Birther Summit Broadens Candidate Pool for $15,000 Challenge


by Dean Haskins, ©2011, The Birther Summit

Pinhead or Patriot? The evidence will show . . . Pinhead.

(Aug. 22, 2011) — TO: Bill O’Reilly, George Stephanopoulos, Anderson Cooper, and Chris Matthews

The Birther Summit recently issued a $15,000 challenge to Gen. Colin Powell ( We would now like to broaden that challenge to include each of you. The first one to accept our challenge will receive the money, either for himself or his favorite charity.

In criminal cases a Grand Jury determines if there is enough genuine evidence to convene a jury for determining a verdict. Similarly, in this case we are asking you to come forward, to examine the evidence, and to make a public announcement as to whether there is enough proof to call for an official investigation. We are not asking you to make a determination on the issue; we only ask for your carefully considered opinion, stating that you find enough facts to warrant a full investigation into Mr. Obama’s eligibility, or for you to successfully refute the actual evidence presented by our experts.

We would like to sit down with you and present evidence proving that what Barack Obama used to “blow away” Donald Trump and the Birthers was not actually a valid birth certificate, but a forgery. We would also like to present evidence to you of other dubious information Mr. Obama has used to misrepresent himself and his eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States, including his use of a Social Security number that appears to have never been assigned to him, as well as a forged Selective Service registration form.

We suggest that such a meeting take place at an undisclosed location near Washington, DC, and that a small group of our experts, as well as a handful of carefully selected reporters, attend the meeting. We will arrange such a meeting place in an area of your choosing, and we ask that you allot us a three-hour time frame for this meeting.

During this meeting, our experts will do most of the talking, so you needn’t prepare a speech. We will, however, ask only one thing of you: after our evidence is presented, that you either affirm that the evidence we present is sufficient for Congress to launch an immediate, non-partisan investigation into this matter (to include independent testimony and discovery), or that you refute our evidence. It must be understood that refutation of our evidence must be done with factual substantiation, and cannot be anecdotal or rhetorical in nature.

Because we believe that journalists and public commentators have a duty to regard the truth more highly than their ratings, and because so far, you have publicly ignored the truth, we are prepared to offer an incentive for you to be able to understand the facts, and offer to you, to the Wounded Warrior Project, or to any other charity you may specify, a check in the amount of $15,000 for doing so. Because of the gravity of this matter, we think that $5000 per hour for little more than listening to the truth should be fair compensation for your time.

Will history reflect that you openly sided with the truth in this, or that you merely took the path of least resistance along with so many others in your industry? Will you be remembered for pursuing the truth as it pertains to the facts we will present to you, or for embracing the same lies that so many in the media have dishonestly and deceptively done?

America, and the world, will ultimately know the truth surrounding these facts, as the Birther Summit is committed to the relentless dissemination of those facts. With this challenge, we are offering you an opportunity to be remembered for having enough integrity to stand for the truth, which, until now, you have carelessly neglected.

Do you think that what Obama released on April 27th put an end to speculation about his eligibility? Think again.

Scientific Poll: Half of Americans would like Congress to investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility. Nearly that many believe the definition of the constitutional term “natural born citizen” means both parents must be U.S. citizens.

Please visit our website at and learn about who we are, and the historic event we are planning for March 28-30, 2012 in Washington, DC.

We await your response to our invitation.

For our Constitution,

Dean C. Haskins

Executive Director, The Birther Summit



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