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June 7, 2011

The Georgia state flag contains 13 stars to symbolize Georgia's status as one of the original colonies

Dear Editor:

I am sending this to every one of my State’s Republican House members thanks in large part to the hard work of Arnie Rosner in compiling the list of ALL of my State’s representatives. Hopefully others will be prompted to do the same with their Legislators.

Honorable Representative Stephen Allison,

From Buttonwood Gwinnett to today’s crop of Georgia Patriots this state has enjoyed a rich, colorful and enlightened Politicians willing and able to be representatives of their constituency and servants of the public trust. You sir, are no exception to that fine tradition and I’d like to thank you for your service to Georgia. Following that tradition of public service it is now incumbent upon me to do no less than serve those who elected me to the Clayton County Republican Chairman position by working with you and all my fellow Georgia Republicans, at every level, to address a growing concern in our electoral process.

As it turns out, 2008 uncovered a glaring weakness in our ability insure the voters of our state would be able to vote for Constitutionally viable candidates for the office of President of the United States of America. There is no convening authority in Washington and, as it turns out, none in our great state that are charged with making sure the names placed on our ballot are in compliance with Article II Section I Clause V of the U.S. Constitution. The very Constitution you have sworn an Oath to protect and defend. Hence the need for this letter.

Our founding fathers were very wise when they chose the verbiage “No person except a natural born Citizen..,” shall be eligible to be President. They instinctively new that as a country we could never allow anyone with divided loyalties to be our Commander in Chief. They were men of few words but we know those words were all well chosen and for one specific purpose. To insure the continuity of our form of government.

Many, including myself, realize the envelope of interpretation to that clause has been widened of late to include the people our founders chose to preclude from consideration for that office and many more, in our state, now humbly ask that this new interpretation be struck down as only one state at a time can now do.

Georgia breeds men and women of character with high moral standards. It is to those men and women, you in particular, I address this concern along with a way to resolve the issue in such a fashion as to show your constituents your deep love and appreciation for our sacred document, The Constitution of the United States, from which all of our blessings for freedom and liberty derive.

In 2010, a bill was presented to the Committee of Government Affairs (H.B. 401) by co-sponsors Rep. Hatfield and Rep. Jurgeson. This bill, though not quite as iron clad as I would like to see, would have left Georgians with the feeling that our Representatives had done their due diligence and given their best effort to insure the voters of this state would never face a situation like this country did when President Chester A. Arthur failed to inform and actively hid the fact that he did not qualify as a “natural born Citizen” and this was not discovered until many years after he left office. We can make sure, for all generations to come this great state does not allow it to happen again by modifying (slightly) and passing this bill through the Joint Chambers for the eventual signature by the honorable Governor Nathan Deal. I can think of no reason why any would not support such a bill since it is nothing more than reasonable people acting in a reasonable fashion for the good of our State and of our Country.

I will not attempt to school on this issue as I am certain you have all the resources necessary to make the same determination that millions of Americans have already made. Four Supreme Court cases and a mountain of supporting documentation is there for you to read in connection to this pressing issue.

I will now ask the all important question… Do you believe we can suffer the damage of having a President with divided loyalties? The founders believed this country could not survive long with that scenario. I believe we cannot survive long with the current mindset that would allow for a Osama Bin Laden conceived child, smuggled across our porous borders and born on American soil being able, as people currently interpret NBC to mean, to become POTUS.

My fellow Georgian, please help me help Georgia and in turn, our great Nation do as our founders charged us to do. Preserve and protect this great Nation by passing the revised H.B. 401 bill which never made it out of committee. I would be honored to meet with you or even address the entire assembly on this issue and yes, all Republican members of the House and Senate will be getting a similarly worded Email as time permits.

We can take action that will make it easier for all of us to sleep with the knowledge that this State and, in turn, This Nation will long survive.

God bless you and God bless America.


Carl A. Swensson
Clayton County Republican Chairman