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by Patra Minocha, ©2011

Peace Be Still America.
Trust has been stolen.
The Constitution destroyed.
Hearts are trembling.  Souls find no rest.

Peace Be Still America.
People are furious!  Tempers are flaring!
Our faith’s being challenged; put to the test!

Peace Be Still America.
Escalating unemployment,
Dangerous drugs  & violent crime,
A global economic crisis,
The whole world misaligned!

Peace Be Still America.
Homelessness.  Helplessness. Heartbreak.
People suffering; scattered & displaced.
Shattered souls desperately seeking,…
God’s mercy, love and grace.

Peace Be Still America.
Tornadoes,…Fires & Floods,…
End of times Prophecies,… Revelations,…
The Wrath of God.

Peace Be Still America.
As wars rage throughout the land!
Draw nigh unto the Lord,
For God’s Kingdom is at hand!

Peace Be Still America
Though your glistening stars grow dim—
Your “sacrificial stripes” still proudly wave,
in the Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave,…
The Land of the Free will not be enslaved!!

Peace Be Still America.

Peace Be Still.
ISAIAH 54:17
No weapon that is fashioned against you shall prosper
and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you
in judgment.


©2010, Brave Hill Productions

Patra Minocha, Creative Director