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May 3, 2011

In 1910, the Los Angeles Times building was bombed by two union activists who were retaliating against The Times' anti-union position

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent today:

Dear Ms. Carol J. Williams (LA Times reporter);

Very nice coverage of this momentous event taking place in your community. Thank you for this article.

Considering the amount of public exposure of the crimes committed by Mr. Obama in attaining the Office of the Presidency of the United States (your picture of Dr. Taitz with the fold-out display of public-document proof was most impressive), would lead me to ask: ‘What are you, and the Los Angeles Times, going to do about further investigation of these publicly exposed crimes?’

Now that you are and your paper are fully aware (especially the laughably fraudulent Long Form Birth Certificate – even a 5th grader can see what a joke that is) of the multiple crimes committed by Mr. Obama in ensconcing himself in our White House, by fraud, dissembling, deception, and deceit, it would appear to me that, as reporters and guardians of the rights of the People, it is incumbent upon the Los Angeles Times to thoroughly investigate and report on these matters, lest you yourselves be chargeable with Misprision of Felony or Treason.

Again, thank you for your excellent reporting.  I look forward to your great follow-up exposés of the BirthCertifi-GATE, Social-Security-GATE, Selective-Service-GATE, Pelosi & the DNC-GATE, Columbia-GATE, and others too numerous to mention. They will make Nixon’s ‘Water-GATE’ look like child’s play; stories that guarantee a Pulitzer for the reporter(ess) that breaks them.


Neil B. Turner

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  1. The ninth circus court will in no way and no how do its duty which is no big surprise since they are such a worthless group. They will use some vague interpretation of some vague law on cow pastures in 1799 to justify not taking the case or throwing it out. The last thing they would ever use to decide a case is the Constitution.

  2. Please do not give the LA Times credit for an article that if closely read, is a mixed bag. Just because there are a few apparent favorable comments or implications, does not mean that for one minute they agree with Orly Taitz. The proof will be what they say if the court rules against the Plaintiffs. It seems almost all main stream media, both papers and TV networks are highly biased in favor of Obama, et al., and against any alleged “birther.” Lets read their follow up article word by word once the Court makes a decision. This is not meant to diminish the great efforts by the tireless Orly Taitz who has shown she is more of an American citizen who cares about freedom, then most American citizens, Natural Born or otherwise.

  3. I’m glad to see Orly has refined her case. It has the potential to finally gain a legitimate opinion so we can see how the court applies itself, to test the proof submitted or to critique the technical observance of the court rules rather than the subject matter. We trust in the rule of law only when it is applied to a subject in a fair and impartial manner. Having seen so many courts avoid even giving an opinion by dismissing on technical grounds or as in the Carter dismissal, a manufactured technicality, it now has become an expectation that what comes from the bench ought to come in a bucket instead of an envelope.

    1. A pen
      You’re talking about the 9th Circuit here, you think they’re going to betray Obama? – Not a snowball’s chance.

  4. We’ve got him people! Once we get this video to go viral, the WHOLE WORLD will know the TRUTH about Obama the FRAUD!

    100% sourced with Govt documents and the founders writings!

    The video that will END the Obama Presidency! Birthers Get Last Laugh & Demand Formal Apology

    1. Outstanding link KBOA, thank-you. I advise all to download this link that so irrefutibly shows the definition, historical origins, caselaws, and traditional definition of Natural born Citizen before our media makes it disappear! This is a keeper for sure!

  5. This is all about timing and political thater… wouldn’t a US constitutional crisis timed to coincide with a series of world events serve the globalist cause nicely? You are about to see Ubama thrown under the bus.

  6. Date: Tuesday, 3-May-2011 07:40:45

    Obama using SSN of Social Security Admin. chief’s mother–UPDATED 5/2/2011

    Last week Dr. Orly Taitz was abruptly removed from both CNN and MSNBC broadcast interviews for showing meritorious evidence proving President Obama is committing Social Security and Selective Service fraud. Both interviews are linked below and will likely be studied in future college political science classes as prime examples regarding how to smother facts and abuse those who threaten the power of high political office. It is important to view the actual evidence, signed affidavits and court-stamped documents from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals linked below which note that President Obama is connected to the social security number of the deceased mother of Harry C. Ballantyne, former Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration (1982-2000), who had access to Social Security databases. It is also not generally known that Obama’s grandmother also had access to Social Security databases as a “volunteer” in the Oahu, HI probate department, having access to social security numbers of the recently deceased. Congress and the media have failed to ascertain and verify Dr. Taitz’ three private investigators’ findings of the President’s links to 39 social security numbers. Such evidence has been obfuscated, ignored and otherwise laughed away without examination, reporting and analysis by a protective media operating more as an extension of government than as protector of the Constitution.

    Continues here….


  7. funny but true…taitz could have been a more effective speaker…based on standing…the DNC (namely that California congresswoman) certified eligibility…no documentation…no proof…total fraud in fact…the document that was delivered to the State Election authorities of all 50 states…to have obieOnes name put on every ballot across the nation…that gave standing for court action…not the missing BC…but the fraud that, if the court corrected the fraud…would have given the public the chance to vote for qualified candidates…nobody can second guess the outcome of the election without Barack….he committed a fraud…and pelosi committed a fraud in the name of the DNC…the entire political party holds the hat on this one…

    they all have a lot to be criticized for in this issue…but if they dont stand up and prove standing they dont have anything…period…if not for the crime…a fair election would have been held…and the courts can not second guess any outcome of the election…if the law were followed…so it doesnt matter that they didnt file until after the election…the crime of fraud does not have a statute of limitations based on the electoral victory of the candidate that cheated…the precedent of a governor being elected and removed from office is already set…all they have to do is assert the right action…

  8. We are making a joke out of ourselves by calling this article an “excellent reporting” even if this is done in a subtly sarcastic way. It may be a bit softer than the usual anti-birther publications but it is slanted and biased the same way. For instance, it says “Taitz, a Soviet-born dentist and former real estate agent” while they never say “Obama, a former community organizer.”

  9. Having read the LA Times article, I wouldn’t have said thanks for the article. Addressing plaintiff attorneys as ‘birther’s which is now considered a derogatory term, is not exactly what I look for in unbiased journalism. Also, I would have expected more information about the actual event in order to consider the article as a news event.

    Perhaps Turner was being sarcastic, and I just missed the humor in it all.

    Excellent reporting? I would disagree.

    1. Those of us involved in this treasonous travesty were, in fact, stunned by the ‘softness’ of the article – from the LA Times, no less. Even Orly thought it was almost ‘fair and balanced’.

      I was being softly sarcastic, and was using it as an opportunity to pass on the article to my lists (it was posted below the letter), and to pass on the link to George Miller’s more detailed report (which wasn’t included in the posting here):

      P.S. For a more detailed report on what took place in the Court House, read Ventura private citizen George Miller’s write-up here: http://venturacountyteaparty.ning.com/profiles/blogs/appeal-hearing-barnett-drake

      It was also an opportunity to get some easily accessible links to Ms. Williams concerning some of the multiple crimes of Obama:

      the BirthCertifi-GATE, Social-Security-GATE, Selective-Service-GATE, Pelosi & the DNC-GATE, and Columbia-GATE,

      So I was hopefully killing quiet a few birds with one email.