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by Ron Ewart, ©2011


(Jun. 6, 2011) — THE REALITY:

It took over 150 years for the colonials to be done with England and it took a revolutionary war to undo the “system” England put in place.  Almost every day we keep asking, how do we unravel the complex, complicated and convoluted American “system” that has evolved over the last 80 to 100 years, that affects every aspect of our daily lives?   Think of all the social and environmental laws that have been passed in the last 80 years.  Think of the Supreme Court decisions, federal and state, that fly in the face of literal constitutional interpretations.  Think of the millions of bureaucratic rules, at every level of government, that have been promulgated and have the force of law.  Think of all thousands upon thousands of court precedents that have bent this free nation closer and closer to socialism and collectivism and away from unalienable, individual rights.  And what about the radical changes that have been made to public education in that time, that are not only embedded in the minds of the teachers and professors, but in all the text books as well and at least four generations of Americans who attended these schools of government propaganda and indoctrination.  How in the Hell do we undo all that?  How indeed!

Are we truly free?  Isn’t freedom just an illusion?  Government intrusion is pandemic.  Need we mention the recent 8 to 1 U. S. Supreme Court decision that increased police powers.   How is this possible?  Government shirks its duty to preserve, protect and defend our individual rights and the constitution.  It haunts us everywhere we go.  It’s in our classrooms, our courts, our banks, our businesses, our public transportation, our cars, our kitchens, our food, our water, our energy, our land, our health care and even in our bedrooms.  There is a rule for everything and for everything there is a rule, while thousands of new rules and laws are passed almost every day.  Government has bought off millions of Americans who now won’t bite the hand that “feeds” them.  In fact, the reverse is true.  The receivers of the handouts will VOTE for those thieves that rob the Public Treasury.

We have allowed irrational compassion to drain the public treasury and now we are broke.  We allow millions of illegal aliens to invade our country, that put a heavy burden on our safety net benefits, while government looks the other way.  Radical environmentalism has all but obliterated that once was constitutionally protected property rights.  Cash-strapped cities, counties and states abuse government’s right of eminent domain, to eek out more taxes from higher-valued property.  Our kids are being brainwashed with government-mandated indoctrination, from Kindergarten through grad school.  Corruption and cronyism is fully entrenched in government and laced in every other part of our lives.

As a people, we are divided as never before.  Our debt is out of control.  Collectivism, socialism, multi-culturalism and globalism are being thrust upon us through every government institution, by those who have an insatiable desire to control us and our behavior.  Our population is divided up amongst those who are getting some kind of handout from government; the naive and ignorant of which there are way too many; the hard working folks who are just trying to raise a family and have no time for anything else, but have to pay the taxes to support government’s re-distribution of the wealth; those that have been mesmerized by the “green” movement and try to shove man-caused global warming regulations and other radical environmental ideology down our throats; the elderly who have run out of energy and resources to fight anything; the socialists and communists who want to bring down the government so that they can rebuild it in their distorted image of an impossible socialist utopia, and finally those who long to see America return to the pillars of its foundation in freedom and liberty, under a strongly defended Constitution.  Unfortunately, just about everyone on the list has their hands in the public treasury in one form or another and will eagerly vote for those in government who will maintain their largess.  That can be the only reason that Obama’s poll numbers remain as high as they are.  He is the great “promiser” ….. of other people’s money.

You may not like it folks, but what we have just described is the unshakable reality.  We are riding an avalanche of our own making, careening down the mountain side and the only thing that will stop the carnage is the valley floor and half way up the other side of the mountain.  Many will be buried forever under the debris of the avalanche.  Recovery will take decades, if ever and what emerges may bear no semblance to the vision of our forefathers, a Constitutional Republic.

There are only two forces that will change any of this, one peaceful ….. one violent.  The first force would be from the power of enough people of like mind who are dedicated and committed to return America to the principles of liberty.  That would take millions of Americans, who would then be instantly challenged by entrenched social, environmental and global forces that permeate our government, as well as a large segment of the people.  A daunting task to the say the least.  The second force would be the power of enough people to stop the “avalanche” by force of will and violence.  We are not at all sure that the latter wouldn’t result in dire unintended consequences, nor is it likely to yield the desired results.


The only true peaceful solution to saving America lies with that small minority “who long to see America return to the pillars of its foundation in freedom and liberty, under a strongly defended Constitution.” But here again, the stark reality is that even these folks, no matter how passionate, are running all over the place with their hands flying in the air, each trying to solve every problem we face, in one head-on battle.  We are disorganized at the national level.  We are a rabble running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  The general of our enemy could only laugh at our confusion and lack of strategy.  We can win this battle but only if we take up a dedicated strategy of war.  Anything less will end up in our defeat.

“If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him.  If he is in superior strength, evade him.  If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.  Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.  If he is taking his ease, give him no rest.  If his forces are united, separate them.  If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.” Sun Tzu, from The Art of War

The domestic enemies of freedom, liberals and progressives, are quite secure.  They have had decades to build up their power, wealth and political influence ….. and votes.  The enemy is superior in strength, so we must resist the temptation to meet them head on.  We must attack the enemy’s flanks and force him to use up his resources.  We must attack that enemy at the local level where we can score some wins.

Our enemy is temperamental and we are already irritating him, but we have to raise the level of irritation.  Currently we are weak and under funded and our enemy is already arrogant because of our weakness.  Our enemy’s forces are for the most part united and we must work to separate them by getting them to fight amongst themselves.  We must employ the tactics of hit and run.  We must appear in force where they least expect us, local, state or federal.  We must take on the established political structure and disrupt it with logical questions ….. demanding real answers.  We must challenge the status quo at every turn.

OUR WEAPONS: (Education, Intense Advocacy & Inspiration)

To accomplish this strategy of war we cannot take on the enemy in a full frontal attack.  We will most surely lose.  We must divide our forces up into divisions that will attack the enemy on a series of fronts, in small skirmishes that we can win, at the local and state level.

We call our strategy the “Liberty or Defiance USA” Project and the details can be found on our website at www.narlo.org/lordusa.html.  We have also produced a Youtube video with the same name:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war with an irrational domestic ideology and our individual liberty is on the line.  Either we raise an army and the funds to finance that army, or individual liberty will be but a footnote on the yellowing pages of history and globalism and socialism will erase all memories of one of the greatest countries on Earth.  A country that rose out of the mistakes of failed government models that preceded it, failed government models that are still in existence today  (i.e. Europe, Russia, China, Central and South America and much of Africa.) It seems that humans are doomed to repeating history once again, unless enough Americans rise up and decide to reclaim their birthright, no matter what the cost.  Let the rallying cry for these brave Americans be:



Editor’s Note: Ron Ewart is President of the National Association of Rural Landowners (www.narlo.org).

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  1. Ron Ewart,
    It may be a helpful exercise to sort that which you describe as The Unshakable Reality into its natural and fictional components. In fact, you as Rural Landowners have an advantage by recognizing the distinction more readily than most. You know, for example, that processed food and tap water are both fictions. Many may not be so aware.

    Let us now envision two separate worlds, the natural and the fictional. You will immediately recognize that we the people can live out our lives quite happily in the totally natural world, but that to do so we who are not rural creatures will need to become familiar with how to survive in that world. For some this may be a daunting task.

    What then exists in the fictional world? Interestingly, we find a very mixed bag that consists of automobiles, electric power and light, clothing, air conditioning, pharmaceuticals, airplanes, weapons, and all other manner of creations from natural elements that we could survive without. There is another class of fiction that exists only in our minds, which includes laws, governments and corporations. Wow! Everything that is the root cause of our problems is fictional, and exists only in our minds!

    Now, then, how long can these fictional creations exist without our involvement? Truly, they cannot survive on their own. Is this a clue as to how we might win against these evil forces that have invaded every aspect of our being? True, it will involve a lot of faith and brotherly love. But it will be a cleansing time, and the promise that lies beyond will have been worth the effort.

    Finally, the best place to separate and control the POWERS of the natural and the fictional is at home, within our county, beginning at the grass roots level. While gathering provisions for our survival we need to be re-instituting and learning how to exercise our common law, its courts and juries for protection of our unalienable Rights, thereby to strengthen the power of the natural world where we live, while at the same time reducing the power of its laws, governments and corporations. Recognize that these entities survive only by our consent. Trust that all the other 3300 counties can and will do something similar, and we will have won, with a clean slate for the future as a bonus.

    Search http://www.thepostemail.com for articles with the keyword “stronghold” that describe some of what might be done at the county level.

    1. beforeitsnews 1st artical go to responses video Russia threatens the world with top secret Washingtop,brussels,moscow,bejing 4 world capitals of the world on utube also record

    2. Dan:

      Finally ….. I run across someone who thinks with the logic of their mind, instead of being influenced by the angry seas of raw emotion. I thank you for your well thoughtout response. They are worthy to ponder. And to the rest, THERE ARE peaceful solutions to what troubles America. Those solutions just haven’t been implemented on a grand scale yet. But, eventually, they will and NARLO’s “Liberty or Defiance-USA” project is our attempt at starting the process. Stay tuned!

      Take care,


  2. The blanket statement, “The peaceful solution will not work.” is incorrect. A peaceful solution has not yet been earnestly attempted. When many hundreds of thousands marched on D.C. their effort was not a sustained effort and, in truth, it was misguided. As Mr.Ewart stated, the effort needs to be at the state and local levels, as well as at the national level. But more importantly, the effort MUST be a sustained effort. One day of showing our displeasure with the status quo has been and will continue to be just laughted off. But a sustained effort of dedicated patriots who want their country returned to them cannot be laughed off. We must get ‘in the way’ every place possible. That effort will have to be dealt with and it WILL bear fruit. Just don’t give up the quest.

  3. The peaceful solution will not work. Many hundreds of thousands marched on DC. What did it accomplish? Nothing. Now the “representatives” that the Tea Party supported are not voting for the spending changes that the Tea Party wants.
    We are rapidly approaching the only solution, which is a violent one. The advantage we have is that the enemy is easy to identify. They wear uniforms, or put their disgusting/arrogant faces on TV.