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by Jim Delaney, blogging at Opinerlog

(Jul. 3, 2011) — ON THIS JULY 4TH, and after a few years now of trying to write many of what I had hoped were some sober and well-researched informational posts, allow me the luxury of simply blowing off steam for a moment. Hey, it’s therapeutic.

Anyone willing to take the time to honestly and objectively examine Obama’s background and his transparently un-American associations, statements and actions should be justifiably horrified and deeply incensed. Only if one is completely brain-dead or otherwise disengaged can one fail to share this anger and trepidation.

Only the willfully ignorant and both the soulless political hacks and self-serving recipients of public largesse are still capable of shamelessly and delusionally denying the obvious: Marxism has taken hold in the highest rungs of our government; the feds are out-of-control and unrepresentative; Congress has abdicated far too many of its constitutional responsibilities to an increasingly imperial Presidency and to his unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats; we the people, the States and our “representatives” have allowed an activist and unaccountable judiciary to repeatedly flout the Constitution with impunity and to arbitrarily dictate what the Constitution says; and, as  a result, our rights and liberties have been rapidly eroded and our economy drained of its vitality.

There are times when a citizen needs to fearlessly speak up, stand tall, be boldly honest about what’s clearly going on around him and be willing to be criticized for his principles and integrity. And, yes, if need be s/he must even be willing to sacrifice his/her own life in defense of America and the Republic for which it stands.

As Lincoln asserted, “Silence makes cowards out of the best of men.” Thus, if we are to resurrect our Republic, we must reject our hitherto squeamish silence in the face of growing tyranny.

For those who care to do any honest and objective research, historical evidence manifestly and irrefutably demonstrates that for decades the Communist/Progressive movement in America has ruthlessly sought the undermining of American culture by systematically eroding patriotism, morality, the sanctity of the family and spirituality, the cultural building blocks of the most exceptional, wealthiest and freest nation the world has ever known. Well, at least up to this point anyway.

Toward achievement of his Communist ends, Obama, true to his pre-inaugural pledge made to his vacuous fawning fans who ignorantly propelled him into office, has stuck like glue to his plan of  “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  And, tragically, he is but a hair’s breath away from fully accomplishing his iniquitous goal.

With the connivance of, among others, ACORN, ACLU, NEA, National Socialists of America, the Progressive Congressional Caucus, the Environmentalist Movement, a complicit leftist-dominated media which has morphed into a propaganda mouthpiece for the Progressive agenda, bubble-headed Hollywood elites, all manner of Soros-funded socialist front organizations, and a veritable throng of what Lenin succinctly dubbed “useful idiots” on the left, Obama, whose eligibility still remains in serious doubt, was elected in 2008 and his anti-American Marxist makeover has been incrementally and arrogantly pursued ever since.

We must bear in mind that neither Obama nor his Progressive minions, aka Marxists, will stop at anything in order to ensure that America as we know it has been completely transformed into a Communist utopia with these thugs at the helm. And even were Obama not re-elected, it will still require years of conscientious effort to undo the nearly incalculable damage already wrought by these ideological vermin.

Any sober student of history knows full well and without equivocation that Socialism and Communism have been and will always be notorious failures and painfully costly in both blood and treasure. We know that Socialism is meant for the masses, not for the elites who impose it on them. At the people’s expense, the governing elites will manage to live in the lap of luxury while we lowly plebeians are compelled to eke out a living in the Progressive’s fetid Orwellian paradise.

In truth, Marxism and liberty simply cannot peacefully co-exist. They are like oil and water. The Progressive ideology is the implacable enemy of this country’s traditions, values and republican form of governance. And for patriots to attempt to accommodate or otherwise appease this alien ideology is not only suicidal, but is also as treasonous as Progressivism itself. (Let’s no longer shirk from calling Progessivism what it really is.)

It ‘s well past time to say NO MORE!!! It is well past time to fully take back our country or risk irretrievably losing it in its entirety for ourselves and our posterity.

If the ballot box no longer serves the purpose of effectively safeguarding liberty and restoring constitutional order, then patriots must be fully prepared to courageously, proudly and unyieldingly resort to Civil Disobedience. States must unhesitatingly and boldly assert their 10th Amendment right to Nullify unconstitutional laws/edicts/rulings regardless of the offending federal branch from which they originate. And if this mode of resistance somehow fails to restore constitutional order then Secession must be on the table, this if we are to prevent Progressives from utterly destroying what remains of our Republic, its tattered Constitution, and our way of life.

I urge all patriots to unashamedly and fearlessly assert their God-given unalienable rights by putting this government on notice that we’re not going to take it anymore. At every turn, liberal insanity and mindless political correctness must be confronted head-on. No more backing off merely to achieve an empty, short-lived Chamberlainian peace. No more indoctrination of our youth and no more government profligacy to advance parochial political and alien ideological agendas. If this means massive marches on Washington and even occupation of our government buildings, inclusive of the White House, aka the People’s House, insisting that our state legislatures summarily nullify ALL unconstitutional laws/edicts/rulings emanating from our runaway and Marxist-infected federal government, openly disobeying/ignoring federal rules, restoring illegally-held federal lands to the States, and drilling without federal sanction, among other appropriate acts of lawful and rightful defiance, then so be it. The restoration of constitutional order and economic sanity must be our rigidly unshakeable goals.

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: an indivisible union at any price is folly for it merely invites more tyranny; routinely submitting to federal overreach merely to “keep the peace” or to “demonstrate civility” is delusional and, ultimately, self-destructive. If we can’t enjoy constitutional order in all the states, then let’s enjoy it in at least a portion of those states. And if that means secession, a time-honored constitutional and God-given right, then let’s seriously begin that conversation now before we are all lulled into a quagmire of submission and oppression from which there will be little chance for  peaceful deliverance. Also, we must remain actively engaged in grassroots patriotic organizations and do what we can to link ourselves and our organizations with other patriotic groups around the country, this to enhance our credibility and influence our nation’s course. And, naturally, on the local front, we should continue to be actively involved in our local political party machinery to help restore respect and adherence to constitutional principles from within.

Finally, we must fearlessly speak up with clarity, knowledge, commonsense, and with the Constitution and, yes, the Bible as our guide. Speaking truth to power should become second nature. And remember this: the Constitution cannot defend itself. That responsibility ultimately devolves on We the People.

Silence in the face of tyranny is cowardice and, worse, treasonous. Facing down a liberal elite is the height of honor and patriotism. Do it!

Wishing you all a happy, safe and reflective 4th of July!

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants; the strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” Thomas Jefferson