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by Sharon Rondeau

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 in Egypt

(Aug. 22, 2011) — The Post & Email recently interviewed “Betsy Ross,” who for the past two years, has been educating various groups of people about Sharia law and how its practice has increased in the United States over the last several years.

Brigitte Gabriel, CEO and President of Act! for America, is a native of Lebanon and was a victim of an attack on her home by Islamic radicals when she was ten years old.  She stated that her family was targeted because they were Christians, and many of her childhood friends were killed as well.  Gabriel believes that the radicals’ goal is to “Islamize the West.”  She is the author of two bestselling books dealing with Islam and is fluent in four languages.

Under “Current Issues” of concern to her organization, Gabriel mentions such items as “The need for First Amendment protection for journalists who report on militant Islamic activities,” “The existence of terrorist sleeper cells in the U.S.,” and “The growing threat of sharia-compliant financing,” among many others.  Act! for America has its own internet TV show which has interviewed authors, writers and elected officials about various aspects of Islam.

CBS News has reported that fears of Sharia law coming to America and taking hold are held by “conservatives” and “right-leaning” entities.  However, a link to a related report relates that “the U.S. already does [“have a religious-based legal system like Sharia law“] while the author attempts to minimize its impact by asserting that ” fears of an outbreak of Sharia law seem overblown at best.”

Whether writer Brian Montopoli is editorializing or presenting the evidence factually and objectively is up to the reader to decide.

There is a “compound” called “Islamberg” in upstate New York which may be connected to terrorist training.  Author Mark Steyn has said that “Creeping Sharia is the biggest threat to Western freedom.”

After decades of liberal immigration policies, the Netherlands has decided to make more demands of foreigners wishing admittance to the country, and “The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants.”

Several Republican candidates for President have expressed their concern over the threat of Sharia law establishing itself within the U.S. government.  In answer to the author’s question, “What about extreme punishments like stoning or beheading?” she answers her own question by stating:

U.S. judges may decide to consider foreign law or religious codes like sharia, but that doesn’t mean those laws override the Constitution. We have a criminal justice system that no outside law can supersede. Additionally, judges consider foreign laws only if they choose to — they can always refuse to recognize a foreign law.

But do U.S. judges “refuse to recognize a foreign law?”

Pamela Geller, author of the blog Atlas Shrugs, has reported that a Texas public school curriculum entitled “The Muslim Histories and Cultures Project” was promoted by Gov. Rick Perry, who recently announced his bid for the presidency in 2012, “1) to fulfill Governor Rick Perry’s desire to better educate Texas teachers on Muslim topics and 2) to train teachers to use a cultural lens approach to understanding other cultures. Governor Perry was instrumental in getting this program off the ground.”  An August 16, 2011 report states that Perry “has good ties with Muslims.”

At least one petition has been launched with the purpose of stopping “foreign law” from becoming established in the United States by passing proposed legislation, HR 973, titled “To amend title 28, United States Code, to prevent the misuse of foreign law in Federal courts, and for other purposes.”  The bill was referred to the House Judiciary Committee on March 9, 2011.  The Save America Foundation, about which The Post & Email reported previously, supports HR 973, while others oppose it.

The Save America Foundation has taken a position against Sharia Law in the United States.

In an interview prior to the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama said “my Muslim faith” to George Stephanopoulos instead of the expected “my Christian faith.”

Muslim leaders in Australia have asked that Sharia-compliant financing be made available to them as well as Sharia practices being applied to issues of family law.  They are also urging Australians to accept “legal pluralism,” or polygamy, which often involves an underage female.

NPR reported in 2008 that an estimated 50,000-100,000 men and women were engaged in polygamy in the United States, a violation of federal law.

A report from a British news service states that Muslims are attempting to impose Sharia law on the city of London in an effort to put an end to drug dealing and use, prostitution, and other crimes.  Sharia law has been operating in Great Britain since 2007 by means of  “arbitration tribunals,” which operate in five locations throughout that nation and whose rulings are legally binding.  Sharia judges have discriminated against women in matters of physical abuse, inheritance, and “community affairs.”

Our interviewee, “Betsy Ross,” educates civic and church groups on the topic of “How Shari’a Law and the Muslim Brotherhood Work in the US” with Powerpoint demonstrations and follow-up articles.  She supports HR 973, having told The Post & Email:

More important than rewriting texts is the need to pass laws outlawing the use of any foreign law or cultural norms in our courts if using them denies defendants the rights guaranteed them by our State and US Constitutions.

Before anyone can accept the need to prevent Shari’a in the US and the special dispensations Muslim activists are demanding as precursors to Shari’a, he has to understand and believe what is Shari’a doctrinally, what it has always been, what it still is, how it is incompatible with democracy, how it is an existential threat. Then he has to understand what is the Muslim Brotherhood in the US and its modus operandi.

If politicians or anyone else don’t understand, they tend to toss off special dispensations for Muslims by saying, “What do you want us to do with them? Deport them?”

Betsy Ross has been active in teaching about Sharia Law for about two years.  We asked her the following questions:

Q:  Are most people surprised at the information you are giving them?

A:  Some are certainly surprised about the detail and the underlying ideology, but virtually all my audiences to date have been people who have been aware of something being wrong with militant Islam in this country.  However, they had no concept of the details of it.

Q:  Do you know how many radicalized Muslims we might have in the United States right now?

A:  That’s part of my Powerpoint presentation, and I end that page by saying, “Do not play the numbers game.”  The reason for that is that by the latest Pew poll and the CIA World Factbook, there are now about 2,500,000 Muslims in the U.S.  But the Muslim organizations, which are Muslim Brotherhood organizations, claim that there are 7,000,000-8,000,000, and they do this because it gives them more political clout.  When Obama first went abroad and visited Muslim countries instead of our allies, he used that same figure, about 7,000,000, and claimed we “are one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”  His speech was written by the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated advisers whom he has appointed to his administration, and at the same time, the CIA World Factbook gave the figure then as slightly less than 2,000,000.  But times have changed, as this was a couple of years ago, and now the latest estimate is 2,500,000.

[Editor’s Note:  Obama’s father was a polygamist and asked to leave the United States in 1964.  It has been reported that he was raised a Muslim and that his father was “one of the first Muslim converts in Nyangoma-Kogelo.”]

So with that number in the United States, how many are radicalized?  How many are Islamists rather than peaceful, law-abiding, patriotic citizens?  You have no way to tell.  But even if it’s 20%, do the math:  20% of 2.5 million is over 400,000 people, and that’s enough to cause a lot of trouble.  They are working all the time to radicalize more.

Q:  Are they actively building new mosques in this country?

A:  Yes, all over.

Q:  Do you have any idea how many new mosques have been built during the time that you’ve been teaching?

A:  I don’t know, but there are around 2,000 mosques in the United States now, and more are being built.  They are sometimes called “Islamic Centers,” but that’s another term for a mosque.  There are more being built all the time.  There are controversies, and citizens here and there don’t want them built, and they’re arguing about zoning and such.  The federal government claims that Islam is a religion, and they actually entered an Amicus brief in a citizen complaint in Tennessee recently, saying that Islam is a religion so it is protected by the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA).  I believe the zoning board ruled in favor of the mosque.  The truth of the matter is that Islam is a law and is governed by Sharia law, which is totally different from religion, so that Sharia law threatens our constitutional law as the supreme law of the land.

Q:  On one of the handouts you sent to me, you state that Sharia law is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution.  Why is that?

A:  Islam and Sharia hold that all law is divine law revealed by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad, and then an increased understanding of it is developed through Muhammad’s lifetime, through his sunnah, his path, his words and deeds, his biography, and then the tenth-century meeting of Islamic sheikhs and scholars of the day to try and sort out the prophetic statements about his life and sayings, and what was passed down by people’s grandsons whose grandfather had known him.  They sorted out all those sayings, or hadiths, and said, “We’re  grouping these sayings into four schools of jurisprudence, and this is the law from now on, forever, for all Sunni Muslims.”  The Shia Muslims have a school which, as far as their relations with non-Muslims in warfare were concerned, were very much similar to the Sunni adjudications.  So you take these schools of jurisprudence, these fiqh, and say, “All Islamic law, all Sharia, is dependent upon these.”  They are not man-made; they are divinely revealed, which in a constitutional system is hogwash.

Q:  Is there any way to know which communities tend to become more radicalized than others, or are there radicals rising up from all Islamic communities across the country?

A:  I know one of the communities they target is the prison population.  In order to convert more people to Islam, their goal is to keep at it until Sharia rules over all – their method is Da’wah al Allah, which is an outreach to Allah.  Dawah starts with beautiful words and handsome ways, patiently telling the converts how peaceful and tolerant Islam is of all peoples.  There was a methodology of Dawah written by a Muslim brother in 1969 which targets specifically, among other groups, the “A-As.”  If you look in the glossary, that’s “African-Americans.”  They target all of them in prisons because they’re susceptible.  They blamed the government for putting them there.  That methodology of Da’wah in which you target the prisons and the media and schools and the prisons was written in 1969.

Hassan al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood after becoming involved in politics at a young age. He was also an imam.

In 2001, after 9/11, the Swiss authorities cooperated with our country to search for any kind of radicalism or terror abroad in Switzerland at the time.  They raided the house of an elderly Muslim brother, and they found there, written in French, a 12-page document of “Le Projet,” and it was presumed to have been written by the son-in-law of Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.  If you read the translation of “The Project,” it follows the exact methodology of Dawah in this country:  the gradual infiltration and the taking-over of the media, the schools, the politicians, and insinuating Sharia customs law into the fabric of the country that was being subverted.

Q:  It appears that they have been successful doing this in Europe.

A:  Yes.  And they’re successful here, and this leads into what they have just taken up here.  One of the Muslim Brotherhood organizations, the Islamic Council of North America (ICNA), which was one of the unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation trial, instituted a few months ago a national Sharia campaign.  If you read the methodology of Da’wah, it says that everything goes along fine until the population begins to think that something is attacking them, and at that point, one must be very, very careful, and you have to educate.  The major objective of the campaign is to educate the movers and shakers of the society, including senators, governors, assemblymen, professors, and even high school teachers, on accepting Sharia.  Then, they want to shut up people like me.  They say, “Organizers also hope the campaign will move people to see the anti-Sharia movement for what it is:  an attempt by Islamophobes to spread misinformation about Islam and target one religious community for cheap political gain.”

Now, I am not an Islamophobe.  I have said nothing against the right of Muslims to pray or not to pray in this free country, just the way I have that right.  But I am certainly opposed to everything about substituting Sharia law for constitutional law.


The Post & Email will continue its series on Sharia law in the near future.

Update, August 25, 2011:  There will be an informational webinar presented by the non-profit Clarion Fund today at 1:00 p.m. EDT on the effects of radical Islam on the United States.