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by Jedi Pauly, ©2011

"The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor" by Nathaniel Currier

(Aug. 23, 2011) — I wanted to update the readers of the Post and Email who have read my article The Real Revolution, in which I explain and identify the subset political class of U.S. citizens who are being politically injured by Mr. Obama due to the fact that he is not an Article II “natural born” Citizen.  I stated in that article that I have identified and corrected the issues of standing that have caused over 70 previous court cases in over two years to be dismissed by the courts, for failing to declare a specific tangible injury to a minority of the citizens that is not a general grievance to all citizens as a whole.

As a result of that article and my analysis, I have been contacted by patriotic Americans from all over the country, who have expressed their desire to become involved with helping me to bring a suit into the courts.

I have created a website, The Real Tea Party Revolution (http://www.therealteapartyrevolution.com/index.html), which I intend as a gathering point and information center for a Class Action lawsuit regarding the specific injury of Taxation without Representation, and other political right injuries, which other Article II natural born Citizen taxpayers are experiencing due to Mr. Obama’s illegitimacy.  I am attempting to gather together those Patriotic Americans who are willing to support my efforts to move into the courts with the proper suit that will have standing.  I am asking those who wish to participate in this effort to sign on and join this Class Action lawsuit by visiting the website above.

This Class Action lawsuit is a massive effort that is beyond any one person’s capabilities.  It is going to take at least 5000 people to join in this effort, and I am going to need help with the filing and procedural issues regarding how to successfully bring this suit.  So far about 30 people have signed on in just a few days, but I need your help to spread the word and encourage others to join in and get behind this effort.

I am asking you to visit the website and join the suit, then copy and paste the website link into an email to send it to your friends and associates, in order to help me advertise and spread the message that there is a new approach and effort to bring to the courts, in order to expose and correct the situation regarding Mr. Obama’s illegitimate Presidency.

I am scheduled to be a guest on the Terry Lakin Action Fund Radio Program on Monday, August 29th, 2011 at 3:00 pm Eastern time.  I have already been a guest on Blog Talk Radio on two programs for a total of four hours last week.  I was a guest on the Tea Party Radio program on Monday, August 15th and again on Wednesday, August 17th.

I was also on the LeahLax4-President Radio program on Tuesday, August 16th.

As you can see, I am busy teaching the theories that I have discovered and advertising the Class Action lawsuit and the website The Real Tea Party Revolution so that we will get the numbers of Patriots we need to join in this effort.

Won’t you please join in and support our efforts?  Please help us to bring this important discovery and endeavor to fruition to restore the rightful Sovereignty of the People of our Constitutional Republic.  Help us to put our and your sovereign political authority of consent back in command of our government, so that we will be governed by the Rule of Law and not by the will of a few elite individuals who are above the law and refusing to subject themselves to your rightful consent.

Jedi Pauly