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by Marc Shea

An artist's 1859 rendition of the Sons of Liberty removing a statue of King George III in New York City following a reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 9, 1776

(Apr. 2, 2011) — Our once-great nation was birthed in the fire of a revolt over the power of taxation.  We all learned the righteous, powerful words when civics education was prized: “No taxation without representation!”  The unconscionable debt burden saddled upon our backs by the criminal cartel in Washington, DC has stripped our unborn children and grandchildren of their natural right to be taxed only by those who represent them.  And why not?  Our unborn children and grandchildren have been stripped of every other unalienable right guaranteed to them, not the least of which is their unalienable right to life.

Prudence has long since run its course; apathy and civic illiteracy having taken its place among many of our fellow citizens.  The de facto federal criminal enterprise has long since become destructive of its lawful ends to secure our unalienable rights, and has ceased to represent us.  We are all taxed without representation, just like our posterity.   My fellow Americans, the time has come for us to withdraw from the system of fraud and corruption that has been erected around us by those who have no desire but to dominate others.  We must be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that our revered Constitution is all but dead, whittled away by a century of willful abdication by our elected “representatives”.  Our only recourse to restore this magnificent charter is to return to where we began, by mutually declaring our independence from tyranny.

From the Declaration of Independence:

We still hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Our Safety and Happiness are an impediment to the globalist designs of the DC cartel, and our work to restore the Republic will be a great undertaking.  But Americans are capable of achieving greatness!  The odds were long when General Washington set about to cross the Delaware and meet the British in Trenton on December 26, 1776.  The odds today seem overwhelming and almost incomprehensible.  But just as we triumphed in the Battle of Trenton, the truth is that we too can triumph today over a corrupt and illegitimate government and affect real, lasting change.  We still have the power to bring the machinery of tyranny to a grinding halt, to end the illegal wars, the long train of abuses and usurpations, the overturning of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, the brutal horrors of the TSA, the outsourcing of our wealth and our jobs, the destruction of our currency, the erasure of our borders, and the eradication of our natural rights including, but not limited to, the right to consent to having a legitimately elected, eligible president.

But how, you might say?  What about those long, incomprehensible odds?  It’s quite simple, really (as the truth always is).  And it’s perfectly legal and requires nothing more than two things:

1) Self discipline; and

2) Filling out a new Form W-4 with your employer

Our employers have been co-opted to become tax collectors for the welfare/warfare state.  The withholding of our money is a direct assault on the unalienable right to private property and a perverse mechanism for stealing our wealth, but we can use the withholding against the corrupt power elitists.  The de facto government is so deeply in debt that they need every single dime that flows into their filthy hands every single month.  When filling out a Form W-4, Americans typically claim the appropriate number of dependents in order to minimize the amount of taxes “owed” at the end of the year.  People with 1 dependent will usually claim 1; people with 2 will claim 2; and so on and so forth.  The higher the number entered on Line H, the less of your money is withheld from your paycheck.  Conversely, the lower the number, the greater the amount is withheld.

So today, I propose The 99 Protest in solidarity with the 99’ers who cannot find gainful employment due to the machinations of the corrupt power elite who have outsourced our jobs and our wealth, are destroying our economy and debasing our currency.  The 99 Protest is very simple.  On May 2, 2011, each and every liberty-loving patriot working as a “W-2 employee” should go to their personnel office, request a new Form W-4, and fill in “99” in Line H.  This means each of us is substantially withholding from the federal criminal enterprise the money they need to wage their war on humanity.  The machinery of tyranny will grind to a halt.  The system of corruption and enslavement erected around us will begin to crumble.  The budget will have to be slashed.  Unconstitutional departments and programs will have to be dismantled.  The light of truth and freedom will shine through the dark clouds.  We will have fired our own “shot heard round the world” in defense of our God-given human freedom.  But we will have done it peacefully and legally, using their own corrupt system against them.

Benjamin Franklin first published this graphic in the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754. Each section of the snake contains the initials of a colony, with the New England colonies represented as one section.

And this is where the self-discipline will be required.  First, and most important, save the extra money in your paycheck if you can.  Second, the Marxists will not go gently into the night.  They have spent 100 years dismantling the Constitution in hopes of “fundamentally transforming” (you remember those words, right?) these united States of America into a socialist hellhole banana republic.  We will be pushed by these traitors, quite likely to the brink of physical violence and beyond.  We will have our defense of liberty turned against us.  We will likely be labeled domestic terrorists, much like our brave Founding Fathers who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor in defense of liberty.

But we must be strong and maintain our peaceful resistance to tyranny!  We must never aggress.  We must hold on to our faith and the faith of our Founding Fathers, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.  We must demand the restoration of our Constitutional Republic in exchange for any more of our money.  We must demand restoration of lawful, constitutional, sound money.  We must demand the removal from office of the usurper acting as president.  Any and all who aided and abetted his fraud and treason must be held to account, no matter how far and wide and deep the treason runs.  We must hold dear to our first principles of law and liberty, and once again light the lamp of freedom and independence for all the world to see.  We can do this by peaceful, lawful rebellion.  We can do this by exercising the power of the purse.  We can begin this undertaking by simply claiming 99 on our Form W-4.

I challenge you to join me on May 2, 2011 in The 99 Protest, and to spread the word to rally true republican patriots in every corner of the nation so that the Republic may rise again.

Let freedom ring.

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  1. Thank you all for the positive support! It will most certainly require mass participation. I will be attending a TEA Party meeting on Wednesday. Perhaps that will be a good venue to start to gain traction. I will also be contacting other websites and media outlets. Let’s spread the word. Let freedom ring!

  2. This is a brilliant idea. I would participate if I was working. (FYI I’ve been at home with chronic neck, shoulder and back pain for the last couple of years. I have no retirement or savings/investments to pay taxes on but I’m not a recipient of govt-run benefits, either. I’m not a liable or an asset to the Feds. I’m just plain poor.) As it is, the most I can do is tell others about it. I do hope that most taxpayers get on board and become 99ers, enough that the Feds are short the funds needed to continue their dismantling of our country.

  3. In order for this fantastic plan to work, we need mass participation. We should not just notify our fellow partriots, but also the “cabal in DC”. The house and senate leaders, plus our senators and represenatives. Post the “99 plan” on as many websites
    as possible. The “99’ers ” are officially activated this day. We have alot of work to do before May 2nd. PUBLIC NOTICE…CHARGE!
    Prior to his death in the fall of 2007, Patriot Aaron Russo, spent his last days on this earth getting the word out to Americans about the EVIL enemy we face. These 2 video’s took my breath away.

    Aaron Russo on The Federal Reserve & How to Shut it Down
    Interview footage from http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/

    Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo
    It is all about installing “chips” in order to control all people.

  4. When I was a W-4 claimer starting 25 years ago, I always claims enough ‘dependents’ so that there was no ‘with-holding’. I had arguments from ‘personnel/human resources’ from time to time, but I always prevailed – without repercussions.

    I always suggested that others do it, but now – a nationwide organized movement to use their laws to de-fund their corrupt operations – is in order.

    Objecting and complaing gives legitimacy to their illigitimate theft of our personal property, goods, and services. With-holding thier theft of the fruits of our own labors is the logical and legal way to de-fund their illegal ways.

    I say ‘go for it’ … NOW!

  5. I made a video last year called “The Red Coats aren’t coming, they’re HERE!” which talks about the War of 1812 and how the British will not rest until they’ve taken America over. They now have their man “IN THE WHITE HOUSE” and I think we need to USE this History, to our advantage. The video documents a Hurricane that struck and pretty much wiped out the British and put out all the fires that they started in DC. They called it Hurricane Independence!

    Are you aware that this summer will be the 199th anniversary of the start of the War of 1812, which FINALLY rid America of the British? OR SO WE THOUGHT!
    I think we need to start something (Rally, March, National gathering at ALL State Capitols) and plan it for the same day, that the War of 1812 started (June 19th) and then HOPEFULLY, by the following year, if we haven’t REMOVED Obama yet, we will have had a full year to prepare for the 200th Anniversary and a HUGE gathering, to GET HIM OUT!


    Please check out my video, it’s very interesting:

  6. That’s been my opinion all along. Tax revolt. With all three branches of our government being corrupt to their very cores, we are left with but one viable solution… take away their funding. If you have a reckless, irresponsible teenager at the wheel of your car, what do you do?? You take away the keys to the car!! We have even more irresponsible, reckless government officials driving our country down the road to destruction. Let’s take away their car keys!!

    1. There is no fed. judge govt.agent tax beneficiary that is either not on the take or scarred s–tless.This corruption runs to deep& has been established by the bankers,over several generations.Until we interruptthe economic vortex set up via IMF.FED& their police IRS,we will never have the powerto enforce the real laws,God/natural law/unalienable rights,constitutionalor common.armies are bought and so are the judges.We need to get back to proprietary ownership to our legal tender to the people of the state level.

  7. Author’s addendum: To those who are “1099 contractors”, you can also participate in The 99 Protest by drastically reducing your quarterly payments to the government.

  8. I have long held that the free money the government extorts from we the people is the root of all our evils. The redirection of that money back into our pockets is indeed a solution. Well done Marc Shea, great idea. At least I will know that Hamas will not be getting my hard earned dollar and the Obummer will have to curtail his next vacation on my dime. If the 2012 congress will not choke them out, we can.

  9. I raised my number of “deductions” several years ago. I was sick and tired of the government using MY hard earned dollars interest free until I filed my tax return. (I have ALWAYS received a refund!) Now, I keep money in an interest bearing account to pay them if or when I owe them…….it’s the best way to begin defunding this BEAST we call government.
    BTW, not a single dollar of your income tax goes for government services. The money used for government services comes from the “corporation” taxes, so when GE and Imelt don’t pay, WE suffer!
    YOUR taxes are used to fund the FED for running the show on our money!

  10. The tenets of Our Great country,The United States of America,was founded on
    Life ,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness laid down in the Declaration
    of Independence accepted July 4,1776.
    Unfortunately,We the People allowed these tenets to be changed too
    1.Censorship = The act or practice of omitting or suppressing information.
    2.Subterfuge = deception by artifice or strategem in order to conceal, escape,
    or evade
    3.Obfuscation = to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy.
    If and until,We the People leave the confines of Our slavery,
    Only then,Will America return to Her Throne of Glory ! So help us God !

  11. 04/02/2011

    The very first United States Supreme Court Chief Justice JOHN JAY. The seventh United States Supreme Court Chief Justice MORRISON R. WAITE. They understood the Article two Section one Constitutional requirements regarding those people interested in applying for the job of being a candidate for the Office of the President!


    ARE YOU!