occassions I had tried to turn in my ID card, and it didn’t happen.  Eventually, I just didn’t go in anymore.  The story is long and I know those who have common sense can trust me.  The others, you might say Obots, will never believe the truth.

Today I’m awaiting a call from CNN who contacted me last week.  We’ll see what becomes of that call, if it takes place.

As things stand, B. Obama is on notice.  My separation from Active Duty changes nothing for me personally.  I plan to lead all true Americans in the fight to expose his lies, remove him from his job before the next election, and when feasible under the rule of law, arrest him.  Only God and the prayer of thousands kept me from being arrested.

With the introduction of the Koran at AF bootcamp as indoctrination in Lackland AB, Texas, and B. Obama’s dismissal of the deportation laws pending many illegals, his out and out tyranny is clear to any but an Obot.

Frankly, I have a message to WND, and all of America, B. Obama’s days as our dictator are numbered.  I am not in Germany anymore.  I am in America.  I will be going to Mayors, City Councils, Police Dept, and lawyers regarding the Citizen Arrest procedure.  Also, I will be speaking in public at all places of engagement possible about ending this War that the enemy, B. Obama is intent on pursuing.  He will lose, and so will his supporters.

You may want to reference the online you tube video of my participation at a pitchfork rally at the seat of government in Georgia, via phone.  This is what is coming everywhere.  Nobody has stepped out to be the leader against B. Obama.  I will do it.  He breaks our laws, we WILL NOT follow his.

He’s out there removing guys like Mubarak and Ghaddafi, who don’t know the Lord.  I know the Lord.  This will be different.  Hear me America, and be strong!  Pray and join me!  As God is my witness.


Mr. Daryn J. Moran

PS I had some good people help me in leaving the base, and one has 3 powers of attorney now.  They must know I don’t blame all the circumstances on other military people.  In fact, someone in the military may have spoken up for me to keep me from being arrested.  So, there is something positive.  I want our nation united.  Soon, those in the military will have to choose to fight for our enemy B. Obama or to defend the Constitution and Americans from tyranny.  In Nevada, the AF was part of a raid on a civilian store, so some are joining the dictator.

Editor’s Note:  Moran’s reference to the “pitchfork rally” is believed to be to the event held at the Georgia State Capitol on August 15, 2011, as reported by The Post & Email here.

After reading Moran’s email, we took the opportunity to ask him several questions, with his responses provided below:

The Post & Email:  1.  Do you think that other members of the Air Force and other branches of the military feel as you do about Obama’s eligibility and the “tyranny” which you described in your email?

Mr. Moran:  1. Yes, I think many feel the same, while others have believed the propaganda.  Soon, they will have to take sides, unless they simply have no conscience.  I will be appealing specifically to Marines in and out of service.

The Post & Email:  2.  If so, knowing that no one can predict the future, do you believe more members of the military will take the stand you did, or is it impossible to say?

Mr. Moran:  2. A few more may do as I have done, without even knowing of me possibly. More are just getting out at the end of their contracts in disgust, point blank. My forthcoming advice, in consideration of the stability of all the branches and the confidence and unity of the country is that even those who become as convinced as I am can now stay in with the knowledge that I am now out, having successfully made the point, and will be engaging all out to remove B. Obama by arrest as soon as possible. However, I want all the military to follow their hearts too, and if others follow me, I would welcome them to this side of the fight gladly. This is a fluid and changing situation.

The Post & Email:  3.  On which charge(s) would you have Obama arrested?

Mr. Moran:  3. The single clearest charge to arrest B. Obama is for issuing the entire country a fraudulent birth certificate on Apr. 27, 2011. He has claimed it outright, and the facts support that this pdf document is manufactured and forged. Under no circumstances by any expert will you find someone who will put his or her credibility on the line to say it is legitimate. Further, the case has been blocked from courts because this is true. Everyone prefers to leave the lying to Obama. But I will end this charade. Other charges can include any of the 17 which are mentioned by Pastor Manning of the Manning Report; however, from my case personally, I would charge B. Obama with failure to secure an insubordinate military member (me) who publicly charged him (B. Obama) as an enemy of the country and called for his arrest. B. Obama was inconsistent in throwing LtCol T. Lakin into Ft. Leavenworth for 5 months, while letting me go free. He has no respect for the law (see the stoppage of deportations via exec order) and just does whatever he wants. You should ask yourself why was I not arrested? Sweeping something under the rug? Can’t face the music? Lies? Weakness? Stupidity? What’s the reason? Actually, I don’t need further issues regarding my freedom, as it was just recently granted for the most part. A littany of charges can be applied to B. Obama regarding his passport, his SSN, his selective service number, his trip to Pakistan, his associations with terrorists, his war in Libya, his use of the DOJ, all the info is out there for everyone. The primary charge, and reason I rebelled is his fake birth certificate and usurpation of the office of the Presidency. He may not even be an American. Nobody even knows for sure.

The Post & Email:  4.  Are you familiar with the case of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who objected to following orders for one of the same reasons you did and who spent five months at Ft. Leavenworth?  Have you spoken with LTC Lakin since you returned to the U.S.?

Mr. Moran:  4. I inquired about speaking to Mr. Lakin for advice about Ft. Leavenworth, but he is in a ‘probationary’ type period where he may not speak out about things or risk further jail time. What a farce. I will not obey any such stupid arrangements. But, he must do what is best for himself and his own family. We are on the same side, though I have handled it much differently. I am at war with B. Obama. He is scared of him. War precludes rules and laws. I am at peace with my fellow Americans unless and until they actively serve to protect and defend B. Obama and his crime of presenting a fraudulent birth certificate and securing the office of the Presidency for his own purposes.

The Post & Email:  5.  Are you familiar with LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, who has filed three treason complaints against Obama?  Do you believe Obama is guilty of treason?

Mr. Moran:  5. Without using the specific definition of treason, the concept of high crime applies. If he isn’t even a citizen, it’s more an act of war on his part than treason. These subtle differences are important in how we combat B. Obama and his crimes.  Nor have I spoken to or know Mr. Fitzpatrick.

The Post & Email:  6.  Is there any other statement you would like to make?

Mr. Moran:  6. Yes, my statement is that many in this country have knowledge of what I speak. Others are coming to this knowledge at rapid speeds. B. Obama and his cohorts are doing all they can to silence true Americans and take this country over for his own purpose. He is the ultimate enemy, but he can run all he wants, he cannot hide. He reminds me of Hitler with all of his propaganda and coercion of those who work around him. He terrorizes Americans in each and every speech, appearance and lie. He wants illegals to be free, our guns gone, and chaos everywhere. He wants Islam to take over in America. This is why he trusts in all of the money and support from his Muslim friends abroad and in this country. The reason they cannot win is because they don’t know they fight against the one true God and the foundation of America, the Scripture. Sharia is weak and from the Devil. Facts are facts. B. Obama thinks Christians discriminate etc. but Christians won’t rape your wives and daughters if you don’t convert and kill your fathers like Islam does. Freedom of Speech and religion is great, but as soon as a Muslim begins practicing their belief in Islam, they begin breaking societal laws. Honor killings. Assaults. Violence. It disgusts me when he speaks of Islam like something good in this world. He is a hypocrite, and the enemy of each and every one of us.

The Post & Email:  7.  Will you be able to find out in the coming weeks when your discharge from the Air Force was initiated?

Mr. Moran:  7. I have been told for months that I would be discharged. The circumstances always changed though. First, a medical board. Then an admin discharge. Then an emergency boot out. Amazing stuff. Until I see an actual DD214, I will believe nothing.  Frankly, I haven’t called the 800 number yet to make arrangements to get because what do I need it for?

Finally, B. Obama and the Air Force did let me go free last week.  We too can show restraint and patience if B. Obama, the AF, and the rest of the country stop lying about him.  Otherwise, the war on this brand of deceitful terror continues.  I still call for B. Obama’s arrest by Citizen’s Arrest, and for his immediate removal from the Presidency for his forged birth certificate.  In essence, I will do all I can to get him, legally, if he doesn’t come clean.  Americans who are protecting him do so at their own risk legally once he is proven to have committed the crime of issuing a fraudulent birth certificate on Apr. 27, 2011 to the entire country.

B. Obama has neither proof of his birth, citizenship, or the legal qualification to hold the office he has usurped.  I understand he didn’t get there alone.  But, he can end it on his own.  We, as Americans, are duty bound to hold him accountable if he will not respond to this message appropriately.

The irony is disturbing.  He helps oust Mubarak and Ghadaffi, but now B. Obama is the one who is illegitimate and must go.  This can be the hard way or the easy way, but it will happen.  As God is our witness, Americans will triumph over him.


Editor’s Note:  U.S. Air Force personnel from Nellis Air Force Base conducted a raid against a Nevada gun shop on August 19, 2011.  Questions have arisen if those involved in the raid violated the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.