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June 13, 2011

Dear Editor of The Post & Email:

I was informed by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department that the complainants in Monroe County that have spoken out against police and government corruption, as well as their followers (local and on line followers), are “radicals” and “eccentrics.”  Yes, that was the description given to me this morning by an officer at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

I had called the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department after pondering what they would tell tourists if they happened to be calling in and asking about the many accounts of the corruption there.  So I called and simply stated that I had been considering coming to Monroe County this summer to visit, but had read and heard about the police and government corruption there and wanted to know if any if these stories were true. I also asked whether or not it was safe for tourists to come there.

The officer was very pleasant (in a fake kind of way) while conveying to me that there were stories out there about a couple of local people that were “radicals” and rather “eccentric.”  He explained that all these stories about corruption in Monroe County were lies being spread by a “cult” that was comprised of some locals and people on the Internet. He went on to tell me a story that I immediately recognized as being about Walter Fitzpatrick. I told him I was familiar with that story. I also asked him about the Christian missionary who had  been beaten and tortured, and that I saw the photo on the internet with the Tellico Plains police officer just standing in the background with his arms folded as if he cared little about this missionary’s serious injuries.  He told me that this man was also a radical and a member of this cult.

I said something to him about the officer’s lack of concern for the injured man depicted in that online photo. This officer’s ”trump card” to convince me that these men were just radicals was to reference a town hall meeting where Senator Bob Corker was present. The officer stated that when the man spoke of these allegations of corruption to the Senator, no one stood up and backed him up. I found the officer’s reference to this incident interesting. Clearly, the officer knows that it takes “numbers of people” to give credibility to allegations of the corruption. Therefore, it appears that the police needed to make the locals fearful so none of them would stand up. After seeing what happened to several of these men with beatings and being jailed, it probably did not take much for the locals to be silent. Then the officer uses that story to a potential tourist (me) to discredit those who have been victimized with their judicial corruption. The obtuse arguments and comments articulated to a potential tourist (me) by an officer of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department perhaps suggest that they might want to route these kinds of calls to a liar with a higher education, and not just any officer answering the phone.

Based on what I know to be true about the corruption in Monroe County and throughout Tennessee, it looks as if the townspeople are too afraid to speak up and/or perhaps believe that it would never do any good anyway.  The examples that have been made of Mr. Fitzpatrick and the missionary who has also stood up to the corruption have caused the people to be afraid.  This is self-explanatory.  Righteous leaders in this world are few while mediocre followers are many. Few will lay their life down for their brother as Scripture calls us to do.  Most people in Tennessee are too afraid to even “speak up for their brother,” let alone risk being beaten and/or put in jail. Clearly this has happened in Monroe County, but you wouldn’t have known that by hearing this officer explain these occurrences to a “potential tourist” who was seeking some truth on the matter. But the manner in which he attempted to do this was not very impressive nor convincing. He did not make a good argument that even remotely convinced me that all these stories are just lies by a handful of radicals.

After the officer’s attempt to mitigate the allegations of corruption, I informed him that my husband are  I not radicals and are not the type of people to be influenced by a cult. I informed the officer that we moved to Tennessee several years ago from out of state and that in the few years that my husband and I have been here, we have witnessed the corruption firsthand.  It was because of the corruption that we witnessed in our area that resulted in my googling “Corruption in Tennessee” and finding these stories. I informed him that we read them and were very concerned about the victims of judicial harassment in Monroe County and in many other areas. I also stated that we were going to do everything we could as concerned citizens and Christians to help stop this corruption that was violating the Constitutional Rights of our citizens in this state and that we have many friends across this country who trust us and will advocate for our freedom from judicial harassment and fraudulent activity in Tennessee.  I told this  officer that “labeling” those  who stand against judicial corruption as “radicals” and “eccentrics” is not going to fly when more people from inside and outside of this state speak out about all of this.  The officer basically laughed at me and denied any corruption in their county.

I also stated that stories of the corruption were not associated with only Monroe County, but that similar stories are out there about corruption in other Tennessee counties such as Roane, Knox, Sevier, and many others.  I indicated to him that it is a shame that we currently have our young men fighting for liberty and freedom from tyranny for the people in the Middle East while our freedoms are being taken away from citizens here at home. He appeared to have chuckled at that comment also, or he made some other noise that I could not make out. But it sounded like a chuckle to me.  By this time he was “talking over me” to prevent me from saying anything and I could no longer make out everything that he was saying.  It appeared that I might have been switched over to speaker phone when it became clear that I was a supporter of freedom and the U.S. Constitution.

Since the conversation was becoming like two flies batting against a light bulb, I decided to end it and say goodbye.  I had accomplished my objective anyway and that was to find out what they would be telling potential “tourists” if they were to call in and inquire about the serious allegations of corruption coming out of Monroe County.  Clearly, they are telling tourists that all these stories have to do with a few local and internet radicals involved in a cult.

Officers Targeting Churchgoers for Revenue?

In my town this morning the local police followed my husband to church for almost the last  two-mile stretch.  My husband was going the speed limit (35 mph), but the cop kept following him. So my husband reduced his speed to below the speed limit to confirm  that the cop was, in fact, following him, and he was.  This fact was even more evident when my husband took the back side road to the church as my husband routinely does instead of taking the four-lane. I was not with my husband as he went to church earlier since he needed to attend worship practice and review his sermon. However, my husband called me on the phone “before” the cop even began following him. He called me to tell me that “the cops were everywhere on the four-lane,” and to make sure I drove below the speed limit.  Then on my way to church, I saw three police cars with all their lights blinking. It was as if they were making a statement to everyone passing by on the four-lane. In my opinion, the statement conveyed to the public was “We will intimidate and embarrass you.”  This was apparent as I saw a little elderly lady alone in her car.  I was expecting to see some kind of major situation with all these cop cars on the scene with their lights blinking.

As I passed, it appeared that they had just finished giving the elderly lady a ticket. Then I saw the lady departing the scene. She traveled only a few yards and pulled into a fast food restaurant parking lot. I made a U-turn and followed her into the parking lot.  While doing this, one of the cops started following me. He stopped when I turned into the fast food parking lot where the elderly lady had gone. As she sat in a line in the drive-thru, I parked my car and went over to her, gave her my number, and invited her to call me later about that traffic stop. She stated they had pulled her over for rolling at a stop sign and that she was also on her way to church. I later talked to this lady and she stated this was the first ticket she had received in her entire life (she is about 65 years old).  She also said she was humiliated and ashamed of who might see her pulled over by three cop cars. Sure enough, someone from her job at a local pharmacy saw her and later told her that it looked like she might have been on her way to jail with all those cops’ cars on the scene. She explained to them that she had been pulled over and ticketed for rolling at a stop sign. Clearly, it does not take three cop cars to give a ticket to an old lady for “rolling at a stop sign.”  Even the passerby thought the heavy police presence was due to something very serious, and so did I.

When I returned home from church later in the morning, it took me two hours to get an answer on the phone at this city police department. If I hadn’t called and obtained another number from the local Sheriff’s Department for this city police department, I do not know how long it may have been before someone would have answered at the phone number given to me by directory assistance for the city police. On three three different occasions for a period of two hours, the phone rang 20 times and then automatically disconnected me.  I have a tape recording of this. Therefore, it appears on at least this Sunday morning, as all this police activity of harassing-type behavior toward people just going to church was taking place, the phone number obtained for the police department from directory assistance was not being answered.  The question is why not?

When I later got through to this city police department, it was via the telephone number given to me by the Sheriff’s Department. This number was not available through directory assistance. Once obtained, I soon called the number and finally got an officer. The background noise I heard and captured on tape depicted plenty of activity in the department that would not justify the phones not being answered at the number given to me by directory assistance. Yet, I was given no legitimate answer to my question about why the other number just rang and rang all morning with no answer.  In fact, when asking that question I was ignored and asked, “What do you want?” and “How can we help you?” What I and many others witnessed on the four-lane on this day suggests that the phone number given to the public for this police department was being ignored as it rang continuously.

Is Every Officer Corrupt?

I told the officer at the city police department my concerns about the Sunday morning police activity on the four-lane going to church (as noted above). I also stated that for months I had been witnessing and hearing about many instances where women had been targeted on their way to church on Sunday morning with traffic tickets. I also stated that this activity appeared to be a city “revenue-generating” practice, and it appeared to be deliberately targeting the type of people (churchgoers) that they believed would pay tickets without an argument. I stated that I was aware of a number of ladies that would agree with this assessment. I have a recording of this conversation with this police department. I have the cop on tape responding to my concerns by accusing me of being a “racist” because I identified three police cars with blinking lights on a little old lady as “bully”-type behavior. He also stated that I should not be referring to this lady as “a little old lady.”  He said that she would probably not appreciate that. I found this comment odd since it did not appear that the police had any concerns about the lady not appreciating being pulled over by three police officers for rolling at a stop sign.  I told him that I didn’t think that she would mind my referring to her as a “little old lady” within the context of which I used that description. Clearly I was making a point about the bullying-type behavior of the cops toward an elderly lady small in stature.  In other words, she was not a threat to the police that would merit three cop cars on her.  I also stated that having three cop cars on her probably scared her to death.  He then justified the three cop cars by stating that they have to have “backup” on all their calls. Yet, I have been pulled over twice on this stretch of road by only one cop and ticketed. The elderly lady later told me that she did not know why there were three cops on the scene. Only one of them talked to her, while the others hung around as the second and third police cars and laughed and talked together while out of her earshot.

Compared to what is going on in other parts of Tennessee, this stuff appears to be minor, as no one got physically hurt. However, it does give a bird’s-eye view into what is being done to generate revenue from local citizens going to church on Sunday morning vs. protecting and serving the citizens and upholding our Constitutional Rights.  It appears the opposite is occurring.

Unfortunately, many people have to pay “monthly” for the consequences of these frivolous and fraudulent tickets via increased car insurance premiums. My car insurance premium went up an additional $50.00 a month recently because of my two tickets on this four-lane while going to church. So outside of paying the $65.00 for the ticket to the city, I have an added expense in my life that totals $600.00 a year or $6000.00 over a period of ten years in order that the city generate $65.00 on that one very frivolous traffic ticket that may have been not valid at all. But I just paid it and moved on, knowing that there is no way to fight the corruption with the very system that employs the corruption for financial gain. This is clearly a quagmire for us citizens and a victory for corrupt officials seeking to line their pockets or the pockets of the institution that employs them. Either way, they seek to put food on “their” table and pay “their” mortgage   by depriving others of their ability to do so. Six thousand dollars over a ten-year period is a lot of money lost over situations like this. Yet, every consumer can probably give an account of where they or someone they know  has been victimized in this way (or worse) by the local police. A local public defender once told me that he told his own children never to trust the cops here. This speaks volumes!

During my telephone conversation with the city police officer, he stated that anyone can dispute tickets in court. I told him that it appears the system (including the courts) is set up in support of the police, not the citizens, regardless of the evidence. He disagreed with this and stated that our longstanding judge here is very lenient. I have never been in the courtroom here, so I wouldn’t know about his record. But common sense tells me that that these police are not doing all of this on Sunday morning without the confidence that the local court will back them up. Unless, of course, the citizen happens to have a “Good Ole Boy” friend in the system. Perhaps then the ticket would be dismissed.

Based on my experience of documented evidence of corruption in Tennessee over the last few years and what I have read and heard about, it appears much of this corruption (big and small) is motivated by “money” for the city, county, and/or state, or to cover up up the corruption. Whenever it is identified as corruption by the citizens, the authorities then seek to discredit the allegations by discrediting the messenger. We have seen this tactic used to discredit Tea Party members or anyone speaking out against corruption in Washington D.C. and other places in this country. This tactic is nothing new under the sun.

Likewise, this officer referred to my husband as “paranoid” when I gave him an account of the two-mile tail the police put on him as he traveled to church to do a sermon. This is consistent with my being called “paranoid” by another state agency of which I have the actual evidence of corruption of a CD produced by this agency. When looking at the documents on the CD, the evidence of the corruption is as clear as day. It would be evident to a child when pointed out.  But that is another story for another day when I feel the time is right to expose it.

In the meantime, I thought it was important to expose the way the Sheriff’s Department is handling inquires about the corruption in Monroe County. They are stating that all these stories are “false” and they are being told by “radicals”  who are “lying” about Monroe County.   In view of the documented evidence of the corruption and the good character and sane minds of those exposing the corruption…. I find their false depiction of it truly amazing.  How stupid do they think the public is?  Obviously very stupid because the manner in which they dismiss the allegations doesn’t even result in a “sophisticated lie.”  Actually, they don’t lie very well at all. This is why the corruption is so easily exposed to people who will take the time to read the documented evidence.

Invitation to Get Involved!

Therefore, I am going to send a link of all the stories of corruption in Tennessee at The Post & Email and other websites to our many friends and family across this country who know us to be “normal” people and not “radicals.”  In this email I will also give them a link to The Post & Email’s recent radio interview with the Paul Revere Radio show. Lastly, I will give them our story of the corruption that we have experienced firsthand.  We have friends and family from California to NYC. They are conservatives….. and liberals,  Christians… and non-Christians. We are trusted by many even though we share different political and religious beliefs. We respect all our family and friends, and support their freedom to choose their beliefs even if they are not in agreement with ours. This is one of the fruits of freedom and Christian love for everyone regardless of their political or religious view. The U.S. Constitution was written with biblical principles for the benefit of all citizens.  I will be asking these people to review this information after reading our story and connect the dots. I will then be asking the Christians for their prayers for protection. I will be requesting from “everyone” to make calls and write letters to state and county governments conveying any concerns they might have for the citizens here, including my husband and me, and that they will be watching to see if this corruption is going to stop.

I encourage all concerned Tennessee citizens reading this to also send their testimonies of the corruption (big and small) in an email to their family and friends.  Include the links (see below) for The Post & Email stories about Tennessee corruption and the recent radio interview.  This will get more outside people involved and perhaps some of them will be able to help us address these issues via letter to our leaders. They are not going to be able to deem everyone a “radical.”   This tactic used by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department will then be reduced to what it is, “a damage control” tactic that is as old as the hills in Tennessee.

Whether the corruption results in people being wrongfully jailed and beaten….or simple defrauded on a frivolous or false traffic ticket…the corruption is rampant and impacts everyone in one way or another. It is not going to stop until it is exposed and addressed by the citizens of this state, and perhaps with the help of their friends and family outside of this state who fear for their family and friends living here. My daughter lives in a major east coast city and is begging me to get out of Tennessee. She is very concerned for us considering the evidence of the corruption that we have and of which a high government official knows we have.  Please pray for us.

Likewise, I am extending my prayers and best wishes to all those in Tennessee who need help and encouragement to stand strong in righteousness and shine the light on the darkness (corruption), whether big or small. We must refuse to live in tyranny.  Otherwise, one day there will be no one left standing to defend even you. It is always easy to go about your life allowing someone else to put himself at risk for speaking up while you do nothing. While I understand the concept of fearing the authorities’ corruption and control they have over the lives of everyone, I know none of us would have any freedom if our forefathers had allowed this fear to rule them. The fear and weakness of many people in this county in this day and time concerns me. If an enemy (foreign or domestic) would seek complete control over all of our lives, perhaps their victory would be obtained with little effort due to the “fear” of We The People. What a shame if that were true since many have died for our freedom for over 200 years. Is this how we will eventually honor the gift of freedom that they gave to us?  I hope not.  Aren’t We The People better than that?  I am.

Insurance Fraud

Lastly, many life, medical and disability Insurance companies are writing junk policies that they never intend on paying if and when a claim is filed. In many cases, a victim of a bad faith and corrupt claim review cannot even get legal representation due to maximum benefit amounts being too modest for a law firm to litigate on a contingency basis. Also, many state insurance laws are written to favor the insurance carriers. This is due to insurance carriers’ financial contributions to lawmakers that result in those lawmakers being indebted to the carriers. Therefore, this racketeering of writing junk policies and then denying claims utilizing the corrupt and dishonest tactics is victimizing many citizens who are losing everything they ever worked for simply because they got injured or sick and have been defrauded of their benefits. And then they have no legal remedy due to the laws and lack of legal representation.  This is also happening with Social Security claims where medical records are being “discarded” in order to fraudulently deny claims along with a whole host of corrupt tactics which mirror what the insurance companies are doing. What a racket!  But this is a story for another day.

A Government Big Enough…

The bottom line is that government corruption is “robbing” numerous innocent people of their life savings, freedom, health, peace of mind, and most of all…. their hope for a better life.

Following are the links I referenced above. The first one is the radio talk show which addresses the issue of the Corruption in Tennessee in various areas during the interview. The second is a compilation of dozens of testimonies and stories about the corruption.



After reviewing this information, I trust that many more will be shocked about the things that are happening in Tennessee.

From an American Citizen and current resident of Tennessee who has had enough. May God help us stand against this darkness.