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May 20, 2011

Have Hawaii officials conspired to keep an ineligible person in the office of President of the United States?

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to all members of the Hawaii legislature as well as Governor Neil Abercrombie on May 16, 2011.

Neil Abercrombie

Governor, State of Hawaii
Executive Chambers, State Capitol
Honolulu, Hawaii   96813                                                                        May 16, 2011

Dear Governor Abercrombie,

I hate to be the one to advise you that you are directly involved in a conspiracy and crime.  It is mainly, the Obama Eligibility for President issue that you so diligently assumed and were to resolve.  You did nothing.

The Obama birth certificate release April 27, 2011 is a ‘fraudulently constructed birth certificate’ and is his Smoke Screen Number Two designed to redirect public attention back to the “BIRTHER issue” which was the initial OBAMA Smoke Screen.  By doing this, he aims at keeping the low IQ Birhters in place and fighting over his self-made BIRTHER Problem which was his Smoke Screen Number One.

See the legal filing of an Affidavit that shows the breakdown of the OBAMA BC at:  http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/55240893.  Keep in mid this is an official Federal Law Suit case.  You are now implicated.

As long as  Obama can continue the “Smoke Screen tactics” successfully, he is the winner.  This entire charade is at the cost to honest Government in the United States, including Hawaii.  I do hope this mail reaches an honest government individual.

However, this time around, the issue is that of dragging the Great State of Hawaii into a criminal conspiracy.  All Obama has to announce is that, “the Great State of Hawaii released the fraudulent birth certificate to him”, and HE merely presented it to the United States Public as requested.

This leaves the brunt of the criminal issue at the feet of the Congress of Hawaii and the Governor of Hawaii, You.  But remember, this level of government is immune.  It will be the worker levels of Hawaiian Government who get canned.

In Kings English, this places the Great State of Hawaii employees in a situation of fraudulent practices for which criminal charges can be filed.  In fact, the onus of truth is solely that of OBAMA telling the truth, something that is not possible from the demeanor of the individual.

The bottom line is that many good citizens that work for the Government of Hawaii will be targets for crucifixion by the Federal Government for fraudulently maintaining and releasing information.  Hawaii has only one option at this time which is to provide truthful information to the United States public to insulate state employees from false Federal Government accusations.

The Hawaii goal should be to provide the TRUTH now, before the Storm, rather than later when the Proverbial Storm that is brewing over the fraudulent BC reaches Hawaii.  If this storm reaches Hawaii, you will have your backs to the wall, no place to run, and no place to hide.  Good hardworking state employees will be the ones that are tried for fraudulent measures on the BC.

Many good citizens will suffer from Government Falsifications whether it be the Hawaii Government falsifications, or the Federal Government accomplishing the falsifications.

You must act now to insulate Hawaii from repercussions.


Concerned Citizens

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  2. PLEASE, PLEASE run any and ALL letters through SPELL CHECK (especially letters of this importance) before sending them out. It minimizes the importance of the issue and the professionalism of the author, no matter how professional he or she is.
    It also gives the left wing libs ammo to use, such as “bunch of dumb hick tea party rednecks”

    Bubba Catts
    Bossier City, Louisiana

  3. ELmo:

    Agreed – and each letter should be your own creation and heartfelt. I’d urge you to sign it as well so as not to seem to be an anonymous crank.

    Good letter here as were the pother ones the past two days. If you need the names and addresses to HI politicians, here’s a link to a guide:


    I think making these State pols understand that Americans are becoming fed-up and Irate and will no longer sit idly back while they stick it to citizens – these bozos work for us and not the other way around as they seem to think – and that these citizens know that CRIMINAL is CRIMINAL!!

    1. All:

      Just so you realize how deeply this cover-up extends, here is the Presser (in *.pdf form) put out by Gov. Abercrombie the same day the WHBC was posted. It is basically the same as the 3-letter cover put out by the White House with the personal Obama attorney that was widely circulated.

      They ALL try to pretend the issue is “citizenship” …. and that has never been the case. It has always been about eligibility – he could ave been born in the Lincoln Bedroom and still not be legally to hold the office he now occupies.

      And I never knew that upholding the Constitution upheld was a “conspiracy theory”.