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April 24, 2011

Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) recently floated the idea of a run for President or Vice President

The following letter was written in response to the article by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely dated April 23, 2011:

I share MG Vallely’s concerns, but I do not think that the resignations he is demanding will ever happen, nor do I believe that impeachment is the appropriate course of action in this case, notwithstanding the unlikelihood that it could ever be done successfully in the current polarized political environment.

I believe that numerous serious criminal violations have occurred including election fraud, false statements on official documents, drug use, wire fraud, criminal forgery on multiple counts, conspiracy, murder, voter intimidation, intimidation and improper influence of officers of the court, intimidation and improper influence of federal judges, multiple violations of federal campaign financing laws, fraudulent and unconstitutional application of public funds for illegal and/or private purposes, multiple violations of federal labor laws, and more.

This is just for starters, and this is over and above the mass violations of the oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution” by officers of the military services, law enforcement officers, members of the judiciary, and members of the Congress as described by General Vallely.

Given this situation, I believe that the only realistic and viable course of action is to treat the crisis we are in as a law enforcement matter.

Massive violations of federal laws have occurred which have allowed criminals and traitors to take control of the federal government.

This is no more and no less than a coup d’etat.

If Congress will not act by demanding hearings on the most urgent and visible crime – the usurpation of the office of president of the United States – then the people must find a way to address the problem.

The roots of the Obama Marxist forces are penetrating more deeply into the federal bureaucracy with each day that passes. The difficulty of rooting out these thugs becomes much more difficult as time goes on.

In just a few months the position of director of the FBI will be in play. Whom do you suppose the usurper-in-chief will appoint to that critical law enforcement position? One name being mentioned is Jamie Gorelick.

An editorial published by the Washington Examiner on March 24, 2011 included the following statements: “There is no escaping the damage that would result if President Obama appoints Jamie Gorelick to succeed Robert Mueller as FBI director…After such a checkered career, we find it incredible that Gorelick would be on anybody’s list for appointment to any federal position, much less to head the FBI.”

My friends, the need for action is urgent.

Thomas Paine wrote the highly influential pamphlet "Common Sense" in 1776, which advocated a break with Great Britain. Where is "common sense" now?

In the words of Thomas Paine on December 23, 1776:

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

The American people need a leader, and they need to make their grievances known in a visible way in the nation’s capital.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the people the right to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.”  We have presented that petition regarding the apparent ineligibility of the president in every possible way, yet we have been denied redress at every turn.

If we cannot produce millions of people in front of the White House and the Capitol building demanding action on our grievances, then I am afraid that we will have lost our country by default. I do not see any other solution at the present time.

Who is the leader who can inspire the millions of American patriots unwilling to let this Communist take-over of our country stand?

Are you that leader, General Vallely?

David F. LaRocque

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  1. I have given up on fighting our government coverup of Obama. The republicans and the democrats have taken over the United States of America. It is plain to see that this was a planned deal. Is our America to be called The New World Order ? If so, what do you socialist want to do with us true American Patriots? Kill us? Well, you might as well get started.As far as the people in our country that think this could be settled by the vote,Forget it,! Not going to happen. Does any other person see that the media has be forced by the government to totally shut down the Obama segment.Our government has step on us like killing maggots in a garbage can. We are all cowards. We will not stand up and fight. We have no leader. All we do is complain and do nothing. It’s over, done , capoot. So, come on Obama. You win. Do your dictating and start ordering your mass murders on all us American Patriots.What the hell are you waiting for? We have no more money for you to take.What is it that you want? It sure isn’t peace.Is it to put white people in chains? I think not,because you are not a real black American and hate only those that don`t want your ideas to become real. Well, I am one of those ,so go ahead and put me to death. how about stoning me to death? Would that satisfy you? Or maybe cut my head off? You have proven to me ,one thing for sure,and that is You talk to damn much and don`t take actions. So, just shut you lying mouth and do whatever you plan on doing. GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU AND ALL GOVERNMENT CRIMINALS, SOONER OR LATER, for what you have done.

  2. I have been calling for an assembly in DC for over a year but it MUST NOT be on Memorial Day weekend or any other holiday. NOBODY is home during these times and we would be unseen and unheard. I don’t feel that we need a “leader” but we would need someone to co-ordinate permits and such unless our numbers were so overwhelming it would be near impossible to have a “secure” event.

  3. Many on the left party seem to be hypnotized, in a trance and not seeing the damage being done. In fact, some refuse to see it. They appear to embrace things that many of us have always known as sin and worthy of scrutiny. They use “political correctness” religiously, as if it were the ‘secret password’ to navigate socially. They protect what they shouldn’t, and attack people who love God, people who have a conscience, people who want justice for the innocent and our Constitution. They hate us, because we are not like them and we get in the way of their dark pursuits. We are flabbergasted at how blinded they seem. They are calling evil things – good, and good things – evil.
    They became this way a little at a time. It’s human nature to take the path of least resistance, the loose way, the way of compromising principles, the way most pleasurable, the most convenient … and the way that is sympathetic with what we know as sin. People are also like sheep. Sheep follow all the other sheep. They would follow the other sheep right off a cliff.
    Yet, all of our complaining, all of our crude jokes and angry statements only serve as a pressure release valve, doing nothing to change what is. It’s all just impotent and useless and it makes us look like weak, fools. We have already lost many rights and freedoms [see video link below], and while we are sitting around typing useless comments, there are wolves in our government and union, that are hard at work to change us into something completely different than what America has stood for. Many of us are Christians, following right along with the name-calling, exuding anger and even what looks like hatred. I’ve been guilty of it myself at times out of frustration. But this is no longer a “party” problem. America is in big trouble!
    If we wish to do something to stop it, we had better jump on it now! Those who feel that they are able to rally people together should step out of the shadows and start organizing civil protests, even to the point of engaging in civil disobedience like Ghandi or Martin Luther King did. That means leaving the computers and getting out in the public eye in strategic places. We need to pray for our country. Some people say that this is prophecy being fulfilled, and yet, we still have the freedom to protest, to refuse to comply with the evil that’s happening.
    Don’t look to the voting time to save us. We would be very naiive to believe that the elections are on the up and up. There are pay offs, and manipulations, cheating, lying and everything else in the elections now. Just look at what ACORN did during Obama’s election. Look at all the people who voted for him merely because they blindly swallowed his lies, dangling carrots & questionable promises. People who wanted “freebies” and what they thought was an “easy” way out of working for what they get (what our country has always stood for, and the Bible endorses). Many voted for him for his “healthcare” promise, that he said – wouldn’t cost us a penny. Many voted for him merely because they wanted “the first, black President.” Huh??? They didn’t even care what he was, where he came from, his past, or how he would do things.
    “Spreading people’s wealth around” isn’t even constitutional, and yet many citizen’s didn’t care, as long as they could dream of his dangling carrots coming true and be caught up in the buzz of his ‘charisma’. He never said during his campaigne that he would use our taxes to refurbish Mosques. He has said he is a “Christian”, but that he’s free to explore other religions and get the benefits from those as well. He didn’t tell us he is a Muslim, and yet one must to be a Muslim in order to pray with them, which he’s done for the camera. Many of his followers cry over him as if he were some kind of god. Yet, what has he done for America beside bleed her? The first thing he did when he came into office was to develop a civilian army (for riot control) remember?, and began building FEMA “camps” all over the country which look like prisons which include stacks of plastic coffins??? Is there anyone who thinks he loves America? Whatever he is planning, is certainly not good!!!
    We need to write letters to our senators, governors, congressmen. We need to call them. We need to be supportive of the heroes who are speaking up for us and the wrongs being done. The Westboro Baptist “hate group” seems to know how to get attention. I’ve noticed people who seem to have their heads in the sand and won’t look at the reality of what’s going on. I go to post a news link and a political wall is clogged with games and other apps. All the little bits and pieces of news we see, can be put into a big picture, and that big picture is not good!!! We need to join Organizations that are fighting for the constitution, for us, for the freedoms and rights that we are watching disappear on the horizon. A President is supposed to serve the country, not dictate and do whatever he wishes. We need to demand the “transparency” of our government’s activities which he promised (yet another lie), demand he stop spending our taxes on his Muslim homeboys in other countries, demand the media to report all the news and not allow it to strategically use it as a partisan tool. We need to have a loud, strong voice of protest and be willing to suffer for it. We need to demand that our government serve all the people, and quit trying to alter and change and suspend our precious, ageless Constitution! They are tearing it apart … the very heart of America!
    Complaining alone, isn’t going to get us anywhere.

    1. Right-On Susie Arviso; you clearly see it, they are called Liberals… in case you missed my article a while back, just enter in the search strip above – “Liberalism Bob1939”, and you will see that we are both very much on the same page. What we need to do about this “instead of complaning alone”, is to gather in Washington DC in the millions. Hopefully someone will officially pick a start date like May 28th, as has been suggested… and then we all need to “GET IT ON”.

  4. ret gen. vallely is acting mostly like a politician rather than being willing to step up and call for the arrests of the usurpur and all his co – conspirators and lead the march on the wh and congress . he just seems to want to straddle the fence and take up the political correctness route if necessary. i believe i am on to him and im very dissappointed in his stance thus far and time is quickly running out for him to get with it.

  5. Egyptians were determined to stay put in Cairo square to demand resignation of their autocract President. President Mobarack was forced to resign shortly.

    Americans were determined to stay at home and wait for election and the next election to come. US Usurper president declares he is running for re-election.

    Egyptians maybe an educated ignorant, but they are smarter to remove their overstaying President. Americans are educated idiots and they prefer their Usurper president to run for the next election.

    A real-life Usurper knows what he wants and he gets it. He is not scared of any treason threat. He is a leader. Sovereign American people depend on their Constitution to apply what they wanted. They are only followers of the Constitution.

    G. Washington maybe a junior officer in the British Military before. In the revolution, he leads a ragtag colonial followers and gain independence. He was proven a fearless leader.

    Leaders are not born and there is no perfect leader to start with. In the midst of Constitutional crises a fearless leader is called for. Sovereign American people has to start picking their leader.

    The Usurper trick was to remove the people’s Constitution. Removing the Usurper is the Sovereign people rights.

  6. It’s time for action. All the talking, complaining, quibbling and such has resulted in no change to our country and its dilemma. With all our great military leaders active or retired we should be able to form a force of patriots to go to DC and correct the problems facing this great nation by apprehending every elected member of the now uncontrolled government and place guards at their offices and place them in confinement until they could be tried by our new court system for their treasonous dereliction of duty. A good place to start recruitment would be VFW’s, Legions, DAV , VA Centers and general population.Very little training would be required for these type Patriots due to prior experience. The recently elected members are also on this list as they are already kowtowing to to the DC system and failing to do what they were sent to congress to do.

    This will let WE THE PEOPLE get our government back to the way our forefathers intended for this country to be governed. Just think of the money this operation will save on bloated salaries and all the retirements that won’t have to be paid.
    I’m tired of all this thievery, fraud, treason, and lawless state we’re living in. I hope and pray that someone will take heed and act. I’M READY AND WILLING!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mr. Trump has been instrumental, in gaining the notice of not only
    the average Joe and Jane, but the sold-out
    media. He has accomplished what previous court cases and
    outstanding attorneys have not been allowed, by corrupt judges, to do.

    So far, we have no clue as to how much he is willing to invest, physically, in
    this hope to purify America.

    Auntie Madder wrote:

    “it resembles too strongly the wanna-be future ruler leading
    the overthrow of the current ruler as has happened in dictatorial countries.”

    I am ambivalent regarding this, because looking down the road, I CAN envision,
    the resemblance to dictatorial countries, and the negativity arising towards a figure who is aspiring to become president while leading a rally against the occupying

    Then, again, those countries are not as ‘civilized’ as America, and
    perhaps it is too soon to anticipate what would be the future emotional reaction.

    Mr. Trump may not ever consider being a part of a demonstration in D.C.

    We know he cares about what Obama is doing
    to this country. He has made it clear that Obama is the worst ‘president’

    Soon he will discover, if he hasn’t already, that Obama is not even the ‘president’ but
    an impostor/fraud/criminal/Marxist/Muslim.

    It is almost like a spy novel with a counterfeit president and the
    behind-the-scenes corruption/maneuvers that put him in that position.
    From what I have read, his being placed as POTS has been in the
    making for many years. It didn’t just happen overnight. He was
    trained in Russia, according to Tom Fife’s report.

    This particular thread is a cyberspace KoffeeKlatch.
    Sort of like sitting around a table in a coffeehouse and discussing
    how to save the world…lol


    1. As I know all of you are aware our once great Republic is mere fragile shell of what it once was, intentionally left in place only to deceive and keep the appearance of liberty and freedom intact and to hide the evil machinations of the usurper and his pack gremlins…every day that we “dither about” as Dr. Allen Keyes said, they become stronger and more entrenched…IF
      we want our Republic back, “We the People” are going to have to TAKE it back by peaceful or other means and time is of the essence.
      This will not happen without a leader, and not just any leader. America in 2011 being what she is, this leader (he or she) must be a huge media persona preferably with tons of money.
      Enter Mr Trump… this one man has accomplished more in a few weeks to expose the usurper than the collective efforts of hundreds perhaps thousands of relentless dedicated Patriots did in over 2.5 years…Why?…because Mr.Trump is impervious to and more powerful than the obama regime controlled main-sleaze-media…he boles them over like bulldozer and does it respectfully and with style. And the sad reality is if you can’t control the media in this country, well you’ve lost before your even started.
      There are over 300 million Sovereigns in America against only 535 or so corrupt criminals in our fed gov, so technically we have ALL the power…just try telling that to your neighbor.
      We didn’t even have a voice until Mr. Trump came along and for whatever reason (I don’t really care) decided to join our cause. I for one am very, very grateful, because before Trump we were pretty much out in the wilderness and now we have been rejuvenated and have fire in our belly’s ( tell me you don’t feel it !!! )
      Mr Trump may not be perfect but who is, when you really want to win a fight, you fight dirty,
      that’s how you win…you use very tool, asset and dirty trick in the book…you take it to the enemy as if your family’s life depended on it. And it does!

      Semper Fi

  8. Here’s a suggestion.

    I am not ready to bash Donald Trump yet, as some are, so I would give him the lead in organizing the march on DC for Memorial Day weekend, May 28th. Mr. Trump has the ability to get out the word that the event will be held. At the event General Vallely would be one of the lead speakers, with other speakers including LTC Lakin, Pamela Barnett, Commander Kertcher, Mario Apuzzo, Orly Taiz, Sharon Rondeau, Jerome Corsi, Joseph Farah, Theresa Cao, and maybe 2008 Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams, who has signed a sworn affadavit saying there is no long-form Hawaii BC for Obama……and there would be other speakers of course, along with patriotic entertainment and music.

    At the meeting Mr. Trump and Mr. Corsi could release new information which they claim to have regarding Barry Soetoro. Mr. Trump could kick-off his presidential campaign, (or kick it into high gear if it’s already officially underway).

    Having the event on Memorial Day weekend would help to make the point of what is happening to our nation now, after hundreds of thousands of veterans lost their lives in wars to protect us from being taken over by foreign governments. We should make the point that we are insulting the memory and the sacrifice of those brave people by allowing the illegal usurper, his puppet masters and enablers to remain in power and continue to destroy the America we know and love. Ths Constitution matters and the truth matters, we must act now……..

    1. You forgot one important voice in your list of voices above. You have included all of the Unity Theorists who do not even describe a valid theory of Law and they all fail to comprehend the meaning and definition of nbC. You forgot Jedi Pauly, the one lone voice with the correct Natural Law Theory. It is astounding the lack of respect everyone seems to have for those of us who discover and describe the truth but are not public ego figures who espouse false information.

    2. Good idea, if Donald Trump had the time
      and deep interest to begin such an undertaking.

      Wish that book by Jerome Corsi were coming
      out NOW and not 3 weeks from now. It sounds
      like it will blow the lid off of this whole controversy
      concerning BHO and his agenda for America.

      So, did you agree with me about Memorial Day week
      or was that also your own thoughts without my
      input? I just wondered if two minds were on the same
      channel by accident. lol

      Actually, this whole thread seems to be many minds
      on the same wave length. We are really, really
      at the end of our collective ropes.

      Every day this maniac poisons our country with
      more of his venomous deeds. I cannot think
      of any so-called political figure that I have ever
      detested more than BHO. And that includes
      Slick Willy.. lol What really drives me crazy is
      his instilling Muslim ideologies into our
      country and bestowing millions of American dollars
      upon their countries and culture.

      Our representatives are both blind and stupid.

    3. To lead this march on DC wouldn’t be a good move for Trump if he’s serious about running for POTUS in 2012 because it resembles too strongly the wanna-be future ruler leading the overthrow of the current ruler as has happened in dictatorial countries. Something like this has to be organized and led by Joe Public and Jane Citizen. It has to be the work of the people and it has to look like it, too. If any future politicians are born of or emerge from it, then good for them. But politicians and those who’ve publicly expressed interest in becoming politicians, like Trump has, should stay out of the way. They are, after all, part of the problem.

      1. With all due respect, Joe Public and Jane Citizen have taken down the road to nowhere in countless law suits and rallies, town hall meetings, tea party meetings etc., etc. for the past three years and all the commicrats and rinos do is laugh and keep right on destroying America.

        This thing had less than -0- national traction until Trump came on board and put the issue in the spotlight…We cannot let this opportunity slip by. We MUST start playing HARDBALL!!!

        Semper Fi

      2. In mulling over this observation, I think
        you are right- on about that
        interpretation of his assuming
        the leadership in a March on Washington D.C.

        True, it would be the analysis of lots of people.

        Gee, Dr. Kate might be a great Joan of Arc.
        (without the burning at the stake, however)

        She is admirably a gung-ho woman with the
        boldness and the passion that it would take
        to face down the opposition.

        That is the sense that I get from reading her board.

      3. How is Trump part of THIS problem? Is it because he didn’t speak up sooner? In a month or so he has done more to reveal the information to the public that we have been discussing for 2 years, and to force the media into something besides silence, than anyone else. Joe Public and Jane Citizen have been yelling at the top of their lungs about this until they cannot yell any more, what we need is someone whose yelling will be acknowledged, right now that someone is Donald Trump.

        Of course he wants to overthrow the current ruler, that’s what every presidential candidate had better want or they will wind up just going through the motions like John McCain.

        I don’t believe Trump will be in the way, but if he is willing he could be THE WAY!

    4. Bob1943…

      Sir, this really is an outstanding idea whose time is right now! It is entirely possible that Trump’s and Corsi’s investigators have uncovered the same damning evidence.
      Jerome Corsi’s new book is titled “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President.”
      Corsi has sequestered himself and refused to talk about the book or do any interviews until the May 17th release date (I would be too, with some hard-core security) The book hasn’t even been released and it has dominated the #1 position on Amazon.com…personally, I believe that Trump, Corsi and their respective investigative teams may be collusion and that is why Trump will not reveal his findings and stonewalls the talking heads when they persistently ask him what he found out.
      I can easily see a couple of million people at this event you are suggesting…There are some very intelligent, well informed and connected readers at P&E.
      Of course a lot of things would have to be worked out…but the timing is epic!
      Also, don’t for get Dr. Allen Keyes as a speaker! Again, well done…stellar idea!

      “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” —Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

      Semper Fi

  9. God also used his chosen men to
    enforce His will for mankind.

    It wasn’t always pretty, either.

    The OT is filled with God’s ways to
    keep those cultures in line.

    When this world as we know it is
    finally at its sinful end, there will be
    peace for 1000 years and THEN the
    final comeuppance of Lucifer.

    Me, I can hardly wait.

  10. here is an email address for Major General Vallely
    which, I am guessing, is how personal letters are
    sent to him, such as the one by David LaRocque.

    Someone who has authority and a connection to
    the Major General REALLY NEEDS to write him a
    concrete invitation to head-up either a MASSIVE MARCH to
    D.C. or to implement whatever it takes, such as a network to various
    military officers, to get this action against Obama and
    his minions on the road.

    There are millions of us and a comparative few of them.
    The Constitution has not YET been made null and void..
    even though the criminals in Washington’s government
    have been allowed to ignore and over-ride it.

    Obama would like to throw it and all laws of the land
    out the window, but so far, he hasn’t been able to completely
    destroy the foundations of this republic, set up by our
    Founding Fathers, but he is working on it, day and night.

    On top of that, I cannot fathom that millions of patriots
    in an uprising, whether peaceful or “OTHERWISE” would be
    unable to remove this cancer from our society/government/
    White House. It just isn’t logical. Americans have more backbone
    than this: to sit back and let Marxism, Islamism, Naziism take over.
    I don’t see this as something an astute American would allow.

    Would the D.C. security start shooting millions of people
    in the streets? Well, this IS still America, and the Gestapo
    hasn’t taken over YET.

    There are millions of intelligent, educated, frustrated,
    angry people, voters, tax payers, lawyers, teachers,
    retired military, veterans, all ready, willing and able
    to voice their discontent. Think French Revolution
    preferably without the guillotine.

    The longer we wait, the more his tentacles become
    wrapped around the laws of the land. He is viciously
    and ruthlessly destroying the country and all it stands for.

    The Obots are out there cheering him on but it is not
    my belief that they outnumber true Americans…not by
    a long shot.

    The everyday men and women, the professionals, the
    people on boards such as this one, far out number the
    Obama followers.

    This creature has been lording it over us for over 2 years.
    That is 2 years too many. He has no intention of resigning.

    He has to be removed forcefully because legally is not
    working with a corrupt Congress, House, Senate and
    Supreme Court judges. These individuals total a
    number that is not formidable in comparison to us.

    They have to listen to the people and if it takes massive
    numbers of patriots marching into their territory,. so be it.

    But… there has to be a leader to organize and to plan
    the strategy. If Major General Vallely would be as brave
    and courageous as he is perceived to be, then he would
    be ideal. There ought to be other cognizant officers who
    are in agreement and would assist in this coup d’etat.

    This is my perspective as a woman, who is also a veteran
    of the USAF, and who is impatient and frustrated by the
    delay. The traitor, usurper, criminal, liar, Muslim, Marxist,
    does NOT BELONG IN AMERICAN government. He is
    an alien and a man of lawlessness. He came into power
    through election fraud and illegal means.. aside from that
    he has no proof of being a natural born citizen of the U.S.

    It is beyond my comprehension that he has not been
    dragged out in handcuffs and thrown into prison
    to stand trial with a sentence of the electric chair
    as his reward, not to forget all of those complicit in
    this, the greatest crime against America in its
    entire history. We are not sheep being led to slaughter.

    1. jan —— i have sent gen. vallely several e-mails requesting that he step out in front and lead a massive march on the wh and congress and i have never got any response from him. then a short while later i see another letter from him demanding impeachment and resignations again. this has been going on with him for nearly 2 years and there continues to be no result. he seems to be just circling the wagon hoping for a dream come true that will not happen. he seems to want things both ways and he is not going to have things both ways.

      1. johnny,

        I am really disappointed to learn that Major General
        Vallely is disinterested in this urgent need to rally the forces.

        I guess I am just a born crusader, but I cannot comprehend
        someone ( who has the ways and means to formulate
        a solution to such a travesty of justice being foisted on our
        country), not becoming involved nor even responding with
        a ‘yes’ or ‘no, thanks’. reply. Maybe his emails are screened
        and censored.

        If Walter Fitzgerald weren’t in deep trouble of his own
        in TN, I bet he would have the bravado to go for it.

        I wonder about the officer, Major Cook, I think it was,
        who also questioned the impostor. He, at least, did
        not get tossed into the clinker.

        There has to be someone willing to step up to the plate,
        ( out of hundreds of military officers),

        who care more for their country than they do their

        or maybe not.

    2. There are millions of us that are un-employed,myself for one.We need to get a march organised ,Memorial day weekend sounds good. Lets all get together on the date and let others know when its a GO! Those that have a money problem to get there would have time to “put some $$ back for it.

  11. “This is no more and no less than a coup d’etat.”

    Until we take it back, that is exactly what has happened. We have to stop with the Christian missionary role and start up with the Christian warrior role. History does not show us a single example of communists giving up power because it was the right thing to do. These traitors will be removed only when they are removed by force.

    I, too, am fed up with everyone in the federal government swearing an oath to defend and protect the Constitution, and then not doing so.

    I appears time for the states to retake control of this misfit central government they chose to create and promote, and short of them doing so, we are dissolved as a country – just what our enemies have wanted all along. The shared sovereignty agreement between the states and the federal government has been made null and void by outlaw activity inside the federal government.

    Time to shut ‘er down and start over again. Thank God we have fifty backup governments.

  12. Let’s face some facts of life, right here and now, this will not be solve by itself, and David F. LaRocque, you are exactly, 100% correct in what you said…”If we cannot produce millions of people in front of the White House and the Capitol building demanding action on our grievances, then I am afraid that we will have lost our country by default. I do not see any other solution at the present time”. I might only add – that we must stay there for as long as it takes to get Barry arrested, and that won’t take long.

    No one will be hurt, everyone knows that there aren’t enough people of honor currently in the government to uphold their own oath of office and to do the right thing; that’s why it has to be done by “We The People” of Christian Faith, which also need some repair in our country too. We could think of such a rally as getting rid of Thugs in government, stopping Fascism in its tracks, and most importantly “Getting Back To GOD”

    If everyone is in agreement, then all we have to do is PICK A DATE, and MOBILIZE.

    1. It has to be a date when Obama is not out of
      the country or out of D.C.

      I was thinking of Memorial Day week
      but maybe he will be out honoring our
      veterans in a national cemetery…
      (yeah, right!)

    2. go to sonsoflibertyriders, Go To Oil Workers Who have lost their jobs, people in small businesses, doctors, veterans, people who don’t like this increase in college tuition, etc. I believe there are brave military people who have the guts to not be traitors, who want our borders to be protected,& know obama is a traitor involved in treason. To the retired military who can just post comments and not step up to the plate & help our country, shouldn’t be posting. They don’t have to wear their uniforms to help.

  13. We are talking German spies in high places working for Germany to destroy America. It is easy to ferret out foreigners with their broken spoken English. Just Google a transcript, Obama transcript, and see the complete lack of complex sentences with lots of and’s, but’s, or’s, pauses, incorrect defintions and grammar, often just phrases. Obama is believed to be from Thailand, a suburb of Germany with all of their polluting industries. Here is my collection of foreigners. Just the tip of an iceberg though.

    GHW Bush B Bush B Clinton H Clinton B Obama
    John Howard W Buffet Alex Jones R Murdoch T Blair
    Volcker Bernanke Greenspan K Rove J Roberts
    Hamburg (FDA) J Boehner N Pelosi J Kerry GW Bush
    T. Geithner,R Mueller, B O’Reilly, G Beck, E Cantor

  14. Good Article. One thing that would help is if people actually would become educated as to what exactly is the definition and meaning of Article II “natural born Citizen”. I have discovered and described the Natural Law Theory that does just that. If you have not done so already, please read my Article here at The Post & Email entitled Summary and Detailed Proof of the Natural Law Theory of Article II “natural born Citizen”. Perhaps if people are armed with the correct legal explanations, then the FBI and courts might be forced to take action. There is no reason for Judges and FBI individuals to not be as outraged as the rest of us once they understand what is going on. I think many of them are confused on this issue and do not believe us when we tell them that there is massive criminal treason occurring.

  15. one man with courage is a majority per thomas jefferson. finally somebody agrees with me. this matter is urgent and there is no time remaining to rely on resignations and impeachment which neither are going to happen. as i have stated previously it is dreaming to think like that. there is no time left for political correctness or playing both sides of the fence. gen. vallely has the resources and back ground to step up here and lead a massive march on the wh and congress to force and end to this criminal regime. i also agree that every day that we wait the situation is only going to get worse. this marxist regime continues to gain power through corruption fear and intimidation as any dictator does. to sit and wait for some politician or politicians to help is futile for us citizens and this country.

    1. Interesting, that I had not read your post or the
      others here when I wrote my own observations
      on what needs to be instigated in the immediate

      This gathering of patriots would not be expected
      for citizens who are tied down to jobs,
      have hindering family concerns, medical issues,
      or lack the finances to make the trip.

      However, there are many citizens who, I am sure,
      would be able to make the trip and do not have
      handicaps of one sort or another.

      I agree with Bob1939, set a date and mobilize.
      Obama is giving astronomical monies to the enemy.
      He is giving weapons to the enemy.
      He is barring weapons for Israel.
      He is over-riding laws and using his so-called
      Executive Order to make his own rules as he
      goes along.

      He says he does not have
      to do what Congress mandates.

      How dictatorial is that? Shades of Hitler
      and Mussolini, to name only two tyrants
      whose final days were long over-due, also.

  16. There is always ONE more way. That is God’s Way.

    God works in wondrous ways.

    Although I will be the first to say that God Helps those who help Themselves.

    1. Like the Secret Service, or SWAT to get this domestic enemy out of WE THE PEOPLE’s WHITE HOUSE, committing treason by not securing our borders. Anyone backing this enemy is a traitor himself. If Nixon didn’t leave the White House, don’t you know that the Secret Service would have removed him? I think so. So to the Secret Service, SWAT, military, Do Your job; it’s past time, and to all of the other traitors backing this enemy, you’re guilty also.