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by JB Williams, ©2011

On December 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act, which authorized the Fed to issue the currency for the nation. But was it constitutional?

(Apr. 7, 2011) — There should be no debate over spending in DC at this point. Over the last seventy years, our federal government, behaving as an unconstitutional supreme central power, has spent the most productive and prosperous nation on earth into third world status.

Bickering over a few billion in planned deficit spending above $1.65 trillion in just the next year, when the nation is already more than $14 trillion in unsustainable debt threatening the very existence of our dollar – is the definition of insanity.

Democrats are forcing a so-called shutdown in their effort to keep spending money we don’t have. Republicans are only calling for a symbolic level of spending cuts. Nobody in Washington DC seems serious about ending the fiscal insanity. Even the president’s bi-partisan debt panel is recommending deficit spending for at least another twenty-five years.

I say, shut it down! The federal government has done more to harm the union of states than they have ever done to improve freedom and liberty in America. We will be better off without a federal government, each state able to fund and govern itself better than the Fed ever will.

Extreme threats demand extreme measures, and nothing threatens the future freedom and prosperity of the United States more than our own federal government. Enemies beyond, we can deal with. It’s the enemy within which threatens us most today. It’s time to shut it down and reset.

As we have proven in election after election, changing the players on the field from time to time does not change the game. We need a game changer here, beginning with forcing our elected servants to live within the confines of the Constitution, existing laws and the budget that we allow them.

Everything in this country is backwards, up-side-down and inside-out. The people can never win a game in which they are not even a player. DC players make up the rules as they go and those rules never benefit the people.

When Obama and the Democratic Socialists of America passed unconstitutional acts like ObamaCare, Obama Czars, deep intrusions into private sector banking, manufacturing and education, Republicans should have shut it all down then.

They simply didn’t have the backbone to do what they should have done on behalf of every American citizen, including the ones not smart enough to know that they can’t survive a bankrupt nation either.

As British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said so well – “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” – We ran out of other people’s money more than $14 trillion ago.

Republicans should up the ante here… Instead of allowing Democrats to accuse them of shutting down the government over a measly $30 billion, they should force Democrats to blame them for eliminating the entire $1.65 trillion deficit proposed in Obama’s budget.

Are Republicans scared of being accused of balancing the budget? Most Americans want somebody to balance the budget and stop the insane march into the financial abyss, under the unbridled command of the international socialist left now known as the Democrat Party.

Our federal budget has only been balanced once since Andrew Jackson was president. Republicans balanced one annual budget during Bill Clinton’s second term. Then they returned to spending like Democrats and under Obama, they have increased the debt of every American taxpayer by more than 40% or $4 trillion during Obama’s first two years in office.

To put it lightly, Obama is unsustainable. Democrats are unsustainable. And only Republicans have the power to do something about it.

To whom is Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, loyal? Why is a private banking cartel controlling U.S. currency and therefore the economy?

Shut it down and shut it down now!

Don’t start it up again until you have a balanced budget approved and signed by the president who makes a drunken sailor look like a penny pincher.

At this late date, the people of this nation are on an austerity program no matter what happens in DC. But unless they force Republicans to put the fed on an austerity program now, the people will be all alone in their austerity and the Fed will drive this nation into a financial disaster that the nation cannot survive.

It may be too late for fiscal sanity already, but here’s where we are. We can’t change the past and our only hope of altering the future is by acting today.

The decision is easy and if we refuse to face the music today, there will soon be no decision to make.

A federal shutdown does not mean that the federal government will actually shut down. That would be nice, but it won’t actually happen.

Instead, Democrats will aim the shutdown where their voters will feel it the most. They will keep business as usual, except for targeting their voters’ benefits in order to motivate those voters into a revolt in the streets, just as they did in Wisconsin over the state budget battle.

Democrats will try to make even a partial shutdown as painful as possible for the voter’s in this country who are trained government dependents. They are already out telling their voters to hold Republicans responsible for the big “shutdown” which will only impact government dependents.

Since social spending now exceeds 60% of the entire federal budget, there is no way to rein in the federal government without reining in social spending.

Yes, it will be painful. But not as painful as driving the nation and every state into bankruptcy and then cutting off all aid to those truly in need.

Republicans simply must grow a spine, and do the work they were elected to do. Cutting Obama’s spending spree by a lousy $30 billion is merely symbolic, an effort to demonstrate to their voters that they did something, even though it amounts to nothing.

The cuts need to be fifty-five times that number, $1.65 trillion. Even then, the interest alone on past spending will still add to the current debt level. But at least we have stopped the bleeding and set a new course for fiscal sanity.

If the voters throw Republicans out for doing that in 2012, then the voters deserve national bankruptcy.

Go ahead, shut it down and don’t open for business again without a total fiscal restructuring that demonstrates a willingness in government to be much better stewards of the people’s resources.

Go ahead, shut it down now! It is the only hope for freedom and liberty to survive!



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  1. Shut it down and – Congress, don’t do another thing until you get to the bottom of Obama’s eligibility. The rest will sort itself out.

  2. Kennedy signed the order to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank. One week later he’s dead. You can shut it down but at the same time you’ve got to changed the rules. I say get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank and go back on a silver/gold standard. It’s not impossible but if we don’t do it, it will be impossible to stop the bleeding. The order has been signed; it’s on the books. All we have to do is enforce it.
    Our government doesn’t represent us, but they do represent something and it isn’t good.
    The time for ‘elections’ and ‘courts’ have long expired. .

  3. We have another hidden problem. For example when California declares bankruptcy the fed gov will cover the loss. Thus all the people of the country will pay for the California welfare for the illegal mexicans. Why should the other 49 states pay for the overspending of California. California is probably the richest state in the union and they want the other states to pay for their “purchase of democratic votes with taxpayers money”. This is what it is coming down to folks.

    I have been watching Ken Burns on PBS The Civil War this week. The civil war was definitely fought over the incursive unconstitutional expanding powers of the Fed Gov and not over slavery. Slavery was probably the primary secondary issue. Meaning that the states had the sovereignty to have slaves and the Fed Gov did not have the right to force states to do its will.

    Even President Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy said he wished he had the powers that Lincoln had and he could win the war.

    Lady and Gentlemen we are now back to the Civil War days. We have an ever expanding Federal Government that is taking away our freedoms. The Civil War was brutal in that the politicians cared nothing for the lives fo the people who fought. They were used like fodder to attack and die. The North won because it allowed the slaughter of more of its people. Lincoln only wanted his generals to attack and fight and die and not be careful. The people died like flys. brutal to no end. unmerciful. God was not on either side. To say that God was on our side is ridiculous. Would a God of Love choose to slaugher a half million people.

    The daily kill was higher than Nepoleon at Waterloo. And we kept it up battle after battle where as in Waterloo it ended.

    I ask the question. Will our Federal Government kill its own people to maintain power. Well it alread did with Lincoln in the Civil War,

    I think if the Constitution allowed for states to leave the union then the Fed Gov will have to behave better or else the states will simply leave. A good control on the unConstitutional ever expanding power of Federal Government.

    We also need constraints on the military. Before World War I & II we minded our own business pretty much. But after World War II we have standing armies everywhere. We need to stop that. We need a military that is only for defense of the homeland and not out in other countries. If we mind our own business we would be much stronger today.
    It seems to me

    The Federal Reserve is the most powerful force against this country. It must be shut down immediately. It was a Ponzi Scheme of epic proportions. It was designed to guarantee the bankruptcy of our country. It is due for renewal and must be stopped. It was given a 99 year contract which is now coming due. If we allow the politicians to renew the Fed Reserve we are doomed to slavery as the Fed Reserve will own the world.

    Watch the video movie. THE SECRET OF OZ all about the corruption of our money and the Fed Reserve. Guaranteed to wake you up.


  4. Bamm-Bamm’s Budget Plan

    What leadership! Obama-style:
    To hide away the longest while,
    And dither ’til the very last –
    Until the time is almost past.

    Then ride in at the end of day,
    Adopt whatever plan’s in play,
    Proclaim its merits as your own
    And say debate is overblown.

    As evidence I would submit
    The budget, dragging bit by bit,
    O’er months of fruitless talks, and yet
    The President played hard to get.

    He named Joe Biden as his man:
    Joe had a meeting, then he ran,
    To meet the Russians overseas
    And charm them with his expertise.

    The President then saw the need
    To hand the reins to Harry Reid,
    Who could not of his own accord
    Get Boehner and his team on board.

    And now the President is mad.
    He wants a deal and wants it bad.
    So in a fit of hope and change
    He takes off for the golfing range.

    But on his way he first insults,
    By saying they should be adults,
    The very men who have displayed
    The will to work, while he has played.

  5. We are at a point where our Republic would be better off without this “Cabal” that has taken over our Federal Government. Each sovereign state needs to face the facts. Time to save this Union. The best way to save our Union, is to rid ourselves of the rougue, commie, Bildenberg infiltrated Government in DC, and replace it based on our Constitution.
    Aaron Russo on The Federal Reserve & How to Shut it Down
    Interview footage from http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/

  6. “YASSSIR, SHUT IT DOWN, and then SPEND some TIME CHARGING, ARRESTING and CONVICTING, then SENTENCING the “District of Criminals” to Prison for “TREASON, and High Crimes and Misdemeanors”, Committed against “The United States of America AND her Sovereign Citizens!!”