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by JeanWTPUSA, blogging at We the People USA

(Apr. 30, 2011) — I could have bet anything that the timing was right for Obama to release his Birth Certificate, which, by the way, is already being picked apart by the Birthers.  See video here.

But for me and many others I have spoken to over the years, the questions regarding Obama’s “eligibility” had more to do with the fact that Obama does not meet the “Natural Born Citizen” standard of Article II of the Constitution than what hospital he was born at in Hawaii.

If you listen to the MSM, you’ll hear the term “citizen” and “Natural Born Citizen” used interchangeably. What they fail to realize or talk about is that to be NBC, you have to be born on US soil to PARENTS (plural) who are US Citizens. Birthers have suspected that Obama was NOT a NBC all along and now with the release of the long-form, know for sure, that Obama does not meet the NBC requirements to be POTUS. You can read this great synopsis on NBC here, here or here.

But it’s not just the kookie, right wing-fringe that is questioning Obama’s bona fides. Trump may have moved the BC issue into the MSM, but others, like Notre Dame Law Professor Emeritus Charles Rice, have also questioned Obama’s eligibility or lack thereof.

If you really want to look at this issue critically, you have to ask yourself, “Why did Congress go out of its way to vet McCain (who, by the way, I believe was also ineligible), but NOT Obama?” Remember Senate Resolution 511 that Obama co-sponsored and signed? If not, read this.

So in brief, this is what “I” believe or MY TAKE on the latest events.

Jerome Corsi is coming out with a new book, Where’s The Birth Certificate? this May.  Currently, it is number one on Amazon.com.

Trump is a left-leaning Democratic supporter as evidenced in his political contributions and past statements regarding his preference for socialized medicine and the like. I believe Trump is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” who is working in tandem with George Soros and the Obama administration. It’s all a show. It has to be. Why? The timing on this was too perfect. The BC was released to make Trump the frontrunner in the GOP. Trump will never get the GOP nomination and will run as an Independent. He will split the vote and Obama will get re-elected. It’s really so simple a theory that I have a hard time wondering why conservatives who are supporting Trump don’t understand his true motives.

The timing on the BC release is perfect, because it also discredits Jeromi Corsi’s research and it will most certainly downplay an important advertising campaign that will be soon hitting the airwaves regarding Obama’s eligibility. In addition, despite the fact that some journalists are still in relentless pursuit of the truth, the Dems are now targeting constituents in EVERY state to make certain that states drop their “birther bills.” Why? Under many “birther bills” Citizens would have “standing” to challenge any records provided by the candidates in court. Can you say a forensic evaluation of BHO’s BC? In addition, some states are including language that would require presidential candidates to provide proof of his/her parents’ US Citizenship to verify their NBC status/eligibility under Article II. This would be a “fatal” blow to Obama. See the Democratic Governors Association fundraising letter here.

However, with the release of the BC, it should be very interesting to see how this all plays out. Will the conversation shift to the Natural Born Citizenship requirement? It should be a fun ride. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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    1. then she or some other attorney should file a lawsuit against Hawaiian State Registrar, Alvin T. Onaka, for releasing a fraudulent document and make him defend the authenticity of it in a court of law. If he or the HDOH are going to release fraudulent documents then they shoul dbe held accountable.
      All of us would have validity via the court that the document is a forgery

  1. Excellent point Jean. The issue has always been about eligibility , the lack of proving it as constitutionally required. What is important now is that a document definitively states Obama’s father was not a US citizen. All who have demanded this document have done so to have evidence no one can deny, proof of status. It is now the duty of all sworn to uphold and defend to act to remove this ineligible man. The Constitution provides for congress to act but it is refusing to even investigate. Each and every congressional member has already been served presentments concerning the law and their duty. No investigation means it is in favor of the breach, treason.

  2. As Dr. Manning has said repeatedly, all Americans must boycott the “dung head media” most especially FOX! Rush Lim-bo, Oreily, Beck, Levin, Ingram are all shills! The American public is being fed lie, after lie, the waters are getting muddier and muddier. The dung head media has been and continues to serve the agenda of Obama. Now more than ever, every true American patriot who believes in & respects the U.S. Constitution, must turn off their TV’s & tune out the shamsters on talk radio! Tune in to the Manning Report, everything else is suspect and baloney!

  3. Ron Paul is a leftist that voted to repeal DADT. He is a HUGE earmarker, and this is a man that is supposedly for ‘small govt’.
    He does NOTHING and goes along to get along, lets get someone with bad hair that is not a politician.

  4. “Adrian Baron said: Seven U.S. presidents had a foreign-born parent. Besides Obama:”

    Until around 1912-13, women took the citizenship of their husband. So all of the above listed (other than Arthur because it was his father who was not a citizen) had mothers who were foreign born, but US citizens by marriage at the time of their children’s births or were naturalized by the former president’s birth. Jefferson was grandfathered in by Article 2, secton 1.

    Check Leo Donofrio’s blog. He researched the former president’s parentage.

    1. Thanks Bard. I saw that last night and was going to reply this morning with the same information.

      By the way, both of Arthur’s parents were Irish citizens. As you pointed out, in those days women took on the citizenship of the husband upon marriage. So, Arthur’s American citizen mother became an Irish citizen when she married Arthur’s father. When Arthur’s father naturalized in 1843 (when Chester was 14), Arthur’s mother would have naturalized as well, becoming again a US citizen.

      An interesting question would be whether Arthur’s mother would have been eligible to be President, having been a natural born citizen, then losing her US citizenship (by choice), and then getting her US citizenship back as a naturalized citizen. Her status at birth was that she was born without a foreign allegiance, but then she acquired one as an adult. I would say that she would not hav been eligible, given that the Founding Fathers must have assumed that a natural born citizen would be a citizen since birth.

  5. The pattern behind this “Blog of the Day” is right in front of your eyes.

    The test case is Massachusetts as I have gone through three election cycles now where the strategy to get Duval “Cadillac” Patrick elected was the same one used for Obama.
    2006 Patrick: From Chicago; Historic, first black MA governor; slogan – Together we can; has implemented ZERO policy of what he promised during the campaign.
    2008 Obama: From Chicago; Historic, first black POTUS; slogan – Yes we can; has implemented ZERO policy of what he promised during the campaign.
    2010 Patrick: Tim Cahill, MA Treasurer, DEMOCRAT, used as third party candidate with NO CHANCE of being elected to split the R vote.
    2012 Obama: [Trump?], DEMOCRAT, used as third party candidate with NO CHANCE of being elected to split the R vote.

    Coincidence? By the way, Axlerod is the campaign strategist for both Patrick and Obama.

  6. A solid confirmation of your “take” on Donald Trump’s role, will be, if he now drops the issue of Obama’s secretive past and doesn’t take up the issue of Obama’s ineligibility because of BO’S non natural born citizenship status………

    As an Conservative / Independent , it is tempting to vote for Trump in the primary. Why? Because he is the only possible candidate [so far] that questioned Obama’s presidential credentials. The other Republicans, including Bachmann, are gutless wonders, in that regard……….

    1. I agree with your statements, Pastor.
      Trump IS the only one that has attacked the issue. I am also a Conservative Independent. I don’t believe that Trump is ‘with’ Soros, not for a minute.
      I dont believe he is ‘left leaning’, I just believe he is a centrist.

  7. First this was NOT a Long Form Birth Certificate. Birth Certificates are issued by Hospitals. Obama was not born in a Hospital in Hawaii and that is why none of his documentation says Birth Certificate. Dr Sinclair did NOT birth Obama. He was given his FIRST EXAMINATION by Dr Sinclair at Kopiolani Hospital. That is why Kopiolani Hospital does not have her registered at the hospital. Because he was born out of a hospital his registration number is out of wack with the Nordyke twins. He got a later number because he was not in the normal line of hospital birth which come first. He was listed in the newspapers at the bottom of the list for the same reason.

    Mommie had Obama in Mombasa then jumped on an airplane and got to Honolulu in one day plus 3 hour approximate fly time. She gains many hours on the clock going through time zones.

    The ONLY place Obama can get his Birth Certificate is at Coast Hospital in Mombasa Kenya where he was born. The doctors there witnessed his birth.

    Mom is met at the airport by her mother and they go to the hospital probably emergency to see a doctor to get registered. They register the baby. Might have given the doctor the Kenyan BC. in which case Hawaii has the Kenyan BC but not sure of that. you can see one BC that shows grandmother spilt the beans to the doctor on this BC posted here apparently on an Hawaiian newspaper. maybe. I can not verify any of this.


    notice the bottom line below what Obama released it says born in Kenya per grandmother. I do not know if this is a true document. I dont need it but it would save time & arguments if true.

    also you must read. This is truely excellent and breaks the case wide open.


      1. I had not until a couple of days ago heard of this. I looked at it here:


        and it is pretty convincing looking….and it fills in what we do know quite logically.

        How was the “debunking” done. Can someone direct me to the original article and release of the document. Is this number the same on the copy I looked at as on the original release, HRS 338-17.8?

        The easiest way to debunk this would be to discredit that reference to the law. How was that done? I hope not by the word of some Hawaii Health Department person saying it is wrong. There must be a way to independently check records that have not been scubbed or changed to verify when this became effective.

        Somebody went to a lot of trouble to make a very real looking fake to mess it up without verifying the date of the law, I need more convincing it isn’t real.

        Maybe is is debunked, but I would like to know by whom, and how that happened, if possible.

      2. With all due respect ObamaReleaseYourRecords, it just may be a fake. But, explain how Kapiolani Medical Center and African which were also not in effect are showing up on BC’s dated prior to their inception?

  8. It became quite clear to me yesterday while listening to the Rush radio program. He had a substitute host who invited all callers who wished to discuss obama’s most current computer image, (as I am not aware of any public showing of a true paper document).

    Apparently there were many callers trying to express the fact the birth certificate was a minor issue and only served to support the case against him not being a natural born Citizen. Anyhow, he exploded into a wild and ridiculous rant about how children cannot help who their parents are and how we should not hold it against them. He was determined to convince the listeners that citizenship and natural born citizenship was a mute issue..

    I can only believe all these talking heads we have wanted so much to believe in were only giving token lip service to the birth certificate issue and do not have any real courage. Perhaps they were enlisted into the fraud from the beginning. Perhaps they have always been in the service of the true enemies of the Natural Born.

    1. I heard that substitute host refer to the Wong Kim Ark case in defense to a caller who stated that a natural born citizen was someone born in the country to citizen parents. Wong was ruled to be a citizen, not a natural born citizen.

    2. This has been happening on ANY talk radio show – they either won’t let the caller through, because they want to discuss the NBC clause or if someone does mention it, it’s briskly swept under the rug and the host takes control and gives HIS opinion as to what he felt the caller meant…in other words…..it’s just about being a US Citizen….NOT a natural born Citizen.

      There is obviously a widespread collective agreement through all media outlets to NOT talk about the NBC clause and how Barry is not eligible under the US Constitution. So, in the end, they really don’t want him yanked out of office at this time – why? I don’t know…..maybe because there will be racial riots??

      The whole thing is unbelievably disgusting. And what about Mark Levin who is supposed to be a Constitutional scholar/expert?? Give me a break…..these people are ALL bought and paid for to only touch on certain issues that won’t remove Barry.

      1. Quote:

        “So, in the end, they really don’t want him yanked out of office at this time – why? I don’t know…..maybe because there will be racial riots??”

        I reject that as a logical reason for refusing to accept, or even discuss, “natural born Citizen”. I believe it’s mostly to protect themselves from their total absence of objectively reporting anything negative about Obama during the election, and acting as cheerleaders for the “historic first black president”. With Congress it is protecting the members who were directly involved in massive election fraud, and the rest of Congress for failing to speak out. All of Congress simply cannot be so stupid that they have no idea what natural born Citizen means….some may be, but most are faking it.

        Then, of course, there is Alinsky and threats from the FCC and the rest of the Obama regime and its Chicago thugs.

      2. @ Bob1943 – I was more referring to the Conservative talk radio hosts that can’t stand Barry and do nothing but point out all the scum in this administration as well as touching on his sealed records and birth certificate – BUT! They will NOT discuss or approach the NBC requirement….and to me, something is VERY VERY strange with that and I don’t have an explanation.

      3. To: Concerned One ,

        That is the real point; they pretend to stand for truth and justice while they try to indoctrinate
        us with distractions.

        I believe I once read limbaugh has friends on the supreme court. In my opinion that would
        give him little credibility now.

  9. As soon as Trump came out with the MF-Bomb at a fund raiser, I knew we had been had. It’s all a dog and pony show. He deliberately blew his chance of running.

    I agree with you on the Corsi book and I honestly believe the American people have had it up to here with Obama. I’ts no longer about the BC..it’s more about his policies and horrible performance as president. It’s more than obvious he is America’s worst nightmare.

    I pray people, such as yourself, who are true patriots, continue to keep us updated and informed on the current news. We won’t get it from the MSM.


  10. I agree. I’ve been saying since the first day Trump got involved that any day now he will find 0bama’s BC and declare him eligible. We need to all get behind a candidate like Ron Paul who believes and adheres to our Constitution.

      1. Irrelevant he said because no one is going to remove 0bama from office. If Ron Paul brings it up, they will use it to smear his candidacy, bring it up at every debate. If he brings it up at work, it will be buried in subcommittee with no co-sponsors.

  11. Glad to help

    Seven U.S. presidents had a foreign-born parent. Besides Obama:

    President Herbert Hoover , Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) is the only president born of two immigrants, both Irish. Presidents with one immigrant parent are Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809), whose mother was born in England, James Buchanan (1857-1861) and Chester Arthur (1881-1885), both of whom had Irish fathers, and Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) and Herbert Hoover (1929-1933), whose mothers were born respectively in England and Canada.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: We know about Chester Arthur, who apparently was a usurper to the presidency due to the non-naturalization of his father before the son’s birth. Regarding the others, does anyone know if the parent or parents in question were naturalized before the birth of their child who later became President? Foreign-born is fine as long as at some point before the child’s birth, naturalization occurs, according to the Unity of Citizenship Theory.

    1. According to Mario Apuzzo’s research the only president other than Obama who was not a natural born citizen was Chester Arthur. He lied and it was not proven that he wasn’t natural born until many years after his death. He also had all of his records burned after his death.

      If the people on the list were foreign born, they were, according to Mr. Apuzzo, naturalized prior to the birth of their future president. I have noticed some people still think “natural born” means one has to be born to natural born parents, when all that is required is that the parents be “citizens” prior to the baby’s birth.

      They seem to intentionally trying to make the Constitutional requirement of “natural born Citizen” as confusing and complicated as possible……makes it better for Barry I suppose.