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by Joseph DeMaio

Photo of the Capitol at the website for the CRS, which states, "As a legislative branch agency within the Library of Congress, CRS has been a valued and respected resource on Capitol Hill for nearly a century."

(May 25, 2011) — For anyone following, even casually, the continuing controversy over Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution, the saga just gets more and more weird. And, yes, the controversy continues each day to grow more problematic for Mr. Obama following his “release” of a “picture” of what he claims is his “original Hawaiian birth certificate.”  To paraphrase one of the crewmen from the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, the issue has been “zombiefied,” seemingly dead and buried, but still skulking around, terrorizing the White House and its occupants.

This seems to be all the more the case now that the same author who contributed to Sen. John Kerry’s implosion in 2004 – Dr. Jerome Corsi of “Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry” fame – has written an even more compelling book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?  The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President.”

In this book, it is alleged that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii but instead, was likely born in Kenya, and that Kenyan governmental birth records were at some time in the past altered or destroyed in an effort to obscure or erase that fact.  Corsi contends that this circumstance, coupled with the fact that his father was never a U.S. citizen and that his mother’s citizenship status alone was insufficient to confer citizenship on her child, would disqualify him as a “natural born Citizen” under the Constitution.

Time will tell if the new Corsi book will prove the undoing of the Obama presidency.  But in the meantime (a) the book has steadily risen on the bestseller lists, much to the dismay of The New York Times and Esquire Magazine; (b) Dr. Corsi separately promises that even more damaging revelations will be forthcoming in the near future; and (c) in response to matters of this sort, the White House last week was panicked into creating a new “rapid-response-to-squash-negative-online-stories” post.  Hey, maybe this P&Email article will be among its first targets.

To quote John Kerry from 2004: “Bring it on.”

The fact of the matter is that, when all the smoke clears and the mirrors are smashed, it may well be revealed that, indeed, the emperor has no clothes, regardless of whether he was born in Kenya, as Dr. Corsi claims, or in Honolulu, as Mr. Obama claims.  And contrary to popular belief – stoked, in large part by a mainstream media that has long ago forgotten the meaning of an “unbiased and independent Fourth Estate” –, the fact that a person is born “in” the United States, regardless of the citizenship status of the parents, does not alone make that person eligible to the presidency as a “natural born Citizen.”  While the person may be a “native born citizen” under the Fourteenth Amendment, he or she is not a “natural born Citizen” unless the parents are at the time of birth also citizens.  And no U.S. Supreme Court decision to date has held otherwise, contrary, again, to popular belief.

For example, Dr. Corsi’s book notes that there exists an April 3, 2009 Congressional Research Service document which confirms that there is no formal state or federal process whereby such examinations or eligibility “vetting” of presidential candidates takes place.  But that so-called “Maskell Memorandum” (so-named after the lawyer who authored it in the American Law Division of the Congressional Research Service) was issued at a point in time when the only official “public” evidence of a Hawaiian birth of Mr. Obama was yet another image of a “certification of live birth” or “short-form” birth record posted on the Internet.

The CRS document makes tacit reference to this image and concludes that, under Hawaii law, the document it claims to represent is “prima facie” evidence of Mr. Obama’s birth in Hawaii.  According to the CRS document, nothing more was apparently needed to confirm his eligibility.  Back then, it was the “last word” on this question.  However, if that were true, then why has there been over a two-year delay in the “release” of the new “image” of what is now claimed to be the “we’re-not-kidding-this-time-final-last-word-real-authentic-Hawaiian-certificate-of-live-birth?”  In fairness, reporters were given photocopies of the Internet image too, but no examination of either of the claimed “certified copies” of the certificate were made available for examination.

And what about any corrections which may now be needed to update or make the April 3, 2009 CRS document conform to the new facts?  Will that exercise take place?  Since the Congressional Research Service exists in the first place to provide “authoritative, confidential, objective and nonpartisan” analysis of legal issues only to members of Congress rather than the general public, will enough voters and constituents of members of Congress when they learn of these things bother to take the time to request of their Senators and Representatives answers to these questions?  We are, after all, only talking about who can, and who cannot, lawfully and constitutionally occupy the Office of the President of the United States of America.  Is that significant enough?

To repeat, the issue of Mr. Obama’s eligibility to serve as president remains an unanswered question.  Dr. Corsi’s new book will undoubtedly add more fuel to the fire.  The April 3, 2009 CRS document issued by Mr. Maskell, while confirming that no formal “vetting” process took place, inadequately makes the case for Mr. Obama’s constitutional eligibility.  And might there be other CRS documents bearing on these issues?

And since the April 3, 2009 CRS document may have been distributed to all 535 members of Congress, if, in fact, it does not adequately make the case for eligibility, then perhaps 535 members of Congress are laboring under the misapprehension that the issue has been resolved, purportedly either as a result of Supreme Court decision or as a result of the release of a picture of a birth certificate posted to the Internet.  On the contrary, the issue remains zombiefied and those in a position to correct that situation seem unwilling to do so.

Leaving one to wonder: why?


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  1. The April 3, 2009 Congressional Research Service Memorandum was a fraud in and of itself in that it proclaimed Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth” sole and sufficient evidence of his eligibilty to serve as POTUS/CinC in complete, total and utter deference to:

    1) The Department of Hawaii Home Lands (“DHHL”) not accepting same as sole and sufficient evidence of his being eligible for DHHL benefits, and;
    2) The United States Department of State Passport Division not accepting same as sole and sufficient evidence of his being a U.S. citizen.

    1. RacerJim-

      Funny you should use the term “fraud,” because if you thought there was chicanery afoot before, stand by… there’s more evidence of that on the way….


      1. JD,

        Equally funny is your use of the word “chicanery”, because Obama’s entire adult life has been nothing but chicanery…like father like son.

  2. Part of the success of the Tea Party is the linkage of members in 50 states working together, with one mission and one goal. There are thousands of websites who are fighting to educate the public on how and why our White House is occupied by a “Usurper”. The court cases have failed. The Judges keep saying “your case is the responsibility of the Congress to validate and hold hearings”.

    The one thing we know that Congress really fears. RE-ELECTION!!
    What I am proposing, is that we join together with a single voice, under one banner, and say “Stop the cover-up, honor our Constitution, or be replaced in 2012”. A letter to all Congressional members, with signatures from millions of Patriots, who demand a Constitutional President in the White House.

    1. I’m guessing the truth will not live there concerning Barry’s ineligibility.

      Kind of like “Question with Boldness”….but only what I tell you to question.

      I hope I am wrong.

  3. “Leaving one to wonder: why?”

    I think it boils down to they know they “****** the pooch” and are scared of the blowback from their constituents and the culpability of their actions (or lack thereof). AND of course the race riots that are sure to ensue if he’s attacked by the “rich white men” that they perceive as evil and racists. All about CYA (covering their *****).

    I think it’s really that simple. However, a chosen few could come clean and spill the beans and apologize for their non-action and probably come out smelling like heroes. IF ONLY there were that chosen few that would!

    1. Right on, I like your post…………

      There does not seem to be a chosen few who are willing to come forward though.

      My presidential vote is waiting for the first real candidate to really take this issue on, as are the votes of millions of others.

  4. Has anyone at any time ever seen a photocopy of the pervert obama’s paper birth certificate from any state or any country?


    Well that rests the case. Everything that he has released are digital images which, as we all know, can be so easily manipulated in graphics applications.

    How many people can truthfully say that their birth certificate from 1961 (or earlier) is a digital image? And just how did bho’s specific digital image get printed on a laser printer? Clearly his intent was to show everyone what a fine, upstanding natural born citizen he truly is. But he had to have used some magic process in view of the fact that laser printers were not invented until eight years after he was born.

  5. Corsi is as much of a fraud as Obama is. He is only in it for the money or he would be reporting on the Kenyan Birth Certificate we obtained long ago that each & every member of the House & Senate has a certified copy of.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: When you say “we,” were you with Lucas Smith when it was obtained? Do you have additional information you can provide on the document’s authenticity?

    1. Arizona Patriot: you obviously have not read the book. Also, he has documentation that records in Kenya have been tampered with. Save your opinion until you have done your own investigating or at least read his book.

    2. Mrs. Rondeau,

      I’ve addressed this response to Sharon but it is also open to anyone who can provide an answer to the following:

      Has Lucas Smith provided any records/receipts such as for travel, lodging or dining that would correspond with the time he claims he was in or around the area of Kenya when he got 0bumm0’s birth document?

      Has Jerome Corsi said anything in any of the interviews about the Lucas Smith birth document?
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I had asked Mr. Smith after completing the interview with him last September if he would provide proof of travel to Kenya and I did not receive a response.

  6. He walks. He talks. And he takes good photo ops.

    But technically when it comes to his credentials, he is a ghost!

    America needs to and must start addressing how it is even possible that the civil servants that we elect to uphold, serve, and protect America’s Constitution can even stand by a person with such a dubious, questionable, and mysterious history!

    America needs to start asking how can it be that a person such as this should even be considered to be a candidate for the Office of the president when it is obvious that he should have been rejected as a candidate from the very beginning.



  7. There must be a supreme court ruling on what a nbc is.

    There must be a real bc presented. If he was born in the hospital and was not adopted, then there is a hospital generated bc. It is obvious that either one or both of those things is absent because there is no long form hospital generated bc, or they would have made a copy of it.

    His ssn appears to be a fraud. If it is, the selective service app also comes into play.

    Why did he “voluntarily surrender” his law license?

    What name and nationality did he use on college entrace apps.

    And of course his real estate deals.

    If congress and the courts don’t want to investigate, then THROW EM ALL OUT!

    If the media won’t talk about it, then don’t watch em!

    Last but not least, if someone runs for office and they give the nonsensical answer that it has already been decided by whoever or even worse, they ” take obama at his word”, then DON’T VOTE FOR EM! How can anybody look another person in the eye and say they take obama at his word. Do they think we’re that stupid!

    1. Indictments have already been presented to congress. They refuse to act. Now it is up to every single sheriff in every county to march to Washington and do their job.

    2. Yes; we have become so dumbed down here in America; public schooling, lack of parental oversight; amusement, etc. that we have been conditioned to believe that we are not to question authority. How ignorant to believe that we should not question those who govern…hogwash! for those are the ones who need to be questioned the most in our republic and that should be watched for their actions, not just taking them at their words. Americans have been shirking their citizen responsiblities for far too long, and this is one of the reasons we find our country in the situation it is in today. Everyone is out for himself instead of having in mind the good of others also.

    1. The US Federal government [Uncle Charlie] is nothing more than a gigantic ponzi scheme; most all ponzi ends in distruction to its participants.