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by Miki Booth

Bill, we're looking out for the U.S. Constitution, not for you!

(Apr. 14, 2011) — Bill O’Reilly was given one last chance to respond honestly to letters/questions relating to his April 12 FOX News show but, once again, he was caught bald-faced lying and spreading disinformation supporting Obama’s manufactured lies, the biggest of which is Obama’s use of Connecticut-issued social security number, 042-68-4425, which ties directly to his Selective Service registration record.

Private Investigator Susan Daniels has debunked Bill O’Reilly’s deliberate deception. O’Reilly, in response to an email comment about Obama having a social security number from Connecticut, falsely stated that Obama’s father lived for several years in Connecticut and “probably” obtained it for Obama Jr.  O’Reilly showed no documentation to support his supposition.

Not true, O’Reilly. Obama’s father returned to Kenya long before the issuance of  the social security number from Connecticut,  believed to be in 1977.  At that time, according to Obama’s life story, he was residing in Hawaii and attending the Punahou School.   A foreign national living overseas would hardly have been able to request a social security number for his son living in the U.S.

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, MA, near Boston, which is not particularly close to Connecticut.  And if Obama had been born in Hawaii, his social security number should have started with 575 or 576.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. allegedly worked at Baskin Robbins, 1633 King St. in Honolulu, as a teenager. Did he use a Connecticut social security number when he applied for that job?  It is evident his Hawaii-issued social security number, if he had one, was scrubbed along with his passport and all other records.  Then all records were sealed. Not just court-sealed, but executive order-sealed and CIA-sealed. To further obfuscate the facts of his fraudulent social security number, the Social Security Administration is preparing to begin re-issuing numbers and changing the thus-far criteria of identification by state.

Is O’Reilly afraid that the facts will reveal that Obama is guilty of fraud? Perhaps, though, he really is doing his homework and getting the “facts” from FactCheck; you know, the Annenbergs, Obama and William Ayers’ buddies. Nice job, O’Reilly; you have spun yourself out of business. Today begins a national boycott of your show.

Editor’s Note: Obama Release Your Records is reporting that Fox News had eliminated the “Mailbag” portion of Bill O’Reilly’s broadcast of April 13 in which he discussed Obama’s social security number from Connecticut.  Peter Boyle of KHOW in Denver converses with Dr. Jerome Corsi about the issue here.

Dr. James David Manning, who held a citizens’ jury trial of Obama and Columbia University last May, contends that Bill O’Reilly’s statements about Obama actually classify him as a “birther.”




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  1. I want to challenge everyone here to read this from Sharon Rondeau Editor The Post & Email, Inc. Stafford Springs, CT 06076. March 28, 2011 to Donald Trump Trump Organization 725 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10022 regarding: Barack Hussein Obama’s Eligibility To Serve As President.

    Update: The Post & Email Contacts Donald Trump About Obama’s Ineligibility| The Post & Email

  2. bill o’reilly is liberal and loves to kiss obama’s a**…..he is so very arrogant when speaking about barry sotero’s birth certificate and just not asking any questions about the fraud who is now impersonating a president…barry sotero aka obama does not even hold a certification from the bar and never motioned a case by himself as a so called lawyer…apparently he never attended columbia university. there is so much information being “found out” now that a properly vetted democratic candidate should have met prior to taking office, but the media let this happen. a true travesty to our republic and a disgrace to our founding fathers and the laws of this great nation!!!! outrage is what we should be feeling!!!!!!

  3. This guy has had his iron fist at FOX for years! Because of him, the name of Mike Savage is not allowed to be spoken by ANYONE — commentator or reporter — at FOX News. Mike, as you know, is to the right of Limbaugh and Hannidy. O’Reilly is NO conservative! He’s even to the left of liberals like Mike Huckabee and Jesse Ventura.

  4. Throughout all of the discussion of Obama’s birthplace, no one has asked this question of his supporters: “If it was proved, beyond any doubt, that he was NOT born in the USA, would it matter to you?”

    I’m pretty sure I know the answer and it sickens me to know how far we have moved away from what made the USA such a great country.

  5. I don’t watch him and don’t care to. One time I saw him for a few minutes on TV, and I said, turn that off. Don’t want to see that total idiot. Then another time I did watch him for a few minutes somewhere, possibly on the Internet on something, and he wouldn’t allow the other person to speak, so then I stopped watching him again…. even though I did want to hear the other person.

    Gosh, I can’t really boycott him because I don’t watch him anyway. He’s a total idiot, and that’s the truth. He never lets his guests really speak, and especially if it’s someone that he disagrees with. Well, fine, it’s okay if one disagrees, but he drowns them out, then tries to make them look like a jerk. Although he’s the jerk.

  6. Watch Judge Napolitano on Fox Business network, instead. It airs at the same time as O’Reilly and is a much better use of your time.

  7. All I know is that this controversy could have been ended if Obama was not so elusive on the details. Oreily has also been moving farther to the left, he had unprecedented access to Obama and asked him softball questions. I can’t watch him anymore.

  8. Also. I would suggest the stopping and usage of the term….”No Spin Zone” and “The Spin Stops Here” because we know these are blatant lies! I suggest..” The Ultimate Spin Starts Now” and ” The No Truth Zone” for starters instead.

  9. These guys, like O’Reilly, must get their material from Saturday Night Live. Seriously. If there are no facts to back you up; just make it up…yeah, that’s the ticket.

    I read something like this and then wait to read a post on some blog: “O’Reilly ‘SAID’ Obama’s dad lived in Connecticut and applied for the Social Security # so all is well in Obamaland.” Matter resolved by the gullible who need to ‘believe’.

    As if all the other facts can be obliterated by one starry eyed follower and his current blatant lie.

  10. I kicked O’Reilly to the curb after he built us all up for a ‘hard hitting’ series of interviews with the Pretender and then proceeded to giggle and prostrate himself as if mesmerized by the idiot he promised to expose. The interviews were reduced to silly conversations about basketball and the occasional knee rub that seemed to send O’Reilly into ecstatic convulsions.

    It was one of the most embarrassing displays I’ve ever witnessed and I was able to see O’Reilly for the opportunistic, lying fool he is.

    Time and again, he has made silly and untruthful assertions and I am convinced he is not that stupid. At some point, he sold out and became part of the problem. FOX should pay a heavy price and a total boycott of this jackass and his steady procession of Democrat and Progressive guests which he appears to show preference to is long overdue.

    I do not watch..I hear about his latest stupidity or read the articles that keep me informed. Watching him is almost as nauseating as being exposed to the First Moochers.

  11. “O” is an Independent by admission and likely makes no apologies for his political leaning. He clearly is pro-OB1, occasionally, however, he pretends to task OB1 for crucial information about this or the other, and it is truly always trivial. He begged OB1 for an interview and continues to beg for a basketball challenge, “O” clearly wants to be pals with OB1, but as we all know, OB1 will only use “O” as a step rug at his front door or a pee post in the back yard where the first dog can piss on him. Get over the first illegal black Pres Mr. “O,” or soon you will begin to feel the tingle up your leg when OB1 speaks.

  12. Let me add that the question of legitimacy is so important because if Obama has lied about his citizenship and his past in general… and has all along attempted to hide the facts, then his presidency is based on deception. He would then have violated his oath of office and the laws of the Constitution. This involves a knowing and willing deception of the American people and an obstruction of justice. This could not be tolerated. Allowing such a violation would result in far greater injury to our country than the effects of reversing the travesty. Obama’s birthplace or even his presidency isn’t the issue – the issue is the very foundation of our system of laws and our Constitution…what is right and what is true.

    1. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell, JSR. Chasing the B.C. is only part of the problem. The crimes and obstruction carried out by the Sewer Rat, the First Moocher and the incredible number of Fiduciaries whose cooperation were necessary to pull this off is where our focus should be.

      Our Constitution matters, our people matter…what is right and true matters. Denigration of these values won’t be tolerated by those of us who understand that.

      Cancer has to be hunted down and located in all it’s hiding places and eliminated…only then can the ‘body’ heal. Acting like it does not exist or praying for it to go away only gives it time to grow and spread and rot.

  13. Boycott needs to include contacting sponsors not to buy any advertising on O’Reilly’s show and laying out reasons – no integrity, lying to the public, etc..

  14. A Cold Stale Piece of Profanity©

    Stop Bill ” the Obama Shill” O’Really’s propaganda puppet theatre

    NO MORE!

    Turn him off like he turned us off. As the tree shakes the dead leaves fall.

    Thanks Sharon –

    1. I like this.

      Stop Bill ” the Obama Shill” O’Really’s propaganda puppet theatre

      NO MORE!

      Turn him off like he turned us off. As the tree shakes the dead leaves fall.

      Sent it to O’Reilly & CC’d everyone at Fox

  15. Its the O’Reilly Spin Show. He won’t even take the time to do his own investigation and I’m not so sure he knows how to use the internet.

    I hope this idiot’s days are numbered on TV.

  16. Though we are many… boycotting barak O’Reilly, beyond personal gratification… will at most give him a fat lip. If you want to slap all the taste out of his mouth… letters and email to his sponsors is the move.

    When a sponsor receives correspondence stating that you have used their product for years… and because o’Really denies any question of question, regarding zero’s Birth Certificate… your family and any and all extended family, friends and fellow workers you can convince, will no longer use or purchase their products either…they take notice.

    About a year ago the libs mounted a massive campaign of letters and email toward Beck’s sponsors. It was nullified by overwhelming letters and email of support.

    What it takes is watching his show.. and every 8 minutes, jotting down the advertisers and compiling a list. Once a list is posted with corresponding email addresses… he can be hurt.

    Imagine the ‘See, I told you’ ammo we’d have should the libs mount a campaign to save him.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Who would be willing to start compiling such a list? We could post it as an update to Miki Booth’s editorial.

  17. I don’t watch Fox on TV anymore so I don’t have to boycott lying O’Reilly where his spin never stops. Glenn Beck is an intellectual lightweight, and said he wasn’t interested in the Obama birth certificate issue a long time ago, on the Peter Boyles show in Denver. Check out some of the details below the pictures of lying O’Reilly and crying Beck on my http://einhornpress.com/ObamasBirth.aspx page.

    By the way, if you want to keep up on what the leaders in the birth certificate movement are saying in radio interviews, you can get the Peter Boyles show on KHOW (Denver’s Number one morning show) between 5 and 9 am EST on Internet streaming. Peter deals almost exclusively with the Obama birth issue on his program everyday.

    You might want to give him a shout Miki (and Sharon also). I am sure he would be happy to interview another expert on the Obama birth issue.

  18. I’ve been saying it for awhile now. But now O’Reilly validates me (and probably others as well), but America no longer has TV! What America now has is PV….PROPAGANDA VISION….and it’s 24/7!

    I will do like Mrs. Rondeau suggests and spend more time with the new internet media and I’m also going to catch up on some reading instead of watching the PV!

    Also, I will denounce the propagandist Bill O’Reilly’s of America every opportunity I get! And if you feel like I do….you should too!

  19. O’Reilly by his latest actions has exposed the truth. That you can’t trust any of these talking heads in the media. The media no longer report the news, but shape it until the desired outcome is achieved. Some issue not going their way… throw out a (magical) pole that convinces them otherwise. The CIA knows the power of the “herd mentality” and will use it against US at every turn.

    Everyone needs to understand that when the government makes the statement “in the best interest of the United States,” they are not referring to the American people. They are referring to the political elite and the military industrial complex. In their own interest (not ours), they will push back as hard as necessary – including lying – to protect what they have accomplished in Obama.

    Put into context the behavior of the government (all branches) and the media over the last 2.5 years. Which has been more protected… our Constitution and founding principles or the fraud know as Obama?

    The ruling elite are one step closer to the New World Order that Wilson was talking about during his presidency almost 100 years ago. If Obama is allowed to serve out this term, what have the elite achieved? To forever change the definition of natural born Citizenship without a SCOTUS decision or constitutional amendment and to ALLOW FOREIGNERS to rule us.

    Boycott O’Reilly? Sure, but better to boycott his advertisers by sending letters to them stating that unless O’Reilly comes clean on all the facts you will no longer purchase their products.

  20. please all boycott rush limbaugh. encourage this all over the internet. limbaugh is part of the eligibility cover – up on soetoro / obama and has been for the last 2 years plus. he tries to fool everybody by just making a comment or cracking a joke now and then. rush limbaugh is a professional con man a traitor a hyprocrit a phony a coward and a pathetic liar. nobody should ever listen to him again . he is protecting all of the complicit republicans that were part of the fraud perprtrated on us. some of them are john mccain karl rove john boehner mitch mcconnell darryl issa george bush dick cheney and many many others. this traitor and phony needs to be chased off the air.

  21. O’Reilly became an Obamamaniac after the first interview he did with Barack Hussein Obama. I believe he is afraid of being called a “racist,” because of his reaction when the race-baiting extortionist, Jesse Jackson came on his show. Then he did the Super-Dud interview. After which O’Reilly was looking for affirmation to the interview. He was asking “Well, how did I do? What did you think about the interview?” The problem I have is O’Reilly was more concerned about how he looked, instead of questioning the substance of Barack Hussein Obama’s answers. Obama was reluctant to make negative comments about the Muslim Brotherhood. Then again he did invite the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his speech in Cairo. Another thing that troubled me was when O’Reilly asked Obama, “What’s the worst part of the job?” I would think it would be writing a letter of condolence to the family of a fallen soldier or sending soldiers in harms way. However, the worst part of the job for Barack Hussein Obama is he has to wear a jacket on Super Bowl Sunday and being in the bubble, with eyes constantly on you, where you are not able to have a spontaneous conversation with someone. A pathetic and pitiful response, but what do you expect coming from a narcissistic elitist.

  22. I sent the following comment to O’Reilly last night, about his new book; Killing Lincoln.
    “Knowing that you are formerly a History teacher, I would assume you are truly interested in the truth about the Lincoln assassination, however since you don’t seem to care about the truth about Obama not being eligible to be the president of the US because he is not a natural born citizen, it destroys your creds.”

  23. I think that he needs to be told that we are going after his advertisers. Just like Beck , the chalk guy who really educated everybody on the influences that surrounded Obama, is on a power kick and that is why ‘they”, Beck and Oreilly, have lost their audience. They are on a power kick. Beck had so many people join him at the rally, that he started to think that he was the new Messiah. Oreilly, is also another one that became boastful. Men like these turn on their own heart and end up working for the other side of evil. Oreilly refuses to see or hear the truth. Beck just wants to be the “one” who finds dirt on Obama. Little does he know that all that he has presented to us, we have blogged for over three years. He just put the blogging on live television for us. The truth will be reveal and it will be Trump , that is if he doesn’t turn and be discouraged, that will have the revenge for us.

  24. You need to boycott his sponsors. How do they measure viewship these days, anyway? Nielsen ratings still in effect? I think so, so unless you’re one of those selected viewers, they won’t know you’re not watching, anyway.

    We need somebody to watch his show so we can continue to call him out on his lies. Last night he also said something like he stakes his journalistic career on Obama’s eligibility. If he’s staking it on obot lies that his “crack staff” (maybe “on crack” is more like it) who do their research on leftist sites like Huffington, Kos, or even in the mainstream media, then he’s already lost his journalistic career.

    He’s only a commentator, although he pretends otherwise when he hands those backhanded insults to other hosts (Hannity–he means you).

    There’s no way O’Reilly could “know” that BHO Sr. lived in CT for several years unless he got it from obot comments at Free Republic and everywhere else they spew their cut-and-pasted talking points. This is something obots made up. No evidence whatsoever.

    So either he’s been misled by his crack staff or he knows better but is promoting a lie. Or maybe he does know something but he isn’t saying WHAT. Like maybe Obama isn’t who he says he is? Maybe he did live in CT with his “parents”, or was visiting dad and stepmom there? She was from a prominent east coast family, after all. Or so we’re told.

  25. I’ve always said that Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck were two of the MOST DANGEROUS PERSONS in the world (actually #2 and #3) to our democratic republic, its freedoms and its truths. I rarely watch them anymore. Their guffawing like children with each other and their uninformed (or should I say COMPLICIT) rhetoric about the eligibilty/birth certificate issue practically makes me sick. One has to wonder- WHO ARE THE DUMB-DOWNED people who call themselves fans of O’Reilly and Beck- and WHY DO SO MANY WELL-KNOWN POLITICAL FIGURES (McCAIN, BOEHNER, LINDSEY GRAHAM, ETC) DEMEAN THEMSELVES AND PROSTITUTE THEMSELVES BY APPEARING SO OFTEN ON O’REILLY AND BECK’S TV SHOWS??

  26. I am so so sad to know that I can and will no longer watch Bill O’Reilly at 8pm. I am so disappointed in him. He has obviously drunk the Obama juice. Along with throwing his integrity out the window. How sad. Color me gone!

  27. I stopped watching O’Reilly about a year ago, and then Fox News altogether! I did watch Fox Business some and now I can’t watch that either. Fox tried to get the Left side in to tell their story, to be “fair and balanced” but to me they are just, may I say “stupid”. I am an old man and I am getting impatient. One finally realizes that there are only so many day left and that one should not waste them on nonsense! The state of our country for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren is terrifying to us. I lived through the 1930 depression and WWII, it was no joke! It is clear as day to me now that the “ruling class” is willfully destroying this once great nation! It won’t be fun for most of us!

    1. If we don’t watch Fox the only choice is CNN or MSNBC or another liberal media. I can’t stand those, I will stick with Fox and overlook the BS.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: People also have the choice to turn off the TV altogether and support the new internet media.

      1. Turn off the darn boob tube and come back to reality and spend the time helping us fight this battle on the Internet. Never forget, information equates to power. This is not a new revelation, but it certainly deserves repeating. This is also why I predict there will soon be a new revived effort to clamp down on the Internet. A dictatorship can not operate with a free flow of communication between the people. We need to turn back this current overthrow attempt before the communication wires are cut.

  28. I used to DVR both Beck & O’Reilly every week night. Now – poof! They’ve BOTH been deleted from the DVR recorded programs!

    Last night was the last night for O’Reilly’s BS. I wanted to see if he had the courage to publish & respond to the “flood” of emails I knew he would get. I just about fell OFF my chair when I heard his response to the email about 0bama’s phoney SS#!!

    Count me in for the O’Reilly boycott – The “NO MORE” Zone!!

    1. I stopped watching O’Reilly a long time ago. I have been recording Beck’s show and watching some of them on the weekend, but I have stopped recording Beck’s show as of today.

  29. Yeah, I quit watching him too – long time ago. His rating are still ok because of the majority of liberals that watch and love him.

  30. It’s been a couple of years since I noticed Fox tracking to the left, and especially, defending Barry. When O’Reilly and Beck decided to ignore the Constitution and insult those that didn’t, I stopped watching entirely. Mr. Beck and his, “question with boldness”….except Barry’s eligibility, which happens to be the only issue that should be covered right now, especially angered me. O’Reilly is just a fool trying to steer himself, in his little brain, down the middle so he can brag about his terrific ratings.

  31. Well-deserved boycott! Does anyone have a list of his sponsors for us to start a petition and notify them that we will also boycott their products if they continue advertising on his show?

      1. Social Security numbers were issued in 1936.
        Take note that a person BORN in 1890 whom lived beyond the age of 46 … would have one.

      2. Read again what Barbi stated, Lez, and more carefully this time. Many people born in 1890 were around when Social Security was enacted and could be assigned a # upon request.

  32. I stopped watching quite some time ago. Heres my talking point memo- His name should be O-Really? Because every time you watch him you just have to say it-

  33. I’m way ahead of you. I stopped watching O’Reilly and Beck when they started covering for Obama. Funny how Trump’s popularity is skyrocketing while the career politicians who are also covering for Obama are left in the dust. America wants the eligibility question answered. We need to demand that congress investigate Obama and settle this dispute once and for all. By his own admission he is a dual citizen and therefore ineligible to be POTUS.