Update on Georgia Presidential Eligibility Bill – Part 2

“IF WE DON’T DO SOMETHING, THE BILL IS GOING TO DIE” by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 15, 2011) — The following is the conclusion of our interview with Rep. Mark Hatfield of Georgia regarding his proposed presidential eligibility bill, HB401. REP. HATFIELD: As we were closing in on that time last week, we were looking at […]

Eligibility Bill introduced in Georgia

THE PEACH STATE FOLLOWS ARIZONA’S LEAD IN REQUIRING ELIGIBILITY PROOF FOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES by Kathleen Gotto (Apr. 24, 2010) — Georgia Representative Mark Hatfield has introduced into the state legislature House Bill 1516, which  would require proof of eligibility in order for presidential candidates’ names to be placed on the state ballot for future elections. […]