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by Sharon Rondeau

Rep. Carl Seel (R-Phoenix) is serving his first term in the Arizona House of Representatives.

(Apr. 7, 2011) — Various news outlets are reporting this evening that Rep. Carl Seel (R-Phoenix) will be meeting with Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York City on Friday, April 8, to discuss the presidential eligibility bill sponsored by Seel in the Arizona legislature.

The Post & Email has been told that a small number of other people were invited to attend the meeting in addition to Seel, who stated that he was “surprised and pleased to be invited to a meeting.

The meeting will take place at 11:30 a.m. EDT.  The Sonoran Alliance has reported that “Media may arrange in advance to attend the meeting by contacting Carl Seel at (602) 926-3018 or cseel@azleg.gov.”

The state of Oklahoma is also considering a presidential eligibility bill.

Donald Trump had begun to express doubts about Obama’s eligibility on March 17 and again on March 23 when he appeared on ABC’s “The View” and called upon Obama to release his original long-form birth certificate to prove that he was born in the United States.  A decorated, 18-year Army medical doctor was sentenced to six months at Ft. Leavenworth as well as forfeiture of pay and pension for making the same request of Obama but being denied access to the putative commander-in-chief’s records.

Since March 23, Trump has been interviewed by Geraldo Rivera of Fox News.  On Thursday, April 7, Trump told Meredith Vieira of NBC, “If he [Obama] wasn’t born in this country, he has conned the whole world.”  A writer for Yahoo! News opined that Vieira “let him make the claim that Obama’s grandmother said she saw him born in Kenya – an old, and long-debunked, chestnut of birthers that ranks up there with the fake Mombassa birth certificate – without questioning it. So now millions of Today viewers are invited to take it as fact. And while Trump made the juicy-sounding claim that he’s sent investigators to Hawaii and “can’t believe” what he’s hearing from them, if Vieira asked him to back it up with a single example of their findings, that ended up on the cutting room floor.”

Radio show host Rush Limbaugh stated that Trump caught Vieira off-guard as he discussed the $2,000,000 which Obama has reportedly spent hiding his birth certificate and other records.  Limbaugh also said that if Obama was not born in the United States, it was “one of the greatest scams ever.”

The New York Times erroneously reported that Obama has shown a “Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii” when the Hawaii Department of Health has never confirmed that the internet image displayed on Obama’s “Fight the Smears” website came from them.  The Times also incorrectly reported that Hawaii’s current governor, Neil Abercrombie, had affirmed that Obama has an authentic birth certificate from Hawaii, as did former Governor Linda Lingle, when in fact, Abercrombie has stated that there does not appear to be an original birth document for Obama in Hawaii.

Editor’s Note: Earlier today, Obama’s campaign website, “Fight the Smears,” was displaying the Certification of Live Birth as it has been since 2008.  This evening, however, when searching for the link to the page with the image of the COLB, the website was not accessible.

An editorial by Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post labeled Trump’s stance a “disgusting, dangerous dance with birthers.”  A writer for Politico refers to Trump as “king of the birthers” and to Rep. Carl Seel as a “birther lawmaker.”

Glenn Beck has said that Trump is making him “a little uncomfortable with birther remarks about Obama.”   Perhaps Beck should be uncomfortable; he has failed to report on the questions surrounding Obama’s eligibility to serve as president and commander-in-chief of the military due to his foreign-citizen father, claims that he was born in Kenya or Indonesia, and apparent documentation of Indonesian citizenship.

How can a person with all of these citizenship hurdles be considered a “natural born Citizen” of the United States?

No one in the media seems to be discussing the possibility that Donald Trump could be correct regarding Obama’s perpetration of fraud and deceit upon the nation. This evening on “The Factor” with Bill O’Reilly, when asked why Trump was making Obama’s birth certificate an issue, Fox & Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson smiled and said, “He’s taking a huge risk.”

Are members of the media running scared?  What will happen to their eight-figure salaries once the truth is made known?  Fifty million dollars annually to obscure the truth is a lot of money.

What if Trump is correct, Obama has lied to the American people about his past, and does not qualify for the office of President?

Section 3 of the 20th Amendment to the Bill of Rights states:

If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President. If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.

How many people will be going to jail if Obama lied?  How many will be charged with treason against the United States?  How many should be speaking up now?

Are the walls finally coming down?



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  1. Usurpation of the highest office should be treated for what it is- a crime of the HIGHEST ORDER. There is no truth or rule of law from/by/with the U.S. government-military-media complex, these controlling elites (DNC-RNC-ABC-NBC-CBS-FOX-CNN-GOOGLE-Radio talking heads-et,al………………………………..) should be made to account for this crime.

  2. Here’s a scenario: What if his father is not Obama Sr, but someone else who IS a US citizen? Would he qualify then? But if so, why has he tried to hide it? There was an article showing Obama and Malcolm X side by side. They really do favor – no conspiracy – they just DO.

    1. No! No! No!

      His “COLB” that they say is the “true record” says Barrack Hussein Obama was his father.

      That is his “legal” father, no matter how much he would like to try and gain some sort of fake “legitimacy” by having a pop “hero” 14th amendment Citizen like Malcolm Little or “Jimi” Hedrix as his father.

      They said the “COLB” was legit. Well He’s Stuck With It.

  3. RE: Biden as Obama’s successor…sorry…no go. He was and is the illegitimate pick of the illegitimate “Barry Soetoro”. In fact if you think of it…Biden was another insult to the voters…because he was trounced in the Democratic primaries and definitely not a leading choice of the American people. But Obama chose to thumb his nose at the American voters and also Hillary supporters. Obama makes a living sticking it to the American people. Let’s face it Obama picked Biden because he was stupid and easily manipulated and supposedly gave him some cover on his total lack of foreign policy experience. Like I said, Obama goes…Biden goes. They are both disasters for different reasons.Sorry Joe, you’re not going to sneak in the back door. You’re a co-conspirator to the greatest election fraud ever! Heck…let’s face it… we need to clean out the entire Congress and the judiciary! Boy what a dirty job…but WE THE PEOPLE are up to it!

    1. Is there a reliable website that is keeping track on ALL of the attempts to introduce State legislation to require proof of Constitutional eligibility of candidates to be allowed on the ballot for the election of The President and Vice-President of The United States of America? [By the way, we should no longer use any abbreviation, such as POTUS, which is not written in The Constitution – all of the abbreviations relate to the unconstitutional corporation of the ‘US’ or ‘USA’ or ‘United States’, which exists to try to impose involuntary servitude upon ‘We the People’].

      Has the Arizona legislation been corrected yet? If not, is there sufficient time left to do so, in order to have effective safeguards in place in time for the 2012 election?

      All the criminals have to do is to delay or sabotage these efforts, so that they play no part in the 2012 election. They are obviously trying to ‘muddy the waters’ and/or trying to introduce fatal flaws, like viruses, into the legislation. If Obama gets re-elected it is game over.

      It is vital to the survival of The United States of America of We the People, that Obama is thrown out of The White House, due to his Constitutional ineligibility. Some other scandal or ill health etc. will not do it. Somehow we have to restore, unambiguously, the supremacy of The Constitution of The United States of America.

  4. From Orly Taitz site–her contribution to and involvement with the Arizona bill.
    “History of a bill” posting She has pictures with several legislators.
    Also, information about the SS# case: More stonewalling and obstruction of justice on the most incriminating evidence that I produced: Obama’s use of a stolen CT SSN 0042-68-4425 and his fraudulent statements regarding his attendance — Columbia University

  5. As per the latest report from Post and Email News, at the meeting this morning, Trump was made aware of the natural born citizenship requirement and its definition, something he didn’t already know.


    I’ve been wrong about Trump’s reasons for not mentioning the natural born citizenship requirement. If any of you feel that an apology is due from me for my defense of Trump, then I apologize to you.

    PS: I still believe that route to be a dead end due to the courts refusal to hear any case against Barky based on his lack of status as natural born citizen. If Trump can use his weight in the media and his power in big business to change that, I will be as grateful and happy as any Article II “birther” (even though I’m still positive that Barky was born in Kenya).

  6. “IF” obama sr was not obama jr’s father, then how did “berry” get the name obama? Was he adopted by the sr or is he using a fake name, which is illegal? “IF” obama is his real name then he is ineligible due to sr not being a citizen.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: These are the things we are all trying to find out.

  7. Randy, Trump will NEVER say that Obama is ineligible because of his father. He is a Hawaii-born only since to go Vattel would disqualify his children born by Ivana and Melanie and only Marla Maples’ kid would be a citizen. He will not do that.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies However, they are not running for president.

    1. Occam’s Razor: one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.

      Trump hasn’t mentioned the natural born citizen requirement because 1) the average American doesn’t know it means more than just born on US soil; 2) for at least the last two decades, Congresspersons have, in official, recorded statements and testimonies, defined it as meaning born on US soil with no mention of parents’ citizenship at time of birth; and 3) the courts refuse to hear it, thus rendering it a dead end.

      I suspect a #4, and that is that his “people,” as he called them, investigating this issue have uncovered proof of a foreign birth.

      To suggest that Trump hasn’t brought up the natural born citizenship requirement because he’s trying to keep the door of the Oval Office open to his kids is as silly as Obots saying that “birthers” are of the belief that Grandma Dunham may have tried to forge US citizenship (or secure false US citizenship) for her newborn grandson because she knew he’d run for POTUS almost 50 years later.

      1. All good points, but you are forgetting one thing, and that is the thirst of knowledge on the part of countless Tea Party Patriots regarding the US Constitution and the original intent of the Founding Fathers. I have spoken to a number of these groups about the full definition of natural born citizen (born in the country to citizen parents) and this information has been very well received.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: How much action have they taken on it, though? Have they been willing to bring up the issue with their state legislators or U.S. congressmen? Are they willing to write out a treason complaint against Obama and file it with their local FBI?

      2. Sharon, I don’t know how many of those who I have educated on the issue of the 2-parent requirement have taken action, but I suspect that at least a few have. Many of them have been spreading the word about this topic and also my presentation materials. One of them sent my presentation to Donald Trump.

        Also, note that one of the 3 Arizonans, Kelly Townsend, who met with Trump is a Tea Party Patriot, and perhaps she became educated on this topic from her associations within that group. For 2 years now, I have been educating a prominent Arizonan who is active with Tea Party Patriots in the Phoenix area, and it is not inconceivable that this person knows Ms. Townsend.

  8. Just “supposing” … IF there IS a BC that IS SIGNED by the attending Dr., or, whomever,
    might it be possible that following the statement: Father: _ _ _ _ _ _ it says “unknown”?

    1. If the long-form Certificate of Live Birth shows Barack Hussein Obama Sr. as his father, then Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is not a natural born Citizen and is not eligible. If the long-form Certificate of Live Birth does not show Barack Hussein Obama Sr. as his father, then Barack Hussein Obama Jr. won the election by committing fraud because the online COLB image that they used shows BHO Sr. as the father. In either case, he is illegitimate and must be removed.

  9. This whole thing with Trump is great and all as it finally exposes how Obama has been hiding his BC and credentials all these years, but why now?? And why not the natural born Citizen status??

    Something is definitely up with the fact that no one has ever mentioned the natural born Citizen status of Obama – except on blogs, websites and in lawsuits of those that are seeking to find the TRUTH. I think it was convenient for the media to broach the subject of where he was born, once the fake BC was posted online, that way they could just start the name calling as a defense – racist, birther etc…BUT, how would they argue the natural born Citizen clause? How would the MSM fight back on that? They have nothing…..but again, why won’t even conservative news outlets, the ones that are questioning his BC and lack of credentials, bring up the issue of his Constitutional eligibility? It’s always about “why hasn’t he shown his BC?” “Why has he spent millions hiding his BC, if he would just produce it then we could be done with it” and “I’m sure he was born in Hawaii, but why won’t he show his BC?” Yet, it doesn’t end there, so why are these “conservative” talk show hosts avoiding the fact that Obama is not a natural born Citizen?? Why will they not even go there? And no, they are not that ignorant……something smells………..

    The Left, Marxists, Socialists (which includes the media) and ALL of congress who have helped get this shill into office (while knowing he was NEVER qualified) and continued to turn a blind eye to the mysteries and information unfolding behind this unqualified person should ALL be held accountable, but will they be? Time always manages to make people forget. Once this plays out and this shill is exposed for who he really is watch all of those same accomplices either play dumb (which they do well anyway) or do a complete turncoat, to ride the new gravy train against this imposter (remember the representatives that blew you off when you asked what THEY were doing to make sure Obama was eligible). And watch Trump get all the accolades for exposing the truth about Obama, instead of the REAL people behind the fight for the past 3 years that everyone IGNORED and is continuing to ignore – Orly Taitz, Phil Berg, Lt. Terry Lakin, Theresa Cao, Walter Fitzpatrick III, TheObamaFile, The Post & Email, …just to name a few…Will Trump mention those that are incarcerated because they have been seeking the truth? Why doesn’t Malzberg mention Lt. Terry Lakin? It’s just all very convenient to pick and choose WHAT gets exposed and what doesn’t.

    No bill, law or Obama appointee (including Biden) would be valid since he was never qualified to hold this position and has committed an act of treason. And those in Congress that should have vetted him should also be convicted of treason.

  10. AFFIDAVIT OF REVEREND KWELI SHUHUBIA Dated: October 30, 2008. I am an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a native evangelist and
    translator for the Anabaptist churches in Kenya.
    I spoke directly with the Provincial Civil Registrar of Kenya. I learned there were records of Ann Dunham giving birth to Barack Hussein Obama, III in Mombosa, Kenya on August 4, 1961. The Registar explained Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. birth in Kenya is top secret.
    REVEREND SHUHUBIA,” It is common knowledge throughout the Christian and Muslim communities in Kenya that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., the United States Presidential candidate, was born in Mombosa Kenya”.

  11. The key to removing Obama is ” . . . or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify,” in the 20th Amendment as quoted by Mrs. Rondeau. That gives the lie to all those who claim that since Obama won an election he is prez. NO, the 20th clearly shows that it takes more than winning election. All Congress has to do is investigate Obama and find that he does not qualify. Cowardice, ignorance and fear have kept a cone of silence over the truth.

  12. The following is a post I borrowed from ReformUSA2012 on the alipac.us “Barack Obama’s citizenship questioned” blog. It helps us think through some of the reasons why so many people inside and outside Washington are giving Obama a pass on his eligibility challenges.

    “First off some major Republican and Rino names could get caught in the blast. Having Obama found ineligible would basically destroy the Democrat Party as it is now and allow charges of treason against many Democrat leaders across the country. However would also go after some Republicans.

    “Second is it would set back the Minority movement 100 years because the first minority President we had was ineligible and basically stole the POTUS. Just another reason to see the minorities as a criminal element we need to do away with in some eyes.

    “Third and more importantly Republicans attacking and even dethroning Obama on an ineligibility issue would be seen by many minorities as the “white man” holding back the “black man”. It would be seen as a massive racial attack even with rock solid proof. Keep in mind the education level of many of the minority black and hispanics who would buy into the racial crap. This could severely hurt the Republican Parties attempts to reach out to minority Americans as they have been trying to say that the Republican Party is NOT the white mans party as they have been lead to believe.

    “Forth is the risk if the Supreme Court decided to say that Obama was eligible. That opens the door wide open for children of illegal aliens running for presidency, Americans who were born and raised overseas with foreign ideals but were born to one American parent, and so forth. It could even be twisted quite easily then to say a NBC is an old term and now its only a Citizen opening the door eventually to Naturalized Citizens. Basically that could be done as all meaning to NBC would be removed meaning it would be ignored by a potential specific liberal SC ruling.

    “Republicans instead chose the safer approach [which] was simply defeating him in 2012 which the majority think will be a hands down defeat. But more and more are breaking off as his treasonous crimes add up. But NONE want their name seen as for impeachment unless they are sure to have enough support to least pass the house and even likely the Senate.”

    And then this video surfaces:

    So, what do you think, folks? Someone going to jail? Someone going to be disappointed that their messiah isn’t? Will this set racially motivated blacks back 100 years?

    We will all know soon.

  13. In my opinion, and I hope I’m proven to be right, Donald Trump is ANOTHER RONALD REAGAN. If he runs, and if he selects a running mate like Herman Cain for example, then the BALLGAME SHOULD BE OVER FOR OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS. In fact, the way things are going, Obama (legal name Soetoro) may even find himself IN JAIL. Unfortunately, Mr Trump’s biggest problem now appears to be HIS OWN PARTY, THE GOP, because they, in the person of spineless and phony patriots like John Boehner and John McCain, advocate that Obama/Soetoro should be taken at “HIS WORD” (are you kidding me!) regarding his birth, which obviously is not Mr Trump’s position. Good luck, Mr Trump, with a party like the GOP at your back, I’m afraid you are going to need some good luck. I close by saying, and I am absolutely convinced of it, THERE ARE NO REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES OR POTENTIAL CANDIDATES FOR THE 2012 ELECTION WHO CAN BEAT OBAMA/SOETORO EXCEPT DONALD TRUMP. The rest of them (Romney, Palin, Huckabee, Gingrich etc) are political hacks and/or co-conspirators in the Obama/Soetoro cover-up. Of course, this (someone like Mr Trump having to run against Obama/Soetoro) also assumes that the various SECRETARIES OF STATES around the country will be wimping out again, as they did in 2008, and conspiring again as they did in 2008 to commit VOTER FRAUD, by allowing a CONSTITUTIONALLY UNQUALIFIED CANDIDATE (Obama/Soetoro) to be on their ballots. In my view, they, these various Secretaries of States, if that happens, will be COMMITTING CRIMINAL OFFENSES just like Obama/Soetoro. So- GIVE ‘EM HELL DONALD TRUMP! THE ROAD ISN’T GOING TO BE AN EASY ONE, BUT OUR COUNTRY DESPARATELY NEEDS YOU!

    1. AMEN my brother! The entire list of possible repubs are nothing but neocon establishment, go along to get along rinos, the latest and greatest, being bachman, saying the “eligibility issue” is the least important issue America faces…what a TRAITOR!!!, she’s done!!!


      Semper Fi,


  14. In Georgia, HB401 to specify eligibility, headed to committee with over half the House as cosponsors. It lost 25 cosponsors that week and died quietly in committee. We have passed our crossover day and there is no Senate bill to put it in. My Representative acknowledged that his collegues bailed on the bill but would not give up why they did so.
    Speculation is that the RNC working through our RINO leadership in the House killed the bill to protect the GOP image on the national scene.
    If your state has this bill in process now would be a good time to start getting vocal about it before the weasels in Washington make it go away.

  15. Mr. Strunk should soon consider formaly adding Mr. Trump as a party in interest to his NYSSC (State Supreme Court Kings County) cases challenging the 2008 POTOS nominations of Obama & McCain.

    Also possibly related to a Trump 2012 POTUS candidacy is the SCOTUS special writ of prohibition Re: Strunk — petitioning for recusal of various justices (Sotomayor, Kagen, and Roberts) and the Obama appointed US Solicitor General, and US Attorney General (Holder)

  16. There was another hit piece by Leondard Pitts of the Miami Herald today-essentially mocking Mr. Trump. This all seems to be unraveling-the shutdown issue has diverted attention-and may provide a basis for the Fraudster to resign or not run-actually I want to see them all in chains-no escape-send the Marshalls! I want to be there to see the Perp walk-

  17. Just an FYI: Embedded in the text “fake Mombassa birth certificate” is a link to a snopes.com page that debunks that document. The Lucas Smith Kenyan birth certificate has been added to the bottom of that page. Those who need to know may already be aware of it, but if this addition is last update to the page, made on Feb 15, 2011, they may not have yet discovered it.

    By the way, the only specific snopes.com cited as proof that debunks the Smith document is the distance between Mombassa and the Obama family’s home. Snopes states that “this document exhibited many of the same red flags as the previous forgery, including…location of…birth as Mombassa…” However, none of the other red flags of the Mombassa birth certificate are found on the Smith document or, for that matter, are even applicable to the Smith document since the Mombassa document was an edited copy of an Australian citizens birth certificate and the red flags were the parts of the original that had been left unaltered! I’m no fan of Smith’s but even I have to admit that I find it intriguing that snopes could find nothing more about his document to pick at than the distance between home and birth place.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I bet Snopes.com doesn’t have the intellectual honesty to mention that the Kenyan Ambassador to the U.S., Mr. Peter Ogego, stated unequivocally that Obama’s “birthplace [in Kenya] was well-known,” nor that at least two relatives and members of the Kenyan Parliament have stated the same.

    1. Due to the statements made in Kenyan Parliament meetings by Kenyan officials, as well as the pre-2008 news articles that made mention of him being “Kenyan-born,” including one from AP, I’ve been positive for some time now that Barky was born in Kenya. Smith’s document, whether authentic or not, has no bearing on that. I could forge a birth certificate for myself, identical to my authentic birth certificate, including only the true and factual details of my birth and all of the true and factual details of my birth exactly as they appear on my authentic long form birth certificate issued by the state of Texas, and the document I created would still be a forgery. A fake Kenyan birth certificate doesn’t disprove a birth in Kenya any more than an authentic Hawaiin COLB and Hawaii newspaper birth announcements prove a birth in Hawaii.

  18. Gretchen displayed her total ignorance. Does the MORON believe it is normal to spend 2 million dollars flying attornies ALL OVER the country to defend a legitimate $10 birth certificate?

  19. How many people will be going to jail if Obama lied? How many will be charged with treason against the United States? How many should be speaking up now?

    I will answer this question. ALL OF THEM.

    It better be ALL OF THEM.


    I am watching THE CIVIL WAR by Ken Burns on PBS. When Lincoln was assassinated they hung one woman simply because she owned the building where the men met to plot the plot. It may have been a public building. No proof she was involved in a way. But they hung her with the rest of them. Justice was served.

    There better be Justice served once again.

    Bye the way they hung them all. And it took 5 minutes for them to die. Sounds good to me. let them die over time. gives them time to ask god for forgiveness. I say hang them all until dead.

    All my life as a little kid I never could stomach a Traitor to the country. It always was the worst crime possible. Must worse than murder. I get very discussed how anyone can be a traitor to his country.

    Then I am a NBC of USA. I love my county of America the Beautiful. I am Born in USA to 2 parents who were citizens when I was born. Full up 100% NBC. And no Foreigner is going to be my President.

    When I was 5 years old the kids on the block talked about what it took to be President. both parents being citizens on birth of the child and child born in USA soil. The little kids had all the details exactly perfect. That was back in 1948. Now these smart a$$ College educated politicians don’t know anything. Not one of them. Give me a break. Let them all hang for High Treason against their country and against my country.

    God Bless America.
    God Bless Sharon Rondeau

    I hope Sharon Rondeau gets a Pulitzer Prize for her work. God Bless you Sharon. We patriotic Americans all love you.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, sir. My reward will be when everyone involved in this heist is brought to justice. God will take care of the rest and where we go from there.

  20. If Mr. obama has conned the whole country then Mr. biden would not be qualified either since he would be a part of the con. The whole house of cards would fall and the occupants would be in a world of trouble. Are you listening (reading) ms pelosi, mr. biden etc???

    1. the people on capitol hill,the joint chiefs,and the supreme court judges better start talking now they are backing a traitor involved with treason.So they are also traitors.What is the punishment for being a domestic enemy traitor involved in treason?

  21. When will Trump mention that we don’t know if Obama’s father was a citizen? Or is he waiting as that is evidenced by a birth certificate?

    1. I think the fact is that Obama’s stated father prevents him from being a natural born Citizen, no matter who is listed as the father on a real long-form BC from…whereever,….if one exist.

      Also, if the real BC revealed a father other than Barack Hussein Obama Sr., then Barry is gone on fraud charges, NBC or not.

      Not sure why Trump is waiting on the NBC issue, but there appears to be no Hawaii long-form BC, and that issue is a lot easier for the average person to understand than natural born citizenship

    2. I believe Trump knows full well that the person Obama claims was his father was never a U.S. citizen in any way, shape or form, knows full well the ramifications of that, and simply wants to find out if the same person is named as his father on his actual birth certificate before he raises that issue. It’s called knowing the answer to the question you’re going to ask someone BEFORE you ask them the question. :-)

    3. Randy either way Obama loses. He said his father is Obama Sr. It is a fact that Senior was a Kenyan national, NEVER a US citizen and never intended to be. He was here on visa to study. If Obama’s father turns out to be Malcolmx or Frank Marshall Davis, that could be “embarrassing” but he would have lied wouldn’t he? Can he admit that he lied about who his father is-then what else did he lie about? He lied about everything in his personal records that is for sure.

      And-all of this is further complicated by the fact that he had another name and citizenship; Barry Soetoro (aka Soebarkah), Indonesia.

      I think we can be 99% sure now that Obama is not a legal president and NOT a US citizen.

    4. We know that Trump is aware of the NBC issue because he released his mothers naturalization card. He is holding his cards close to the vest. He knows what he is doing.

    5. Perhaps his “people,” as he’s called them, on the ground in Hawaii have uncovered proof of a Kenyan birth. If so, then the citizenship of Barky’s father is irrelevant. Heck, with proof of a foreign birth, even the identity of Barky’s father is irrelevant, unless his father was a US citizen military man stationed outside the US and Barky was born at his base, which is as likely as monkeys flying out of my rear.