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by Sue Richard

Channel 5 Investigative Reporter Phil Williams recently reported on Middle Tennessee police officers allegedly pulling over drivers to extort money from them, even if they were not speeding

(May 20, 2011) — I posted the following on the Daily Bail on Thursday, May 18, 2010 in response to the Channel 5 story a while back about East Tennessee police competing for drug trafficking money on the I-40 Westbound, while ignoring the drugs coming to the area on the I-40 Eastbound. Please consider checking out the Channel 5 video about this story on on the Daily Bail website. It is amazing. Following are my comments to it, which address some of the other corruption taking place in Tennessee.

In response to the above noted video story, this is exactly what is going on in Tennessee with regard to “traffic tickets.”  I see and hear about it all the time. Traffic stops are often more about “making money” than making sure the roads are safe. I know this for a fact because I have been pulled over for no reason….then ticketed for speeding! Every Sunday morning on my way to church in N.E. Tennessee, the cops are in “their usual spots” pulling churchgoers over on their way to and from church. Perhaps the cops have found that the churchgoers will pay their tickets and not argue with them out of fear or just not wanting to be deemed a problem. I don’t know, but I did argue with them and told them that I saw exactly what they were doing. I haven’t been pulled over since.

Do the cops here really find the “light Sunday morning traffic,”  consisting mostly of churchgoers driving to and from church, “a safety issue” that justifies this heavy Sunday morning presence? You would think the police presence would be more visible on late Friday and Saturday nights when the “drinkers” are out on the roads. Nope. Their presence is far more visible on early Sunday mornings. Almost every lady in my Sunday school class has been pulled over for speeding on her way to church. Hmmm, isn’t this interesting. The cops here seem to be more concerned with generating revenue for the local corrupt government than they are about “protecting and serving” the citizens. Perhaps the local government is putting pressure on them to do this. Whatever their motivation, the fact is this….When someone is pulled over without due cause and ticketed on false charges, clearly your constitutional rights have been violated by the same authorities whose duty is it to protect your rights.

The honest and decent police officers need to expose this unconstitutional and illegal behavior or else ALL police will be eventually categorized as “corrupt” by us citizens. We need our police, but we need “honest” police. The corrupt ones are ruining the reputation of all and causing law-abiding citizens to not trust any of them. This is going to lead to tyranny in this country. To all the decent cops:  you need to “man-up” for truth and justice. To all the corrupt and indecent cops:  you should be ashamed! This is not what our forefathers died for. And we still have boots on the ground today fighting for our freedom while corrupt cops chase “money” down on the freeway at the expense of taxpayers while ignoring real “safety issues” like the drugs coming in.

For the bad cop such as those who are aware but do not expose this, your day of judgment with your Creator might be the only justice you ever witness. This is something that you might want to consider. Please also consider that it is never too late to change your ways and/or stop this by exposing it. I will pray for the police and the victims of their unconstitutional and illegal acts of treason on this country and in our local communities. Most importantly, I will pray for our troops who are fighting an enemy outside this country while our most damaging enemies are within. Perhaps this is why most of our troops are overseas. I say, “Bring some of them home to “clean up” the terror that is inflicted upon the law-abiding citizens of this country by our own government.” Otherwise, how else are we going to get out constitutional rights back in the hands of “We the People”? Our leaders are failing us miserably! Those exposing the Truth, such as The Post and Email, are our only hope of getting the truth of what is going on out there to the people. It is up to the people to start demanding some honest accountability from their local and federal governments. Otherwise, we can kiss our freedom goodbye.

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  1. Obviously the good men have been doing nothing or we wouldn’t be seeing this level of corruption everywhere. When I questioned a LEO friend he put it this way, there are lots of good guys but the corrupt people sign their paychecks. He said “we have families to provide for so don’t ask us to lose our income. We know things are bad and we are true to the people just be patient because if the time comes we are forced to decide you will want us right where we are”. I reminded him of the Milgram paradigm and he said they are aware of it and discuss it privately. He said push has not come to shove yet and to trust him. I felt better but knowing there is a definite division in the ranks is all the proof I need to make sure as many people know that it isn’t unfounded fear but reality that we face widespread abuse of the law by people in positions of authority. That doesn’t just happen overnight either as corruption like that takes many years to form and it doesn’t knowingly let honest people in to spoil it.

  2. I don’t even know where to begin with this Sue, I had no idea things were this bad in TN. I am a Commercial Truck Driver by trade and have been so for all of my adult life. There were a lot of stories of corruption back in the nineties with the TN DOT pulling truckers in for inspection and finding maybe a set of brakes out of adjustment. Well I guess it was the good ole boy network, the DOT officer just so happened to know a mechanic that could be there quickly to fix the problem. I heard that an investigation was launched by the Federal DOT and that a bunch of TN DOT officers went to jail as a result. Now, I don’t know TN state laws regarding speeding violations. But I will tell you this, here in GA, there a lot of restrictions placed on City and County cops regarding speeding violations. One for instance is a 500 foot visibility law, you have to be able to see the patrol car for at least 500 feet if he is running radar or laser trying to catch speeders. This ONLY applies to city and county cops, GA State Patrol is exempt from this requirement. Go to a local library and get a copy of the TN annotated code and start reading, then you’ll be armed with what TN law requires on these types of violations. I NEVER just go and pay a speeding ticket, especially if I know I wasn’t speeding. You have a right to a trial by jury. I have used that right 2 times on speeding violations and the ticket mysteriously disappears. Nine times out of ten, the county or city doesn’t want to spend the money and resources of convening a jury for a speeding ticket. But even if they do, the officer that wrote the ticket should have to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were speeding. If you live in a small town where this is running rampant, I would suggest running an Op-Ed in the local newspaper informing people. An informed populace is a very effective populace, especially if you are going to a jury trial on a speeding violation.

    1. Patrick, where have you been? The law does not seem to matter in Tennessee, at least where the police/sheriff and the courts are concerned. From what we read on this site, you had better stasy out of there because they will seize your property and lock you up without proper charges. Then you will probably not be able to defend yourself against the corrupt judges and their handpicked grand juries. And by the way, the local papers seem to know about it and report nothing. Also the TBI, FBI, and all of their Government Representatives and officials have been informed but do nothing. Good luck if you go to TN, you will need it.

      Semper Fi

  3. This malfeasance is happening in various places all across the country, on Wall Street, in the ‘too big to fail’ banking community, and militarily overseas because of the fact our American government was displaced by a private, for profit, corporation, by way of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 enacted unlawfully then by the U.S. Congress on behalf of rich and powerful international bankers. The corruption has since been growing surreptitiously, and is only now being publicly recognized.

    Hopefully, America is awakening to the reality of this attempted destruction of America and the complicity of the vast majority of our government officials who are knowingly or unknowingly engaged at all levels. Pushback must begin at our grassroots level, where we have greatest control, to become self-sufficient (wean from government, like olden days, with provisions, creativity and barter), organize, educate, purge bad laws and restore sovereignty to finally $tarve this evil from our shores.

  4. I cannot understand how anyone in Tennessee trusts their law enforcement or their courts. My question is, when will they have had enough? I think it is no different than what we are facing in the nation…Same question applies to us.