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by Nobarack08, blogging at Nobarack08

Why has Glenn Beck vehemently refused to discuss the questionable documentation of Obama's purported birth in Hawaii? Is he afraid to be labeled a false patriot or, even worse, a traitor?

(Apr. 15, 2011) — Glenn Beck’s ranting about the ‘birthers’ has hit a low note again. The fact is that every time the issue of Barack Obama’s ineligibility surfaces into the news and it can’t be ignored, the media mouthpieces all come out of the closet and spew the same talking points as if on cue and competing for the same coveted media pageant title like Miss USA parading around in her swimsuit, spouting her version of world peace.

Glenn Beck, or as I liken him to the false patriot and profiteer:  that’s right, false patriot.

Glenn likes to surround himself with bastions of society that tout the law and United States Constitution, but only to the point where it doesn’t conflict with his views and selling points.

This week’s rant on the so-called ‘birthers’ was his lasted diatribe into covering up for his inaction and denying the facts that have been sent to Glenn numerous times by a multitude of people.

Glenn Beck on his radio show stated the following;  “Stop with the damn birth certificate! Stop! If you’re going to lose your country– we’re going to lose it on a birth certificate? You have a real opportunity to talk about American exceptionalism … instead you’re going to waste time on the birth certificate? You’re out of your mind if you think that is a winning argument for the next election. You’re out of your mind. You have to go fight the battle on the principles of America!”

You are right, Glenn, we may be losing ‘our’ country, thanks to you. Three years ago emails and information were sent to you regarding Barack Husein Obama, his radical associations,  the questionable past, including no background check, inconsistencies and evidence of document forgery among other issues that you conveniently ignored, dismissed, and ridiculed. Sounds like you were using the same Saul Alinsky tactics that you spout the radicals using. Must have picked that up in the small sleepy town of Mount Vernon; I hear it rains a lot there and can be a psychological downer.

Three years ago, we did not have the mounting evidence that has surfaced concerning Barack Abdallah Husein Obama, whose claims have never been proven to be factual or substantiated.

In Sept. 2006, while on an overseas trip to Kenya, as a State Senator Obama admitted childhood in Kenya, Obama’s next big international journey will be in 2007 –he’s looking at China, India and Indonesia, “where ironicall I actually have more of a childhood than I do in Kenya.” Reported in the Chicage Sun-Times.

Michelle Obama – Obama, a Kenyan, when we visited Barack’s ‘Home Country’ of Kenya, on video multiple times.

Newspaper articles when Barack Obama was running for the State Senate, while a State Senator, and during the campaign for the Presidency stated ‘Kenyan-Born’;

NPR Radio – Kenyan Born

Nigerian-Observer – Kenyan Born

All Africa – Kenyan Born

My Auburn California – Kenyan Born

East African Standard – Kenyan Born

Ghana News – Kenyan Born

Modern Ghana – – Continent of his birth

Newspage Weekly – Kenyan Born

BBC News – who last visited his Kenyan home in 1992

Sunday Standard – Kenyan Born

Tanzania – US Senator born here, He’s born here, who live in the US.

The Kenyan Government Official James Orengo: “If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America?

Neil Ambercrombie, current Governor of Hawaii, used a search warrant and was not able to locate any records in Hawaii of the supposed Barack Abdallah Husein Obama’s birth; per Ambercrombie ‘there is no proof that Obama was born in Hawaii’

Former Elections official Tim Adams, “there is no long form Birth Certificate on file in Hawaii for Barack Obama”

If there is no Birth Certificate in file in Hawaii, that means that the Obama COLB is meaningless and based on nothing.

Beck’s partner in bilking the American public into believing they are patriots is none other then Bill O’Reilly, who just scrubbed his website after being caught in another flat-out lie about Obama’s using a Social security Number from a state that he was never a resident in.

So with all the evidence emerging, you, Bill, Greta, Megyn, Sean and the rest of the talking heads continue to be the ostriches that you are, keep your heads buried in the sand and ignore the slightest bit of evidence that contradicts your talking points that you all have been told to follow.

But others who are real American Patriots like CDR Kerchner, Mario Apuzzo, Walter Fitzpatrick, Stefan Cook, Pamela Barnett, and Terry Lakin. Terry Lakin, whom you don’t have the courage to actually investigate, is locked up, serving time in prison for asking the very questions that you ridicule. You claim to be a patriot; in reality you should hang your head in utter shame.

Real patriots are those that stand until they have given the last full measure. You have degraded and slandered everyone that has served, is serving and mocked the very rule of law that is the foundation of our nation, the United States Constitution.

You have also slandered and mocked ancestors of mine, from Pilgrims to Patriots. From Elder William Brewster on the Mayflower, Alice Carpenter off the Anne [second wife of William Bradford, first Gov of Mass.] From the Battle of Bunker Hill, where Uriah Carpenter fought, to Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, to those that have fought in every conflict and fought for Freedom, from the Sons of Liberty to the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution to United States Army and the United States Navy, you, Glenn Beck, do not deserve to be in the same company and call yourself an American. Benedict Arnold also thought he was doing the greater good.

So, Glenn, as you stated “Stop with the damn birth certificate! Stop! If you’re going to lose your country– we’re going to lose it on a birth certificate?

No, Glenn, you lost our country. You were put here at this time for a purpose; unfortunately you failed on your purpose and reality check says you’re part of the problem.

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  1. John Carlson says, “Best to have facts before making comments. With the Obama Story there is one only fact, the birthdate of alleged mother Stanley Anne Dunham, November 29, 1942. Another fact is that her birth state, Kansas, has a statute making August as the school attendance cutoff date. Thus she is Class of 1961 graduating June 1961. Let that sink in a bit. Two months before Obama’s birth.

    Now on all of the altered, forged Obama documents find birthdate August 4, 1961. Such a birthdate has a conception date in November 1960. Get the Picture? Stanley Anne was age 17 and in high school.”

    Is there a legitimate birth certificate for Stanley Ann Dunham showing 11/29/42 ? And a legitimate copy of her high school diploma with date? Also, didn’t she graduate High School on Mercer Island in WA? Wiki says she graduated in 60 after graduation they moved to HI.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I have seen what appears to be an original, long-form birth certificate for Stanley Ann Dunham, I believe on Free Republic about nine months ago.

  2. Let not ANYONE FORGET– a man was shot to death in his car after looking at THE FRAUDSTERS passport information and another man was shot to death in Chicago in his apartment for declaring he was THE FRAUDSTERS HOMOSEXUAL Boyfriend! Numerous stories available on google! This is what THE ELECTED SCUM in Congress take bribes to hide! I suggest ONLY educated retired military who made a stance against the CON MAN be considered for congress in 2012!!!!!!

    1. My standard is anyone who is entertaining thoughts of being a candidate for the presidency, and has taken a constitutional oath at either the state or federal level, past or present, and hasn’t stood up for the Constitution on the issue with 0bumm0’s eligibility, has earned no consideration to be on the ballot. It sure does make for a short list at this time.

    2. Well Barbie Dee; I have just got to say it… that you and the many other heroic female contributors to TP&E are putting many, many men to shame. With the accuracy of your perception and discerning interpretation of the severity of the problems we are facing, and especially your articulating so clearly the problems, so that others may learn, and hopefully STAND UP THEMSELVES. When it comes to our government, well they’re a bunch of clueless, mindless, un-thinking, corrupt-minded weaklings. But you and the other patriotic women are just fantastic; such as Sharon Rondeau, Sher Zieve, Orly Taitz, Theresa Cao, Miki Booth, Monica Crowley, Monique Haen, and so very many others that are proud defenders of our freedoms. You make me proud to know that you are there!!!. Other than the old guard, (many of whom died defending our freedom), there seems to me to be a new crop of male wusses, including most politicians “who should absolutely, damn-well be ashamed of themselves”. I am afraid that if we don’t soon correct this ghastly situation, then we are severely screwed. Then we have to build a Patriot Ark -with ear plugs, so that we don’t drown in wussy-tears, and hear the gnashing of their teeth; Matt 13:42

    3. Barbi Dee – Re: Your Sunday, April 17, 2011 – 2:25 AM comment:

      Is this [below] what you are referencing?

      “Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up:”

      ……….There were two other openly gay men in Wright’s church: Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. In late 2007, as Obama began his ascent to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, in a span of 1½ months, all three men “conveniently” died:

      Bland was murdered execution-style on November 17, 2007;

      Young was murdered execution-style on December 24, 2007;

      Spencer reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV on December 26, 2007.
      (Death certificates of Bland and Young, HERE.)

      Nate Spencer (r)

      Now, Young’s elderly mother is speaking out about her suspicions that her son was murdered to protect Obama’s reputation and assure his political future as President…………………


  3. Yeah, wondering the same about Beck: Why’s he so afraid of the birth certificate thing? It’s not consistent with everything else he says. If there’s one pin that could topple the whole, it would be Obama’s lack of true eligibility. Obama’s mother herself was not a US Citizen at the time Obama was born therefore, US citizenship was not conferred upon him.

    And thus, if he is not a US Citizen, everything he’s done and passed would be null and void. THAT is what Beck must be afraid of- but why? I do not know. Does anybody know why he’s so afraid of that? Death threats maybe?

  4. Why won’t Glenn question with boldness about Obama’s foreign citizen father? The question that Glenn should boldly ask is the one following the quote below from Obama’s Fight The Smears website:

    “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.”

    The bold question that has nothing to do with where Obama was born: How can the status at birth of a natural born citizen of the United States of America be “governed” by the laws of Great Britain?

    1. Texoma;
      We have no proof that Obama was born in Hawaii. As a matter of fact the preponderance of good evidence is that he was NOT. It is the preponderance of lies and obfuscations only that says he was born in HI.

      But you are right about the bold question, and that is the one we want to promote each and every day: you cannot be a natural born US Citizen if you are born of a foreign national father. That is ‘natural law’ which is specifically addressed in the Declaration of Independence:‘That we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights…. Those unalienable (cannot be taken away nor given away) Rights come from Natural Law, and Natural Law sovereignty and allegience descends through the father. Vattel spells this out in detail – right after his man-made Law comment about ‘The natives, or natural born citizens, are those born in the country (jus soli), of parents who are citizens’.

      NOTE: The Jews may have reversed this, as they declared that these soverign rights (jus sanguinis) descend through the mother, but Natural Law preceeds even the Jewish Nation, and thus they were in violation of those Natural Laws. It is therefore a NON-ISSUE.

  5. Fox News DECEIVERS, Karl Rove (complicit in 9/11 cover-up), etc. and now Obama have publicly DECLARED the Republicans will hurt their party if they continue speaking about the eligibility issue. GREAT NEWS — When the FRAUDSTER is arrested for his massive crimes of identity theft, social security fraud, treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, he will not go down alone! He will tell the world the truth about 9/11!! This is the democrat party threat to the Republican Animals if they expose THE IMPOSTER! America needs a new party! The existing 2 smell worse than a skunk.

  6. Beck, Levin, Oreily, Ingram are all sellouts. The sooner the American people realize these people are not sincere about respecting our Constitution & are part of the deception & destruction of the U.S.A., the sooner Americans can save this country. As long as Americans remain sheeple & tune in to these shills & keep towing their party line nothing will change; it will only deteriorate. It sickens me to hear these people talk, wrapping themselves in our flag & Constitution yet saying nothing about the Usurper Soetoro. How can anyone with any common sense take them seriously?

  7. Left messages with offices of Boehner, Issa ,West and Fox demanding an answer when I call back on monday as to what is the difference between them defending the serial felon Obama with 39 documented SS#s to sit in the WH as opposed to why Charles Manson should not be in the WH. I suggest numerous calls and letters bordering on insanity of what congress is allowing! Pls, pls pls do not EVER address these ANIMALS in The House of Criminals in a respectful way. Speak to them as U would the murderer of your child and/or the animals intent to murder YOUR COUNTRY!

  8. Best to have facts before making comments. With the Obama Story there is one only fact, the birthdate of alleged mother Stanley Anne Dunham, November 29, 1942. Another fact is that her birth state, Kansas, has a statute making August as the school attendance cutoff date. Thus she is Class of 1961 graduating June 1961. Let that sink in a bit. Two months before Obama’s birth.

    Now on all of the altered, forged Obama documents find birthdate August 4, 1961. Such a birthdate has a conception date in November 1960. Get the Picture? Stanley Anne was age 17 and in high school. No need to have a birth certificate, just a pen and pencil. Obama with his broken spoken English is a FOREIGNER, A NAZI GERMANY SPY. Call him Atomic Obama for his role in the atomic bomb placed in the Gulf oil well destroying America’s greatest treasure, the Gulf of Mexico. Are you ticked off?

    1. I wouldn’t know Glenn Beck if I bumped into him. My hobby is ferreting out foreigners in Ameica. The method is analyzing their spoken speech, that is the Broken English typical of foreigners. This is a CNN transcript:


      Clearly broken English. And’s, But’s, Or’s, short sentences, just phrases, poor grammar. No complex sentences. This is an example what is close to a complex sentence by Beck, the only complex sentence Beck made:

      If John McCain`s priest had said that poor blacks are the problem in America, the media, including me, would be calling for his head.

      Poor grammar. Whose head would be called for, the priest’s or McCain’s? Not a nice thing to say for sure. He is saying media and then including me which is reduntant. Who could argue that poor blacks aren’t a big problem? Adding ‘in America’ is excess verbiage. Had said is odd construction.

      A nonsense sentence. Beck speaks the Broken English of a foreigner.

  9. Whoa now! Hold the phone!

    Beck may just be right … for the wrong reasons. Give me a second to explain.

    Beck says: “You’re out of your mind if you think that (the Birth Certificate) is a winning argument…” “You have to go fight the battle on the principles of America!”

    The issue of the Birth Certificate is meant to distract us from the real issue: that his claimed father was never a U.S. Citizen. That is what makes Obama, by natural law as postulated in the Declaration to be ‘unalienable rights’, a non-natural born Citizen.

    In order to make the Birthright issue a winning argument instead of a ‘non-issue’ as Glenn tells us, it is necessary for us to make an issue of Vattel’s entire statement concerning this.

    The Law of Nations says that:
    a) ‘The natives, or natural born citizens, are those born in the country of parents who are citizens’; (jus soli = jurisdiction of the soil = man-made law, which is not unalienable).

    b) ‘As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights; (jus sanguinis = jurisdiction of the blood = natural law, which is unalienable, and cannot be changed by man-made laws).

    c) ‘The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children’;

    d) ‘To be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.’

    There you have it. To chase the Birth Certificate, WITHOUT THE ISSUE OF OBAMA’S NON-CITIZEN FATHER as being the primary argument, is not a ‘winning’ argument, and will send us down a rabbit-hole and into their treasonous trap.

    So when Mr. Beck tells us (albeit by ridicule) that chasing the Birth Certificate is not a winning issue (a non-issue), HE IS RIGHT (albeit for the wrong reasons).

    Now you know the right reasons. So spread the word every chance you get: Obama has alread admitted his ineligibility by touting the fact that his father was NOT a US Citizen at the time Obama Jr. was born. That’s his story, so let him stick to it.

    Then, when they produce a ‘Hawaiian Birth Certificate’ (with the ink still wet), we can say: ‘Take your Hawaiian Birth Certificate and shove it, Barry. It’s not a winning issue, it’s a NON-ISSUE. Now pack up your gear and head for the hoosegow!’

      1. AuntieMadder;
        The only way to verfy who is father is would by by exhumation and DNA tests.

        However, if it turns out that (or he declares that) his father is someone other that BHO Sr., then his entire election and tenure in Office was by ‘dissembling, fraud, and deceit’, acts of Sedition at best, and Treason at worst.

        Both acts carry a sentence of hanging by one’s scrawny little neck until dead.

    1. Neil

      The fact that Glenn Beck ‘outright mocks’ those who question the eligibility of Barack Obama is in itself his stance and failure to uphold that which he claims to support. Beck is a fraud, and I’d tell that directly to his face.

      Obama’s failure to produce a valid long-form Birth Certificate is the reason why questions remain and go unanswered.

    2. But Neil, don’t you think it would be nice if Glenn Beck would do an entire one hour show explaining to America about Vattel’s Law of Nations, The U.S. Constitution’s Article 2 Section 1 and its NATURAL BORN CITIZEN clause and also the distinction that is made in the U.S. Constitution regarding “Citizen” and “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN”…… I think it will never happen!

      I think Glenn (just as the rest) has shown his true colors and really is not who he wants us to think he is! No matter how you look at it, Glenn still appears to be defending the Usurper.

      1. NUTN2SAY;
        Yes, Glenn is still defending the Usurper, and giving him legitimacy by objecting to his unconstitutional acts and policies, instead of calling for his removal as the only means to save this nation.

        I agree about a GB show on ‘natural born’, and think that we should all ask Beck to do an entire show (or series of shows) on Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 – to include SCOTUS rulings concerning its meaning, and Vattel’s Law of Nations.

        Let’s start bugging him to do that – NOW!

  10. Whether liberal or conservative the political MSM and it’s political pundits are all spewing the same talking points folks! The birth certificate and born in Hawaii and never the public citation of The Founding Fathers Article 2 Section 1!

    You just can’t have a more clearer example of what appeared to be before 2008 two opposing groups of politics…. now working in a locked formation in a joint effort to undermine the U.S. Constitution and the American People!


  11. It appears Fox has a prerequisite for ANCHORS AND Guests! 1- Doctors Degree in Lying 2- Graduation from a Mental Institution 3-Gullible 4-On Heavy Medications or Alcoholic. Karl Rove (9/11 conspirator covered for Bush) declared Republicans are hurting their party when exposing the con man (stay with important issues) — same as Beck!

  12. It’s seems as though people now only worry about the Constitution when they want it to serve their purpose. Otherwise it’s just another historical document on the trash heap of history.

  13. That shows his colors right there-that we (birthers) have to fight the battle for the Principles of America????? Hey Glen baby-Isnt the Constitution “the principles of America”??? You clearly sold out brother-now leave the stage-we see who and what you are-we all regret being fooled by you for a while-now its over-go get a fifth take your millions from your flim flam and get lost!

  14. Great commentary. It prompted me to send the following email to Beck:

    As one who avidly watched your shows and agreed with much of what you had to say, I find it quite disappointing that you would see fit to knock those who have doubts about Obama’s eligibility to be president, many of who are — or were — your biggest fans. It is not too hard to see why your ratings have been plunging while Donald Trump has surged to the top of the GOP’s field of presidential nominee hopefuls.

    For someone who has been all gung-ho about restoring our nation to its foundational principles, it is absolutely perplexing and hypocritical that you would not defend the Constitution’s requirement that only natural-born citizens can serve as president and vice president.

    You may see the birthers as engaging in wild conspiracy theories, but I can assure you that my fellow birthers are not doing any such thing. For example, rather than saying Obama was not born in Hawaii, they are saying that we just don’t know if he was born there. What “evidence” Obama has provided thus far has been compromised by other things as the result of applying the kind of critical thinking that I learned as a journalism major who earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

    Tell you what: Why don’t you give a fair hearing on this issue just for once. Invite several guests who are knowledgeable about this issue as well as respected in the birther community. I have a long list for you to choose from. Then talk about this for the whole hour in front of an audience and let’s see what kind of reception and bounce in your ratings you get.

    1. Great email to Beck!

      “Stop with the damn birth certificate! Stop! If you’re going to lose your country– we’re going to lose it on a birth certificate.” — Glen Beck.

      Say what? A usurper anti Caucasion-Christian-Capitalist tyrant is intentionally destroying MY country away and you’re telling ME to stop? Go to h***! Go straight to h***! Do not travel on Constitution or Independence Avenue!

      Another PISSED-OFF Vietnam Veteran

      Beck just lost me as one of his daily viewers, supporters and defenders for the better part of three years.

    2. Thanks for the comment.
      Glad to see others calling Beck to task. Just like Billy scrubbing his site after he was caught flatout lying about the social security number Barry’s been using.

  15. Beck & O’Lielly are going to have egg all over their faces and their credibility destroyed. I’m done with all of them including Laura Ingraham. What fools.

  16. I saw them all as corrupted well before the 2008 election and stopped watching any of them. I spent my time on the internet getting the truth.

  17. Glenn Beck shares the same type of denial that talk show host Mark Levin possesses. And, when one considers their denial of the eligibility issue, they have cast themselves into the same camp as the the liberal media extremists. They have joined the charade. Therefore they have become charaders – guilty of attempting to cover up this Constitutional fraud.

    They call themselves patriots. But they are PINOS – “Patriots in name only.” They have made themselves just as guilty as Obama for being part of his charading scam……….

  18. It is noteworthy that Beck said “If you’re going to lose your country”. Not me, my wife and I helped build the birther bandwagon back in ’08. We have purchased many weapons, have thousands of rounds and have been active in encouraging others to do the same.
    Pravda, for Pete’s sake, has reported that Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to be president, as have other news organizations in other countries. It seems as if the only people who say they don’t know what’s going on are our politicians and those in the MSM.
    Like many who were called, few are able to meet the challenge. Beck had his opportunity, but now, because of lack of morals, lack of maturity, and lack of respect for the Constitution, he has either sold out for money or just doesn’t know any better.
    I seriously think that Beck doesn’t know any better, that he actually is as stupid as he sounds. If he thinks that there’s something out there more important than our Constituion, I suggest that he take a walk through Arlington National Cemetary, or any other similar hallowed ground, and maybe have some sense knocked into him.
    My forgiveness fuse has run out. I’m getting really sick and tired of my fellow “citizens” not giving a damn about our country.

  19. Subject: What else do you suggest…….?
    Dear Glenn,
    What parts of our Revered, Divinely Inspired Constitution do you think we should abandon?
    If you cannot comprehend the fact that an INELIGIBLE POTUS, who is advancing Progressivism FASTER that you you can make a buck off Insider Extreme, is THE single biggest threat to our Constitution, sorry, buddy, you’re just far too lost for me to comprehend.
    BARACK IS NOT ELIGIBLE! I don’t give a rat’s tiny hiney WHERE he was born! Even if JFK cradled him in his arms at the birthing moment! He is NOT eligible. Never can be……bring on the riots in L.A when he gets booted! If those people are too ignorant to realise what a threat he is…….then GOD Love us!
    In the mean time, I’m done with you and lying O’Reilly. The man is using identity theft and you two knuckleheads don’t get it. Show me one bit of “REAL PROOF”, not an online digital image from a KNOWN Progressive site, that this man is legit………fact is……YOU CAN’T!
    A POX on you and “O’Really?”
    I support the ENTIRE Constitution. If you ever decide to…..let me know!
    May Almighty GOD have Mercy on you in your lunacy,

    Latest e-mail to Beck……..like he cares. He’s on another world-wind money grab…..er….tour.

  20. IMO… Beck is leaving TV because he knows -especially as the election is getting closer- this issue is not only going away, but is heating up.

    Beck, of all people, will look the biggest fool when the truth is revealed and doesn’t want to be left holding the bag explaining why he never fully covered the issue. We all know Beck is not an investigative journalist, but you could have fooled me by all his in depth investigations on all other issues EXCEPT this one.

    If you read the comments on birther topics (ironic since he pushes so hard against it on TV and radio) posted on his “The Blaze” website, 95% of the comments are in favor of getting resolution to the eligibility issue.

    1. Thomas, We won’t see this resolved-your grand children might. There are too many commies that are trying to keep it covered up. I remember the news in 1960/1961-i remember the interviews with Stanley Ann Dunham as she was about to leave the USA to “go over the water to marry her baby’s daddy-her black prince(My Mother’s Words) Was obamas daddy a prince? read “whose your mama, Who’s your daddy” on this site. One of my mothers remarks were that Ann Dunham was at the Theresa Hotel in 1960 and was ” hanging around the desk clerk That desk clerk was ( i didn’t know then,but i do now,thanks to this site) Charles Rangle! Rangle was working his way through law school-is a CONGRESSMAN!- What did he know and when did he know it? My belief is That this is the biggest conspiracy ever and that there are many people involved and are helping to hide it!

      1. First there was an interview of Stanley Ann Dunham in 1960 or 1961. Now she was interviewed multiple times in 1960/1961. Plus we learn that she was hanging out at the Theresa Hotel in 1960, or, more specifically, hanging around the hotel clerk at the Theresa Hotel, and the revelation that that hotel clerk was Charlie Rangel. All of these details were told to you by your mother, who said to you at the time (as you posted in a previous comment here) that Dunham’s son, her live child with her black prince, could never be POTUS.

        Like the previous yarn about Hillary Clinton and Stanley Ann Dunham being tight in 1960,The Rangel angle is also piling it too high. So, unless you can provide something to substantiate any of this ever growing tale based on your mother’s and/or your 50 year old memories, I’m calling “BS!” on all of it, Donna. Either your mom is pulling your leg or you’re trying to pull ours.

      2. Donna:

        You said “read “whose your mama, Who’s your daddy” on this site.”

        What site?

        What interviews with Stanley Ann Dunham?
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: There is an article at the very bottom of our home page entitled “Who’s Your Mommy? Who’s Your Daddy?” or something similar, but we have obviously never interviewed Stanley Ann Dunham.