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April 12, 2011

Greta Van Susteren hosts "On the Record" weeknights at 10:00 p.m. on the Fox News Channel

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to Greta Van Susteren of Fox News:

HI, Greta.

On last’s night show (4-11-11), while interviewing Donald Trump, you spoke strongly against the Birth Certificate-Identity-Eligibiliy Issue.

Further, you said that you “feel” the birth certificate was not being released so that the Democrat Party could raise money. At least, you admitted it wasn’t released.

Greta, you certainly are entitled to your personal unsubstantiated opinion.

Still, as an attorney, it is incongruous that you would base your entire view on “feel” and not factual proof.  As you have been taught to know, “feel” does not trump factual proof.

So…how do you factually know where Mr. Obama was born, the identities of his parents or anything else?

Some people in that position have said “because he admitted it in his writings”.

Excuse me, but how would he know?(no offense intended). He did not witness his own birth or conception.  It’s “hearsay”; not factual proof on it’s face.

As Democrats that voted for Mr. Obama, we have been unable to find any document that proves, at the least, where Mr. Obama was born, the identities of his parents, etc.

So, on a factual proof basis, would you please send us a copy of whatever birth document you have, or have seen, that proves conclusively the above (birth specifics, parents, etc.)?

Of course, the best way, as Mr. Trump requests, is by the simple release of the actual, original birth certificate  (which, reportedly, Mr. Obama is blocking); the same document that must be shown to enter the military, play Little League Baseball, Pop Warner Football, etc.

On your program last night, you showed a copy of the Certification of Live Birth (attached).

This is the same document that Mr.Obama has acknowledged and released on to his one and only Official Campaign website (this was also acknowledged by former Gov. Lingle, former PS Gibbs and many others).

Please note that it is not “THE” birth certificate, as it does not show the data to which Mr. Trump properly referred.  It also does not provide the “uniquely identifying information” required by SCOTUS in the Ark Case. Further, you will note the difference in the ID number of any “CoLB” vs. an “OBC”.  By the way, one purpose of a CoLB is to provide and represent information that is on the original birth certificate. Ergo, by definition, it is a different document.

Greta, please take a really good look at this attached document.  This IS THE document under discussion.  Please read it carefully from top and bottom.

As countless viewers can clearly read on its bottom line…this document is INVALID.  Or can you tell us where its ID number is shown? You will not be able to do so because Mr. Obama’s staff has reportedly admitted to intentionally doing what made it invalid.

Greta, clerical or staff errors happen all the time.  Still, we ask you,”How do you  know anything about Mr. Obama…to “feel” one way or the other?

We don’t know if he was born in Hawaii or not…or anything else. So we make no accusation.

Sincerely, don’t you think it’s time to clear up this simple matter once and for all, one way or the other?  Certainly, we can’t speak for Mr. Trump, but isn’t that what he’s trying to do by saying,

“Mr. Obama, just show your original birth certificate”.


Bob and Jenny

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  1. I don’t consider Fox having investigative reporting, there source is third party, O’Reilly says he does investigative reporting but we see that depth with the birth notices, Taitz has used at least one investigative reporter re the Obama phony SS#, we need to pool our resources and use a credible eligibility foe to hire investigators and others to not only seek the truth about Obama’s eligiblity but to find criminal acts committed back when he was a federal and state senator, one felony is all we need to seek his impeachment!!!

  2. I just want to point out that the question used as a title to the piece answers itself. If they still investigated, they wouldn’t be former investigative journalists.

  3. O’Reilly has been making installment payments to Obama, since the last time he walked into “THE NO SPIN ZONE”! O’Reilly is really concerned about Trump, since “he will feel foolish about the birth certificate theory”. Trump will throw Aces on O’Reilly’s Kings. All O’Reilly proved is… that he has a rotten “research team”!

  4. O’Reilly this evening with Alan Colmes pronouncing to anyone who would listen, ” We are going to put this to bed right now! He HAS A VALID BIRTH CERTIFICATE!”

    And then, in a routine out of I Love Lucy, he showed the fake COLB which has long ago been debunked!

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    Obama must be all atither knowing that his deceit is about to go Cinemascope and Technicolor!

    1. BOR says the state of Hawaii says he was born there. So there, that settles it! What an idiot! I remember him saying way back at the beginning of this that he has “the best investigative team in the business”. I think they all need to look for a new line of work! Ridiculous!

  5. The one thing that this Obama eligibility issue is doing, it’s exposing the Fox news personalities as a bunch of phonies. I used to watch a lot of Fox, now very little. This same thing happened years ago when I stopped watching ABC, CBS, and NBC news. Then CNN went bad. Now Fox. The only real sources of factual detailed news are the various Internet websites, like the Post & Email, where real people report their real experiences and reporters actually investigate things.

  6. The following is a post I borrowed from ReformUSA2012 on the alipac.us “Barack Obama’s citizenship questioned” blog. It helps us think through some of the reasons why so many people in DC are giving Obama a pass on his eligibility challenges.

    “First off some major Republican and Rino names could get caught in the blast. Having Obama found ineligible would basically destroy the Democrat Party as it is now and allow charges of treason against many Democrat leaders across the country. However would also go after some Republicans.

    “Second is it would set back the Minority movement 100 years because the first minority President we had was ineligible and basically stole the POTUS. Just another reason to see the minorities as a criminal element we need to do away with in some eyes.

    “Third and more importantly Republicans attacking and even dethroning Obama on an ineligibility issue would be seen by many minorities as the “white man” holding back the “black man”. It would be seen as a massive racial attack even with rock solid proof. Keep in mind the education level of many of the minority black and hispanics who would buy into the racial crap. This could severely hurt the Republican Parties attempts to reach out to minority Americans as they have been trying to say that the Republican Party is NOT the white mans party as they have been lead to believe.

    “Forth is the risk if the Supreme Court decided to say that Obama was eligible. That opens the door wide open for children of illegal aliens running for presidency, Americans who were born and raised overseas with foreign ideals but were born to one American parent, and so forth. It could even be twisted quite easily then to say a NBC is an old term and now its only a Citizen opening the door eventually to Naturalized Citizens. Basically that could be done as all meaning to NBC would be removed meaning it would be ignored by a potential specific liberal SC ruling.

    “Republicans instead chose the safer approach [which] was simply defeating him in 2012 which the majority think will be a hands down defeat. But more and more are breaking off as his treasonous crimes add up. But NONE want their name seen as for impeachment unless they are sure to have enough support to least pass the house and even likely the Senate.”

    1. Obama may be a minority, but I do NOT see him as “black.” His mother definitely white, dad 75% middle Eastern and 25% African. So that makes BO 50% white, 37.5% middle Eastern and 12.5% African. Too bad more Americans didn’t know this up front.

  7. It absolutely amazes me that with all the attorneys-turned-“journalists” and all the attorneys-turned-“statesmen” the NBC issue is totally ignored or ridiculed. I read on another blog this morning that Issa said yesterday (I think on Fox) that even if obie were found to be foreign born, it would not be enough to impeach or arrest him.
    I for one have had enough and am ready to go to Washington and stay until this is settled. Anyone else?

  8. I liked Trump’s immediate response to Greta. “I’m surprised in you, Greta.” Did Greta state her question in a manner to provoke his real intentions in the eligibility question”? Would he respond with distinct rebellion? I say, “Yes, he did.”

    Obama statement at ‘Fight The Smears’:

    “As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.”

    Why did Obama feel compelled to state that his birth status was governed by the British Nationality Act of 1948 rather than just zipping his mouth????

  9. The whole mess just makes you scratch your head in disbelief. Where are those investigative reporters trying to make a name for themselves? Perhaps they are too afraid of the issue…I mean, literally afraid for their lives?

    I stopped watching Fox for any real or serious news a long time ago. Used to never miss O’Reilly – now I couldn’t care less if I catch his show or not. Hannity is ok, but he drones on and on about the same stuff and never really gets anywhere. I lost respect for Beck when he hypocritically called birthers ‘idiots’. And Greta has never been a favorite…so Fox has now lost it’s way, which is such a shame.

    Back when they were very conservative I watched almost all day, now…I watch Fox about an hour a day – that’s all I can take! LOL I try CNN every now and again, and can only take about 10 min. of them!

  10. Trump Interview 11 April 2011
    As a lawyer you were sworn to uphold the law. Your argument and ridicule of Donald Trump wanting to look into the legality of eligibility which is a requirement of the US Constitution, Article 2, indicates to the public that you have no regard for the law, the constitution nor the truth. You accuse Mr. Trump of gamesmanship yet that is precisely what you do every night. Eligibility has been questioned from the start, yet you as a lawyer, have obviously failed to read Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, the definition of natural born citizen, the founding father’s intent and the law of nations. Our forefathers wanted to assure heritage of at least a second generation true American citizen, and not a foreigner raised with dual allegiance, alien to the ways of American citizens and culture. If the highest office in the land fell to a foreign invader it would destroy America, which is an act of treason.

    In the words of VAN SUSTEREN: “All right, the birther issue — and I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but I’ve heard you say that are you doing something. I don’t agree with you on this whole birther issue. Plus, I think you’re doing a great fund-raiser for the Democratic Party. But putting that aside, you — you — you have said that you are investigating. What are you doing?”

    “VAN SUSTEREN: No, no. This is the Republican woman governor, Laura Lingle, who she said that she spoke to the head of whoever it was and that they looked at it. So”…

    Actually Greta her name is Linda not Laura. The “head of whoever, or whatever” and ‘whoever’ saw “it” what Greta? If ‘it’ was a birth certificate, from what Country, what attending or hospital, located where? Then you proceed to show the audience a supposed document, implying authentic some how, calling it a Certificate of Live Birth but the paper reads Certification right at the top of the page. Can you read?

    (unity of jus sanguinis and jus soli) The claimed biological father was not an American Citizen, just having been born on American soil does not qualify to hold the office of Commander in Chief and there is no proof American soil is the place of birth. The Indonesian adoption also plays a role. Applying these facts, already disqualifies.

    “TRUMP: I’d like to see proof. You know, Greta Everybody has that. There’s no records! There’s no records! There’s no birth certificate, there’s no records!”

    End Game, I agree with Mr. Trump and I want to see proof for the sake of this country. If I wanted to watch a Pinhead news network I might as well watch CNN.

    s/ Victoria Windsor of the Commonwealth of Virginia


  11. Greta Van Susteren sure had me fooled years ago when I would listen to her reporting on TV about some other issue. But now I will never listen to her. Once a person lies in court the court can tell the jurors that everything they say is a lie. So Greta where does that leave you?

    Greta surely you are not a NBC of USA because you care nothing about this country. I am a NBC and I love America. I will not allow some foreigner to be President. For the past over 2 years I have not had a President. I have watch the destruction of my country be engulfed by total & complete corruption. What have I done to deserve this corruption. I have been honest. I pay my taxes and vote every election. I go along with the government. But You Greta are teaching me what a fool I have been to trust you when words come out of your mouth. Better get honest before you find yourself charged with High Treason against the Constitution. A Benedict Arnold crime punishable by death.

  12. HI Bob and Jenny,

    Welcome to The Post & Email, and great letter to Greta. I also watched her show last night and completely agree with your assessment thereof.

    That said, now that you have publicly announced you are Obama voters turned “birthers,” be advised/forewarned that Obama and/or your Obama voting friends may well soon deem you radical right-wing racist bigots!!! :-)