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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

100 kopecks make one Russian ruble. Pictured above is a 5,000-ruble note.

(Aug. 10, 2011) — Had Peter gone around and paid everyone a handful of kopecks when he told his wolf story, maybe people would have believed him. Well, they really would’ve believed if he had dispensed buckets of rubles. Remind you of anything? Anything at all?

Congress? Money from oil is paid to the campaign funds of our politicians:  make that Arab oil, as in Muslim, as in Islam oil, money from Muslims gladly accepted by our elected officials and selected bureaucrats. To what devil, then, or what monster, do they have to answer to?

It’s opportunity knocking. It’s the “Pedestal Syndrome,” where the egomaniacs get to bask in the limelight of public admiration. It’s the re-election machine working 24/7, and the deck is stacked against all opponents who find it impossible to match the resources of the entrenched politician. Ever wonder why, after a politician is found guilty of felonious charges, they are never sentenced? Or, if they are, it’s nothing more than a slap on the wrist, not even levied with hours of community service? The answer lies in the very private Good Ole Boy network:  “Yes, I was caught and convicted and so may you be, so as you judge me, I’ll judge thee.”

How the Washington Political Machine works in 2011 is that, if you go against the current regime, they’ll destroy you. They will fabricate falsehoods, and if the collateral damage includes ruining your marriage or your standing in the community, so be it. There is absolutely nothing to thwart the schemes of the Obama regime. Thus far, the judicial has been completely ineffective in curbing the ineligible president. Thus far, ALL law enforcement has been completely and utterly impotent in removing the criminal with multiple Social Security numbers from the White House.

The Department of Homeland Security continues to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration, to defy the laws that are on the books, and id the enemy and harmonize the way for, sooner than we think, Sharia Law as the law of the land with the flag of Islam flying over the White House.

EVERY government department and agency is accommodating the way for thousands upon thousands of Muslims to legally, and illegally, enter America. The orders come from above, and no one in the Department of Justice has done the job for which he was hired, just as there is not one ICE, FBI or Secret Service agent doing his job: to defend and protect the Constitution by arresting Obama and placing him in jail, where he belongs (the one exception is that of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, who is doing more to protect America than the whole DHS).

Thousands of people have been warning us, urging us to see what is taking place in England and Europe, about the Muslims. Even the Muslims themselves proclaim that they will control America, force it to be a Muslim State, force Sharia Law upon the populace. Movies such as Geert Wilders’ “FITNA” and “The Ground Zero Mosque” by Pamela Geller of ATLAS SHRUGS, have been made, not for fame nor profit, but produced as a warning to all who will listen to take this Muslim threat seriously. Our elected officials are out of the loop as are our judges and law enforcement: incompetent appendages that are useless when we need them to kick the usurper out, and ALL his Muslim friends.

We still have each other, and the enlisted ranks of the armed services. The spark only waits to be ignited.

The warning has been issued: if we don’t act, we very well may wake up one morning and it’ll be too late. Fair warning, not from Peter (as in Peter and the Wolf)  but from Paul (as in Paul Revere).