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by Sharon Rondeau

Is the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration hiding the fact that Obama is using a stolen social security number?

(May 18, 2011) — On May 13, 2011, Atty. Orly Taitz posted on her website that she had filed a request for a default judgment by the United States District Court in Washington, DC in her case against the Social Security Administration and its commissioner, Michael Astrue, regarding the SSA’s failure to release information.  The request was made after a 30-day response period  had elapsed without comment from the Social Security Administration.

Having begun serving in 2007, Astrue now “reports directly to…Obama.”  The “Message from the Commissioner” link on the Social Security Administration’s website yields a “File not Found” error message, as does the “Inspector General Statement.”  In fact, The Post & Email could not activate any of the links under the subpage “SSA’s Performance and Accountability Reports.”

Taitz’s complaint states that Obama’s use of the social security number 042-68-4425 is fraudulent because it had belonged to a resident of Connecticut born in 1890.  Taitz contended that Obama began using the number between 1980 and 1981.

The Social Security Administration states that an individual must show a “U.S. birth certificate” when applying for a social security number as “proof of U.S. citizenship.”  What did Obama use to obtain the number he is currently using when all he released to the public until April 27, 2011, was a short-form “Certification of Live Birth” which did not prove his citizenship?

Did he show the “required evidence” to obtain the social security number from a state where he never lived nor worked? The Social Security Administration states that “Notarized copies or photocopies which have not been certified by the custodian of the record are not acceptable.”

How did Obama obtain the number?

On March 21, 2011, Taitz was interviewed about Obama’s various eligibility issues, including the use of the Connecticut social security number, by writer James Lambert.

The image which the White House and Obama claimed was a certified copy of his original birth certificate from Hawaii has been labeled a forgery by numerous graphics analysts.

Taitz had originally requested a copy of Obama’s social security number application under the Freedom of Information Act and was denied access to the document.  In March 2010, she filed an appeal which was denied exactly one year ago, on May 18, 2010.

She then appealed to the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, where Chief Judge Royce Lamberth denied her appeal based on what he claimed was a timing issue.  Taitz filed several other FOIA requests in October 2010 for which she stated she received no response from the Social Security Administration.

Taitz then filed the lawsuit on February 6, 2011, stating that she was entitled to the information she had requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

Private Investigator Susan Daniels found that the number Obama is using was issued in 1977 and that he started using it around 1986.  Taitz confirmed in her complaint that she consulted with Daniels as well as another private investigator about Obama’s social security number and that Obama’s alleged birth date of August 4, 1961 was expressed in both American and European formats.

Daniels described Obama’s Selective Service registration as “phony,” and the Selective Service Administration refused to answer pointed questions which The Post & Email posed last year about Obama’s purported registration in 1980.

Daniels’s affidavit regarding her discovery of Obama’s use of the Connecticut social security number was included in Taitz’s lawsuit against Astrue and the Social Security Administration.  An affidavit from licensed investigator Neil Sankey appears on page 17.

On March 31, 2011, Susan Daniels wrote a letter to Commissioner Astrue detailing her findings on Obama’s social security number as well as his multiple addresses across the country.


First page of Susan Daniels's letter to Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue
Page 2 of letter to the SSA

Page 5 of 97 of the filing shows multiple addresses for Michelle Obama.  Pages 6-14 show dozens of addresses for Barack Obama.

Taitz’s complaint mentions other social security numbers which she claims Obama has used, one of which she stated belonged to a woman named Lucille Ballantyne, who passed away in 1998.  A reader of The Post & Email contacted us some time ago stating that he had located family members of Ballantyne and had spoken with one of them.

Atty. Taitz told The Post & Email that normally the clerks of the court post a request for default judgment such as the one she made on the docket, but that nothing has appeared so far.  The telephone numbers where the clerks can be reached are 202-354-3080 and 202-354-3190.

Of the current state of the U.S. government, Taitz said, “We have an oligarchy.  You actually have to be a criminal in this country in order to get ahead today.  We have a criminal enterprise which has taken over the nation…Obama has committed multiple felonies.”

Taitz stated that in the near future she will have bumper stickers and T-shirts available for sale publicizing the issue of the social security number being used by Obama.  She said that proceeds from sales will assist in offsetting the costs of the Astrue lawsuit.

Taitz also commented:

All kinds of things are being done to keep this convenient, illegitimate puppet in power.  It’s convenient for our oligarchy because, thanks to this puppet, trillions of dollars are flowing out of the U.S. Treasury, out of the pockets of U.S. citizens, and going in all kinds of directions.  For this kind of money, for trillions of dollars, they can harass anybody; they can intimidate anybody; a lot of things can be done.  That’s why it’s so dangerous.

There is massive obstruction of justice by so many.  People are harassed; I’m being harassed.  People are criminals.

We have to deal with the issue of election fraud.  What worries me is that the establishment wants this puppet for eight years, and we have rigged elections.  We have a foreign corporation counting our ballots which can easily rig the elections any way they want.  I have no doubt that the intent and the plan is to rig elections in favor of puppets.  During the primary, someone such as Romney or Huckabee, and in the final election, Obama.

We need to bring legal action between us and them.  If elections are not cleaned up, we’ll continue having dirty, corrupt politicians everywhere.  That’s one of the reasons why they’re not standing up, because the only people who are announced as winners of elections are corrupt politicians.

When you look at Nevada, I have no doubt that Sharron Angle won that election.  We’ve seen a pattern of what’s called “vote slipping.”  The way it works is that you see a person trailing in all the polling by 7% or so, but it’s set up for the person to win.  The spread will be the same, but it’s going to be in favor of the wrong candidate.  We’ve seen it in Nevada, where Angle was leading by about 4-5% leading up to the election, in all the exit polls during the preliminary voting according to all the polling organizations.  On the morning of the day of the election, she was leading by about 5%, and then they announced that the spread was 5% in favor of Harry Reid and not Sharron Angle.  It was a classical “slip” of the vote.

The same thing happened in Venezuela during the referendum when it was reported that Hugo Chavez was losing by 20%, and then on the date of the election, it was announced that he won by 20%, with 60% of the votes for him and 40% for his opponent.  It is interesting that the same company, the same person, was counting the ballots:  Antonio Mugika, who is the president of  Smartmatic, which bought Sequoia Voting Systems.  There’s another company named Vista, 40% of which is owned by the government of Venezuela, and this is the company that was counting votes in Venezuela and the same guy is counting our ballots.  Think about it:  if Hugo Chavez received the intellectual rights to Sequoia and this communist thug still has access to all of our information:  our social security numbers, our drivers’ licenses, our addresses, our voting records, everything – this is a major breach of national security, the second-largest after Obama getting into office.

We need to trumpet this all over so that it catches people’s attention and they can do something when it comes to primaries.  We need to demand to see the actual ballots and the software to make sure that the election is run correctly.  I tried to get in touch Meg Whitman, who ran for governor in California.  The woman wasted $160,000,000 running in that election.  It was complete idiocy.  If she had spent a fraction of that money on cleaning up election fraud, she would have surely won.







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  1. OK! It’s time for the media to start the name of HARRISON J BOUNEL. we America must never quit saying this name or stay of of all media news channels until this name and the Obamas are investigated. What else can we do other then take up arms against the government. All Americans are being pissed on by our own government covering this up. All we do is talk, talk, talk. NO ANSWERS ARE OUT THERE ANY MORE. Our government has been taken over by our own GOVERNMENT.We are finished without a fight. It’s over. Capute. End of story. TOO late.One thing for sure ,you Obama believers will die with the rest of us.

  2. I shouldn’t have gotten so upset with Fox because that’s just who they are now. It’s just weird to see a photo and puts BO in an inappropriate light, showing he’s shooting darts with his eyes and pointing his finger and a very important man, then they just change it a little bit.

    It’s just what they do. Maybe they are the wolves in sheep’s clothing, you think?

  3. “DABIGRAGU says:
    Friday, May 20, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    Richard, I can see your frustration. Since writing seems to be one of your strong points, I have an idea. Perhaps you would be willing to proof-read Dr. Taitz’ work before she releases it to the public? I’m sure she would welcome your help and expertise”

    I would more than happy to proof read Orly’s legal pleadings. But I’m not a lawyer. Even so, I know enough about the law to know that this statement:

    ““2. if you read the rules for general grand martial, youwill find that civilians, who work or interact with the military can be court marshaled.”

    is wholly untrue. Any judge that reads such a pleading can’t help but dismiss the validity of the rest of the pleading. By taking such a generalist approach, Orly is poisoning her own well. She is poisoning OUR well as well.

    In every battle there is a line of attack that leads to success. While I know that we have a sympathetic ear in Congress, none of these Senators or Congressmen have stood up, not even Demint. Bachmann crumbled before an obot reporter several weeks ago. Fox News is no help.

    We have to ask ourselves “WHY?” Are ALL of these men afraid of Obama? God help us if that is the case!!

    These men can look at Orly’s legal cases and dissect them for weaknesses. Do you realize that a man can kill another man and if the police have all the evidence and video of the event, the killer can be released if the police violate the killer’s Miranda rights?

    Likewise, if even one thing is out of place in her legal pleadings, Orly will not get heard!! I have never read any of Orly’s legal pleadings without finding a glaring mistake. And, as I said, I am not a lawyer.

    Is there any reason why Orly cannot work behind the scenes as an investigative attorney while allowing Appuzzo to handle to actual legal work? Is there a battle of egos going on here? Orly feuds with Berg and Kreep. Pidgeon abandons Fitzpatrick. Obama is laughing at us. Do we want that?

    WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMIES!!!! We have the key to the crime of the century in our hands and no one will listen to us because we can’t get our own house in order.

    1. Richard Ker is right again. Orly may file alot of papers, but she always loses. Just ask Major Cook or Captain Rhodes or Ambassador Keyes.
      Mrs. Rondeau reples: Perhaps we can focus on ways in which we can win.

  4. Okay. Either I’m losing my mind, or Fox is playing with our minds. I read Fox News earlier, several times times to day as a matter of fact, and the had a picture of BO with a picture of NetanYahu up, and it appeared to me that BO was pointing his finger at NetanYahu. I mean, you could just see the point of his finger past the letters that they had over his hand. Do you understand what I’m saying?

    Now, I go back later today, and they had BO’s finger pointing away from NetanYahu in the opposite direction.

    When I first saw that picture, I said to myself, I bet NetanYahu really appreciates BO pointing his finger at him, and next you know later in the day, it was removed to look otherwise.

    So did anyone see what I’m talking about? I’m just curious because I don’t want to make people think that I’m absolutely crazy.


      1. Thanks so much, and I knew that I saw it. But strange things are really happening to my computer. I went to my history, the all history place, and I found a Fox thing that I hadn’t opened up since Nov. 2010, which was a natural health thing about some plant or something.

        This is just too strange to me. What’s going on?

      2. I need to make a correction of what I stated. I was thinking all the history, but I looked, and I just checked today’s history to see what it brought up. My “Today’s History,” brought up something that I haven’t been to in many months. Then it didn’t show most of the history of me signing on to Fox News.. How could this be? Why should it show me going to a place at Fox that was back in Nov. 2010 which had to do with a natural plant remedy or something? I don’t understand this, honestly.

        I know what I saw and was trying to tell my husband about it, how BO was “pointing” his finger at Netanyahu. It appeared that way on the front page of Fox News today for a long, long time. But he wasn’t home to see it either. The only thing was this, the letters of writing covered BO’s pointing finger, but you could tell that he did it. Then later it wasn’t that way.

    1. kittycat77: Re: Your Friday, May 20, 2011 at 6:01 PM comment:

      Maybe “this” will help you not to lose your mind:

      I now longer watch FOX anymore. If FOX cannot journalistically report on the eligibility issue of Obama’s uncertified non natural born citizen status as [bogus] president, then FOX is not that important for me to give my time [to]. FOX has chosen to be part of Obama’s secretive past. They, have made themselves part and parcel of the whole problem – and, therefore anti-American patriots against the US Constitution and its legal requirements………

  5. I agree that Dr. Orly has really tried to present her case(s), and I will not chastise her for trying. She is one of the few doing anything to stop O. fraud. Here is another person, Dr. Jerome Corsi, doing his best, and he may just have the fraud backed into a corner–finally!

    From citizenwells:
    Take a look at these videos concerning Dr. Jerome Corsi and his book (and his findings). He may finally have the fraud nailed. Dr. Corsi did speak with Trump as well. Dr. Corsi explains that scenario. You have to view all the videos in order to get the whole story.

    Here is the link.
    http://citizenwells.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/obama-2012-made-in-the-usa-made-definition-fictitious-invented-obama-attorneys-paid-in-the-usa-with-taxpayer-dollars/#comments. It is under the main headline: “Obama 2012 made in the USA, Made definition fictitious invented, Obama attorneys Paid in the USA with taxpayer dollars”, then under comments made by Rob | May 20, 2011 at 3:59 pm | Jerome Corsi: White House Running Scared Over Latest Discovery of Obama’s True Origins 1/3. ( You have to scroll down quite a ways to get to them from the original article title– under the comments section.)

    1. I see where Dr. Corsi mentions that Donald Trump may have been working for Obama. That has been my contention all along.


      It would have looked fishy if Abercrombie had produced the forged long-form birth certificate because he is a known extreme liberal Democrat and friend of Obama. So they cooked up this scheme to have Donald Trump pretend to be a Republican birther using his vast resources to get to the bottom of the birth certificate issue. Then, bowing to the pressure, Obama finally produces the BC showing how silly the whole issue was. Of course this was all staged, and the BC that was produced is a forgery. But the American public bought it. The dirt-bag liberals in the media sold it like snake oil and the American public bought it.

      Donald Trump will be rewarded handsomely for this favor to Obama and the Soros liberal establishment. Let’s see now, what network is The Apprentice on? Oh yeah, NBC. The same network that is a propaganda voice for Obama. Perhaps Chicago could use some new casinos. Does Trump build casinos? You bet. Hello, Rahm, this is The Donald…..

      1. Dr. Manning did a video last week (or the 1st part of this week-forget which) and in it he said that Trump has been visited by the IRS and that’s why we haven’t heard anymore from him. I don’t know where he heard that or if he has been in touch with him, but it’s probably not ‘hear-say’. I’m not trying to take up for The Donald, just wanting to put out what I heard. Maybe he has some kind of tax problems?

  6. I fail to see how following Orly Taitz’ lawsuits benefits us. Today, on her website, she published this:

    “2. if you read the rules for general grand martial, youwill find that civilians, who work or interact with the military can be court marshaled.”

    Her lawsuits are filled this kind of poorly written, legally dubious, embarrassing material.


    Orly’s heart is in the right place. But her public persona makes us all look like buffoons. I’m sorry. I want to speak my mind here.

    Why isn’t Mario Appuzzo the public face of the eligibility movement? He is eloquent. He has gravitas. And yet we never see Mario on MSNBC. Why? Because they prefer to have Sideshow Bob up there ranting in a Russian accent. And they can cut her off and silence her at will.

    They would never do that to Appuzzo. That’s why they won’t have him on their shows.

    Let’s be serious for a minute here. Obama’s approval rating is skyrocketing. Trump and Huckabee have given up the fight. Maybe Rick Perry will step in, maybe he won’t.

    We are at serious risk of a second Obama presidency. We CANNOT let that happen. Sharon, I understand your “war on all fronts” strategy, but foisting Orly to the front lines as our standard bearer isn’t the right move.

    I thought we have Trump on board. What happened to all the material he found? Is all that work going to waste?

    I’m despondent here. THROW ME A BONE!!!!

    1. Please don’t bash Orly Mr. Ker. She has worked long and hard and is a very, very brave Patriot. When she posts she has already worked a 20 hour day. She has many clients and many lawsuits. I like Mr. Appuzzo too but so far as I know, he only represented a couple of clients.

      BTW, what have you done today to help us.

    2. Orly Taitz speaks and writes English AND Russian (actually, she is fluent in FIVE languages). She’s worked her tail off, and is still working her tail off, to try to keep the Constitution the Law of the Land and you write “WE NEED SERIOUS PEOPLE TO PURSUE THIS”.
      Let me tell you, it doesn’t get anymore serious than Orly. She has been a thorn in the side of the Obama administration since day one and hasn’t let up one iota. Some call her an over achiever but all she wants to do is to do her very best to keep America free. She was raised in a Socialistic State and she knows, first hand, what a horrible life it is.
      She is doing this for her children, so they don’t have to live the same horror she did.
      They’ve tried to kill her, you know, but she won’t stop, and either will I, and neither should you. Look, we need all the help we can get to kick that LOW LIFE OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE. If you want to badmouth someone, badmouth the ones that deserve it.

    3. Richard, I can see your frustration. Since writing seems to be one of your strong points, I have an idea. Perhaps you would be willing to proof-read Dr. Taitz’ work before she releases it to the public? I’m sure she would welcome your help and expertise.

    4. Dear “Despondent” – here is a “bone:”

      I’m convinced that those of us who love the US Constitution and rule of law, in order, to prevail, must actually, “talk the talk.” We need to consistently (in our conversations, letters, online comments, etc.) make reference to Obama in the following ways – and, even bunch the descriptive words together. Following is the last part of an online comment that I just made. [I was referring to Obama’s call for Israel to give up a major portion of their land]:

      “…….It is common knowledge to any honest thinking person that the Muslims like to use “Palestinians” to further their political ends, – their goal of crushing Israel and driving them into the Mediterranean Sea. And, of course our unconstitutional [illegitimate] non natural born citizen fake ‘president’ thinks he can hand over Israel’s land to his Muslim brothers. What a malevolent an arrogant, #####!”

      I truly believe that “repetition is the mother of all learning.” That, principle, utilized by “birthers,” and patriotic Americans, can go a long way. Never refer to Obama as “the president.” Rather, consistently talk of him, as the corrupt and deceitful [criminal] of which he is:



      “non natural born citizen” (as required by the US Constitution to be president)

      “uncertified” (not being certified by any legal controlling authority)


      “fake of a president”


      “so-called” “presidency,”


      I utilize these [above] descriptions of Obama every chance I get on my hometown online forum. I believe that this aforementioned repetition is like Chinese water torture. I seldom now, am challenged on the forum. And, I believe much of that is due to me hammering away, repeating how “bogus” the Obama “so-called” “presidency,” is. The people know it – but “birthers” need to pound the reality of it, [and, implication of it] into their thick heads! By doing that, we end up helping to build negative public opinion against our Constitution wrecking bar, illegitimate, fake of a “president!”

      By “talking the talk,” we are, in part, “walking the walk,” about our cancerous “Bogus-in-Chief.” We are “fighting fire, with fire.” We are, [so to speak] answering these Obama loving, anti-American, Constitution hate-mongers, according to their folly!

      The truth never hurt anyone – no matter how repetitious it needs to be heralded!

      1. The USURPER has ruined the lives of too many people now.
        He MUST be removed from office so that all of his heretofore signed pieces of paper become null and void, reversing them all.

        He needs to go to Guantanamo now as the chief of war criminals as he is. He is a Muslim al-caida loving, un-American imposter.

      2. Please add “putative potus” to your list. Who knows, it may even cause some to increase their vocabulary by opening their dictionary to know what the term means!

        I NEVER refer to obama as “president” without the predicate adjective “putative”

        I also NEVER refer to him as POTUS without the same and ALL in lowercase as he is NOT my “President” nor my “POTUS”!

    5. Richard Ker is right. The judge denied Orly’s default because she didn’t serve the papers properly, and Orly doesn’t even mention that on her site.

  7. Here’s the latest evidence that his Birth Certificate is fraudulent among other things. You will see here that one lie generates another lie. The plot thickens!

  8. While reading a lot of the comments folks are making I see the frustration and the hurting financially, and not being able to afford to get onto the front line of the battle because they are too busy just trying to survive, well let me say that anybody who takes the time to write in comments with such great awareness, is helping all of us to win the war – big time!

    Realize that we are all to blame, whether it be through complacency, drifting away from God along with our moral values, or whatever; WE ARE ALL TO BLAME for leaving our home screen-doors open and letting BEELZEBUB fly right on into our home, and our lives. Beelzebub for those who may not have heard that term before happens to be one of obama’s many names, meaning dung-god, chief of the devils, king of the dung-heap-flies.

    YES that’s exactly what we let in; and what we now have got to get rid of ASAP. Flies lay eggs (marxist-socialist-liberal zars, congressmen/women, senators and judges), and so we must purge the entire system and get back to something pure and good. And you folks who are now suffering and cannot afford to help because of what Beelzebub has done to us and the economy, are indeed doing a very important thing by writing in, voicing your opinion, talking to your neighbours, and voting properly (hopefully) in every election from now on. If we didn’t realize it before we now see the reason why our Founding Fathers had some simple rules for us to follow!!!

  9. Interesting comment found on another site:

    United States
    5/19/2011 11:06 PM
    Report Abusive Post
    Report Copyright Violation
    Re: Astounding Claims Made By Debt Collector On Obama’s Identity Who Is Harrison J Bounel??!! Audio Quote [+] #

    I have been doing genealogical work for years… searching records and extended family, etc.

    When I do a search for “Bounel Harrison” in many of my independent db’s as well as through the net – I get NOTHING except entries for this person since the 4th of May relating to this story.

    I have looked at the records, and there is no way that this name would not have pulled-up otherwise SOMEWHERE unless it has been scrubbed from the net since before this date.

  10. Thanks dot! I was about to post this or ask for Sharon to email me! lol This is HUGE!!!! This guy was an Obama supporter in 2008 and sounds like he’s black! No racism there! Thank you Jesus!!!!

  11. Holy cow, check this out!

    The Plot Thickens: Debt Collector; Obama’s Social Security number reserved for Connecticut applicants also tied to an alias Harrison J Bounel. The debt collector also claims Obama has used two other Social Security numbers in Illinois. This interview covers several issues ranging from O’s SS# to his property tax filings in Chicago to 50+ different addresses tied to Obama and Michelle across the country. The interview aired on TruNews Radio 5/18/2011.

    Search records and pertinent links embedded below video…


    1. Yes – and the same article (in the video) states that the original SSN is no longer in the system? One week it shows multiple hits – the next week it vanishes. It would be nice to think that has something to do with Orly contacting the Inspector General, but we’ll see…

  12. @Carmen Hawes you posted; ” Jesus would tell the truth in ALL matters, and Jesus hates lying. If fact, I don’t know of any religion that would disagree with Jesus on this “.

    The Koran,Muslim. Muslims can deceive infidels if their hearts remain true to Islam.

    1. Well, not quite. There were times in the OT where it was required to lie to save lives or a life. You must look and study the circumstances and what happens in what is a good lie or a bad lie. No joke!

      For example, if a rapist broke into your house, and you and your daughter were there, and you said to your daughter, go, hide in the closet (or whatever).

      Then the rapist said, who lives in this house, and is everyone here now?

      At that time, do you think that lying is a good thing to save your daughter? I do!

      Look at Rahab the innekeeper (yes, she wasn’t a harlot, which is a mistranslation from the Hebrew into the Greek). You’d have to study Josephus who had the better Palestinian texts that we aren’t privy to. Rahab was an innekeeper, and because of her brave service in “lying,” she saved many Israelites. Yahushua (aka Jesus) comes through her line of genealogy.

      So you have to look at lying in the fact of this, am I lying to save a life (lives), or am I lying to save my own skin to cover what I said wasn’t true?

      It’s correct to lie to save others when it’s to protect them from harm. This is what you should do. You don’t want to say to the rapist who breaks into your house, oh, I can’t lie, my daughter is in the closet.

      Honestly, some people are so totally stupid and not understanding the Bible, they would do that. So sick!

      1. I would agree with you about it being OK to “lie” to save lives. But the context of my post was in regard to Obama’s “lie” and what Jesus would do about that. I did not have the time nor the space to address every circumstance in which it is OK to lie. Clearly, my post was addressing the Obama S.S. # and birth certificate deception, and the spiritual consequences for corrupt people to lie for personal and political gain. When I did so, I received several replies from readers wanting to correct me with reminders about how we are not to throw our pearls to swine and when it is OK to lie. If you re-read my post, you will see that I did not indicate we should ignore evil or not seek to protect our loved one even if we have to lie to do so. The context of my post is clear. The response to it by several folks is interesting. Perhaps I might want to re-consider posting in the future if some of you are bent on taking post out of context, and then “correcting” something that was never said or implied. Isn’t this what the main stream media does? Sticking to the issue of the fraud being imposed upon our country is the real issue here, not when it is OK to lie. The fact is.. Jesus said what he said, and I just ditto’d that in the context of writing about the lies of the “corrupt”. I suppose Obama would justify his lies by using the same argument about how many people “he thinks he helping” by being in office. Every sinner seeks to find justification for their actions… one way or another. This is the problem in our country. No one takes the Bible literal anymore. Clearly, any God fearing person would protect their family from harm by an evil person by lying, if necessary. And that would be OK in my opinion. Only an idiot would state otherwise. Surely, my posted comments didn’t depict me as an idiot, did it. If so, perhaps I might to refrain from posting any future comments. Let me know if that is the course you think I should take, and I will comply with your wishes. Otherwise I think you should consider that perhaps your reply to my posting was really not applicable to the context of my posting. Either way, I don’t think this website should be about bout readers nit picking each other’s postings. I’d like to stay focused on the big picture regarding our Constitutional Rights and the issues surrounding how they are being violated. Lies from the “corrupt” were the topic of my post, and what Jesus thinks about that. Please re-read it and perhaps you will take it in the context in which it was written. Thank you and God Bless.

  13. Heard this? This interview is from a TrueNews radio broadcast. A debt collector from Chicago is interviewed about what he stumbled upon during the course of his job. The interview starts at 18 minutes.
    A new alias for Obama: Harrison J Bounel. This name shares the same Social Security number for Barack Hussein Obama.

    link to http://www.trunews.com


    (Wall Street Journal) Obama will announce this week a new aid plan for the Middle East and North Africa that U.S. officials say will be far bolder than previous economic assistance to the region …



    “WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will announce this week a new aid plan for the Middle East and North Africa that U.S. officials say will be far bolder than previous American economic assistance to the region.

    Mr. Obama will outline the plan, which could include debt cancellation and a reprogramming of financial aid the U.S. already provides to countries like Egypt, in a speech he is scheduled to deliver Thursday at the State Department.”

    Read More Here:


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    A Comment From The Excellent Article: http://drkatesview.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/social-security-fraud-the-weathermen-underground-and-the-cia/#comments

    May 19, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    After he’s finished with Israel, he’ll give the USA to those evil fanatics.

    Seems those in high places need to wake the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  15. All this information and investigation into the truth is very impressive and very convincing.

    My only question, which is probably the question of many,is what can be done about this illegal take-over of our country and Constitution now that most of the facts are out? I read about all the lawsuits, letters, inquiries, etc., but those bringing this issue to the surface just get ignored by all the powers to be…., and the media is useless.

    Also, most of the American people are too busy with their eyes glued to the latest reality show on T.V., sports games, or just “busy” trying to make a living and stay above the fray… that it appears there is little hope that any of this is ever going to change.

    For the handful of people that are working diligently to investigate and expose the truth, it appears to be falling on death ears, both with the majority of the “sleep at the wheel” Americans and the mainstream media. And….,, if let’s say, the opposite where true and the media and the American people demanded some accountability from Obama his issues… so what? His croonies in the government are never going to allow him to be impeached and/or prosecuted for lying to the America people…, or to the world for that matter.

    As a country, it appears we have reached a crossroads of how were are going to respond to this overtaking of our government. It is scary to think about. I fear our country is on the brink of disaster either way you look at it. I hate to imagine a Civil War in this country again, but certainly one between good and evil is being fought by few and a lot, respectively.

    But whatever wars are waged, whether it is a war of arms or in the polls, the government will always win when they control both. Clearly, anyone who ever exercises their right to bear arms for the purpose that Amendment was written… would certainly be deemed as a terrorists and jailed with that charge. It appears to me that this is already happening for those who have only filed lawsuits or attempted to make citizen arrests in order to bring accountabilty to government. When these false terrorist accusations are inflicted upon those who dare to speak out…., this causes “fear” in others, and “fear” causes “inaction” in most of the population that questions the government.

    The rest of the population, (which are the majority) are either to ignorant, too busy, have been brainwashed, or all of the above…, and are therefore useless in this fight for the return of a Constitutional government.

    I guess what I am trying to convey is where is the hope that things will ever change?

    At 50 years old, I find comfort in the fact that more than half my life has already been lived. I suppose before I die I could see our country turn into but a glimpse of what it use to be. My prayer is that Jesus will come back before I die a natural death and I can perhaps witness the only justice any of these corrupt people will ever see.

    In the meantime, I continue to admire and respect these patriots hard work that is being done to expose the truth. But I feel discouraged by the fact that all of their work is done in in vain when the media and most of the American people don’t seem to give a darn.

    When I am in my own quagmires in life, I have found that “Thinking outside the box” usually sheds light into creative and innovative ways toward problem resolution. This country has a very real and dangerous problem. While the exposure is needed, the resolution is still yet to be seen.

    Thinking outside the box and a lot of prayer may someday give us a resolution. The “wisdom” of God is our only prayer out of this mess, and the mess is not only what is going on in this country, but also in the world….. and in the spiritual realms. The ultimate outcome on the war between good and evil has already been determined by God Almighty. And His word tells us about the days on this earth prior to that war being won. It doesn’t look good. Sometimes I wonder if we are not in a time of revelation and none of this corruption is going to improve. If that’s the case, then eternal life may be the only justice the God fearing people will ever see. At least we can take some comfort in knowing that all the corrupt ones can’t defy death and God’s judgement. Until then, they are sure putting all of us through a lot of hell, aren’t they. Little do they realize, however, that their hell is yet to come. Most of them are too arrogant to even accept that there is a power greater than themselves that can and will send them there if they don’t repent of their evil and dishonest ways. But winning their heats for God, would certainly change them. Is is possible to do that? Hmm, something to think about.

    Keep up the good fight you good and faithful servants…, and pray often. Ask for the wisdom of God in all you do! Lord willing, there must be an answer to these problems of corruption in our government, the world, and even in our local communities.

    Is it possible to “change” the heart of these corrupt and dishonest people with the knowledge of God’s love and ultimate judgement of them? If I could sit in a room with one of them, I would ask them if they believe God will ever hold them accountable for their lies? And if so, do they think His ultimate judgement of them will be worth all they gained from their worldly corruption? There answers would be interesting and ones I would like to hear.

    Yes, we should hold them accountable with regard to the U.S. Constitution, but we also have a responsibility to remind them of their accountability to God. Perhaps we should begin to ask them about this as well. It might give them something to think about at night rather than their next “spin” or “false statement” to cover up their folly.

    So here is my question to Barack Obama since he claims he is a Christian….”What would Jesus Do in your situation… and what would Jesus say about your situation?

    Answer: Jesus would tell the truth in ALL matters, and Jesus hates lying. If fact, I don’t know of any religion that would disagree with Jesus on this.

    Maybe we need to express this also to those who seek to deceive us. Certainly, there is spiritual consequence for continuous sin that is not repented from. Repentance means to “turn away from”. Grace is only for those who repent.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts on this.

    1. Well Carmen Hawes, that was a thoughtful and well stated piece you did. I do totally agree with everything you said about God’s love for his people who listen to that which he has told us, and to the precious words of Jesus Christ, (Our Lord and Saviour); however I disagree with good people wasting their valuable time trying to convert pure evil into good. We must use our discernment as in “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine- Matt 7:6”; or simply stated “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Our job is to “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil”. as in Eph 6:10 – 24, and to get on with doing the job at hand. “Taking Names and Kicking Dragons!”.

      1. Bob, what you wrote about God’s word is so very true. Thanks for sharing.. and for the scriptures. It appears that I was perhaps looking at this situation through a different lens when I wrote my comments. I guess what I was trying to convey is that we need to “also: hold these people accountable to God’s Word, especially when they claim to be Christians. This was not intended to “replace” the other areas of accountability that we need to hold them to. God Bless you.

    2. I do want to add something, a lot of people have written good information, and there are many of us following it. Not all the Americans are “sheep” people following the false government that we have now. Many of us truly are sheep, but we probably (at least most) follow the true shepherd, i.e., Yahushua (aka Jesus) the messiah (anointed), meaning christ.

      What I’m also trying to say is this, some of us are hurting financially and can barely afford food stuff or gas right now. In spite of all this, we’re still trying to make our own way. That’s even to do the work that we need to do which includes carrying out day-to-day activities. I kind of get sick and tired of everyone saying, oh, they’re just following BO and they are sleeping. Well, I’m not sleeping, nor is my husband. We have to work to eat. That’s just the way that it is, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t pray for our country and pray that it all works out Yahweh’s way.

      This is one of the times in American history (again) that we must put ourselves in other’s shoes. Not everyone can have the means to travel to this place or that– wish I could, though. Lots of us don’t have the means to support this group or that — wish I had money to give. And I know that many people are speaking in generalities, but I’m not an Obama goat. I’d rather be a sheep of Yahushua. Study the sheep and the goats and see who you’d rather be. Goats can apply to the Satans. Notice that Yahushua in Matt. 25:32, separates the sheep from the goats.

      Anyway, what I’m saying is this, be kinder to us conservatives. We’re struggling to make end’s meet. I’m almost physically crippled, but I firmly support that truth be won out, whatever it may be.

  16. Obama’s 5th Amendment Cancelled with Long Form B.S.

    America is in distress with Obama’s release of his long form birth certificate, short form, and college records, Congress can hold verification hearings on the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro and Obama and authenticity of all 3 documents; Obama does not have the protection of the 5th Amendment anymore says Cody Judy, candidate for president in 2008 injuried by Obama’s fraud, on The Lion’s Den Show. Cody Judy urges Americans to fly the flag upside down as a distress signal to Congress for immediate hearings!

  17. AustinGuy — Obama is NOT using the social security number assigned to Jean Paul Ludwig. Obama’s starts with 042 and Ludwig’s starts with 045.

    1. I listened tonight to a radio show from Tx where the callers name was “AL” and he was a debt collector. He said that barrys ss# crossed with a man named Harrison J Bounel using the same address and phone # as barry — out of Chicago. That ss# is the same.

      Just one item–a debt collector is bound by the fair debt collection practices act under the federal trade commission and with his releasing all these names, numbers and addresses he is in violation of the fed trade comm. Let’s hope this is true as it gives more insight to barrys invisible life.

      1. Beware of operatives spreading disinformation. As we get closer to discovery of the truth, more disinformation will be presented into discussions. Their purpose will be to lead us off the right track and onto trails that will, eventually, many miles and hours down the road, lead to dead ends.

  18. Mr. Ludwig applied for the SSN in his later years…in the 1970s I believe. I think it’s quite obvious that Barry Soetoro aka Obama has been a career criminal and working the system for many years. I think the many pieces of the puzzle are slowing being put in place.

  19. Sharon your great article makes me understand clearly once again just how bad things really are. I see nothing short of a revolution or a coup to getting this fixed. Everything about obama is phony, (his SS#, birth in HI, his citizenship, education, law licence, education, his faith, and even his sexual orientation); we have a phony supreme court, a phony government administration, a phony congress, a phony senate, phony military brass, no budget, no brains, and now no money because it is all being stolen by those in power. Correcting the voting system is key, but we can’t correct that without the revolution. I wrote this for TP&E back in October about what is happening with our voting… http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/10/14/you-have-the-power-so-use-it-and-vote/ . Something interesting I experienced myself having a once thriving business in Reno, NV in the 90’s, and as soon as Clinton was elected in 93, then almost immediately we started to see corruption creeping into areas of our business associations, customers, etc., to the extent where I became very concerned about it. It then dawned on me that it might be because of Clinton’s corruption which was starting to come to light then. So I now believe that it is safe to say that “WHEN OUR GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT – THEN SO GOES THE NATION”, and we see it all happening all over again now. Where do we think that will lead us?. God bless you Orly Taitz, and you too Sharon Rondeau. And I say … let the revolution begin!!!

  20. Unfortunately,

    I do not believe the court will grant a default judgment. This happened once before and the DOJ requested more time after the default judgment allotted time, it was simply unprecedented but the court allowed it anyways. It certainly would be a great barrier overcome if the court allowed it, yet my faith in the Court is quickly approaching expectations of an empty wine bottle.

  21. Nesara is now reporting that the main social security number being illegally used by Obama originally belonged to Jean Paul Ludwig. Mr. Ludwig was born in France in 1890, immigrated to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 about March 1977. Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut but he spent the final months of his life in Hawaii, where he died. Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Courthouse and therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals. The Social Security Administration was never informed of Ludwig’s death, and since he never received Social Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and no questions were raised. It is suspected that Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a US citizen–either because he was born outside the US or because he became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption by Lolo Soetoro—-merely searched the probate records until she found someone who died who was not receiving Social Security benefits and selected Mr. Ludwig’s SSN for Obama.


  22. It seems it is possible to get a US social security number without a US birth certificate. I saw a copy of a pic on the web of Obama’s dad, who was born in Kenya, issued a social security number. So what about this?

    Anyway, this is great news. Let the default judgment proceed.

  23. Orly Taitz is right: “We have a criminal enterprise which has taken over the nation.” Some posit that Obama is just the culmination of a process that has long been in progress and that Obama is actually just a puppet of the real power-holders. In any case, the fraudulent 2008 election was a coup d’etat conducted by socialist/communist forces. Our country is lost. Maybe the republic can be restored, maybe not.

    1. Our country is not lost – ONLY and I mean ONLY if you personally decide to fight back every day. It’s an awful truth but we have sunk to where it IS up to each and everyone of us. You have to look in the mirror and decide in your heart and in your soul that you will fight this evil.

  24. I don’t have time to read Orly’s complaint, but I hope she did not actually claim as stated here:

    “Taitz’s complaint states that Obama’s use of the social security number 042-68-4425 is fraudulent because it had belonged to a resident of Connecticut when it was first issued in 1890.”

    How could a SSN be issued in 1890 when the Social Security Act was not enacted until 1935 by FDR
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: My error, which has been corrected.

  25. Sharon Rondeau

    Here is proof of fixing elections. This computer programmer testifies under oath that he wrote such programs to fix elections.

    1. WOW….thank you for this info…..when are we getting rid of the machines and going back to plain old paper ballots! I have never like the machine voting anyway!

  26. Correction: Third paragraph: The SSN was issued to someone born in 1890, not issued in 1890.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you. Correction made.

  27. Every enterprise has a mission statement. One overriding goal that is above all others, and to which all employees work towards.

    The mission statement of the US gov’t is to “protect Obama”.

  28. Quote:

    “Taitz’s complaint states that Obama’s use of the social security number 042-68-4425 is fraudulent because it had belonged to a resident of Connecticut when it was first issued in 1890.”

    I don’t think the above sentence is supposed to say a SS number was issued in 1890, but rather that the person who later received the number was born in 1890.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, that was corrected.