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Conference Room: White Paper Report; A-01-001 (G)

by John Wayne Sitterley, ©2011, The American Republic Research Center

(Jun. 14, 2011) —Editor’s Note: The following work was submitted to The Post & Email and several other organizations by Mr. Sitterley.  To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to publish it.


Green Paper Report A-01-001 (G): Public Consultation Process

Operation: Limited Government: “The People’s Stimulus Package.”

Decentralize (26%) and Combine (66%) of the Federal Governmental Departments.

Authorizing Agent: The 10th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Meet the “American Republic Research Center (ARRC)”

To: Members of the 112th US Congress, State Congresses and the American People

From: American Republic Research Center (ARRC)

Ref: Threat Assessment, Decentralization, Domestic and Foreign Policy

Date: May 2011


Good day. I’d like to welcome and thank all of our distinguished members of the 112th United States Congress, all State Congresses, the Cabinet Secretaries, the Judiciary, Honorable Ambassadors, Diplomats and Military personnel that serve the American people throughout the world. I thank you for this opportunity to address all of you here today as a fellow citizen.

A few months ago when I was conducting interviews on a variety of websites to see what the general mood of the country is, one seaman on tour in the Pacific told me this. He said; [1] “Sir, let me put it to you like this, I am not a world citizen…I am an American citizen.” That sailor should be recommended for Annapolis, because he said more in one sentence than what all the white paper reports like this one have been trying to say for years. He gets it.

Let it be known here, now and henceforth, that the Federal Government only has those enumerated powers that the States give to it to operate as allowed by the Constitution. I quote: [2] “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

This report will deal in the ‘decentralization of 26% of the Federal Government’ and allocating those resources to the States, which can be managed by them in a more prudent and equitable fashion.

There has recently been a tremendous amount of interest from the American people as to the direction of our current domestic and foreign policies over the past few decades concerning the size of government, its entitlements and the unwarranted financial burden placed on her citizens. Now and in the future, policy should be in keeping with the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in both its domestic and foreign affairs. To give an overall guidance and approach to these recommendations, I would first like to refer to a quote from a former US Senator from Arizona by the name of Barry Goldwater. I quote:

[3]“Who will proclaim in a campaign speech, I have little interest in stream lining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It’s not to inaugurate new programs but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution, or that have failed in their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is “needed” before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents’ interests, I shall reply that I was informed their main interest is liberty and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can.”

I would like to now address these concerns in the first Green Paper Report intended for the “Public Consultation” process from the American Republic Research Center based in the great State of Arizona. Thank you.


1.) The Problem: There comes a time with every civilization throughout history when Constitutional Republics like ours and the liberty on which they were founded are threatened in time by its centralization of power and the corruption that soon follows. This time is no different. Our policymakers for the last forty (40) years have been more interested in answering to the whims of the collectivist attitudes than they were to adhering to the Constitution. It is now time to restore the republic to its original founding principles and to adhere once again to those principles set forth in and in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America and the bold body of work set forth in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

The research provided here for future policies is more than mere suggestions. It is based on vast amounts of data and analysis with the intent to present the best course of action possible to confront all four major problem areas in current U.S. policy. This report will be recommending changes in; the economic system, decentralization of the Federal Government, domestic and foreign policy with respect to illegal immigration and radical Islam. These changes should be implemented now to run concurrently for the next five years completing the implementation process. Time grows short. If you want to see our Constitutional Republic continue as a free people, then we must act with courage today, for when we pass through the other side of this ‘economic hurricane’, and we will, it will be too late. If we do not reverse course now, the $14.3 trillion Federal debt and the Debt to GDP ratio will cripple us for decades to come.

For too long have we seen the economy falter under the tax-and-spend approach!

For too long have we seen the expansion of government based on centralizing its power and the corruption of those who are determined to control it!

For too long have we seen illegal immigrants who break the law be given amnesty and free health care at the expense of the citizen!

For too long have we seen other cultures come to this land not with the dream to learn our way of life, but rather to alter it to their own way of life which is the antithesis of our founding principles and our Constitution.

America is more than being just about the money.

America is more than just being what you can receive or benefit from it.

America is more than the rights that it guarantees.

America is more than the liberty it represents.

America is an idea. An idea which, with little effort, one can achieve their dreams. An idea where freedom, duty, honor, culture and family are more than a headline, but the very ideas that bind us together as citizens.

Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake that America is at war. Not a Constitutionally declared war, but a war by proxy and by policy. Here…Ideology ends. Here…Reason prevails.

For those who want to change America to a collectivist state, for those who would rather sit on their laurels and not contribute anything as an individual to mankind, for those who wish to change the law of the land to a religious doctrine that opposes freedom and liberty for all…To you I say ‘go’. Go now far away from here in peace…But go.


2.) Overview of submitting organization American Republic Research Center (ARRC): The American Republic Research Center is a start-up 501c3 non-profit, non-partisan conservative Think Tank dedicated to the writing of White Paper Reports to restore the American Republic based on research. Founded on November 3rd, 2010, ARRC has conducted extensive research in the field in the Intellectual and Cultural History of Western Civilization and American History with respect to the US Constitution. Though research for this project started in 1991, the first fifteen years being in the collection phase and the last five years in the analysis, the last two years is really when everyone started to form the group and connect worldwide with Intelligence and Diplomatic communities from a discrete website.

Founder and President of ARRC; Mr. John Wayne Sitterley, is the nephew of a delegate to US Senator Barry M. Goldwater’s 1964 Presidential campaign. John has been accredited with over 201 college credit hours in the fields of world history, art and business management. With twenty years of experience in research, John is a well-rounded academic of sound mind with many recommendations from the Intelligence and Research community. “We’re a new Think Tank but we feel our analysis and assessment is very accurate and honest.”

Mr. Sitterley was in the Boy Scouts of America in Flagstaff, Arizona and has also served in the US Army twice, once with an overseas tour of duty. John has received the Armed Forces Expeditionary, the National Defense and Achievement Medals and two honorable discharges while maintaining a ‘Secret” security clearance. Mr. Sitterley was also recommended and attended Warrant Officer Candidate School in Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin USARC in 1989 and has worked as a manager in the Petroleum industry from 2001 to 2006. John has been conducting this research and examining why America has changed over the last five decades. “I remember as a teenager some of us would walk around town with a side-arm and a hunting knife strapped to our hip. Back then no one thought much about it; they were just tools. Back then we all trusted our neighbors. Back then we were a republic.”

The Vice President of ARRC; Mr. Jeffrey Kotvas, is a “Financial Intelligence Analyst” for VITTS Think Tank with over 20 years of experience investigating financial fraud, money laundering, government corruption, and terrorist financing. He is active with the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT, Development, and collaborates with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, project on Government Oversight, Council on Foreign Relations and the Center for Security Studies. Mr. Kotvas is also versed in governmental policies, procedures and guidelines in grant writing for non-profit organizations. His management skills are in the area of ‘Research and Development’ and he frequently flies to the Middle-East and Washington, DC to collect, analyze and disseminate vital information. His work and insight have earned him the respect of his Fellows and colleagues alike from his grasp of retaining a very large array of detailed analysis that covers many disciplines of academia.

The Treasurer of ARRC; Thomas J. Zaleski, is one of the rising new stars in the current Republican movement that holds a vision so rarely seen in the world of politics. Young, thoughtful and vivacious, Thomas has also had a long acquaintance as a student and friend of the renowned conservative intellectual Mr. William F. Buckley Jr. for over thirty (30) years, who drew national attention with his book, “God and Man at Yale” in 1951; his hit television show, “Firing Line,” and helped found the “National Review” magazine.

Recently in 2010 Mr. Zaleski gave a respectable showing as a strong conservative candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives. His high degree of integrity, coupled with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees in Finance and Economics, gives Thomas a commanding lead far surpassing the knowledge of many other candidates in his expertise in economics. Such knowledge has also afforded him to gain experience in working for such companies such as Hughes Aircraft, Smith Barney, Wells Fargo Securities and Morgan Stanley in Tucson, Arizona. Mr. Zaleski now runs his own office in Northern Arizona with his wife and children.

Secretary of ARRC; Mr. Lloyd Wedes finds research, both theoretical and applied, to be his forte. While with the State of Texas, building contacts and extending project services with State, Community, and Private groups, he initiated and investigated the methods and policies used in State and Federally-funded programs and, later teaming with the other agencies of interest, rehabilitated State and Federal agency procedures and worked to successfully reallocate targeted funding that previously cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year in the Houston region alone. A trusted source and reliable partner, the State of Texas later invited him in probes relating to another State agency with similar successful outcomes.

On the more pastoral side of his work, Mr. Wedes graduated with a Master’s in Library Science at the top of his class and overall graduate ranking of 1 of 449. He built selected information collections for institutions such as the Vatican, the House of Windsor, and several world leaders. He now is involved in academic librarianship and also develops online tutorials and resources for university campuses in the US and Canada. He has plans to continue building private collections through his Touch and Go Library and Information Services (TAGLIS).

He has traveled throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East, where he has met with leaders in Government, Education, and related fields.


3. Overview of Proposed Policy: The major objective will be to:  Define the threats to America, Decentralize (4) Cabinets (26%), Combine (66%) and ‘decrease Programs and increase Infrastructure by decreasing the budget by 20% & outline Domestic and Foreign Policy.

On Threat Assessment: Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake that America is at war. Not a Constitutionally declared war, but a war by policy that threatens America not on one front, but on four fronts. These fronts are; (1) Economic, (2) world socialism, (3) conquer by illegal immigration, and (4) radical Islam. These are the threats to America.

On Decentralization:

Departments to be allocated to the State level, ‘combined, decentralized and defunded’ 20% yearly for five (5) years are:

1 Department of Labor and Housing Development; and

2. Department of Health, Education & Human Services

Departments combined and remain at the Federal level with 20% modifications are:

1. Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs

2. Department of Energy and Transportation

3. Department of Interior and Agriculture

Departments to remain the same with 10%-20% modifications:

1. Department of State

2. Department of Treasury

3. Department of Commerce

4. Department of Justice/Attorney General

5. Department of Homeland Security

*Modifications will be known, and understood, as defunding of’ programs [to be ascertained later] and the increasing of ‘infrastructure’. All departments will reduce their staff, funding and programs by 20%. The Departments allocated to the States will reduce the same 20% and decrease their federal funding by 20% over a five-year period and “capped” in all State budgets not to exceed $100 million per department per State. [$10 billion total for all 50 States per year. This alone will save the taxpayer approximately $758.2 billion per year by allocating these departments to the States].

On Domestic Policy: The one sole criterion for ‘domestic policy’ will be to extend freedom and to promote the individual over the collective. A level playing field never creates freedom. Why? Because as soon as you make a level playing field your sole criterion will then be  to create an agency, commission or committee to restrict the freedom of others through laws, policies and regulations. Our purpose is to extend freedom and not to limit it. Our sole criterion for ‘domestic policy’ is to promote the individual over the collective in accordance with the US Constitution.

On Foreign Policy: The sole criterion for ‘foreign policy’ is to support current and/or emerging democracies around the world in accordance with the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and not to support totalitarian regimes. Help our friends, not our enemies.


Other Concerning Points of Interest to the American people: For it is the honor and duty of every American soldier and citizen to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States by oath or by decree, and not of business interests that have failed or have bad management or do damage to the Constitution, the military or the people of the United States.

If big business with international interests ever gets themselves in a precarious situation abroad, then they should reevaluate their policy and their management. America’s sons and daughters do not fight for business empires; they fight to preserve the Constitution, and please don’t you ever forget it.

All lands within the US borders and interior will be the sole domain of her citizens and government herein and not be sold to foreign interests or governments. Those lands that have been sold will revert back to the property of the United States by “Security Domain Laws.”

All gold and precious metals mined in the United States will remain the property of the United States and not sold to foreign governments or be used to pay down foreign debt.


4) Policy Activities & Timeline:

The guidelines we propose here today, and after 20 years of research, is to define the current enemies of America that mean or do harm to the American people and/or the Constitution of the United States, and also to offer solutions for the survivability of the Republic and to make policy in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. The Implementation process should take no more than five (5) years to complete once enacted.

Threat Assessment: Concerning the War on Four (4) Fronts as current threats to America and their solutions herein are as follows:

Problem……………………………. Solution

1. Economic……………………..Switch to [5] Austrian or Chicago School of Economics. Those economists familiar with these schools of thought will be hired at the US Department of Treasury, The Federal Reserve, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. A process to “decentralize” the banking community should also take place and have a plan of action for such within a one-year period.

2. Conquer by Migration……Decentralize Government.  First we will ask all illegal immigrants to leave on their own accord. Those who don’t will be charged with a criminal offense and will stand trial. No amnesty will be offered to them. To fix our broken borders, Sheriff Babeu would like the ten-point border security plan proposed by Arizona’s Senator Jon Kyl implemented. Those who cannot achieve legal immigrant status will not receive health care or any other entitlement of welfare at the public expense. By decentralizing, this action allows the respective States to address their issues in a timely manner.

Concerning “Conquer by Illegal Immigration,’ groups like Aztlan and La Raza are determined to reclaim the Old Spanish Territory which was ceded to America as a “complete and total-surrendered” of all previously-held lands soon after hostilities from the Mexican-American War of 1846-48. The “Guadeloupe Treaty of Hidalgo,” of which millions of dollars were paid as concessions to the local inhabitants after the war, and the Gadsden Purchase secured the lands of the Southwest as American soil. All public funding and assistance to these organizations like Aztlan and La Raza should cease immediately.

In related threat assessments, in the last twenty years America’s crime rate has raised 65% due to illegal immigrants with a cost in the billions to process, house, hold trials and detain through the criminal justice system. Mexico’s drug cartels and Hezbollah, which has been reported to having a base around Tijuana, Mexico, have teamed up to establish anti-Western Muslim communities while aiding the drug cartels in their shipments of drugs and arms into North America. Human smuggling operations also still persist to this day ranging in the tens of millions of illegal immigrants that have crossed over our border. Though the numbers indicate that some are returning back home due to the economic environment in America presently, there are estimates of about 12-18 million illegals still living in the United States and a large portion of them are using public assistance programs and health care at the cost of about $120 billion dollars per year.

There is also an issue that gets very little attention but has grave consequences, which is the crime, rape and abduction of the American woman. The enemies of America since 1945 know that they cannot beat us on the battlefield. In the effort to eliminate the ‘white America’ of the 50’s and 60’s, the American woman’s “womb” has become the new battlefield to conquer by migration. The rape and forced marriages from illegal immigrants and Muslims from the Middle East on the American woman is shameful at best. The reluctance of all past administrations in the last fifty years to deal with the “white slave trade” in its selling and abductions of the American woman on the “black-market” is an absolute travesty against her citizens. The Natalee Holloway case in Aruba only touched on the surface of this problem during the investigation but quickly faded back into the darkness. This appears to be the new strategic policy from our enemies to conquer this country. Even the Department of State has made May 24th “National Missing Children’s Day.” Yet, Obama’s immigration reforms and blanket amnesty contribute in this elimination of American culture and her people all in the name of politics. If all of these acts were voluntary, there would be no problem, but they are not. These women are coerced, kidnapped and abducted.

There are millions of rapes by illegals in the last thirty years while hundreds of thousands of women are taken off the streets of America and sent to harems across the Middle East, North Africa, Rome, Costa Rica, Japan and South America. These women are forced or coerced by drugs into working in international prostitution rings that go largely unreported. This is a worldwide problem. Untold numbers of young women from the Kosovo area, ranging in the thousands, were seeking refuge in the 90’s but instead were then brought and sold into Italy by their Hungarian handlers. Why does the American woman and civil rights groups allow this to be a non-issue? Is the American woman being used to support a “one world, one race” agenda prevalent in the socialist ideology? (Source: NCIC)

3. World Socialism in U.S….Decentralize Government/Empower the States. Many transgressions against freedom and liberty have been noted, and the base of those transgressions whose aim is to  export world socialism can be found coming from the “Frankfurt School” in Frankfurt, Germany from the 1920’s onward. These transgressions include the teachings of “revisionist history” and “political correctness,” which means to destroy capitalism and promote the collective over the individual by changing our history and making a ‘level’ playing field.

Decentralizing “central planning” and instituting a free-market economic system are the best methods to reverse this course of totalitarianism and reinstitute the rule of law in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. It is with firm belief that all other methods of good intention will have no effect.  Decentralizing is our only real option. Any other option is fruitless and will prove to be a waste of time and money.

4. Radical Islam………………..Decentralize Government/ The United States Southwestern border and its Northern border along Canada are entry points for illegals and terrorists alike. According to Immigration Studies, 0.1% of those listed as OTM (other than Mexicans) who have come across the border are from the Middle East, with 11% being from a variety of other countries. The Islamic Resistance has also set up bases of operations in Mezzo and South America which work in conjunction with the drug cartels and establish anti-Western Muslim communities. Usually these communities are located in remote areas where the borders of a few countries come together which allows them to operate freely and to escape justice from one country’s law enforcement agencies by slipping back across the border into another country’s border.

The Islamic Resistance and the Muslim Brotherhood (IR/MB) compose radical Islam. They have set claim to all parts of the world to install Shar’ia law and receive a bulk of their funding from the drug trade grown and processed in the Middle-East.

This is a fact.

With Iran already acting as a ‘home base’ for the IR, The MB (the more radical of the two) is establishing its ‘home base’ in Egypt (overcoming the ‘reformers’ to establish their agenda, which as a result, we may very well see their last free election after this year). Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria are following suit. Soon, Saudi Arabia and India must act as liberators of the area or perish. People…This is ‘gang warfare’ on a global scale.

Historical Note: Concerning the Palestinians from Ancient History:  There are accounts in ancient history from Egyptians and the Hellenes of a group of pirates that oared and sailed throughout the Mediterranean without a homeland and robbed other vessels of their cargo. They were simply known as [4] “the boat people in most accounts throughout history. There was also a group of people known as the Philistines which had their homeland right where Palestine is today. It is believed that many tribes of the region to include the boat people assimilated with the Philistines and other tribes to become known as the Palestinians. They occupy the same strip of land that the Philistines once occupied, the Gaza Strip.

Cultural Note: “A good society reflects the good side of human nature. If human nature has a dark side as base emotion, then reason and culture were created to be its antithesis. Rise to the level of your culture, for culture never stoops. This is the division between the subculture and the main culture. Subculture has no culture, for it is just the base of human emotional romanticism in its various forms of expressions. Reason reigns superior in a high culture in the classic sense.”


The Hypothesis: The whole of the ME (Middle East) is exploding. The main reason on why the Israel-Palestine/Arab conflict has not resolved itself is that most think that it is “about the land.” It is not abut the land. If you think it is about the land you will fail like all other predecessors before and as other envoys have. You cannot judge this with a Western mind. You have to see it through their eyes, and their eyes do not accept their Israeli brother.

The solution to that problem is simple. Israel’s culture is based in freedom and free will, while the Islamic culture is based on pre-destiny and servitude. This is the base for Islam’s absolute refusal to except Israel’s “Right to Exist.” Since 622 AD, Mohammed and his followers are sworn to eliminate the Israeli before “the end of days.”

Radical Islam is a “highly constrained” society very similar to the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan all rolled into one. This is “religious socialism” of a totalitarian state in the highest degree.

What is taking shape is that there are some people of the Middle East who are beginning to commit to their freedom and liberty for reforms and accept Israel as a State. “They” must be the ones who secure their country.  No one else can do this for them.  No one else can give this to the Persian or the Arab. Freedom must be paid for by their “blood and treasure.” They must earn it. It is their fight. They’ve been fighting for over 1,400 years…Let them fight it.

Points of Concern:

1. The reform movement may not be anywhere close to that of reform movements in the West [i.e. religious tolerance], although reports are that corruption is high on their list.

2. The ‘reform movements’ in the ME stand a pretty good chance of being taken over by the MB in short order as we are seeing in Egypt. The bottom line is that this is a conflict of visions with freedom as set forth in ‘Deuteronomy,’ or that of servitude as set forth in “Shar’ia.”

3. Frankly, the radical Middle East does not want the West in their land. Frankly, we don’t much care for them in our land, either. They have been pawns in the ‘great game’ for a long time and are tired of it. We should be protecting our own borders as per the Constitution. The cost of “nation building” in the region is in the billions of dollars and cannot be sustained indefinitely, nor is it our business to do so. Our “blood and treasure” should be used to protect our borders and not everyone else’s who have never had a democracy. Israel is the only exception in the region to defend and support. They alone are the beachhead of Western civilization.

4. The real issue in the ‘great game’ is threefold; Israel, Radical Islam acquiring an Atomic Bomb and the oil reserves in the ME vs. the oil reserves in Russia in selling their product to the West and to China, which is heavily invested in the Sudan with the Kashmir road to obtain it.


Recommendation (Foreign): It is recommended that; 1. America and the coalition forces “Pull back or Pull out” [since Osama bin Laden is now dead] and support Israel with a fleet and supplies. As policy has changed from “the Hearts and Minds” to “Learn and Adapt,” here, too, the “War on Terror” should switch to “the War on Radical Islam,” as in total war, preferably led by Generals and not politicians. 2. We must reduce all regulations in the US to drill for our own domestic oil while developing alternative energy means such as natural gas and cease buying Middle-Eastern oil and acquire Russian oil contracts, for there is more of a historical orthodox and cultural relationship there with them than with the East. 3. The ‘true-reform movement’ of the M.E. is given support through the ‘private-sector,’ not government, as humanitarian aid throughout the Middle East, and 4. Since Israel cannot survive even one atomic blast, and also since the main issue is Israel’s ‘right to exist,’ Saudi Arabia and India must act as liberators and make their move to eliminate the Islamic Resistance and the Muslim Brotherhood’s top leadership and their ability to acquire a nuclear weapon. Why?  Because it is in their best interests to restore the ‘balance of power’ and sustain their area of influence. If radical Islam succeeds, Saudi Arabia and eventually India fall. India should also be allowed to act in her best interest in Kashmir, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Recommendation (Domestic): These problems are too great for any one department or agency to handle. Here too, the “War on Terror” should switch to “the War on Radical Islam,” as in total war, preferably led by Generals and not politicians. Along with electronic surveillance, the whole of the American people and the military must be utilized to help collect intelligence at the local level on suspected illegal and terrorist cells. Organized units of  citizens of these United States should be allowed to form and operate as units as a  ‘Civil Defense Corps/Civil Air Patrol’ or “State Guard/Ranger” units  numbering no more than 50,000 total [1,000 per State] to be under the control of the Governor of each State and to work in conjunction with the State’s National Guard Units and/or independently under the direction of the Mayors as a voluntary service in their respective municipalities recruited from the general public, law enforcement, the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and the AL (American Legion). Local law enforcement will initiate investigations brought forth to them and bring the suspected illegals and terrorist cells to justice.


Notes of Importance 1: Concerning worldwide events, there are ‘two common threads’ which run through all of these movements. One thread is “corruption,” while the second thread, for lack of a better term, is “religious socialism” bent on world conquest. Now whether one’s political vision is based on ‘Deuteronomy’ or on ‘Shar’ia’, servitude, corruption and world dominance through religion is the sole propose to create a Caliphate in the West. Will you fight or submit?

This is a clash between Eastern and Western Civilization. With this knowledge, what analysis can we deduce from it? With Iran already acting as a ‘home base’ for the IR, The MB (the more radical of the two) is establishing its ‘home base’ in Egypt (which is overcoming the ‘reformers’ to establish their agenda, which as a result, we may very well see their last free election after this year). Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria are following suit. People…This is ‘gang-warfare’ with a purpose on a global scale. Once their home base is secure, the “war on terror” will go from 9mm to 500-pounders within a year if the people in the reform movements and newly- trained Armies of the Middle East fail.

Notes of Importance 2: Thus, Saudi Arabia and India now need to assert their will and influence to reduce the possible threat from radical Islam in the region. America and Britain need to step back into a defensive posture near Israel. The result of this action will be that Saudi Arabia will gain the “balance of power” in the region since Egypt is in the process of losing it and thus, the Saudis will become a closer ally to Israel. The Saudis will also be credited with liberating the people of Persia. India must also move to acquire the Kashmir Road and remove the Maoists from Nepal and Bangladesh. Yes, the area will become more fluid, but the outcome will be more advantageous much more quickly for those who believe in Western Civilization. The United States would be much more in line with the Constitution by supporting democracies through the private sector in humanitarian aid and our military in a supporting role for those democracies that are now given a chance to gain their own freedom.

Concerning China: While China has absorbed our 2 trillion dollar US debt and is expanding its Naval fleets into larger areas of operation, they are also invested in $970 billion in Bills at the US Treasury, buying US mineral rights, and using “cyber attacks” against US businesses, defense contractors and governmental departments.

Concerning American Territories, we recommend that America release Guam, Samoa and Puerto Rico as territories and transfer our bases over to, say, the Australians. Billions of dollars can be saved from this “dependency relationship” and these territories would be given a chance to create their own free and independent sovereign states. The thousands of American personnel and equipment can be brought back home to aid in the fight against radical Islam in this country.


Concerning Decentralization as a Solution in Detail:

Proposed Hypothesis: U.S. Cabinet Departments (15 to 8) (Proposed)

A. FEDERAL LEVEL (Combined and Reduced)

Department of State; (Reduce staff 10%) Eliminate all Foreign Aid and make it a voluntary process.

Department of the Treasury; (Reduce staff, funding and programs by 20% and adopt a free-market Economic System of Austrian and/or Chicago School of Economics. This will also be required for the Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs; (Reduce 20% in contracts and budget)

a. Base Review outside US to release Puerto Rico, Samoa and Guam as Territories.

b. Coast Guard will become a Full Military Branch assigned to the DHS.

c. Military veterans in their respective States may register to form a ‘Civil Defense Corps or State Guard’ under the jurisdiction of the Governor and may apply to be recalled for full-time service in the federal or state military after meeting requirements, wherever that service or veteran deems the most valuable for their field of expertise in a ‘support role.’

d. All citizens between the ages of 18-49 years must serve at least two years in the US Military or a local, state or federal Community Service Program.

Department of Justice: Attorney General; (Reduce staff, funding and programs by 20%)

Department of Energy and Transportation; (Reduce staff, funding and programs 20%)

Department of Interior & Agriculture (Reduce staff, funding and programs 20%)

Department of Homeland Security

(Combine all 16 Intelligence Agencies, the US Coast Guard and FEMA)

(3 tier) NSA…………FBI, DIA, CIA, ……….All others respective.

Department of Commerce (Reduce staff, funding and programs by 20%)

B. STATE LEVEL (Combine) Allocate to State level with budget not to exceed $100 Million dollars for each department for each State after five years. These departments will be administered by the governor and reports sent to the OMB (Office of Management and Budget). The major objective will be to ‘decrease Programs and increase Infrastructure’ within the budgetary process.

Department of Labor and Housing Development; for each State (Reduce staff, funding and programs 20% each year for five years)

Department of Health, Education & Human Services; for each State (Reduce staff, funding and programs 20% each year for five years) For welfare recipients; a WPA (Works Project Admin.) type of program will be set up in each State and require local work for payment if applicable in the city they reside. Each recipient must be drug-free.

Education department at the State level is just a good idea. Not only will the teaching of  the Constitution and  the Pledge of Allegiance take place, but majority and minority communities can see the direct support their education centers in the receiving of their tax dollars instead of it being sent to another part of the country for someone else’s kids.  Education begins at home.

C. ABOLISH; All Unions from All Government Service.

D. Reduce UN Funding from 22% to 12%.

E. United States will establish a ‘Flat-Tax’ of 12% for all her working citizens to maintain the Federal government. A State “Flat-tax” rate may vary from State to State.

F. Reduce all governmental agencies which are duplicate agencies or do violence to the Constitution from 2000+ agencies to 1000 agencies and capped.

G. Eliminate free health care and entitlements for illegal immigrants.

H. Reduce all paperwork to only one hundred (100) forms for each department.

I. Law must be written by congressmen/women and cannot be more than ten (10) pages long and stated in simple language with no ‘earmarks’ or ‘pork.’

Timeline: A timeline of five (5) years should be effective immediately upon passing in Congress. Funding for these departments being allocated to the State level will be reduced over the next five years concurrently with a reduction of Federal funding of 20% each year for the next five years to be part of its implementation process. To comply within the respective States’ budgets, programs will need to be eliminated from the department’s budget.


5. Outcomes from Domestic Policy: There are two outcomes from these changes. One is to deeply curtail our spending which directly affects our debt that burdens the American people, and two, to empower the States to better serve their citizens in a time of crisis by providing a quicker response time in the case of a national emergency, and by serving the citizens in a much more productive, prudent and equitable fashion.

What is expected to be achieved here, since many liberal polices have not been challenged in the past to the degree to which they should have been, is that these policy changes, once implemented, will act in the spirit of  “circling the wagons.” By empowering the States in accordance with the 10th Amendment and using the power of “nullification,” those States will be able to review, implement, cancel, revise and evaluate policy with respect to the needs of their respective state, county and municipality for the local citizenry while maintaining a balanced budget.

a. The reason for a “WPA”-type of community service program in Human Services is that nothing retains a person’s dignity better than them earning the money they receive. The community as a whole is rewarded by their service.

b. The reason for the “State Guard/Civil Defense Corps” is that they can help aid Law Enforcement, Border Patrol and the National Guard in times of state and/or national emergencies on the local level since they alone know the area, terrain and the people better.


6. Evaluations of Domestic Policy: The evaluation of policy will be done by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) located in Washington, D.C. It is recommended that the OMB increase its staffing from the current 500 to 525 to review and ensure future policies from the States are in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America. Concerns from the Federal government to the States my also be directed to evaluate policy and to ensure that they are in compliance with the Constitution. [Added Cost to OMB: $1,125,000/yr.]


7. Funding of Domestic Policy: There will be no funding needed for this project. We estimate that the project will save the American taxpayer will over $1.2 Trillion dollars, (approx.; $1,200,000,000,000) by the end of its five-year implementation process by decentralizing four (4) departments and reducing all the combined departmental programs by 10%-20% alone.

ARRC Analysis of Various Government Budgets (Work-in-Progress):

Note: Current Foreign Aid: [6] $44.9 billion. [a. Military; $11 billion b. Economic/USAID; $33.9 billion]. [Mil=24%, Econ=42.6%, USAID=33%.] Separately, Private Assistance is now $24.2 billion, making total Foreign Aid $69.1 billion.  By eliminating Foreign Aid in the government, the private-sector, such as  business entrepreneurs, church groups, political action committees and citizens that wish to contribute freely may do so, thus, making it wholly dependent on the individual and therefore not required from the collective as per our Constitution and in accordance with our outline of foreign policy.


A). Recommended ARRC Budget: Federal level:

Current Budget………………..Reduced 20%………………………..New Budget

Department of State:

DOS; $53.8 billion……..Foreign Aid ($44.9 billion)……………. $00.0 billion

………………………………………. ($0.10) billion……………$8.1 billion

Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs:

DOD; $548.9 billion………………… ($109.78) billion………..$439.12 billion

DoVA; $68.5 billion……………… ($13.7) billion……………..$54.8 billion

Sub-Total……………………………………………………….…$493.92 billion

Department of Justice:

DOJ; $31.0 billion…………………($6.20) billion………….……..$24.8 billion

Department of Commerce:

DoC; $9.2 billion……………………($1.84) billion…………..……$7.36 billion

Department of Energy and Transportation:

DoET; $31.1/$75.3 billion…………..($6.22/$15.6) billion..$24.8/$59.75 billion

Sub-Total…………………………………………………………….$84.55 billion

Department of Interior and Agriculture:

DoIA; $13.0/ag$132.2 billion……..($2.6/ag$26.44) billion…….$10.4/ag105.76 billion

Sub-Total……………………………………………………………….$116.16 billion

Department of Homeland Security:

DHS; $53.6 billion……………..…($10.72) billion…………………….$42.88 billion

Department of Treasury:

DoTr; $79.6 billion………………..($15.92) billion……………………$63.68 billion

Subtotal Federal…………………………………………………………..$841.45 billion


B). Recommended ARRC Budget: The Departments Allocated to the State level;

The Federal sum will reduce yearly by – (207.94) billion/year for five years

Current Budget………………..Reduced 20%………………………..New Budget

Department of Health, Education and Human Services:

DoHEHS; $818.0/ed$71.5 billion…(163.6/ed$14.3) billion………$654.4/ed$57.2 billion

Sub-Total (88%)…………………………………………………….………$711.6 billion

Department of Labor, Housing and Urban Development:

DoLHUD; $102.7/$47.5 billion……($20.54/hud$9.5)………..….$82.16/hud$38.0 billion

Sub-Total (12%)……………………………………………………..…….$120.16 billion

Sub-Total Allocated to the States…..………………………1st year……$831.76 billion

……………………………………………………………..…2nd year……$623.82 billion

………………………………………………………………..3rd year……$415.88 billion

……………………………………………………………….4th year…….$207.94 billion

……………………………………………………………….5th year…….$000.00 billion


Grand Total Federal and State…………………………………………$1,683.51 trillion

Grand Total Federal Budget after five (5) years… (1981 level)….………$841.45 billion

Work in progress; Posted as they become available)



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[2]: The 10th Amendment; the United States Bill of Rights.

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© 2011: American Republic Research Center (ARRC); All Rights Reserved.