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April 28, 2011

Rep. Allen West served in the U.S. Army in Iraq and was threatened with a court-martial in 2003

Dear Editor:

The following letter has been sent to the office of Rep. Allen West of Florida’s 22nd District:

To: Jonathan Blyth, Assistant to Florida Congressman Allen West

From: Gordon Smith

Re: An Open Letter to Rep. West

Dear Jonathan,

You and I have communicated over time about your boss’s “involvement” in this birther controversy…..and to encapsulate, I believe, the impression you left me about this issue…..your boss, Rep. West was “deeply” concerned about it….and would do something to get to the bottom of it.

Is that about correct?

Well, Jonathan……yesterday, as you know, Obama released his so-called long form birth certificate only because of the pressure put on him not by Congress or any other member of our government….but from Donald Trump, of all people….and the upcoming release of a very telling book from author Jerome Corsi from WorldNetDaily.

But that is a TOTALLY separate issue….I could lose alot of brain cells ranting about how wrong THAT one is!

But now that the birth certificate has been released, and it has taken less than 24 hours for MULTITUDES of amateur and professional document experts to reveal it is a VERY VERY poorly done fake…….what does Rep. West plan on doing about this?

Out of the whole entire Congress & Senate……I am NOT solely picking on Rep. West…but YOU indicated to me very emphatically in previous emails that he was all over this issue……so how about now?

There are dozens and dozens of youtube videos that exploded overnight showing in vivid detail how wrong this birth certificate is……

Here is just one good example  http://www.patriotactionnetwork.com/video/video/show?id=2600775:Video:3732426&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_video

I am IMPLORING…IMPLORING you very cordially to have Rep. West watch this video…or any others he deems necessary….and if he agrees that there is something rotten in Denmark….to come out with a VERY public statement demanding that this document get IMMEDIATELY investigated by a professional document examiner of his choice, and the findings (whatever they are) be brought up on the floor of the House that AMERICA has been lied to and deceived.

If Rep. West chooses not to do this…..or he thinks this problem is “above his paygrade”………he will have become just as complicit as the usurper sitting in the Oval Office.

I am a Christian, Jonathan….and over and over my religion teaches that EVERY DAY we need to “decide today who we shall serve”…… God or man?

It’s time to choose, Rep. West.

I would VERY much like a reply to this email…..I am a disabled vet who served my country…and although it doesn’t give me any special treatment, and I am not a resident of the great State of Florida…..I think I deserve nothing less than a modicum of respect. I served for 20 years….and I know Rep. West is a dedicated/patriotic vet himself…..so I would very much like to hear from “my brother-in-arms”.


Gordon Smith

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  1. I added this letter to Gordon’s and sent it to Allen West’s office. He is a military officer, a member of Congress and he is black and he is an American citizen. Where are his real loyalties..on what basis will he act or choose not to act? His silence dishonors us and more importantly his fellow military men and women…those who served under him and followed his orders. His silence regarding LTC. Lakin is unforgivable. We cannot continue to give our Legislators a free pass on their duties while they bow and scrape to the fraud in the White House and whoever is behind the fraud. The Petri dish experiment and the First Moocher did not get there solely through their own lies and forgeries.

    To: Jonathan Blyth, Assistant to Florida Congressman Allen West
    From: Deborah Warren, NATURAL BORN Texan and U.S. Citizen

    Dear Jonathan,

    I am complete agreement with Mr. Smith, as are millions of Americans who are demanding our elected public servants start working for us and our nation and honor the lives given and the many sacrifices that afforded us with this magnificent gift we call America.

    I appeal to Representative West to honor his service and the support and trust we all feel toward him; Republicans and Democrats, white and black and so on. There are so many of us who span all races, colors, religions, Parties and backgrounds that have found one another and common ground to work toward in these past few years. There is a real respect and expectation regarding Rep. West due to his honest approach and plain speak about the real problems with Islam and terrorism.

    That there is no backbone to speak of when it comes to the real crimes perpetrated upon us and our country by our Fiduciaries is astounding and we need a hero. There are many heroes who are working tirelessly and they include many who never served in our armed forces; but they qualify as dedicated Americans who are putting everything on the line every day.

    WE appealed to our Fiduciaries to step up and honor heroes like LTC Lakin to no avail and the idea that any American can be imprisoned for asking what his duty and Oath bound him to do is an unforgivable crime against him and us. We must expose the fraud and crimes behind the installation of a clearly illegal and illegitimate Usurper and yet our public servants have locked arms against us and refused to act or even speak up; it is appalling, embarrassing and shameful. It is Treason.

    This was clearly accomplished with the assistance and complicity of many of our Fiduciaries. WE are fighting like hell but we need the the servants we put our faith in to back us up. The criminals who set this up and are determined to destroy us need to be held accountable; fully and completely. I am a Texan, but every Representative has an obligation to every American for their actions, words and votes affect us all.

    Rep. West: The time is now to stand up and show us whether you are just another coward or are willing to stand for the Oath you swore in your military service and as a Legislator. Which is it? Coward, criminal or American?

    Deborah Warren

  2. The line in the sand has been drawn. This is where the rubber meets the road. “Chance” is correct. We have been duped. The time for talk is over. The media and politicians have sorely underestimated the American people. The usurper is being protected every step of the way from the Supreme Court to our ‘public servants’, choosing lies over integrity. Stalemate. Plan your work and work your plan…

  3. It is INCOMPREHENSIBLE that NOBODY on this patriotic site mentions the highly abnormal HAARP activities (tornadoes, earth quakes, hundreds of thousands of dead birds and fish to GUARANTEE the financial collapse of America as they continue their experiments of conditions worse than GENOCIDE for THE DUMB AMERICANS! HAARP—(High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) —jointly owned by US Air Force, US Navy, Univ of Alaska and The Defense Advanced Projects Agency (part of the transparent government that Jessee Ventura and others were not allowed to enter Located near Gakona Alaska, Arizona and ????? Numerous articles available on Google as how scientists predict their attacks in advance due to their signature rainbows! Congress is OBVIOUSLY complicit in the destruction of America) Please READ everything about HAARP, contact ALL GOVERNORS, have them address congress and DEMAND the IMMEDIATE closing of HAARP facilities! (Like majority of governors demanding a meeting in 3 days due to an illegal president intent to banktupt America with HAARP, destroying their states and demand the arrest of the USURPER due to newest proven FRAUDULENT BC, 39 SS#,etc) A good attorney can compile countless charges for an immediate hearing to stop the destruction of America from HAARP with a USURPER! Their function is to supposedly analyze the ionisphere.

  4. With no real, actual document the action of yesterday is nothing more than the smoke and mirrors of 2008. Release a real, actual document for independent inspection. Nothing less is acceptable.

  5. No. The earth will not fall apart if Obama is sent to jail. We have the right to form our own government and that is what the Revolution was all about. We are going to do that now. It is our right as stated in our Constitution. Do we have a Constitution or not=only if we the people stand up and say so. Do we fight to keep it or not?

    1. You are right, Chance.
      Exposure and prosecution is the ONLY thing that will save our America. One way to discourage fools is to tell them that it would be bad for us and our nation and our reputation if the criminality behind the Usurper and other events of the past few years were exposed.

      It’s a crock and people who fall for that don’t deserve their citizenship. Our reputation is already muddied and bloodied under the feet of false leaders and the dead who thought they were fighting for our Constitution and the world is aware and awaiting our response.

      This is a cancer that must be excised before we can heal and restore. And heal we will.

      The earth and all that is right will fall apart if we don’t prosecute the Usurper and his facilitators.

  6. Called Wests office 2 or 3 weeks ago in WPB, Fla and asked staffer why West NEVER spoke up to defend Lt Col Terry Lakin or question Obama about 39 SS#s! Staffer NEVER HEARD of these issues and pronised to relay them to West! Not one word from West on these issues! The scariest issue is WHY do SO MANY MORONS suggest he run for President or Vice President because he spoke about taxes and IGNORES the constitutional crisis due to an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT and CONGRESS!

    1. To quote Joe Wilson: They LIE.

      The only answers you will get from the band of thieves we elected range from:
      Gee, we are unaware of that. Mr/Ms Representative is looking into that. A canned letter that is almost verbatim from each one…a response that was dictated to each of them to form a solid front AGAINST the citizens who fund their royal lifestyles and thievery.

      Each of them knows exactly what is going on and their loyalty is to one another and the obfuscation of the crimes each has committed to achieve their position. They are not thinking ahead and are not using history to guide them. When this reaches the next level and they are no longer of use; they can be rounded up just as Stalin rounded up 4,000 leaders and had them ‘disappeared’ or executed.

      Fools, criminals, traitors, liars, cheats, extortionists, blackmailers and if you consider some of their actions; aiders and abettors of murder. For what? That is the $ 14 Trillion dollar question

  7. Great letter…but, Rep. West will do nothing…..and he will pretend that native born is the same as natural born.

    Ever since the CRS document sent to Congress in 2009 concluded, at the request of Democrat leadership in Congress, that natural born meant nothing more than born on American soil, that has been Congress story, and they are sticking to it.

  8. Well, let’s say that Obama says next week “I find it impossible to be President, so I’m leaving”, and then off he goes, to some Muslim country to live by the sea in the lap of luxury. And what does he leave behind? An America in chaos, debt to China, borders wide open, Homeland Security the modern day Gestapo, a Department of Justice that has a Muslim supporter as its Attorney General, Eric Holder, who allows C.A.I.R. to operate OPENLY in our country, and thousands upon thousands of Muslims within our borders and thousands more arriving weekly. The problem is one heck of a lot more than the Long Legged Mack Daddy Obama; the problem is the legacy of Ted Kennedy, of MSM, of the Joint Chiefs of Staff keeping a deafening silence as LTC Lakin was railroaded and kangarooed into prison. We have voter fraud rampent in every state. We have unions who hate the Constitution. But what’s the worse of it all, is that we have millions of Americans who don’t give a hoot about the Constitution, and that’s the saddest thing of it all.
    We know the Birth Certificate is a lie, heck, that’s all America is nowdays, one big lie, and everyone on the planet knows it but Americans. Amazing.
    The Obama crowd isn’t going to give up: if they are forced out they’ll do their best to leave behind a “scorched earth policy”, that’s how much they hate and fear the Constitution. They’ll continue on the same road that Obama started, and smile, and wave, and Nancy Pelosi will be giving interviews instead of being hanged.
    Congress has big pensions and 100% medical, and laugh at the gullibility of their constituents.
    Allen West has yet to address LTC Lakin. One would think that he would’ve come to his rescue rather than remain mute.
    West isn’t the hope, nor the answer.

  9. Will the rubber meet the road. Will Allen West awaken from the dream. Will we find a true patriot.

    God Bless Allen West I hope he shows he has what it takes when the chips are down on the table.

    1. obambi researcher: you said:
      “God Bless Allen West I hope he shows”

      whoops! he already blew his opportunity when he didn’t say a word about LTC Lakin. How any military person could stand by and not defend LTC Lakin is something I don’t understand.
      So, the rubber didn’t meet the road, he didn’t awaken from his dream. better keep looking.

    2. The chips are down on the table…they have been for a while now. It is the eleventh hour or later. At this point our public servants are a day late and Trillions short. We really can’t just pray and hope that the cavalry will ride in at the last second and save us. WE are the cavalry now.

      Through their silence, they have spoken volumes and the silence is as loud as any nuclear explosion. We, in our faith and naivete, want to believe there is substance and loyalty to us and our country…that their Oath was sworn in humility, faith and truth.

      We think IF we could only make them hear us…if we can only give them new facts; they will act. We think they care about the history and the lives given to afford us this gift. We think they care about the future and their own children.