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from the Terry Lakin Action Fund

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin was sentenced in December 2010 for refusing to obey orders after asking whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is eligible to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief. His question was never answered.

(Apr. 23, 2011) — On or around April 18 notification was sent to MAJ Matthew Kemkes that LTC Lakin’s pleas for clemency were denied and the findings of the court martial were confirmed.

  • Loss of Pay
  • Loss of Pension
  • Discharge from the Army

Terry and his family want to thank the thousands of individuals who assisted with letters and emails of support to the convening authority. Many active and retired military as well as parents of those serving sent clear, caring statements of support for Terry’s efforts.

The standard process for Terry now is the possibility of two stages of appeals before he is formally discharged from the Army. This process could run out a year or more.

Terry’s release date has been determined (mid May) based on good behavior but we are waiting to make a final announcement pending some remaining details and procedural decisions. Please check the TerryLakin.com site for updates on the exact date.

It is important, as requested, the those concerned about Terry, his family, and his case, continue to support his family as his employment status is unknown.

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  1. I hope people have been giving as much as they can to help this great patriot’s family. I was shocked when Ducky Hemingway said that his mortgage was over $6000 a month and his wife is foreign so I guess she can’t work and they have no money. He needs every penny we can send. And so does Dr. Taitz and Dr. Kate and Dr. Manning and Col. Kerchner and Mr. Apuzzo and Teresa Cao and Mr. Berg and WorldNetDaily and Lucas Smith and of course here!!!!!!!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: My understanding is that Terry’s wife, Pili, is also a medical doctor but had chosen to stay home to take care of the children. You can read CDR Kerchner’s interview here dated December 28, 2010 wherein he speaks about Terry’s wonderful family.

  2. If I were elected POTUS in 2012 the very first thing I would do would be grant Lt. Col. Terance Lakin a complete and total pardon, and then have every military person who had anything to do with his Courts Martial conviction immediately discharged with loss of pension et al benefits.

  3. My father was an official witness to the Courts Martial and execution (by firing squad) of Private Eddie Slovic, the only member of the U.S. military executed for failing to perform their military duty (in Slovic’s case, desertion in the face of the enemy) since the Civil War.

    I should be so lucky to witness the trial and execution (by hanging) of Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein Obama, the only usurper of the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America since Chester A. Arthur (1881–1885).

  4. I’m with you, Elmo. The corruption is mind boggling. So many protecting this POS & still so many clueless too. It’s maddening!


  5. Though it may be very disconcerting and tough for Terry and his family, his decision to “stick to his guns,” will not be regretted several years from now, if he continues to hold to his convictions.

    Terry will know that he has acted according to his God-given conscience and will have nothing to regret. That, alone is worth the loss of his army reputation and financial loss which does not matter 100 years from now.

    Our prayers are with you, Terry and company! Those of us who have not been on the front line as you, are doing what we can to raise the publics’ educated awareness about the Obama molestation of this country and his charading crew. Stand tough and may the good Lord bestow upon you the blessings that only can come through such sacrifice as yours!

    Have a blessed Easter – in the risen Christ’s Name!

  6. I beleive LTC Lakin will have so many opportunities in his furure, that he will have a hard time deciding which one to take. He is known and admired across America.

  7. I’m wondering if it is possible for LTC Lakin to sue for damages in a civil loss suit over loss of job, loss of pension, loss of benefits, loss of liberty, loss of dignity, etc.?

    1. Reply to kingskid,
      I believe that you can’t sue the Government without obtaining their permission. At least I was always told that while in the Army. There isn’t an amount worthy enough to repay LTC Lakin for his sacrifice and service to our Nation. One thing He has that the other military leaders don”t and that is Moral Courage and Honor., as He stood up for what is right regardless of the consequences as well as His oath of Service..
      What is so bad about the Military is that the Officers are Politicians first and foremost as well as yes men above anything. They value their careers and promotions over what is just and right.

  8. LTC Lakin was railroaded pure and simple. He was denied His rights under Article 138 UCMJ. I had written to his defense council and informed them of this defense last year prior to His Trial but evidently they had already sold Him down the river with the Prosecutor for expediency.

    I had written over 2 years ago how to remove Obama utilizing Article 138 UCMJ on my Radio Show ,The Weekly Candor on Plains Radio as well as Patriot’s Heart Network. Even Leo Donofrio said my idea was plausible within His Blog. Additional Orly Tait used it with her suits and plaintiffs in the ineligibility of Obama.

    To say the least I was surprised to see that LTC Lakin had used the Article 138 under UCMJ.

    The reason the Army denied LTC Lakin His rights was due to the fact that they didn’t allow the 138 to run its’ course..LTC Lakin properly wrote out His perceived grievance regarding USURPER Obama’s ineligibility( I never say eligibility as I don’t lie). He then Properly submitted this to His immediate Superior officer who had court martial authority over Him. His Commander told Him that the Article 138 didn’t apply which was very wrong as it could be a PERCEIVED and not actual wrong that LTC was demanding redress for. In any event, His commander did the proper thing in passing it on to the General Officer excercising Court Martial Authority over Him, even though it was initially turned down By LTC Lakin’s Commanding Officer.
    The General denied the redress by LTC Lakin but this is where LTC’S Lakin’s rights were trampled.

    The General after denying LTC LAKIN”S redress should have then forwarded it on to the Commander exercising Court martial authority over him WHICH HE DIDN’T. HE SIMPLY REFUSED THE REDRESS OF LTC LAKIN!

    AfterThat General turned it down , He was required to continue sending it up the chain of command in getting a decision for LTC Lakin’s request until it ended up at the JOINT CHIEF OF STAFF, the highest Military authority for final disposition. Then and only then could LTC Lakin’s request for redress under Article 138 UCMJ be finalized. LTC Lakin’s request under Article 138 never reached the CJCS as was required under Article 138 UCMJ therefore His rights were trampled upon.

    I can’t understand why LTC Lakin’s defense never researched and used this after my informing them of it in great detail.

    Most people within the Military do not know of this rarely used article within the UCMJ. One of the benefits of it was that anyone could use it WITHOUT EVER BEING SUBJECT TO ANY DISCIPLINE FOR SEEKING REDRESS!

    iI served 2 decades in the US Army in the Field Artillery branch including Vietnam. I successfully utilized the Article 138 UCMJ while being a Staff Sergeant assigned to the 2bn 3rd Field Artillery Bn 9th Inf Div, Ft Lewis washington in 1976. I brought an entire Artillery Battalion to a screeching halt while the Battalion Commander consulted JAG to see what to do. I won the Article 138 request for redress after it just went to my Battalion Commander. He had to publicly apologize to the entire Battalion( 500 men) for a wrong He done to me. I was determined That my Lt. Col would never get away with disrespecting me and I searched all within the Army Regulations and found this Article. From that day on I never forgot Article 138, UCMJ.

    There still may be something that LTC Lakin can do to win an appeal due to His rights being stripped under Article 138 UCMJ.

    SFC, Morgan Ward, USA Retired.

    1. SFC Morgan Ward – God bless you Sargeant and thank you for serving. Thanks for the enlightenment. I hope there is something that can be done to right this horrific injustice.

      1. Elmo,

        Thank you for your kind words. I agree with you that I hope something can be done to right this wrong. Unfortunately knowing the US Army, they will NEVER lessen the findings of The Court Martial. Mainly due to LTC Lakin taking a plea bargain and therefore an admission of Guilt. If He had allowed his case to go to the completion , and if He had been found Guilty, he would have had a much better chance at appeal and even obtaining DISCOVERY which would have been His right with a finding of Guilty. All of that went out the window once he accepted a plea bargain.I believe He was sold out by a very poor Attorney, especially after witnessing His exploits in the court room. He seemed almost like an attorney for the prosecution.

        It hurts me to see anyone in the Military receive such a miscarriage of justice as LTC Lakin received just for living up to His oath of service to our Nation. The real criminals of our society are all of the players that have united in trampling upon the rights of redress of normal everyday citizens like yourself. These would include both the 111th and 112th Congress, The Supreme Court, USURPER OBAMA, BIDEN, The Chairman Joint Chief of Staff and ALL Military Generals, Eric Holder,, Muller, the entire Press core including the so called conservative darlings , but who are guilty of the cover up the same as anyone else in Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly and all of the blond haired bimbo’s at FOX NEWS Channel.

        Not to sound mean but rather truthful, I hope there is a special place in Hell for all of those who have aided in the ruination of our Country. My heart aches for LTC Lakin and His family. Here is a man who is only guilty of standing up for ideals and principles that helped to mold our Nation into the greatest nation upon the earth.

        I wish I were wealthy so I could make up for His loss of pay. Hopefully he can apply for any disability from service He has with the Veteran’s Administration and hopefully obtain Medical care and a pension from them. That would pale in what He would have received but at least it is something.

        I would ask that all continue to pray for Him and his Family, that God will meet and provide for all of their needs as well as pray that the evil within our society will be revealed for who they are and be held accountable for their actions.

        Elmo.\, you are absolutely correct. An injustice has been done. But as a Christian I know that Jesus said that in the last days people would call right wrong and wrong, right. Also they would be boastful, traitors,lovers of self,covetous,proud,blasphemers,disobedient to parents,unthankful and unholy. without Natural affections,truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, high minded, heady, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.

        As such Elmo be glad in the knowledge that Jesus Christ will soon return and he is the ultimate Judge of Man. Each man will stand alone in front of God to give an account of His life whether good or Bad. I know that God will judge harshly those that had dominion over so many and chose to do wrong. After all, that promise is contained in God’s word. We have the assurance that if we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior of our Life, we will be in Eternity with him. I am sure that by LTC Lakin’s actions He is a born again Believer and His ultimate victory will be in the knowledge that He will be in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ for all eternity. Ultimate Justice will be served for all of eternity!

        Happy Easter to all!

  9. I still don’t understand why his defense attorney basically ‘threw in the towel’. However, I do believe he will have his retirement pay restored, quietly, of course.

  10. I agree, LTC Lakin needs to write a book and go on TV tour, talking about the commie usurper. Mid-May is Corsi book and release of Terry.

  11. Don’t be surprised if Lakin has to make some deal before he is freed.Maybe he will have to promise not to talk to any media once he is out.I don’t think these traitors will let Lakin out without some conditions attached.Their cowards.

  12. Madeline7, your post just really resonated with me and I believe it with all my heart.

    This is a great analogy, between the crucifying of Jesus and the crucifying of LTC Lakin.

    Good will overcome evil in God’s timing not ours.

    This injustice should be enough to incite all patriots for that legal March on D.C.

    1. We talk about obama,but the person who needs to be looked at is the rothschilds,they have the money & power to put obama in office,and lakin in prison.They are in control of the WTO,CFR,IMF.UN,FED.,Goldmansachs=FBI,Citi Bank,Bank of america,JP MORGAN,234 trillon funneled to these banks with 95% control.Fed extended 35 billion to the arab banking corp. of bahrain.other big banks included in offshore accounts.The ones with the power pull all strings.YES MARCH NOW,AND THIS IS TO ALL PEOPLE,EVEN TO THE ONES THAT DONT WANT TO BE LABLED A TRAITOR,AND TOOK A OATH .YES THIS IS TO OUR MILITARY,And business’s who have lobbiest backing this traitor in the whitehouse.

  13. At first, my heart sunk when I read this. Then , I thought – LTC Lakin is totally innocent of all charges brought against him. One day , he will be vindicated , restored to a place of honour , and, indeed be rewarded seven-fold for the services and sacrifices he has rendered to his country. God moved in mysterious ways!!!!! Very fitting that this should be made public in Easter Week – when Jesus´shameful and undeserved death became the scene of triumph over Evil , and, the most important event in the entire history of man. “What goes around , comes around….,” as we say. One day, Obama will be in hand-cuffs, facing charges of High Treason and Usurpation – and, very deservedly so……! “The mills of God grind slowly but exceedingly finely!!” Be of good heart LTC Lakin, stay strong ( we all admire you and pray for you) and may God bless you and your family.

    1. I think when this all over and the book is closed on LTC Lakin he will have his say without having to answer to anyone but God. They have tried to ruin this man and all they have done is to make him stronger.He has done nothing wrong and is being punished for it. Doesn’t that sound a little backwards? Sky is right . Basically it’s the golden rule. You know how that goes. How can we with let this scum to try and rule this country? It has to be stopped and soon. obama is just the mouthpiece and the “MONEY” is ruling this country now. How did we let this get so far.I wish LTC Lakin and his family the best that life can bring him.His turn will be next so obama you will be trampled on and ousted from office without a penny in your pocket. You have to be stripped of everything.LTC Lakin is right in not taking orders from obama for he is “NOT” a citizen of this United States of America. You are an illegal and have no right to be anything in this country. Go back to Kenya.

  14. What kind of a sleazy low life would have allowed this to happen if he could have prevented it by showing a simple Birth Certificate. No one I would ever call President. If he doesn’t have a Birth Certificate, he’s the ultimate Fraud and Usurper, If he does have one and he let Terry Lakin go to jail rather than show it, he’s no one I would ever call a MAN!!