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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge signed the Johnson-Reed Act, which lowerted immigration lto levels based on the 1890 population

(Aug. 6, 2011) — Imagine a crayon company being in the center of P.C.? Well. It’s true. The time is the future and someone asks, “What was the root cause of the end of freedom?” And the answer is…“Well, there was this company which made wax. They colored the wax with dyes, then shaped the colored wax into pencil-sized tubes and marketed the colored wax tubes for children to color stuff, hopefully on sheets of paper, but once in a while children would enjoy coloring refrigerators, walls, and doors.” “But what does that have to do with anything?” “It’s all about P.C., which is short for Political Correctness, which is the catch-word for “Stupid” and “Affirmative Action.”

It goes like this: you have a group of people who have been in this country long before the Revolutionary War; in other words, as long as anyone else. And then you have other groups, such as Koreans and, most recently, Vietnamese, who are what you would call recent legal immigrants, who embraced the American dream, learned to speak and write English, did well in school, and became a contributing part of society.

Meanwhile, this other group, the group that’s been here forever, like two hundred years, hasn’t yet figured out that writing and speaking English is probably a pretty good idea if one lives in an English-speaking country. Yet the recent legal arrivals figured out the language angle. So the people who could write and speak English felt bad for the lazy and ignorant people who have been here forever and, to make nice, they decided to lower the standards of colleges and universities so that today’s graduates are just as dumb as the smartest non-writing and non- English-speaking students.

Welcome to the world of P.C. The end result is that by dumbing-down our citizens, the United States can no longer compete in the world market. We’ve lost the education edge. Our public libraries are nothing more than a DVD exchange. Our television commercials are propaganda tools of the government. We have voters who voted for a Muslim in Minnesota,  and we have a Muslim in the White House. We have our local policemen acting. without question, on illegal orders from whomever.

And we have no one to blame but ourselves. There was a time when, during a presidential election, you’d hear phrases such as “mass transit” and “oil independence.”  No more. We blindly send our dollars to the Arabs so they can buy weapons from anyone, including us, and then we act surprised when some of our fellow citizens are murdered. All can be blamed on P.C. Stupid us.

So what does a crayon company have to do with anything? Well, it doesn’t, and that’s my point. P.C., Pretend Correct, has been the death of us. No more pretending; the cost is way too high, and we can’t afford it. Discard P.C., and we’ll all be better off.