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by Brittanicus

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) was re-elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2010 and is Senate Majority Leader

(Apr. 5, 2011) — Lies, Lies and more Lies from the Obama regime and the previous government. Even before that, the politicians hid their intentions not to reduce illegal and legal immigration. 1. They would have made illegal entry a felony, just like Mexico? 2. They would have data bases in airports, to chase down visa overstays? 3. They would have fully funded the 2006 Secure Fence act, to be constructed as a double layer border barrier, which was underfunded from the start. 4. There would be 5000 US troops on the frontier with Mexico to stop the criminal carnage from spilling over and threatening landowners in all four border States. 5. E-Verify “Attrition” program would not have been emasculated by the good old boy, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. MORE FOREIGN NATIONALS, INCLUDING CRIMINALS HAVE ENTERED AMERICA, IN THE PAST TWENTY YEARS THAN EVER BEFORE.

We always need exceptional highly-skilled workers that come to America not expecting to become as public charges and enter the line of welfare recipients. However, the majorities who are entering America are economically disadvantaged, with a low expectancy of earning a decent living and are quickly absorbed into the welfare lines. They are uneducated and costing the United States billions of dollars. According to the the General Accounting Office (GAO), illegal workers take back $3 to 4 dollars, for the $1 they pay into the local treasuries. Only the top echelon of professional people should be admitted now and the TEA PARTY will make sure of this. Unknown to most law-abiding citizens and legal residents there have been six undisclosed amnesties since the original volume amnesty of 1986. As if this wasn’t enough, roughly over a million more faces appear every year, which is a flagrant disregard for the American people still seeking jobs.

Most of these legal immigrants are taking US jobs, when 9,000,000 of our populace is living off welfare, unemployment relief or their own savings. Inside this relatively secret game is so much fraud that only the TEA PARTY politicians have the empowerment to stop it. As just a single voice trumpeting our arguments and complaints, neither party is listening. But as an organized resistance of growing tens of millions, the TEA PARTY is becoming its own party. THE TEA PARTY is everybody and perhaps you, as long as you entered this nation as a legal immigrant.

ATTN: Reps. Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.), Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), Jeff Landry (R-La.), and David McKinley (R-W.V.) have co-sponsored H.R.800, the E-LAW Act, which was introduced by Rep. John Carter (R-Texas). The bill would require all employers to use E-Verify on new hires and existing employees within two years. CALL YOUR SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE YOU WILL FIND IN THE BLUE PAGES OF YOUR PHONE DIRECTORY DEMANDING H.R.800. The bill also requires the Department of Homeland Security to take steps that remove fraudulent use of the E-Verify system such as illegal aliens using false identification. The bill also increases fines and penalties for employers that knowingly hire illegal aliens, and it reinstates the No-Match program that requires the Social Security Administration to notify employers and individuals where an individual is making contributions into his or her social security account from multiple employers.

There is only one winner in this political immigration mayhem, the Democrats who gain future votes and Republicans who always get cheap labor. IT’S ABOUT GAIN, MONEY AND PROFIT. So what do ordinary Americans get…overpopulation, jammed highways, food shortages, energy problems and water shortages? Let’s not forget the need for more oil and more land to build more and more houses and apartments. What Next? Irrigate the deserts? What a sick joke.

WE better carefully scrutinize future elections, as there has been a nefarious propagating trend of non-citizens voting in our elections. It’s being kept under the radar by the Liberal-Socialist-Marxist progressives, although it happened in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and who knows where else? The government election agencies seemed not motivated to do anything about it. We need strict oversight of the electoral system, which includes either a national government ID card or verification of any person registering to vote. At least three verifiable documents should be cross-referenced, with one picture ID. ACORN, the ominous organization that the federal prosecutors had supposedly closed down, is alive and well and still operating under different names. They were some of the instigators through veiled threats that caused the crash of the real estate industry and the millions of foreclosures. Using the term “Ninja mortgages,” they pushed the banks to offer low-income, no-asset or credit home loans. Read about for yourself, as millions of illegal alien families took advantage of this when they had no way of affording the payments.

My guess is in overpopulated states of illegal aliens, as with California, Nevada, and New York, the election process was undermined by fraudulent documentation. One of the easiest official voting documents to violate is the Absentee ballot, by numerous households being involved. Just read about voter fraud on any number of web pages, put forth by pro-sovereignty organizations. Our republic is imminently threatened by this illegal immigration invasion and we have been programmed by the ultra-left to be good little citizens and overlook that they deviously entered this country? IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Our government is spoon-feeding the illegal immigration invasion when they should be thinking of their own people’s survival. In the last twenty years or more, we have been silently invaded and taxpayers are paying the highest price. Billions of dollars are leaving America by wire transfer, and hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent on “Foothold babies” and parents who don’t leave. The US TEA PARTY is challenging the Lib-Democrat and Republican elites and will not stop until the rot, corruption and collusion are swept away.

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    When the Liberal, Democrats or Republicans talk about reducing the huge deficit, they fail to discuss the illegal immigration invasion. However the TEA PARTY does and will not deviate from the facts that the Southwest is being occupied. When the Census says the population has exploded over a short period of time. It’s self-explanatory that these people are spilling across the border, with limited personal to stop the rush. The US government continuously lied to us, and the only measure of reducing illegal immigration is to unite with the TEA PARTY. The Liberal pathfinders have infected this nation with there “Political Correctness” using every demonization to either legislators cringing or saying nothing at all. The attack always starts with profiling, the racial card or trying to pass laws, that puts a harness on free speech called “The fairness Doctrine.” The Liberal progressives mostly own the editorial rooms, but not cable news. Illegal Immigration is illegal Immigration. Nothing more-nothing less. This has nothing to do with people who come through the rigorous channels, to enter America–LEGALLY>

    More and more so-called Sanctuary Cities are spring up, because of this massive influx. The Sanctuary State of California leads the way with a 26 Billion dollar deficit, with Nevada, New Mexico and other acutely aware they are suffering in the same way. California taxpayers are suffering terribly, with even the possibility of higher taxes. The major cause is the overwhelmingly influence of the Liberal media and the over representation of Liberal-Socialist lawmakers in the State Capitol subsidizing illegal alien household. The Heritage foundation, the nationwide policy institute stated in the report detailing what happened to the roughly 1,200 illegal immigrants terminated in Minnesota after a work site audit occurred at two companies, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Harvard Maintenance.

    The federal government has a obligation in the “Oath of Allegiance,” 8 C.F.R. Part 337 (2008)) to defend America from enemies domestic and foreign. America needs policing laws such as Arizona, Missouri and other States. The US administration has failed us miserably as we have seen with areas of the US frontier, being held by murdering drug cartels, and the deaths of US Border agents and ranchers. Not to forget the terrorist killers whose incursions are being assisted by the drug peddlers.

    The Obama Administration has roughly 1,000 actively run immigration audits on businesses, across this nation. There analysis has shown that job terminated illegal immigrants, simply are remaining in America during this time of heightened unemployment, But more children are being born here, because of less attrition through deportation. During their time in the United States, 200 illegal immigrants gave birth to a total of 760 children subject to birthright citizenship law.. Under the current policy, meaning taxpayers are forced by the 14th amendment to pay the costs of hospital pre and post natal visits, the delivery, food stamps, Wicca, State Medicaid, lower income housing and cash payments.

    Even before Obama became President Politicians have hid their intentions, not to reduce illegal and legal immigration. 1.. They would have made illegal entry a felony, just like Mexico? 2. They would have data-base in airports, to chase down visa overstays? 3. They would have fully funded the 2006 Secure Fence act, to be constructed as a 15 foot double layer border barrier, adorned with nasty razor wire; which was underfunded from the start. It makes no sense to remove the 1500 military from the border in June. The should be manning the fence with 5000 more soldiers? 4. There would be 5000 US troops on the frontier with Mexico to stop the criminal carnage from spilling over and threatening landowners in all four Border States. 5 E-Verify “Attrition” program would not have been emasculated by the good old boy, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.

    ALL BUSINESS OWNERS CAUGHT EMPLOYING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MUST GO TO PRISON AS THEIR STEALING JOBS FROM THE 9 MILLION AMERICAN OUT OF WORK They should not be handled with kid gloves but harshly fined, all business assets confiscated and a mandatory prison sentence. Not a home held imprisonment. MILLIONS OF FOREIGN NATIONALS, INCLUDING CRIMINALS HAVE ENTERED AMERICA, IN THE PAST TWENTY YEARS AND THE MAJORITY ARE STILL HERE. If you agree with billions of dollars supporting illegal aliens and their families–DO NOTHING. But if you have just had another of this sickening joke on the hard working taxpayer, locate a local TEA PARTY to join. The spreading millions of TEA PARTY’ERS are in this war, to halt this 20 million plus settlement for good. Find more information and what illegal immigration is costing your payroll check at NumbersUSA. Call you Federal or State representative today demanding your rights as a taxpayer and end this parody of our immigration laws.

    TEA PARTY says no Immigration Reform (amnesty); No Sanctuary Cities; No Chain Migration (Limited amnesty); No Dream Act (Another form of amnesty) no nothing! They broke our sovereign laws.

    We can no longer trust our voting system, as shown in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and New York as illegal aliens have compromised absentee ballots. We must have Federal intervention or malleable States that cross reference driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers or authorities ID, as our elections are being exploited by criminal organization such as ACORN; they have not disbanded, but just changed their name.

    News: Did you know that airlines are outsourcing maintenance to foreign countries, where only the foreman speaks English. .GOD HELP US!

    Donald Trump for President. His platform is to promote only fair and honest free global Trade.

  2. I think the Tea Parties lost their credibility by refusing to address Obama’s obvious ineligibility. Why are they addressing different “issues” regarding the usurped “presidency” of Barry Soetoro when they could undo everything he has done up to now, and set the socialist/marxist/communist who engineered the illegal takeover of America’s goverment back at least 50 years?

    The solution is to use the mother of all “issues”, that there is an illegal squatter, who is likely not even an American citizen, let alone a required natural born one, sitting in the White House.

    Has the Tea Party been so “Alinskied” that they are afraid to confront Obama and his enablers on Obama’s Constitutional ineligibility?. If so, they are worthless.

    Donald Trump has more courage than the entire Tea Party.

    1. I agree with you Bob1943! If only people would realize that when the usurper moved into the people’s White House, that superseded all other issue’s previously imposed upon the American citizen by this corrupt and ruthless government for the time being. The illegality of Obama became the highest priority in America for WE THE PEOPLE to contend with!

      Right now Obama is all that matters at the moment. Many people fail to comprehend this! And they also fail to comprehend that if all of us would focus on the removal of this usurper to the point of success and getting him removed from the White House and put into Gitmo where he really belongs with his muslim comrads… That would greatly empower us to take on those other social issues that have been temporarily set aside!

  3. I know for a fact that in Massachusetts. The unions bus around illegals to vote multiple times in Mass. They have lots of busses. The Democrats that control Mass then give all the contracts to the unions. Some of these illegals might vote 10 times each in each election.

    I know this because Niki Tsongas does it. I got the entire story from the union leader who does the bussing in her district. He was bragging. After all what good does it do to know. No one is going to prosecute. They are all in on it. That keeps MA Democratic.

    I think Scott Brown got elected because the Democrats let down their guard and did not pay for the bussing. They thought they would win anyway. But the next election, this past Nov they won everything. Must have got those busses running real good.

    1. RINO Scotty Brown showed his true colors the moment he hit D.C., did he not? Another disgusting example of being betrayed. Two parties, ONE face.

  4. It appears that a form of the illegal alien control bill will pass in Georgia, however the politics was not about protecting Georgia’s economy. The politics was about protecting Georgia’s politicians. Georgia is predominantly Republican with an enormous mix of RINO’s (crossover Dems) thrown in. Politics in Georgia is controlled by the RNC working through three key good ol’ boys in the Georgia House. So the RNC perception was that controlling illegals would block Dem votes and, hopefully, gain GOP votes. The illegals, per se, were not the issue.
    But on state’s rights issues the RNC felt that the image would be damaged by passing presidential qualification legislation, nullification legislation, and opt out bills for EPA, etc. All state’s right bills have been blocked, many in first read (committee). There are three legislative days left; at this point it appears that no states rights bills will carry.

  5. In my opinion! Until the Tea Party starts addressing the violation of Article 2 Section 1 and this usurper that is illegally occupying WE THE PEOPLE’S White House….they shall forever be viewed as a suspect organization by me that has credibility issues! I say this based on the notion that you are either part of the solution or are part of the problem! The Tea Party is silent on this usurper and to me is part of the problem. Possibly a deliberate distraction maybe?