The Obama Eligibility Question – Part V

The Obama Eligibility Question – Part V

THE VETTING PROCESS FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT by Paul R. Hollrah, ©2016 (Oct. 15, 2016) — In Parts I, II, III, and IV of this series we have discussed the Founding Fathers’ implied definition of the term “natural born Citizen;” the definition of the term as used throughout the 19th and 20th centuries; the current status […]

The Eligibility Zombie: Redux

IS FURTHER EXPLANATION REQUIRED SINCE OBAMA RELEASED A “LONG-FORM” IMAGE WHICH THE CRS MEMO STATED WAS UNNECESSARY? by Joseph DeMaio (May 28, 2011) — In the first posting on the topic entitled “The Eligibility Zombie,” the role of an April 3, 2009 memorandum prepared by a lawyer at the Congressional Research Service (“CRS”), one Jack […]

The Eligibility Zombie

CRS MEMO CONTENDED THAT THE “CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH” WAS ENOUGH TO QUALIFY OBAMA; WHAT ABOUT NOW? by Joseph DeMaio (May 25, 2011) — For anyone following, even casually, the continuing controversy over Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution, the saga just gets more and more weird. And, yes, the controversy continues each day to grow […]