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by Sharon Rondeau

Dr. Orly Taitz is a dentist and attorney who has filed several lawsuits alleging that Barack Hussein Obama does not meet the eligibility requirements of "natural born Citizen" as outlined in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Taitz was born in Ostrog, in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic.

(Apr. 19, 2011) — On April 18, 2011, The Post & Email spoke with Dr. Orly Taitz just prior to the announced veto by Arizona Governor Janice Brewer of the legislation which would have required candidates for the office of president to provide proof of “natural born Citizenship” status.  Since that time, Taitz has launched a recall campaign against Brewer which can be signed by any Arizona registered voter.

On April 15, Taitz was interviewed by John King of CNN, who labeled her “the leading figure in the birther movement.”  Before the interview commenced, King expressed skepticism over the contention that the Arizona bill was not “aimed” at Barack Hussein Obama.  During the telecast, King admitted that what he called the “Certificate of Live Birth,” which he held up to the cameras, is not a complete birth record.  He asked his other guest, a pollster, if “the president has to do something more proactively” to convince the public that he was born in Hawaii.

When Taitz held up documents which she claimed proved that Obama is using a stolen social security number, the pollster interrupted Taitz and claimed that her statements arose from racism.  When he asked Taitz if the eligibility question would have arisen if Obama had been white, Taitz answered, “Yes.”

Concluding the interview, King stated that “for better or worse,” the conversation would be continued at a later date.  The pollster commented that he opposed that idea.

Dr. Taitz told The Post & Email that she believes that Donald Trump will win the presdential nomination of the Republican Party in 2012.  “I have no doubt that he will get the nomination and that people will be voting for him.  You can see all the polling.  The guy is just warming up.  He ran only for a couple of weeks, and within two weeks, he has beaten all the competition and is 9% ahead of his nearest opponent.  I don’t think Romney will even run, knowing that Trump is running.”

Taitz continued, “What worries me is that we have massive election fraud.  Today, we have two major companies running the scanners for the voting machines:  Diebold and Sequoia.  That’s what worries me, because American citizens have no access to the software; we have no proof of how those ballots are being counted, and I’m afraid that even though a majority of people will vote for Trump, the powers that have this information in their hands will basically steal the election by use of those ballot scanners and software that are concealed and inaccessible from the American citizens.  I hope that people will support him in pushing not only for the unsealing of Obama’s records, but also unsealing the software so that the United States can continue going toward paper ballots and going toward manual counts and not counting by machine.”

A study completed in 2006 showed that Diebold voting machines, in particular, are susceptible to sabotage.  A 1996 report states that at that time, only 1.7% of the votes cast by “registered voters in the United States” were made on paper ballots.

The Post & Email asked Dr. Taitz if she was aware that various groups have been coming out publicly and charging Obama and members of his regime with treason, and she answered, “People are talking about it, but I don’t know where it ultimately leads.  The fact that a person without any papers and a stolen social security card was able to get in the White House back door and assume the responsibility of running our military is, in my opinion, treason in and of itself.

But it’s not enough just to talk about it; we need to apply pressure from each and every citizen of this country on our Congress to start an emergency hearing on the issue of eligibility, of social security fraud of Mr. Obama, and demand that they obtain the original application for the Connecticut social security number when he was supposedly born in Hawaii, and his original birth certificate and other documents.  I think that will be the end of the Obama presidency, and he will have to be removed from office.

We asked Dr. Taitz if she knew that Donald Trump was going to speak out publicly about Obama’s missing birth certificate, and she replied, “Well, I didn’t have an idea originally, but what did happen was that when he came out, he said that he believed that Mr. Obama was born in this country but that he should provide the document.  I provided a lot of information to him on the issue of social security fraud, and the next day, he was on another show, and he said, ‘I received new information, and now I believe that he does not have proper documents, that he was not born in this country.’   So at first Trump thought he was born here, but after that, he changed his opinion.  I don’t know; it’s possible that it was because of other information that he got…”

Dr. Taitz also reported that she had flown to Arizona three times and given a lecture on presidential eligibility, and that among the attendees were some of the people who ultimately helped to write the Arizona eligibility bill.

It was reported that Gov. Brewer acknowledged that the legislature might have enough votes to override her veto of the bill.  Of her reason(s) for vetoing it, Brewer said, “”As a former Secretary of State, I do not support designating one person as a gatekeeper to the ballot for a candidate, which could lead to arbitrary or politically-motivated decisions.”

But isn’t a secretary of state expected to uphold the law?

Arizona’s constitution provides for removal from office of any public official:

Section 1. Every public officer in the state of Arizona, holding an elective office, either by election or appointment, is subject to recall from such office by the qualified electors of the electoral district from which candidates are elected to such office. Such electoral district may include the whole state. Such number of said electors as shall equal twenty-five per centum of the number of votes cast at the last preceding general election for all of the candidates for the office held by such officer, may by petition, which shall be known as a recall petition, demand his recall.

The Post & Email will be speaking with Dr. Taitz in the near future regarding her lawsuit, Pamela Barnett, et al, v. Barack Obama, et al, scheduled for a hearing on the merits in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on May 2, 2011.




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  1. A little off topic. Regarding the veracity of birth announcements in those two Hawaiian newspapers, has anyone contacted the families of the other children whose births were announced on the same page as Obama’s? Perhaps one of them kept that page from the original newspaper in a scrapbook. Wouldn’t that be something if Obama’s announcement did not appear.

  2. ms. rondeau, as a jurist at american grand jury, who researched barry in 2006 and knows his truth, i’ve commented on many of your column’s but, maybe you have the resources to try something different. how about starting a petition drive for all of soetero’s supporters to sign! have the petition simply state, that when the truth of soetero become’s fact, as truth always does become, that the signer will immediately renounce their american citizenship and like bobby fischer, become persona non grata, in another country. jerry seinfeld, jamie foxx, all who protect him. just a thought, it would be a new tact. thank you for all you do.

    1. oh yea, if you do have access to trump, tell him to check his facts before blurting out wrong info on tv. the other day, he told whoever, that soetero was born barry soetero. thats wrong. hussein is his birth name, his ONLY legal name still, is barry soetero, indonesian citizen, unless of course someone can come up with pic’s of his re-patriation ceremony or any evidence that it occurred. tx again

  3. Has Sharon gotten through to find out if Trump understands the citizen parent issue…maybe if he reads the Kerchner advertorials, or better yet, meet with Kerchner and Apuzzo privately.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I have sent emails and left a VM last week, but didn’t get to speak to anyone personally. However, I did not expect to given the amount of phone calls, emails, and written material which surely have been sent. I believe many key players in the eligibility research have submitted their work to the Trump/Cohen team, The Post & Email being among them.

    1. I thought I read that Theresa Cao managed to meet with some of Trump’s people. If so, do we know if she was able to mention the 2-citizen parent requirement?

  4. If you read the AZ bill, HB2177; http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/50leg/1r/bills/hb2177s.pdf , and understand the facts required to determine NBC status, you’ll find the bill does not properly address the eligibility issue. It was right to veto it. Nothing in that bill requires the citizenship status of either parent to be proved. Had that bill become law Putin could run just by doing what Obama did.

    All that is needed is a court in any state open to a suit challenging the validity of certification the national party presents. To establish that whatever the party relied upon to assert constitutional eligibility has been met, evidence would be subpoenaed and tested. Once a legal decision was rendered it could be taken on appeal to higher courts until the facts contested were established as the constitution mandates.

    In any event, the supreme court was expected to clarify the requirement now in question within a reasonable time to prevent any crisis. Failure to act timely as they have is a treachery we should not accept ever again and IMO this act should have consequences at some point.

  5. @RJ: Why do you think not one of the RINOs in DC want to touch the bc issue. They want to circumvent the Constitution as well and install their guy. Congress has been ignoring the Constitution for a very long time. Sorry folks but IMO it hasn’t seemed to matter whether there is a D or an R bechind their names, NONE of them want to risk being implicated in this scam because they may lose their cushy jobs and benefits. aka Power
    As a longtime R I must say I’m fed up with BOTH sides! Everytime I get an email asking for a donation I reply with “When you start following the Constitution and prosecuting those in Washington that do not, then you may solicit a donation from me. Until then, kiss my grits!”

    1. stormy,

      Couldn’t agree more, I was an longtime R until mccain/palin took a deliberate dive for the handlers of both the R’s and D’s…I have since given the R’s such and earful every time they called for a donation, they finally quit calling…if I had to put a moniker on myself after what I’ve witnessed and learned these past 3 years, I suppose it would be proud American Sovereign! You sir, or madam are exactly correct the entire 535 scumbags in DC are morally corrupt and complicit in the cover-up and this includes the new guys, and the entire judiciary, and the main-sleaze-media, the entire sad sack bunch are suffering from rectal cranial inversion and every last spineless one of them are on the wrong side of America’s grits!!!

      Semper Fi

  6. After speaking with Dr.Corsi,and he stating he has spoken with the Donald and turned over info,I don’t think this subject will die off any too soon.

    1. Grizz,

      Is he waiting to drop it when Corsi’s book comes out? Does this mean Corsi actually has NEW information?

      I’m a skeptic, but I’m hoping (what audacity! haha)

  7. On April 2, 2008, the Senate Judiciary Committee Proved Obama is ineligible. The following individuals testified verbally or by written statement, that the President must be born to “PARENTS who are American Citizens”, in order to qualify as a
    Natural-Born-Citizen per the Constitution:

    THEODORE B. OLSON (former US Solicitor General) BIRTHER
    Professor Laurence Tribe (Harvard law professor) BIRTHER
    SECRETARY CHERTOFF (former Secretary Homeland Security) BIRTHER
    Senator Leahy D (Chairman Judiciary Committee) BIRTHER


    1. Does anyone know if Corsi discusses the 2-citizen parent requirement in this book?

      If not, I wonder what the odds are that Obama “produces” a genuine-looking long-form birth certificate on the same day that the book debuts?

  8. Trump fumbled the eligibility issue badly on Good Morning America a couple days ago. He did say that Obama’s “Certificate [sic] of Live Birth” was not the same as a birth certificate but did not elaborate at all. Then he told George S. (Clinton’s former employee) that the birth cert was not a main focus of his, and when George pressed Trump for more comment on Obama’s birth cert, thus handing him a golden opportunity on a silver platter, all the mighty Donald had to say was “Next question, next question, next question.” What a copout.

    Trump deserves much credit for at least raising public awareness, yes, but he is soft-pedaling eligibility now and shows no awareness that “natural born Citizen” involves more than birthplace. He is a flawed standard-bearer for the eligibility cause and should not be relied on to rescue us from Obama. If Trump runs as an independent, a possibility he has mentioned, he will be another Ross Perot and would guarantee Obama’s re-election.

  9. Troy

    Trump has Obama and the bots attacking him. He has the RINOS attacking him. He has the powers of the Rep party attacking him. He threw his hat into the Birthers ring. And the Birthers are attacking him.


    AMERICA is about Freedom. Please give Trump the Freedom to do it his way.

    How many letters have you written this week? How many rallies have you formed? Are you organizing locally? What are you doing to solve the problem besides complaining and attacking our best representative of our cause?

    The election is 18 months away. This is war. There will be many battles before you will finally be asked for your vote in Nov 2012. That is a long way off. Trump is not even a candidate yet. And if the Birthers attack him like you do he may decide to run for the hills.

    Now that you are back with a positive attitude, write to all 435 congressmen today and tell them about your definition of a NBC. And stop telling other people what to do. You go do it first.

    Now to offset your negativity, I told Trump I would work for his election in New Hampshire. If thousands tell him that it will encourage him to run. If people attack him, he will go away. You are hurting your own cause. Go do something positive for the cause.

    Remember Everything in God’s time.

    Jeesch !

    1. I’m with you, OR. Instead of looking at what Trump hasn’t done or listening for what he hasn’t said, look at what he’s said and done. He has single-handedly (as far as any of us know, that is) forced the enemedia into serious discussion of this issue. Right-wing pundits like Rush Limbaugh and politicians like Sarah Palin have now flipped positions (or, in Palin’s case, flopped from her flip) to agreeing that it’s past time for Barky to pony up his long-form birth certificate, prove his eligibility and put this to rest or explain why he won’t. And it’s because Trump’s making them look bad next to him in the eyes of a significant number of voters.

      A month or so ago, we were all hoping someone – anyone – with a voice in the enemedia would speak up and we were complaining that no one had. Now someone has and is and has said he has no plans to stop speaking about it until it’s resolved. Let him speak up without our criticism and let’s see how it ends instead of predicting failure.

  10. We have keep to pounding on the bc, nbc and the ss# and all the rest.

    If we focus on just one thing, obama’s people can forge something and the msm will buy it immediately and say “see there, we told ya so.”

    They literally have not one thing to lose by forging the bc. Not one thing. There’s not a law enforcement agency in the land that will do a dang thing. We already know this.

    Obama’s people can’t forge all of it. Keep hammering away at everything.

  11. “On January 21,2009, his very first day in office, Barack Obama implemented & signed into
    law Executive Order 13489. For those of you who can’t take the time to read it. here is the
    section that applies: “Sec.2 Notice Of Intent To Disclose Presidential Records When the
    Archivist provides notice to the incumbent and former Presidents of his intent to disclose
    Presidential records pursuant to section 1270.46 of the NARA regulations, the Archivist,
    using any guidelines providied by the incumbent and former Presidents, shall identify any
    specific materials, the disclosure of which he believes may raise a substantial question of
    executive privilege.”Now for all of you who commented on our previous articles that we were
    no more that right-wing nut jobs, that this thing about Obama’s birth certificate was a non-
    issue, and those of you who tried to shift the focus of the stories, doesn’t this strike you as
    just a little odd? That the first order of business Obama took care of on day one of his
    Presidency was to sign off on an Executive Order that states that only the records he
    chooses to be made public will be released?This is the subject that was at the absolute
    top of his agenda? If this isn’t proof that Obama is hiding something, I don’t know what is.”
    31 Dick Nixon

    1. rock…thank you…Mr. Trump needs to start saying this over and over in the media. Speaks loud and clear to me. This is votes away from him!

      How do we get it to Mr. Trumps Lawyer?

    2. Yes!!
      But, is that Executive Order, LEGITIMATE?

      Remember that Obama had to be sworn in a second time, because the first was OFFICIALLY done right? Well, this order was signed on his FIRST day, when he was supposedly “NOT OFFICIALLY” sworn in!

      IS THIS ORDER VOID???????

  12. gaim says:
    Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 10:51 PM
    Instead of going around and trying to dig up info, all Mr. Trump has to do is announce that he will make a substantial donation to Obamas favorite charity ( or better yet, some politically active group like AIDS research,or feed the starving children in Africa ) if Obama signs a waiver for release of his school records and birth records. Lets see how the media would handle it if Obama refuses ( and if it is for AIDS research, how the AIDS activists would treat it ). This is something from which Obama could not hide. If he signs the waiver ( which is unlikely ), then fine. However, if he refuses or just ignores the challenge., imagine the image of Obama having to explain why he can’t take 30 seconds out of his golf game to sign something that would release info to the public – (info that he supposedly has already released ( talking about the COLB ) – and by not doing so, he is letting children in Africa starve to death. Not only will this raise questions in peoples minds that he is hiding something, but is a perfect PR ploy that could be used. “Mr. Transparency” is letting children starve by not honoring his campaign pledge of being the most transparent administration in history.

  13. I’m with Troy – why does Trump keep repeating the same thing about showing Barrys BC?? Why has he not shifted to the NBC requirement for the Presidency? He’s been sent lots of information regarding this, but he still keeps stating Certificate of Live Birth and ONLY focuses on the BC.

  14. What I want is for Mr. Trump or any one to start informing people that BHO/Soetoro on the first day in office signed an “Executive Order” to seal all his life documents. Some one get a copy of it and spread it around the internet and pay to have it placed in a news paper…Joke… Sealing his records speaks to me louder then just his birth certificate. Let him explain why he ordered that no one is allowed to know the tuth about him.

      1. For that matter, in the US in 1961, it took longer than three days for the mother to be released from the hospital after giving birth. This would mean that AberCOMMIE knows which hospital Barky was born at because he would have had to have visited Stanley Ann there while she was recuperating from giving birth to her lil’ Damien – uh, I mean her lil’ Barry. So, why didn’t he say as much, “I first saw lil’ Barry at ________ Hospital when he was only three days old.”
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: I said something very similar to that earlier today to someone. The mother used to be in the hospital for a week after childbirth in those days.

      2. Mrs Rondeau, if it was online that you said it, I do believe I read it, too. Still, I’m old enough to remember that my mother stayed in the hospital about five days after having each of my two brothers, and four days after having my sister, and then my stepmother stayed three or four days after having my youngest sister. (With them almost pushing them straight from the labor and delivery room to the front door nowadays, it seems they’ve gone from keeping new mothers and babies much longer than necessary or desired to not long enough. But that’s just my opinion based on observation alone.)

  15. gaim: Re: Your Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 10:51 PM comment:

    Excellent suggestion! This proposed action would be great campaign fodder, as Obama would then be challenged in the arena of public opinion. His refusal would accelerate public displeasure against a non transparent, Obama.

    Furthermore, this proposal to announce a sizable donation contingent upon Obama transparency, would go a long way in helping to educate rank-in-file voters, of the vital importance of open disclosure for the highest office of the land……….

  16. As it stands right now, I’m not going to give Trump one more minute of my time….When and if he begins to sing the NBC song (born on soil of TWO citizen parents) is when I’ll know beyond any doubt that he is truly a patriot and is on the side of “We the People”…(By the way lurking Obamabots, you all are not part of “We the People”….You all disqualified yourselves from that prestigious category when you decided to become “communists by proxy”)

    Trump has had more than ample time to get his mind properly wrapped around the constitutional requirement of NBC / “natural born Citizen” ….The idea that he is saving that issue to hit Obama with later, in my mind, is nonsense….There would be nothing to gain by waiting….Our freakin country is being destroyed more with each passing day…He is either going to get with the NBC program or he isn’t….I don’t think he will.

    I’m not trying to discourage any of you from putting your hopes into Trump….More power to ya!….I’m simply stating where I’m at with all of this.

    Donald Trump, sir, what is the definition of “natural born Citizen” in regards to it’s use within our U.S. Constitution?…Why did the founding fathers insert that language into Article II, Section I, Clause V?….Please answer the question, sir and PLEASE shout the TRUE answer from the mountain tops during your MSM interviews….Please, sir, send the communist rats scattering for cover….Please, sir, promise us that you will send as many of the conspirators to prison as humanly possible when and if you get elected…..There is no time like the present, sir….It’s time to start kicking the communists dead square in the ____ (use your imagination here) and what’s better than to do it right on national television.

    Sir, if you can’t begin to do these things, RIGHT NOW, then you have neither earned or deserve my vote….Mr. Trump, sir, Terry Lakin is languishing in prison and is awaiting some REAL action from you!!!

    Search your soul, Mr. Trump, and then follow your heart.

    1. It very well could be that many folks from Obama on down could be holding out for a de facto amendment of the Constitution by dumbing down the meaning of natural-born citizen so that it applies simply to anyone born in the United States.

      Since it has been such a pain just to get the “snippy” POTUS to fork over his long-form birth certificate, I’m willing to settle at this time just for getting him to fork that over and prove that he is even a basic American citizen, let alone a natural-born one. Since I’m willing to bet that he can’t or won’t, then the suspicions will mount, prompting more states to launch “Barry bills” — perhaps with some of them going further to require that candidates also prove that their parents were American citizens at the time the candidates were born.

    2. The courts, including the SCOTUS, have refused to hear and rule on its merits every case brought against Barky for his ineligibility due to his lack of status as a natural born citizen. They won’t touch it nor will Congress touch it. It’s a dead end.

    3. Mr. Trump has all the propagandists skirming; they all ask him about what information his investigators have uncovered to date and he keeps telling them: all in due time, you’ll be very surprised. George Stephinopolis asked him severals times: “what have you discovered?” and he answered: “all in due time, George”, serveral times. Donald Trump is, as he says, a very smart man. He’s building them–and their audience–up. They can’t stand the suspense. I can almost imagine the sweat flowing from their brows, their pulses racing, the agony in the pits of their stomachs that he is going to present the truth and the jig will be up. He, Mr Trump is playing them like a fiddle about to snap its strings. I love it!
      He may wait until Corsi’s book comes out–or at the precise time he feels most effective.
      IMO he has all the information now. Be patient and enjoy the “cat and mouse”. I certainly will.

    4. One is dependent on the other – providing the birth certificate will prove that the NBC requirement hasn’t been met. Trump is handling this correctly – let it play out

      If you focus entirely on the NBC issue, all ‘they’ have to do is come out with a BC saying his father was Malcolm X (the next plan) or the other guy whose name I can’t think of at the moment…either of these Would meet the NBC requirement. As long as they continue “proving” that Barack Sr is his father, they’re supporting the NBC claim themselves.

      Until a FINAL claim is presented by Obama, it can’t be addressed

  17. Instead of going around and trying to dig up info, all Mr. Trump has to do is announce that he will make a substantial donation to Obamas favorite charity ( or better yet, some politically active group like AIDS research,or feed the starving children in Africa ) if Obama signs a waiver for release of his school records and birth records. Lets see how the media would handle it if Obama refuses ( and if it is for AIDS research, how the AIDS activists would treat it ). This is something from which Obama could not hide. If he signs the waiver ( which is unlikely ), then fine. However, if he refuses or just ignores the challenge., imagine the image of Obama having to explain why he can’t take 30 seconds out of his golf game to sign something that would release info to the public – (info that he supposedly has already released ( talking about the COLB ) – and by not doing so, he is letting children in Africa starve to death. Not only will this raise questions in peoples minds that he is hiding something, but is a perfect PR ploy that could be used. “Mr. Transparency” is letting children starve by not honoring his campaign pledge of being the most transparent administration in history.

    1. Great idea! However, it relies on the liberal msm giving it sufficient and unbiased traction.

      During the 2004 election Texas oil baron T. Boone Pickens offered to pay John Kerry $1 MILLION if he could prove false any of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth’s allegations. Kerry accepted the offer, but wanted to change the rules. T. Boone Pickens told Kerry he accepted the rules when he accepted the offer, and Kerry backed out. After the 2004 election a small group of Kerry’s supporters challenged T. Boone Pickens to make them the same offer, which he promptly did. But when they then also wanted to change the rules he told them to go fly a kite. What traction did any of that get from the msm?

      1. “Great idea! However, it relies on the liberal msm giving it sufficient and unbiased traction.”

        Yeah, one thing they would probably do is say “Doesn’t Trump care enough about the starving children and donate his money without tying it to the BC issue ” ? Trump could counter by saying ” I have donated 1 million dollars. I will match that donation in Obamas name if he signs the release “

    2. A variation on your theme, Gaim. Some weeks ago now, I emailed Donald Trump and suggested to him that he offer a sizeable(?) reward to anyone who could/would produce/provide irrefutable proof of where obama was born — though I certainly know that is not the only issue with obama’s illegitimacy, it is a good place to start. Obviously he did not pick up on my suggestion.

      Challenging obama to produce other personal records is a good idea, too! His strategy for the last 2-3 years, however, has been to ignore, pay $2,000,000 in attorney’s fees and ridicule any suggestion that the American people have any right to know any more about him than ‘nothing.’ That will not change as the ‘Kool-Aid’ drinkers remain addicted . . .

      However, I am realistic enough to know that producing irrefutable proof of birth in Hawaii would destroy all other ‘birther’ accusations as fanatical conspiracies, or whatever, and turn all ‘Birthers’ into the laughing stock of the entire country — even though he as a dual citizen at birth is still Constitutionally disqualified to sit in the White House —

      When Rush Limbaugh finally started mentioning obama’s birth certificate, I also posted the same suggestion to him. You can see just how far that went . . .

      A caution for the future: I am hearing much too much talk about Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal being touted as presidential candidates. From information provided publicly, Bobby Jindal was born in the US of two clearly non-citizen parents, which makes him nothing more than an ‘anchor baby.’ Marco Rubio was born in Miami and I have not been able to determine if his Cuban born parents became ‘naturalized’ citizens before his birth. If not, he, too is nothing more than an ‘anchor baby.’ AND, NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE

      1. FYI and although it doesn’t change his ineligibility, Jindal’s parents, like Rubio’s, because naturalized citizens of the US after he was born.